The Countdown. A Plea for the Messenger

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, May 4, 2013
first published on May 7, 2013 in

Translation: Björn Kurt

The more the body of man is purified, lighter and more permeable, the easier it is to be in touch with the spiritual world. With all people currently on earth receiving messages from the Spiritual Levels of Light, the degree of a clear and powerful message is always depending on the factual individual clearing.

Everything else, the nature of the messages, the scope, the energy which comes through, lies within the individual mission of the channel.

Some beings have accepted the extremely delicate task to receive appointments, points in time and space – and time stamps and to pass them on to the people. Such a circumstance requires a lot of courage and a deep anchoring within the individual mission, because once a given date does not seem to materialize, the credibility of the Messenger may be heavily affected.

This introduction is significant for the message that I am about to deliver to the world and the people because a „new countdown“ is proclaimed. The Point in Time which sets an end to the waiting and yearning of mankind.

It is mandatory to observe and most important to understand that any time and until the very last moment alternations and shifts in all directions of time are possible. This fact will also continue to influence the daily advance of Change. Also this countdown to Ascension may again, as so often, be aborted or be advanced in time, so at the last moment new imponderables would show up, which might change the situation or which might require further necessary adaptations.

What are such “imponderables”?

Above all, one singular constant, which is determining all that happens, are the people which are changing their minds or taking new decisions. Every day many people drop out of the light and at the same time many people turn towards the light. Every day people decide to wake up and some people drop back into deep sleep. All this has to be met with utmost flexibility and to adjust all events concerning Change and the concluding Ascension accordingly.

How often rocket launches on earth had to be aborted at the very last moment because one tiny detail blew the whole schedule. The more the accuracy, precision and perfection is important in the collaboration between all the teams of the Galactic Federation with many different Beings from many different levels of the Light, which are assigned to the change of the earth and act accordingly. And let me assure you that they act in sheer perfection because nothing escapes their attention.

But why are repeatedly called up dates for the Ascension Day if they are to remain indefinite until the day X? For two reasons:

a) Because these represent actual potentials and are truthful.

b) To ensure that people’s fears connect with Change can be confronted and are more likely to be dissolved.

Those fears are very often associated to the subject of “Am I worthy of ascending?“ and with „fear of death“. The more it is important to let go of such ideas before the dawning of Day X because it will truly be of great help and will make the Ascension to be a joyful feast. And that is what Ascension is supposed to be – a celebration!

Therefore, here and now let me remind you to honor and respect all Beings which tell you precise dates for Ascension, the Shift of the Poles and for the extinction of the dark elites! Remain confident in their messages and stay away from predictions when you feel that the author is weaving in personal and unresolved topics and also from messages which lack of enlightened energy. Such you can discern in your heart beyond the written word.

I am master ASANA MAHATARI and I want to say a word in defense of all the Beings, who have given their commitment to the great service of transmitting our messages to mankind. And I do it today, because many messages and messengers have been infiltrated by the dark forces by the means of the “Mind and Energy field control“. The dark elite also has influenced and occupied large parts of the esoteric scene.

Honor will bestow upon you all, although many still have to recognise which Lord they are serving in reality.

So much for now – back to the Countdown.

Yes, in fact. This earth has got into the heavenly maelstrom, and the near future will reveal to you entirely what that means. The processes that now considerably speed up Change, which means that your arrival on 5D Earth will be accelerated, are indeed irreversible. Variable are only the space and time fields in which this Change is being anchored, which means that the Change will be visible from that moment for the whole world and for all people.

In some message that we brought through Jahn to the people, you were informed that you will receive help. Assistance is granted by the Galactic Federation of Light which assumes patronage for planet Earth and by Agartha, the inhabitants of the Inner Earth, which have assisted you since the very beginning of time – as far as you had desired and agreed.

The encounters and sightings of your Light siblings on both sides of the veil will increase drastically in the coming weeks and this also clearly announces that things are about to happen very soon.

Other clear signs that change and thus, large events are imminent, is the oppressive silence and the diffuse peculiar stillness, which has spread worldwide. It is the intuitive wait of humanity for the eruption of the volcano by which the accumulated lava of depravity of many dark ages will be discharged at once.

Fire storms and floods will change the face of this Earth and no One, who has turned in submission to God, shall be touched rudely. For everyone and all shall be provided.

Only those who always looked only for themselves, in association with the dark powers of many realms of being, will now arrive at the end of its tether. For they have neither the proper tools, nor the resources to meet this epochal upheavals adequately.

The timing of these events is not going to be revealed here because it is neither part of the mission of this channel, nor is my intention with this message. But let me tell you that this moment in the history of humanity is very, very close.

Looking out from the current viewpoint considering all actual given circumstances, we get the following picture:

1) Far more than a billion people will remain in the old world and „perish“ along with it.

2) Far more than a billion people will ascend – after some „refresher“ lesson – to the 5-D Earth.

3) Far more than a double billion of people will find themselves in a hologram, just like this earth to continue their lessons and experiences in connection with certain dramas and afflictions, so they may conclude with their incarnation cycle.

4) A number of 144,000 star children are to receive at the moment of the pole shift their „immediate“ enlightenment. Which means that some will be enlightened immediately, while others will be so after having completed an „intensiv training“ on board of one of the space ships of the Galactic Federation.

