Ascension Dreams of the PAT

The Big ID Shift


I am inspired to share a few recent snapshots with you.

During the 22-23rd, I awoke in the middle of the night, preconceiving a loud sound at the foot of my bed. I sensed my thought in the dream created the sound, and it involved another entity. Later there were many dreams, all associated with varying timelines/realities, and the ‘end times’.

On the 23-24th, I dreamed of finishing a footrace. Some people don’t want water but I am gulping down several bottles. I sense on another timeline the planet’s water will slosh over the land, rush over it and eventually settle back to some of the same places.

I also dreamed of the ascension bus. I am in the back with the rowdier ones, not settled in our seats. I pass a hot tea to an older gentleman with his wife, and long for their kind of love and partnership. We are all looped in red thread, but some have taken it off. I am worried and forlorn but somewhat joke, “Put it back on! What if you get sucked out the window?” But they seem fine and do not follow my direction.

The bus is physically shortened with our intent, so we don’t fishtail on the road. As the bus drives, many people are sitting at restaurants outside, staged and waiting as if on a parade route. I can see on my phone a live camera feed of an audience gathering with great anticipation in a theater. My earth family and many others await our arrival.

Also, I dreamed of getting in the front seat of a water roller coaster that starts at the top like a slide. I first lay on my belly, face forward for the full experience. But I then decide to sit upright, foregoing the imagined fun of the intensity. I realize that in my ‘soul contract’ I have elected for the full experience, no matter the perceived challenge. Yet I hope the dream signifies a concession for the lower self.

During the evening of the 24th, after an intense Qigong-like session, in which I seemed to ground an enormous amount of energy into all my cells, I experienced a unique meditation. While in lotus, the high-frequency state increased quickly, until a sudden vision in the darkness:

There was a devil/fiendish-jester sneering as he danced around blocking the threshold of a door. The blast of fear resolved as quickly as I faced it, resulting in a semi-OBE, with a gravity alteration. I was also very grounded so it felt as if incorporating the OBE sensation within levels of bodies. Even with eyes open, there was huge light inflow. This type of experience has been building in the past week.

From the 24-25th, I forgot all dreams, except the last vestiges: a sense of deep contentment and a ‘perfect summer day’, floating on a river drinking beer.

During the day on the 25th, I was nearer to ending my life than ever before. I had completed all my steps. It was a facing of the fear of the option- not of death but seemingly of wielding such power and willingness. After experiencing this spiritual death, I fell into a dreamless nap.

When I awoke, I was on inspired autopilot, feeling like I had a walk-in. I was completely calm and of lucid mind, yet was continuing to process the fears entrenched through the bodies. It was narrated to me in 3rd person, as if receiving telepathically, so while in the dark throes, I could also see objectively why there has been so much psychological difficulty, and why there has been more than one walk-in for this life stream. (Does this make sense to you George, or contradict anything you know? It helped, even if allegory. Maybe it is the deaths of false identity along the way.)

Later that evening, still on autopilot, like a hospice nurse rejuvenating her wistful or atrophied patient, I “threw myself a curve ball”, and happened upon a large outdoor concert. I did not go in, but walked around the park listening to the messages. It was a Christian singer whose message was on the force of the light in the face of darkness. I heard the crowd erupt in a cheer from heaven that lifted my soul and brings tears to my eyes now. I sat with my feet in the stream and just breathed for a while, receiving the music, like measured grace.

On the 25-26th, I dreamed of my young friend who recently died of a brain tumor. He bounced into my bedroom, joyful and in a hurry, offering from a bag full of marijuana. I immediately recognize I am dreaming because of his presence. I ask to hug him. As we embrace, I know his energy and that this is a visitation. I erupt in tears saying, “I love you so much”, and so says he. I ask in 3rd person, “Is Ben going to ascend?” A PAT friend telepathically answers, “Yes.”  I ask a question regarding waiting, or when do we, and then I instantly wake up, feeling blessed by this light-hearted visitation and assurance.

Last night, 26-27th, I dreamed of riding to the launch site of a space shuttle. The interior is like a passenger plane but advanced. We have had trial runs before, but I make a speech about this real one. I announce to the group how our endeavor will forever change the fabric of space-time and we won’t be coming ‘back’. I visualize the shuttle “leaving the atmosphere until we are outside of gravity”.

So there it is, to hell and heaven, round and round.

There is a significant synchronistic shift in this mid- to late-April timeframe, which I am sensing from multiple angles and sources, including in my personal life and contacts. However, I do not know what to make of the wave of “creation” messages, as there is nothing I care to put effort into at the moment. I am concerned in the sense of taking care of living needs, but not enough to toss myself back into the matrix, especially after reading that biting article about the asshole factory.

