Asia and the Larger Picture

by Laurie Stearns, January 1, 2015


Georgi Stankov

The single most important political development in the current End Time is the building of the strategic Eurasian alliance between Russia and China as an opposition to the hegemonic policy of the Empire of Evil to destroy and conquer these big countries as it does with all other smaller and poorer countries that stand on its way in order to install the NWO in the End Time. Purely for this reason we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, who know exactly what is at stake in this final mortal battle between the light and the darkness, tend to side with the underdogs from this part of the world. But isn’t this another fallacy of dualistic human thinking and are the Eurasian peoples really better than the American zombies for the new 4D worlds, where  we now ascend this uppermost mother planet?

I decided to ask Laurie, who lives for a very long time in Asia and knows this part of the world better than most other Westerners, to write an essay where she presents her personal view on this huge, rapidly advancing continent. Laurie’s advantage is that she is a Canadian and not only knows perfectly well the Western point of view, but she is also a light warrior of the first and the last hour and ascended master and enjoys a much broader point of view that helps her see through the material facts and is able to explore the current hidden tectonic shifts in the collective soul of the Asian people.

One important point of departure for me and also for Laurie was the recent Corbett-Report on the emergence of modern China after Mao’s death as a monolithic state dictatorship with a capitalist type of economy with the help of the Western cabal, who are the same dark banksters that have already destroyed the Western economies.

What superficially appears to be a hard political, economic and recently military competition between China and the USA, leading to an inevitable confrontation in the near future as most experts agree, is upon closer scrutiny a well-disguised plan of the dark ruling cabal to establish two alternative social forms of the NWO. In the West, we have the allegedly free market economy, which is in fact a cartel of few Orion banksters and criminal typhoons who pull the strings of all economic and political activities of the Western nations and that of their clandestine dark governments.

Their aim is to crash the Western economy in the End Time by creating massive inflationary bubbles with all kinds of fraudulent virtual financial products, that hugely increased the debt of the national state and the citizens,  eliminated the middle class, impoverished the masses and impeded any meaningful economic growth as was still the case in the 60s and 70s. This is what we now observe in the USA and Canada in the last several decades.

With the total subjugation of Europe by the Washington cabal in the course of the Ukrainian war and the imposition of massive sanctions against Russia that hurt and weaken in the first place the EU countries this same dire destiny of poverty and austerity has now reached the old continent.  Before that the EU enjoyed a little bit more sound economic growth than the sucked out, crumbling neo-liberal economy of financial scam in the Empire of Evil that harbours the highest number of fraudsters and Nobel prize winners in economics.

Both China and Russia have more balanced economies than the highly indebted West that are based on real value – natural resources in Russia and China as the world factory – and huge capital reserves. Their national debt is negligent and their big corporations are vastly under state control as a remnant of the once central planned economy. The free market sector is an extension of the national state and can very easily mutate to a NWO when their elite decide to do so. Both post-communist countries are ambitious newcomers, nouveau riche, that represent 3/4 of the world population outside the old Bretton Woods’ order of the dark Western Cabal of the triple AAA (Anglo-american Axis of Assholes).

But if the new economies of China and Russia are a neo-communist variation and a prototype of the NWO, just as the Western free economy of financial fraud is the twin of it, contrary to the famous poem of Rudyard Kipling – “for East is East and West is West, like twins that never meet” – then how sure are we that the world is better off with these new emerging powers than with the old crumbling Empire of Chaos?

Here we are confronted with a cardinal question for the future of mankind – what role will these countries and their populations play on the new 4D worlds? The answer to this question bears also the key as to how the End Time scenario will unfold in the coming days according to the dialectical principle of resolution through confrontation between light and darkness.

Neither Laurie nor myself sustain that we have all the answers to this key question, but her excellent essay below highlights many important aspects of the Asian way of life and thinking that already gives you a clue how the End Time drama will most likely unfold early this year.


Laurie’s Essay

This has been, strangely enough, very difficult for me to write – maybe having lived in Asia for so long and coming to different understandings about many things, and yet feeling as though I don’t really understand anything sometimes. I’m a Westerner that has lived the past 12 years in Asia. Surely this has changed my mindset and the way I view many, many things? Well, it most definitely has. I first lived in Taiwan and then in Shanghai, China and I’m currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I would not suppose that I can understand everything or even a small fraction of what many people in this part of the world have gone through or experienced with regards to oppressive regimes and wars that have been hoisted on them. To gain an understanding of this, I have read numerous books of first hand personal accounts from some who lived and experienced this, and also spoken to people who lived through them. I think it is important to know though, where many of these regimes and wars came from. Far from being civil wars created by the people themselves, they were designed and brought forth from the wealthy banksters in the West, also known as the Cabal and Elite who are manipulated by their masters; the Orion Empire and the Annunaki.

