Energy Update of the PAT Prior to Ascension – March 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Out-Of-Body Experience

Hi Georgi!

At 2pm, on Friday: My eyes got very tired and had to close my eyes. My eye lids felt so heavy that there was no use of resisting, so I let go with the flow.

Straight ahead, in distance, was a small star. It was emanating pure platinum Light. The Star was so brilliantly radiant, and it’s rays were filaments, but straight as an arrow and laser, in all pure white colors of the rainbow, mixed with gold and silver. The constant hum in my ears was deafening, ultra high pitched metallic hum, that would speed up and slow down in revelations.

Unfortunately, I do not have the words for the artistry of the visuals.

I let it go even more, and I started getting massive pressure behind my temples, and like an electrical current, it extended around my whole head. Tingling sensation covered my whole cranium. All of a sudden I got a jolt that felt like a clear separation and I thought “oh yeah, here we go!”

So I’m floating there for a while, in cosmic beauty, and constant bombardment of Light info from this aforementioned Star. I decided to check with my eyes open to find out if I’m truly separated from 3D awfulness, ID spilt.

Lo and behold, I am!

But – I am in my room, sitting on my bed with a laptop, my cat’s on the bed, and walls are the same, the floor is the same. But- there’s no clear separation. I’m on the floor, I’m raising towards the ceiling, I’m close to ceiling, I feel “in” it but at the same time view myself objectively, the whole room is floating, but just as clearly still attached to the house. All at the same time. All feels like One, but separate. Wheew. Sounds weird, but was super cool.

Throughout this experience, nothing was too uncomfortable physically, except the pressure on both sides of my head. I was adjusting my spine, accompanied by visual Light info, and sounds I have never heard before. I would describe it as a metallic bell, yet, soft and wobbly and, the sound was cobalt blue, when I heard it with my eyes open the 3rd time. I wish, I could have exploded right through the roof, back to cosmos, but it wasn’t time yet, and I had to return, sigh…..

So I closed my eyes, and my back started cracking as I started growing wings between my shoulder plates, I felt it through in the middle of my chest. I had been stretching and elongating my backbone all through this experiment. (My back is now  sore, but much looser.) I then spread my soft, gentle wings and I flew – straight to the entrance of a balcony and stepped out to a huge attendance of the Galactic Federation. The whole audience rose up on their feet with an explosive applause and roar. Next to me, and behind me, was my crew of 7. We all looked our optimal health, and in physicality of one’s choice, as only  appropriate, for the 5D archetype of your choosing. I was Freia, and on my shoulder, was my cosmic cat, Joeboo.
Ugh, I just had a fleeting psychic attack. I flushed it right through, though, in 20 secs! Gloria Excelsis.

With Love and Light,

Hi George and all!

Thought I would say a bit about the helter skelter and what I am experiencing.  It is impossible for me over the last several days to accomplish any sort of business or research that I usually do, when I am feeling well. I have tried everyday in the past several and even so again today, to no avail. They say, don,t go against the flow, and this is exactly right, you will only succeed in tiring yourself more. I for one am totally at the mercy of this wave of energy, I cannot function properly mentally in any aspect outside of the Ascension. Thoughts are broken, scattered and run rampant with the forgetfulness thrown into the mix. The message is clear, don,t go against this flow!

Sleep patterns have become irregular again, and I see one PAT member mention the 2 hour nap thing, then up for a few hours until tired, and nap again, that is exactly what I am experiencing. The waves are powerful as they hit, taking me from being pretty awake, to almost instantly becoming very very drowsy from the influx. Rest assured, things are definitely happening, where it appears that timelines are also fluctuating upon my waking hours as perhaps the sleeping ones as well. There appears to be confusion as a result of these wavering and intersecting timelines, causing chaos in my trying to function as usual.

I had a computer and a phone simultaneously turn off yesterday for a few minutes. The PC was plugged in, but a check of the power supply showed no problems, but yet it would not come back on for several minutes.The phone was a cell phone that was not plugged into any power and had a full charged battery, there was really no reason for it to go off at the same time, 3D wise. Coincidents are happening as it appears the fabric of time may be rippling allowing for the establishment of the new timeline?

I have no trouble whatsoever communicating here in this email, which is remarkable, my thoughts are clear, but with anything else, thoughts become hazy and will not align in full thought processes. Even the LW site is not exactly resonating where I can,t concentrate on the content. I am pretty well taking the hint from perhaps HS and higher, to sit back and focus on within and perhaps preparation. It appears at this time to be the only flow I am able to go with, all other avenues appear to be very shady or closed doors.

I am also very conscious of the fact that it seems I must not leave from my current location. Every attempt or thought of leaving this particular location is bombarded with many things that prevent me from doing so, coincidentally. A quick connection with HS confirmed this 2 nights ago, it said to have patience, stay put, and the time is not right yet for me to move. It also said, not to meddle with any affairs that may affect timelines, let it be and remain neutral to outside surroundings.

I feel anxiety that something is coming and I believe I may be misinterpreting the anxiety as, I must do something or continue on my purpose. Perhaps this anxiety is attached to the different energy influx and being an empath, I am misinterpreting its meaning, whereas its so strong? I will go with the latter, the anxiety is that something is happening and the attached knowing of more amazing things to come very shortly.

I do believe I am connected to PAT in some way, as this site always resonates with me and sends off so much energy, that can,t be ignored. There are numerous parallels to what the PAT members experience and myself at roughly the same times. April’s contacts with HS has me more and more intrigued as I was able to refine my own HS connection as well as channelling that seems to correspond with what I get at times. For me, this adds certain credibility to these messages and establishes fact.

