Listening to Lavrov in Munich

The Saker, February 8, 2015


Georgi Stankov

I told you the Saker is making great strides towards expanded transcendental awareness. I told you also that he is my show case study as to how quickly the second wave ascension candidates now progress, but not the only one. The German citizens are also a representative object to study. What we now experience is a veritable explosion of truth and full awakening. And the shock effect of this tsunami of truth is yet to be felt worldwide, sooner than you believe, as the current dynamics of transformation is exponential and we are now rapidly approaching the peak.

Yesterday and today we experienced the first irreparable breach between the USA and Europe and the rift will widen into an abyss very soon as it is a matter of naked survival. For the European people first and then for their elite, who know that they have fully lost the support and faith of their voters. More than 80% of the European population now reject the lies and the war-mongering policy of their governments and the bribed MSM against Russia, which is in fact a war against the European people to install the NWO.

Below I am publishing the Saker’s comments on the Munich security conference and the despicable response of the European poodles of the USA to Lavrov’s speech, as already discussed by myself in a previous publication. In order to better evaluate Lavrov speech, which was based on Putin’s speech in 2007, I would like to quote what I wrote today to Erick on this topic before reading the world news:

I used to follow very closely the annual Munich defense (now called security) conference as it is an informal meeting and many truths are said there. Later on the German TV stopped reporting due to this same reason. It was here that Putin made his famous speech in 2007 against the American One World Order. I will never forget the petrified faces of the American delegation listening to Putin’s speech. At that moment I knew that he wrote history as the current events prove.”

It is necessary to mention that I ascended first in 2007 and believed at that time that the end will come much sooner, but as we all know linear time is an illusion. And now let us read what the Saker has to say:


I have to say that I personally don’t recall anything quite like what happened today in Munich. For one thing, I detected a tone in Lavrov’s words which I had not felt so strongly before. Of course, Lavrov was calm, composed and polite. But this time I also felt an immense sense of disgust on his part for the audience he was addressing and for what these so-called ‘leaders’ had done over the past decade. In essence Lavrov told them “Putin already explained everything to you in 2007 but you have not listened to a word he had to say – and now are you really happy with the result?”. Then came the Q&A and things only got worse.

Frankly, I am wondering whether what happened today was some kind of setup to try to provoke Lavrov or whether the folks who asked questions are just simply terminally stupid. Listening to them, I though that was was witnessing an “intellectual Conchita Wurst” moment: terminally pretentious and degenerate Europeans who are completely devoid of any sense of reality, truth or even basic decency. Even the very thin veneer of European manners melted away when the German reporter began laughing at Lavrov’s mention of the UN Charter. I can only marvel at Lavrov’s mental control and thank God that he did not make me a diplomat as I felt like punching my computer screen listening to these clowns.

If you look at the Saint George Ribbon on the left side of the page you will see that above I wrote “Russia stands for freedom”. I am beginning to realize that this is a rather superficial formulation. On a much deeper level, Russia stands for truth both as a logical category and a moral principle. The western ‘elites’ stand for the exact opposite of that, they are the embodiment of un-truth in the logical and moral sense. And that chasm was evident in today’s face à face between Lavrov has his “western colleagues”.

Dishonesty, intellectual and moral, has been elevated to an ontological principle and foundation of the modern western political thought and culture, it is what these societies do best and all they can do.Not only are “right and wrong” gone in a moral sense, they are now also gone in a logical sense. Something both deeply immoral and completely absurd can now be elevated to an axiomatic status and then be used as “the measure of all things”.

Yet again and again, I come to the conclusion that what we are seeing here is truly a deep civilizational clash between two civilizational realm who have grown so far apart as to make them virtual extraterrestrial aliens to each other. Lavrov would have had a much better experience speaking to some little green men on another Galaxy, these the people he addressed today in Munich.

I am going to say something which will trigger the usual spike in hate mail and outraged comments, but what I see today is struggle very similar to the one which opposed the Pharisees and Christ 2000 years ago. You could also refer to it as a struggle between “Conchita Wurst vs Saint George”. Or “Hizb Shaitan vs Hizb Allah”. These are all metaphors for the same reality. And since what is at stake today is really the future of the entire international order you can say that we are living one of the most dangerous and crucial moment in history.

I don’t see how this conflict could be resolved by negotiations. On a short-term, tactical level, yes, sure. But fundamentally this is an existential struggle for both sides and only one will be left standing. We might well have reached the kind of historical nexus which will determine the future (or lack thereof) of the entire human race. This is the conclusion I have personally come to.

Now feel free to ridicule me for being over the top – I call it as I see it.

Cheers and kind regards,

The Saker


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