Many of these did not just spring up out of grass root revolutions but were cultured and initiated by people connected to the global Elite and their plans, in these countries, who saw opportunities to exploit political or social / economic situations. They were designed and implemented by these people as grand experiments – literally with a view to this end time and the Ascension of humanity. Why? Because (as we know) they don’t want their energy source cut off, of which we are for them, and the goal was to try to stop the Ascension so they could prolong their rule and imprison humanity as bigger slaves than they already are – using these regimes as proto-types. Yes, this is sick and psychopathic behaviour, and they are.  (Georgi has already spoken about this.)

I watched the video from the Corbett Report on China:

and found some of it interesting, but not surprising, namely that Mao was a Yaleite. I knew the regime was fomented from the West.

But something else here. It must be noted that venerating and deifying people connected to these past regimes by way of embalming them and keeping them in mausoleums is a strange and sick practice. Doing this, literally keeps people in a state of glorifying a very troubled past.  It’s kind of like glorifying a man hanging off a cross and saying it’s great.  It’s the same mentality.

So, with that in mind, we have a clearer view of what we are dealing with here.

With having almost half the world’s population here in Asia, there are vast, vast amounts of baby and child souls as well as many, many people who seem to be in the beginning stages of their young soul cycle. Although, obviously there are also souls who are entering their adult soul cycle as well as old souls. It seems strange to me that on one hand, we have the dying Empire in the West, but there also seems to be, ironically, a mirror reflection of it in the East that reminds me of a much more economically wealthier time in the seventies and eighties in the West – mainly with the amount of young souls who fit in well with this sort of monetary and material accumulation and the set regime of work days, something that in the West has been so paramount. And, there are plenty of willing people here in Asia who are willing to be the workers climbing up the ladders.

The East – Asia / China and some SEA countries (I think India had already been introduced to individual credit cards and bank loans, as well as other SEA countries) are now coming on full steam with something that was extremely foreign to them in terms of accumulation of material goods on a large societal scale. This has to do with the introduction of credit cards and loans from banks en-masse – namely debt. Large scale debt on an individual societal basis was something that the East had NOT been introduced to until the 21st century. I see all of the wonderful ads coaxing people to get credit cards and take out loans to make their lives easier and full of abundance which will make their family life very, very happy. We know where that leads. Western society has been indoctrinated into believing that massive debt is normal and the only way to obtain material goods. Of course, the poorer you are the harder it is. It is a consciousness obviously of lack, parading as abundance for all.

In the East there has been a much more pragmatic approach to going into debt, and it has usually involved taking loans from extended family members, and NOT banks and also paying for goods in cash.  The reason for this, is that there is a mindset that owning something outright (within a family structure and its assets) is better than buying it on credit – which really makes sense in the long run (but, can have its own inherent complications). So, with the introduction of all these credit cards and bank loans, it will be very interesting to see how (mainly) China will deal with this. This is true also for Vietnam as well.

Although that said, the debt part comes into play where the masses who DON’T have any money, tend to over-extend and get personal loans from private loan sharks with their own ideas about interest, to purchase things just because they are thought to give them face. This is an aberration of the concept of what face is – namely these days it tends to focus around how much money and material assets one has, whereas in the past, I would say it had more to do with honour and integrity. I see this many times over with people who have very little, but they have iPads and iPhones and the latest technology, I have never seen so many iPads and iPhones in my life.

This has been the downfall of the West, is that it has been solely immersed in the accumulation of material goods and money. All false self-esteem ideologies based solely on prestige and accumulation of material assets, which have been wrongly praised (and still is) as being successful. But, of course there is never enough and never will be in a system that is based on lack. People never have enough or they always need more, and this is the trap.

There does seem to be some unparalleled greed here, but this is the young souls’ learning curve. Nobody can take that away. I see this by way of the gross monetary greed here; by way of always wanting more and more money – after all, money will always save you and keep you out of harms’ way, it is the false security that humanity has bought into. Inflation here is out of this world. EVERY year prices go up anywhere between 10 – 20%, it is ludicrous. I do not know if this is pure greed or controlled inflation – a bit of both I surmise. The only people who aren’t really affected are the ones who have so much, as it usually goes.

What is one of the most difficult things to deal with here, is the complete lack of consideration for others – It’s like me first, me always mentality, this frame of mind doesn’t see that there are other people, there can virtually be, a real non-thinking attitude in this regard.  I see this in many different ways; while lining up for example, if you do not vehemently declare with your body language and sometimes verbally that the ten or so people behind you cannot go ahead of you, then you will be pushed out of the way, you’ll be at the back of the line faster than you can blink. What’s crazy, is that many folks here know this, but still do it – It’s maddening. People do tend to push and shove a lot, and I mean, A – LOT.