I see the only resolution as being absolved from this level entirely, no physical needs or concerns. I sense incredible potential energy, but feel as if it will not unreservedly flow until I fully transfigure into light body. As far as manifesting for the highest timeline transition, I just want to get out of here, and let people get whatever they want, the full spectrum of options for subjective apocalypse. I do not foresee having interest or patience in the development of humanity. Once I have been shown my home vibration, why would I tarry elsewhere? Because I would have to hope the bleeding-heart compassion would override a yearning for reunion with source, which sounds like another sacrifice tacked onto the end of a harrowing journey. Maybe with a quantum-jump and a fresh flush of higher frequencies, bygones will be bygones. Or maybe I will say Bye and be gone.


Dear Travis,

excellent and very impressive dream and vision introspection of the last days. As it is your very personal experience there is no need to comment on it. It is absolutely valid for you.

I can only confirm that in the last 48 hours we made a massive ID shift and since yesterday we are on a new planet. I cannot even explain it how it feels but even the air is filled with bliss and breathing is much easier. Yesterday we had a sudden warming – with blue sky with angels clouds and indeed Carla and I sensed the angels all around us. The warm air seemed to come from Mother earth and not from the sun as it was late afternoon and the sun was setting. There was a bliss in the air and the breathing was much easier than before – an intrinsic lightness in the whole Being.

If it goes like this we must see big changes very soon.

With love and light

Hello George

Thinking, I do that a lot. After reading Manuscript of Survival. This left me depressed. I want this to be finished, yet am still working. My dreams are of me still working in the lower worlds.

Just the other day in my dream. I was helping a young child. This young child was about ten to twelve years old. I went to hug this child and while hugging him, my heart felt love/light was flowing to this child and I was whispering words into his ear at the same time. The last words to him , that I can remember were, “Together with our light, we can create new worlds.”

As I stepped away from this boy, we both looked up into a black sky. Together. we had created a spiral of stars, the colors of white, pink, violet, purple against a black sky was faintly there for my eyes, to see.  The boy became so excited to see this. He started jumping in joy and wonder. I remember smiling, with a chuckle.

Then I asked him. Have you ever played at the beach? The black beach just appeared, and there was a black bridge.  I did not cross over this bridge. The child started to cross and slipped off of the bridge. I was holding his hand and raised him up and he landed next to me. The boy only got his feet wet.

It was time for me to go. I took my Mother in laws hand (she passed in 2008) we crossed the street, together.  As I looked up ahead. I could see the sidewalk had a incline and the light was so much brighter, woke up.

The weighing of this dream was heavy, for me. I guess as long as there is darkness.Our work will never be done….

George you talk of celebrations. I am still working. I  celebrate, that the light touched another soul. A young Boy.

Another carrot was dangled in front of me…

Love from the Hills of Arkansas

Dear Elna,

this is the classical situation when one must make a choice, whether the glass is half-full or half-empty. I personally see it very optimistically after the huge ID shift in the last 48 hours and we now definitely dwell in 5D and higher. Below us is at the bottom the 3D old Orion matrix that is in a state of rapid dissolution and can no longer touch us. It is hell for most people who live there. In between are the 4D worlds as numerous timelines that are really torn apart between 3D and 5D. It is this tension that we feel from time to time when we lower our frequency as we regularly do when we move rapidly between the timelines. The peoples in these 4D timelines go now through massive cleansing and accelerated karma processing with a firework of unpleasant events. Some PAT members are also in this situation.

But the massive ID shift in the last 48 hours has dramatically changed the situation on this uppermost mother planet for the better. This is not a simple intuition, this is a complete reset of all the energies that surround us and this new quality is felt with all our multidimensional bodies and fields and chakras. It is a completely new energetic state of Being and to dismiss the arrival of this new situation is impossible, at least for me and Carla.

Hence I see every reason for jubilation and no reason to complain that nothing is happening. In fact, I am not able to cope with more intensity and more rapid change as my body will completely disintegrate. It is already on the verge of disintegration several times a day when a new energy bout from the Source hits me.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

Last night I had a dream in which (in set of few separate scenes) I was levitating in front of some of my family members. In the last of the scenes I said (in English to my surprise) “I am an Ascended Master“.

You can imagine that I wasn’t very pleased after I woke up.

All the best,

Dear Mariusz,

but you were pleased with your dream, which is already a huge promise.

With love and light


Yesterday (April 27th) I witnessed something new to me. I’ve seen a shift with my own eyes (or a third eye rather). A new layer like a wave was imposed on this so-called reality. It happened in the early afternoon Central European Time. That’s it for now.

