Conspicuous Silence. The Cabal in the West Is Running Out of Options

by Georgi Stankov, May 7, 2013

As a I have said in a previous article, the date of our ascension is a function of the events on the ground. This is the reason why my HS urged me to look closely at what is happening at the political scene and even more so behind the scene as to better evaluate the time of the coming of the long expected big changes.

In a recent telepathic transmission, I received a key information from my HS that currently there is a profound stalemate between the antagonistic political powers that is responsible for “the oppressive silence and the diffuse peculiar stillness, which has spread worldwide” as Jahn’s source informs us in his latest message. This is a “clear sign that change and thus, large events are imminent… It is the intuitive wait of humanity for the eruption of the volcano, by which the accumulated lava of depravity of many dark ages will be discharged at once.”

This is precisely what I received from my HS several days before Jahn channeled this message and published as a forecast on our website.

Now, what do the actual political developments tell us? Exactly this!

The futile effort of Israel to stir another devastating war in the Middle East by bombing Damascus twice last week failed to render any other results than a sound condemnation of this most bellicose country with the most despicable government of Orionic clones and notorious war mongers. The Arab league, which had so far supported the Al Qaeda terrorists fighting against Assad, issued a declaration slamming Israel for this aggression  and obvious crime against international law by bombing without any reason a sovereign neighbour country.

Europe, and even the USA, did not render Israel the expected support and this attempt of the Orion cabal to unleash another war in the Middle East as so many times in the past has so far fully failed. Netanyahu who is now visiting China was compelled to refrain from mentioning Syria amidst massive worldwide condemnation of his latest bombing of Damascus, where several hundred soldiers and civilians were allegedly killed. To the conspicuous silence of this most notorious war criminal adds the simultaneous visit of the Palestinian head of state Abbas in Peking, who is adamantly representing the now opposite to Israel Arab position.

At the same time John Kerry visits for the first time Russia after his nomination as US secretary of state and will meet with the intransigent President Putin. The latter cleansed only one week ago in a swift and surprising raid the Caucasus region of Russia from the most dangerous Islamic terrorists, who are sponsored by the CIA to destabilise this region and put Russia under huge pressure.

After the failed Boston gambit of the US dark secret services with their state sponsored terror act and dress rehearsal for a nationwide martial law to appease the Russians to clear the way for the USA to invade Syria, Kerry is now confronted with a mission impossible. In the meantime the Assad government has hinted that they reckon with a massive military support from Iran, China and Russia if the West decides to invade in an aggressive manner this sovereign country, as they did with Libya, Iraq and many other countries in the past.

The time of complacence of the newly emerging powers with the hegemonic criminal foreign policy of the USA has irreversibly come to an end. And this at a time when the Pentagon is bankrupt after the sequester and has no manpower even to stage a martial law in his own country. And what about the many defectors and whistle blowers that now come in droves and reveal the infinite crimes of the US military-industrial complex?

In addition to this, the false flag options of the USA to unleash another devastating invasion war in Syria are diminishing by the hour, after official representatives of the UN declared that the chemical weapons, precisely sarin, allegedly detected in Syria, was used by the rebels themselves, who were supplied with this WMD by the US and other Western dark secret services and not by Assad, as the black cabal stooge Obama recently declared and has been echoed by many other political apes and clones of the dying Orion cabal.

Á propos, Iran. Amadinejad’s exit after two terms as prime minister is paving the way for more moderate candidates, all of whom are criticizing him for his undiplomatic tenure and profess to support a more moderate policy against the West and even improve radically their relations with the USA. This all leaves no space for the dark US secret services to instigate another devastating war against Iran in cahoot with the notorious Jewish-Khazar hybrids and worst war mongers on this planet.

As I said, the Western cabal now operate in a total political vacuum and whenever they deem a possibility to start a new world war, this astral probability alternative is immediately wrapped up and they remain with empty hands amidst a peaceful solution, which is their worst nightmare.

This pattern can be also observed with North Korea. After a lot of saber rattling last month on the Korean peninsula, North Korea has now, all of sudden and rather surprisingly to all parties, announced that it has removed two medium-range missiles from a coastal launch site, indicating a lowering of tension on the peninsula, as US officials were compelled to admit today.

The White House is in the meantime fully engaged in deflecting the growing scale of reputation damage from the Benghazi cover up by the Obama administration, which is constantly fueled by new revelations from the growing number of whistler blowers, who can no longer be contained within the ranks of the CIA, FBI and the Pentagon.

And it goes like this the world over. Europa is fully paralyzed by the Euro-crisis. The chances of Angela Merkel to win the next election are getting slimmer by the day as many more MPs defect from her coalition to the newly founded anti-EU party “Alternative for Germany”. After one year in power, the French President Hollande is encountering the biggest demonstrations against his failed presidency, steep inflation, sky rocketing unemployment, and insane war adventures in Africa (Mali) and elsewhere.

GB is sinking in a financial and economic turmoil and is now firmly on the road to perdition becoming a third world country. With regard to its unemployment and real poverty statistics, it has already surpassed the most poor EU-countries, such as Bulgaria and Roumania in many areas. The “pigs” country are a real Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.  And even Putin in Russia is under siege after growing unrest and demonstrations in Moscow against his authoritarian regime.

China is overwhelmed by all kinds of epidemics, which however does not hinder Beijing to move decisively towards internationalising the yuan. As the State Council said yesterday, it will unveil an operational plan this year to make the Chinese currency fully convertible under capital accounts. Then, bye bye “Paper Dollar”.

Unnoticed from the mass media, the European Commission has criminalized in a new directive nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government, while all GMO are already under a ban and Hungary has started to destroy all Monsanto GMO corn fields.

And it goes on like this everywhere. Only the Australian wannabes on power seem not to get it where the world is striding to. The Australian Defence White Paper released on May 3 codifies the federal Labor government’s support for the Obama administration’s “pivot” to undermine Chinese influence in Asia and around the world. As if these backward heirs of former British criminals did not have much bigger problems – how to survive the coming MPR that is about to sink this island of a continent for ever under the ocean in the next days, whose waves Britannia once used to rule….

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