5) All the brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom will ascend or remain in their chosen reality according to their destiny.

6) All plants will sing the praises of God and will leave the old earth, exposed to the “volcano ashes”, and bury their crippled and dried roots deep within the soil as a reminder for the future generations.

7) The bottom line reviewed in the Seven, the number of Ascension: The One, who ascends, shall remain unimpaired. The One, who remains, will get a single yet painful occasion for a latter change to gain new insights and to arrive finally in the kingdom of Peace and in the kingdom of Love.

The Battle of the Worlds have reached a new intensity – The dices have been cast and the last fine adjustments are being made. What is announced for tomorrow and fails, is to be expected for the day after tomorrow. What is announced for the day after tomorrow, is to be expected for tomorrow or even today.

Nothing shall remain the same – how long have we all been waiting for this day?

One more thing to complete this message:

Nothing fades away and nothing is lost in the Being and everything what dies is brought back to life, on the day that is intended. All shall have an equal destiny in their given time because, while today you will be awaken to life, those who chose differently shall be able to enter life at a latter point.

The countdown has begun, the worlds are newly aligned and lose their old dress. God is with us, and we are in HIM. By His grace and through his leadership, we have nothing more to do except to follow him willingly and unconditionally.

I love you infinitely, I am the master of awakening humanity today, which by tomorrow will already be ascended with the planet Terra Xx27. The new place of Earth has been designated since long in the Realms of Creation, the new existence has been achieved and you are ready for it since long.

Delighted is the Creator with you who are ready. And the creator is full of complacence with those deplorable beings, who decided to enter a new cycle of death and rebirth. The love of God reaches everyone – and if you cannot accept this love you are forging a new chain armour of time, a rough coat for the nearing future on an earth, which resembles to the one of today and yet it is unrecognizable, since all life has ceased to exist.

A great experience these people have chosen and a great experience that you have chosen when you decided to follow the path of Ascension. God’s love is without intention, untainted and will reach each and every man. But the one which cannot adopt his love in his heart shall remain excluded from the gift table of the Lord, for he excludes himself from the banquet in heaven.

Therefore: Honor every decision and detach yourself from the notion that all human beings here and now want to move or shall move up into the light!

Again, let me point out this fact, so that you may take for yourself a really good and free decision beyond any influence of healing paradigms. Go on, do not turn around, for pillars of salt line the road, bridges fall into the ravine, nuclear dust will clog everything and life ends a billions times.

Do not look back, for from a certain moment in time you begin to become invisible for the old world and visible for the new level of being. You step out of the shadows into the light, while behind you, the remains of the light will be swallowed by the darkness.

For the higher realms of light which assist you in this time nothing is impossible and we will achieve the impossible in the time of the times which is now.

Do not look around you, even if the ones being confronted with the consequences of their choice are calling out for you! Do not look around you! Are you ready for this? Come on then.

For I am

Dear Jahn,

This last message is a brilliant confirmation of all our publications and discussions on the Ascension and three-earth-scenario as introduced on 26th February 2012 by the PAT. The text might as well have come from me. As for the content, your apocalyptic style and the high emanating vibrations from the text – these are of course your personal gift. I personally find that the exchange of information already is a huge payback and I am glad that you share our assessment of the situation with your family and friends. It will help them a lot to prepare for this great moment of ascension.

The biggest problem was always to announce specific dates, which then do not materialize as your source discusses admirably. But this is due to the fact that we are dealing with infinite parallel probability alternatives in the Higher Realms that create our holographic reality and that linear time is an illusion. Since all processes and creation is happening in the present Now, we work on earth and in the higher dimensions with energy thresholds that must be reached, so the Higher Realms and we can take the next step. And these thresholds are almost exclusively built up by our energy, which is generated through our emotions and expectations.

This justifies the disclosure of Ascension dates, which show only the potentiality, but not necessarily have to lead to the materialization of the Ascension itself. But without the optimal mental and emotional support from all parties, final Ascension would never occur.

We – the PAT – had to make some painful first hand experiences and learn it the hard way as since July 2012 we had received several messages from our Higher Selves about imminent Ascension, which were then repeatedly postponed. As the captain of the team I had to stand straight and assume the full responsibility and then to carry on undeterred and keep the ball rolling.

Meanwhile, my troop is experienced enough to know that we only work with energetic potentialities / thresholds and such is a very fluid process, which always may hold surprises, because the decisions are always made ad hoc. But there are some fundamental decisions, such as on 18th April to begin with the MPR first and this decision is again confirmed brilliantly by your source.

Also this message is much more concrete than anything I have ever read from you, which is a clear proof that we are in the final and decisive phase and that this time the job is done properly.

About the numbers, how many shall ascend, die, go on the balanced Earth A/B or shall remain on the catastrophic earth B that your source tells you here are very precise. They match very closely with our estimates since 26 February 2012, which I / we have documented in several publications and discussions on our site. There cannot be any better proof and I can assure you that the PAT and our web page is the only one worldwide that has this knowledge, knows and implements, as we are the actual team that accomplishes the Ascension, of course with the immense help of countless souls and forces from the Higher Realms. But without us, there would be no Ascension, hence our information advantage compared to the rest of the New Age community, which is – by the way also negatively assessed by your source Asana Mahatari – to my great satisfaction, as I have done this in several publications in the past.

One was even translated into German by a member of our group and I will add below:



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