All the Best,

Dear Mariusz,

I confirm the same experience for the afternoon here Pacific Time and we moved to a very high timeline and the air was full of angels, also very warm all of a sudden, as if the heat came from the Inner earth. There was also bliss in the air. It was very impressive – also my energetic feeling has improved significantly for the better since then.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

After a longer time I’d like to drop a few lines to you.

This night around 1:00 AM (April 27th) I experienced suddenly all flu-related symptoms (muscle pains, head-ache, chills, amygdala pain). It all lasted the whole night and I wasn’t able to get warmed. Now it’s better though I’m still weak. Therefore I’d like to confirm that something huge had to take place this night….

On another note. I really don’t understand the argumentation of Uwe regarding summary of your theory.

I always thought that’s why the summary is: to introduce the main idea and provide link to further details. If you should explain the main idea in the summary then it becomes a final document. But I’m not scientist, so I probably don’t understand it ( smile ).

Be well,

Dear Marek,

This man Uwe is an idiot and I made him realize this fact. He is now so mad at me because I published his correspondence and exposed him as an idiot, but this is a small revenge for me on all German scientists who are the greatest conceited idiots you can find on earth and disregarded so disrespectfully my theory when I presented it to them in the 90s when I was still a member of the German Physical Society and believed that scientists are genuinely interested in knowledge. How naive of me.

Of course a summary table cannot give all the explanation of how I have reached to all these results and any scientist should know this. That is why there are thick textbooks on physics. One also needs a whole university study of 4-5 years to graduate in physics. Volume II on physics is such a textbook that is at least a two-terms course for advanced students in physics. This should be cogent to any specialist when he has a glance on my table as it encompasses most of the stuff (basic equations) from quantum mechanics, electromagnetism and classical mechanics. As I said, this man represents the German imbecile professors and other assholes, which make this densely populated country and very dark human cesspool.

The shift in the last 24 hours was huge and what we get so far from the HR is that we have, and must, now fully detach from the 3D reality which is now completely severed from this uppermost mother planet. We are at 5D, 6D and higher and in between are the 4D worlds which we heave to the new galaxy now. There is a powerful window of opportunity from now on till full moon on May 2, at Gemini, and during this time we can create anything we desire and is in alliance with the highest good of All-That-Is…

With love and light

Hi George,

I am getting the distinct impression/feeling that 3D is done. And in keeping with that, I am reminded of one line from a Roy Clark song from years ago, “Thank God and Greyhound, she’s gone.” Carla may remember that one.


Dear Barbara,

your feel is spot on. After the yesterday (April 26th) massive shift that caused me an almost 24 hours excruciating headache due to a powerful cc-wave with massive descent of source energy, today it feels very light and joyful – pure 5D.

And the music suits perfectly to this mood – the 3D matrix has dissolved for us, and it can no longer touches us, unless we deliberately lower our frequencies. But for the rest of mankind hard times will commence. The current window of opportunity till May 2, full moon in Gemini is very conducive to immediate creation according to the highest good of All-that-Is.

I sent the link to Carla. I myself did not know this song.

With love and light

Dream: Post Graduate Degree


The latest energies have very much affected my neck and upper back. A few days ago it felt as if I had been in a severe auto accident with resulting whiplash. Each day the sore and stiffness has gotten a little better but left me more exhausted. Of course these types of physical conditions are nothing new but seem more constant now.

Last night I had a lucid dream where I was at my mother’s home helping her prepare for a celebration. She was busy running about cooking and cleaning as was her style in real life. One of the characteristics of a lucid dream is that although in a different time and place you are still aware of your current life situation. Cousins and friends who used to visit  when I was growing up began to arrive. Many of them have long ago passed and in the dream, I was aware that they were passed, but they looked well and vital. After they arrived I turned to them and said “ I will be graduating with a degree from my post graduate studies,which I have been pursuing for many years on Monday May 4th. At the time of my announcement I thought it was odd that I would say that, being fully aware that I had completed my degrees years ago. Also the terminology of post graduate studies I would not normally say but rather Master degree etc.  I do not purpose by any means that I or we will ascend on May 4th. I am aware that this dream  could mean many things instead, but though it was interesting enough to share.


Dear Jerry,

thank you very much for your energy and dream report.  I was just compiling an article on Ascension Dreams of the PAT members and you sent me your email just on time to enter it in the post.

I can only say that May the 4th – 6th may be auspicious days indeed, after the full moon portal on May 2nd fully unfolds its effect.

I also have ascension dreams which are so abstract that I forget them upon awakening. But there are numerous meetings with various people or souls and it is a huge hustle and bustle throughout the whole night in preparation for ascension, so that I wake up completely exhausted and stiff as you describe it and can regain a little bit of the normal flexibility of my muscles only after a prolonged hot shower.

With love and light


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