My Outlook for the Year 2015

by Georgi Stankov, December 31, 2014

My forecast for 2015 will be short and succinct:

This is the year when we shall transfigure, just as 2014 was the year when we officially ascended and became incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia and Guardians of the New Golden Galaxy. Period!

When shall we transfigure?

It depends on how effectively we create our reality as Logos Gods in the knowing that linear time is an illusion. Optically our transfiguration to unlimited multidimensional beings will be heralded by the final escalation of confrontation between the forces of light and darkness and its resolution through transformation at the political stage – by the collapse of this Orion world and the emergence of the New Age.

Will the resolution through confrontation include a dramatic paradigm shift in the collective mindset?

According to my view, this is inevitable for the proper unfolding of the final resolution through confrontation.

What is the essence of this confrontation?

Humans now live the illusion that they are mortal biological species that have only one life and that life is drudgery, based on scarcity and constant wars for survival of the fittest in a hostile material world. This is the Orion version of human existence, which is the foundation of all human enslavement. This collective idea keeps the illusion of the current 3D hologram still alive. The moment this illusion is shattered by some dramatic, miraculous events, this holographic matrix will suddenly cease to exist.

No significant paradigm change can take place in this dense holographic model of illusion, unless a powerful demonstration of the insanity of the current collective belief that humans are mortal, humble biological beings is made visible to all mankind.

This demonstration can only include the powerful, unequivocal proof that all human beings are immortal, multidimensional beings and creator gods. This proof will at first be embodied by a pair of Logos Gods in male and female gestalt, who will be endowed with unlimited creationary power in a perfect harmony of masculine and feminine energies. They must bundle the expectations of all light workers on this planet for imminent ascension and trigger a full awakening in all still slumbering old and ripe souls, who are potential candidates for the second wave of ascension to the new 4D worlds.

In addition, this couple of Logos Gods must bring to humanity a new, universally valid weltanschauung that will be based on the Law of Oneness with the Source and will be presented in an adequate human language.  It will be the opposite to the current Orion concept of separation from the Source that is the cause of the limited, compartmentalized thinking in all human beings. I leave it up to you to guess what I mean by this.

Will the introduction of the General Theory of Science of the Universal Law as the new 4D and 5D scientific weltanschauung of ascension and multidimensionality take place on this uppermost mother planet or first on the new 4D worlds, while it is already an integral part of the higher dimensions beyond 5D?

It remains to be seen and depends entirely on how focused the light warriors of the first and last hour, the true members of the PAT, and new Logos Gods of Gaia are in the creation of this most favourable probability alternative for humanity on this uppermost mother planet.

I personally think that we now have a fair chance to introduce the new Theory of the Universal Law before the MPR hits this world, after we have successfully severed the electric grid of the old Orion 3D matrix together with all dark forces from the crystalline grid of this uppermost mother planet last month. Since then we have cleansed the 4D, 5D and 6D overlay of this timeline from all negative dark patterns.

This is the optimal scenario to awaken in the very last moment most of the potential second wave candidates for ascension and give them one last chance to qualify for the new 4D worlds. There they will encounter much more favourable energetic conditions to fully awaken and ascend at some later point in time, depending on their individual progress.

Ultimately we are the creators of the ascension scenario and it depends entirely what we shall experience in the coming days of the New Year. I have already made my choice. And you?







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