Energy Report of the PAT – December 30, 2014

The Zombification of the Americans and the majority of humanity at the End Times

by Georgi Stankov

This topic is of key importance in these last days prior to the ID shift and our ascension as it is the most reliable indicator that will tell us when this final event will happen. These days are also the most strenuous and most difficult for us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, as we live in this tension field and are the only one to perceive it with a clear mind and open heart. The other people are zombies.

After all, this energetic tension field flows right through our multidimensional bodies and fields with which we now encompass this uppermost mother planet and numerous parallel timelines. We are the builders of this world and they exist within our mental and emotional bodies that have now reached transgalactic proportions. At the same time we still dwell in physical vessels and feel very much as fragile human beings. The greatest heroic act an incarnated human personality can accomplish in these days, is to be aware of this fact and to preserve the Olympic serenity amidst a crumbling world. We are here only to give testimony to All-That-Is how this world ended and new one was born because this is our creation.


December 30, 2014

You are right Georgi, it is a veritable hell living in America right now. They are mostly asleep and the ones who are awakening are not yet mature enough in spirit to fully awaken lest they come face to face with the unspeakable horror of what has happened to their nation and the world at large. They are still toying with the “feel goodness” of being a “lightworker.”

To be fully awakened in the USA is at most times a tremendous burden. We are surrounded by people who are hopelessly programmed by the television and Mainstream Media. They listen to us out of politeness but can hear only so much before experiencing feelings of deep uncomfortableness at facing the truth. The truth is the most difficult thing for them to face at this time.

They can do something one minute and the very next deny the truth of what they just did. It is mind blowing. They are so full of chemicals and “food stuff” which cannot be classified as real food, that they cannot still their hearts and minds for one minute. They are completely unable to go within and develop their intuition and third eye. Yet many of these same ones run around proclaiming their love of Jesus and God when it is clear from their behavior that they have never touched the divine from within. Meditating is out of the question for them.

Functioning daily within such a society is a great challenge. One must continuously seek enlightenment, maturity of spirit, balance and peaceful existence. It is particularly difficult to restrain comment on the madness, but one must at many times for the majority are unable to hear or bear it and it does them no good.

Let us hope and pray that the collapse will happen swiftly, for all of our sakes.

Peace, love, joy, and abundance to you and all the world,


Dear Charlotte,

thank you very much for this very precise description of the zombification of the Americans. I know how difficult it is to keep the light in such a dark atmosphere on a daily basis as I did the same thing as a dissident in the 70s against the communist zombification of the masses in Eastern Europe and since then actually all the time in Germany and now in Canada, where the air is still a little bit more pure to breathe than south of the border.

But the most important message for us is that the American society now is the dark model of humanity on lower 3D and 4D timelines, where life is already a hell and the NWO a dreadful reality. The zombification of the Americans simply indicates the condensation of the dark patterns of the old 3d matrix that has been severed from the crystalline grid last month and is now energetically and frequentially gaining density and drifting away from the 4D, 5D and 6D overlays of this uppermost mother planet.

When the centripetal forces become so strong that this holographic model can no longer be kept together, there will be a sudden separation of the zombies and this will be the ID shift, Then the more evolved human beings will move to the new 4D worlds to complete their liberation from the Orion yoke under much more favourable conditions and we shall ascend to the higher dimensions, assume our mission as Logos Gods and Regents of the new 4D worlds and come back in visible light bodies to take over the stewardship over the new humanity.These souls will need our full support and guidance under a new spiritual hierarchy that will substitute the current superficially consensus reality, which is only a facade for naked enslavement of humanity by the insidious Orion archons and their human stooges in power.

With love and light

Greetings Georgi,

The Orion cabal’s insidious stupidity manifests itself again as the Truth serum energy of the Source permeates this dimension…How can a Government (USA) with so many alleged technological advantages condemn N. Korea for Sony’s (a linchpin of demonic Cabal audio/visual propaganda) hacking problem…

Now the FBI investigation reveals N. Korea had no hack responsibility…The failure of the weakened Cabal’s inability to feign the truth to the sheeple is represented by this mishap…

FBI briefed on alternate Sony hack theory

Dear  Erick,

with this new scam story Obama only proved that he plays in the same regional league of darkness with such monsters like the N.Korea President and is of the same kind. Ultimately the dark cabal searched for a possibility to promote this official call for assassination, which could be sanctioned under terrorist acts and Obama put to prison for promoting murder of an official head of state. But the US zombies visited this film in droves and when interviewed said that this is a sign of freedom. Why is then the USA better than N. Korea, the people in both countries are in their vast majority completely unaware that they are slaves of their rulers.