I remember the first time I took the underground Metro in Shanghai and got off the train at Peoples’ Park – it was insane. Train loads full of hundreds of people pushed to get on and off the train at the SAME time, I couldn’t believe it. No one stood aside and let people get off and then proceed to get on in a more orderly way, it was a free for all, and there wasn’t an inch to move on the train with people stuffed into it splitting at the seams. I avoided the Metro at certain key locations and times for this reason.

But there are other examples as well, driving into people and driving away after driving into someone, without so much as a sorry, or checking to see if you are OK. This has happened to me (more than once), but once where I ended up face down in the pavement and my knee became so bruised and swollen I couldn’t walk, I had to get acupuncture and physiotherapy and stay off of it for days (it was a motorcycle). I do not have insurance, and in this society most people do not have it – although, it is fast becoming implemented by all these insurance companies springing up everywhere, from the West as well as the East and their own companies.

I am faced with wondering if this behaviour has solely to do with societies who have been deprived from so much for so long, as well as deprived from even obtaining an adequate amount of food at one point in time (and not that long ago), that they feel it is their right to want / have (which it is, this cannot be argued) and are now at a stage where they are able to obtain things, or if this is just sheer blind greed.  It seems to me that once a society has been through severe austerity for a long period of time, they forget a part of their humanity, and consideration is all but forgotten, until it balances out over a period of time. Or, is this the beginning of a young souls’ soul cycle and learning these things is part of this cycle?

But, when we look at the logistics of the population in Asia, I wonder what it would have been like had the world been different where these regimes were not installed that set people and societies back?  In all probability, dealing with bringing China and India and the rest of the world on board to live at the same level of the West and all its’ pillaging, the Earths’ resources would have been exhausted long ago.  It’s mind boggling.  But also, would the world have been forced to use free energy sources?

Who knows how this could / will implode with such an incredibly large population, many of whom have nothing? We are talking hundred millions and millions of people here. I surmise there could be much, much social unrest because of huge imbalances. Unless alternative energy is implemented, the Earth will not be able to withstand this pillaging of its’ resources, this could also help to balance things out as well.

It’s interesting that Russia passed an anti-Nazi law that will cut off any country from energy supplies of gas and oil if they are suspected of Nazi like torture of POW’s or their own citizens. This would possibly help people to remember that these sorts of inhumane crimes cannot go unpunished, and that since people do tend to have short memories, this could help them with that problem. Literally, I think we all agree that alternative energy would have to be implemented, but what kind and how? Would these countries want a free energy that the populace wouldn’t have to pay for?

The traditional way of doing business in China (and Asia in many parts), is to build a relationship step by step, this can be a very long process sometimes. And in China, it isn’t so much how much money you have – although this is very attractive – it’s who you know and all of YOUR contacts. This is the most important aspect of what you bring to the relationship. This is because you would be of more value and there would be many more possibilities. In the West we also believe relationships are important in business as well, but we steer more towards the monetary and strictly business part of a deal. We do not focus so much on what contacts the other side has. It’s usually business between the two entities and the contract. Contracts really mean very little in Asia, and mainly this, because there aren’t the same kind of laws, and the mind-set is very different with regards to two dimensional ideas on paper. But this has more to do with smaller individual based businesses, rather than larger, but even then sometimes, this is also the case.

Maybe if China implements some of the cultural unifying aspects of its knowledge of energy and balance with regards to the integration of Classical Chinese writing, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), Feng Shui (literally; wind / water energy) and the arts, Tai Chi and other martial art forms, and even the preparation of food, where these things are all integrated and connected to one another to create a unified balance, which is more in harmony with nature, this could possibly help them to create a more balanced society and understanding of their future. In Hong Kong and also on the mainland, some buildings are constructed with Feng Shui in mind, which is the balancing of energy in an environment for beneficial aspects. It seems that the Cultural Revolution tried very hard to get rid of this unified aspect, but even today these things are still important in China and are acknowledged as being something that brings balance. Hopefully this is the case.

Looking at the skyline in Chinese cities with all of the massively tall buildings with over one hundred stories, it seems claustrophobic and like huge walls are being built into the sky. When I lived in Shanghai, I used to think of it as Gotham City (Batman). It is so incredibly overwhelmingly dense in terms of population and thus energy. This energy seemed to feel incredibly heavy to me. On overcast days and during the winter, it was unbearable and thus my naming it Gotham City. In fact, I had to leave Shanghai because I was so physically depleted from this fact and quite ill. Plus, the pollution in Shanghai is catastrophically bad as well.

So to conclude this, you can see many of the same sorts of ideas springing up in the East that have been considered normal in the West, taking shape and being implemented. With all of this being considered to be a good idea – It does seem that people want some of this, but, in all probability not all – I wonder if Asia will not go to a different time line to live out these lessons and come to understandings possibly without the interference of a manipulating alien soul sucking consciousness? Or, if this is the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. (I realise there is a song by the group REM of this very same name, I’m not a fan.)

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