Thought you may be interested: See below:


Dear Shirley,

Yes, I know this conventional point of view but it misses the bigger picture that the US wants a war against Russia at any price and does not care about any other opinions. The elephant in the room is why the USA wants this war and then we come to the forbidden, unspoken topic of the alien connection.


December 29, 2014

Hello Sir Georgi,

It was as if not Kuthumi, ascended master but you yourself could have said it all.

i have also been advised by the one and only website guy not to let go and loathe this world, although I do certain 3D things to amuse or pass my time fruitfully as long as I am here to keep working till the last…. On the other hand what is a bit puzzling was what was the indication given in this message as he says it’s only days and or possibly a few months till this financial bubble bursts then what was the point of this message?

It’s with due respect I ask that’s all. These days some revelations amaze me totally such as Mao was an Illuminati member and their pawn, that Our revered Lord Mountbatten was a paedophile… has been very much respected in India and even if  someone does tell this, no one would want to believe the same….

Warm regards in this Canadian winter,

Dear Raji,

this is exactly what I told Carla yesterday that this message could have been written by myself and it is exactly how I deal with money after I lost a lot of money before I entered the LBP in the 90s. This was part of my initiation. Jahn has received this message probably because he has also financial problems now and has asked his guides for an advise. This is just a suggestion, but I think that money is a key issue for everybody as it is associated with many negative thought patterns and needs to be discussed again and again…

With love and light

Dear George,

I write to appreciate the ascension information which you have published on the Internet. As a lightworker in making; I am truly shocked with the mastery you have over the subject matter. I am quite impressed and I’ve been reading your work over and over again. I like people who tell the truth in their work and am currently passing through all the things you have stated in the “evolutionary leap of mankind”

Thanks so much


Dear Kondwani,

I am glad to hear you have found your way to our website and the PAT and profit from the information given there to go your own spiritual way of awakening.

With love and light

Hungary leaving the chaos empire too!

Paolo Montanari, Italy

Dear Paolo,

I read this article already and McCain accused Orban last month of being Neonazi and dictator (?). Figura ti. He, who meets with the worst terrorists and Ukrainian Nazi accuses Orban only because he wants to have good relations with Russia and does not succumb to the AAA cabal. I am following this story for some time now. Now the Austrians are revolting against the USA and EU too and other EU countries are following suit. And Putin just decided to give one million tons of coal a month to Ukraine for free so that the people  do not freeze this winter, while McCain is sending lethal weapons there. Crazy world, exactly as I love it, so that we can finally ascend.


Caro Georgi,

non c’e’ dubbio il castello di carte del mondo di terza dimensione sta proprio crollando. In Italia il sistema economico si sta dissolvendo: le piccole banche locali vengono commissiariate una dopo l’altra, le piccole medie imprese (asse portante dell’economia italiana) stanno scomparendo, i prezzi degli immobili sono in caduta libera, la sanita’ pubblica e’ al collasso, la classe politica e’ completamente screditata e Renzi e’ ormai riconosciuto dai piu’ come un burattino di poteri sovranazionali (the dark cabal). Dovunque uno guardi vede i segni di un gigantesco crollo imminente.

Mai i segni dell’ascensione soo stati piu’ visibili!

Un abbraccio.
Dear Georgi,

there is no ‘doubt, the house of cards in the world of the third dimension is just falling apart. The Italian economic system is dissolving: small local banks are commissioned one after the other, the small and medium enterprises (backbone of the Italian economy) are disappearing, real estate prices are in a free fall, the public health care  collapses, the political class is’ completely discredited and Renzi is ‘now recognized by more’ people as a puppet of the supranational powers (the dark cabal).

Wherever one looks one sees signs of a gigantic imminent collapse. Never have the signs of ascension been more ‘visible!

A hug.

And so be it!




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