I will say, that at this very moment, I am as clear as I have been in approximately one week. The energies are very recognizable, the uplifting ones that makes one feel light. The Love is easily felt and found, unlike the last several days, where I found myself struggling to find it and circulate it within, to remain charged, if you will.

It has also been a sincere pleasure for me to witness several others in awakening stages over the last months. I take great joy in trying to help these ones at different levels as they search for answers. One in particular, without any influence from me, has been attracting a lot of energies, its amazing to follow her progress and to see her limited fear of what is unknown to the masses. I have stepped in to tell her have no fear of the unexplained things that are happening around her, I thank God that she trusts me to pay heed to this.

It’s the fear that hampers so many from awakening. I have witnessed another that was starting to wake, but they are presently going in reverse, heading toward a breaking point. The fear has its grasp for now on him and he is unable to see or accept anything unexplained by 3D, hence total confusion. I hope and think he will make it, but the mental block will have to be broken. In my experience, its at this point in which one has the choice to believe or not and it may determine his future, I don,t know. I do not interfere with ones journey, however, I will present them with a suggestion, if they are open to it, they will ask for more, if they are not open, I don,t pursue.

Love and Light to All!

Hi Georgi,

Well what can I say… finally felt to write to you again. Although I have no major news, I can confirm that the energy shifts are hitting me hard. To summarise, over the last couple of weeks in general my balance and eyesight have felt much worse. As has been since they came on Dec 2011, they have been non-stop, but lately my un-balance most notably is much more uncomfortable… literally, no exaggeration, when I walk around I am like a baby learning to walk for the first time. All wobbly and feel very unstable.

My partner, who has been with me since this all kicked off has started to express concern for me as he hasn’t seen me this bad before. Thankfully, he is the only person who does see me of my friends and family, otherwise I would be getting a lot more hassle.

In addition, since the night of the 20th March I have experienced the intense energy waves. On the 20th, for about 1.5 hours I was feeling intense, what felt like high frequencies as a tunnel going up out/in my head. Then it completely conked me out for about and hour and I was in that state different to sleep, yet totally like nothing could wake me feeling the intense energies in my head the whole time. Then it happened again last night too, then again about 1-2 hours ago. Each time it has happened there have been moments where I jerk a few times as it feels like I am coming out of my body.  Overall the energy surges are very pleasant and I wish I wouldn’t ‘wake up’ from them.

I prayed for Aniko’s release, it hurt me greatly when I read what she was being put through, so like the rest of the PAT, was so thrilled when you reported she had been released.

I was and am completely with you all on the final decree. I’m absolutely fed up with this. For a whole year I have put up with these symptoms and got on as best I can, but now I really can’t take them anymore… like so many of us PAT-lers, we are really at the end of our tether. Interestingly, two days before you announced the final decree on the website, I felt a forceful decree of my own come through from nowhere and it arose with such fire and made me feel so peaceful and joyful inside.

Georgi, it really is unbearable at the moment, I wish so much that ascension happens in the next few days, because it is so hard each day. I only go out when I absolutely have to – twice a week. I do as little in the house as possible all due to it being so uncomfortable.  My partner, although he seems to experience LBP symptoms, will not listen to anything I have to say about ascension he is one of those that is tired of hearing about upcoming dates that come to nothing and so like others, since the 21st Dec he won’t have any of it.  There has been a lot of fear and depression flying about us, and i get drawn into his fear often because if this ascension doesn’t happen this month, I really just don’t know what I’ll do.

Also, I had a dream last night – i can’t remember details really, but I remember a bunch of faces I think were the PAT. And we were discussing what date for ascension. I can’t remember if a date was given, but I seem to remember leaving the meeting feeling content. The dates discussed were at the end of March. So I truly hope the date decided in the dream comes true.

I really thank you and all the PAT-lers contributing to this site. I don’t know what I would do without you. George, if you have any advice for me on how to cope with my current circumstances I would greatly appreciate. If not that is fine, I continue to follow all your updates to keep me going.

Thank you in abundance and much love,

P.S. thank you to Skyler for sharing his beautiful video.

Dear Kate,

thank you for your energy account. It is a very good and precise description of what we all experience now and fully coalesces with April’s latest message from her HS.

I have just published Jerry’s instructions given to him from his HS which are excellent and I also follow them independently for a very long time. The only motto of the PAT should be now – try to survive at any price and without taking care of the dramas and collapses around you.

I have fully decoupled from my 3d-reality, even through I still function from time to time like a robot to deal with my daily obligations. But I keep my 3d-activities to a minimum except for the editing of this website, which takes most of my time on this planet. And this is good so, as I otherwise will not know what to do and how to bridge the time.

This time there will be ascension, there should be no doubt about it. It is not even necessary to discuss this event with other people anymore, as they all feel it coming deeply in their subconscious. That is why so many have such fear, are so restless, and act so irrationally. This is no longer our world. As April’s HS advises us, we should be ABOVE this world, as we can now float in the air. We do not need any ground anymore.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

Thank you for your reply and Jerry’s and April’s messages were very timely! Funnily enough, for the past week I have been sleeping in short bursts… not 2 hours but usually about 4-5 hours, then naps throughout the day.I have read over Jerry’s list a few times – I will try and not get drawn into dramas but that will be a challenge.

Funny, my partner feels something positive is coming, but he can’t trust it enough because life has kicked him in the teeth so many times before. Could the 3 days of darkness be great depression, anger etc – the last throes?

love Kate

Dear Kate,

like Jerry, I have no idea what the three days of darkness, if they will come, will bring with them. This will not affect us as we will be ascended by this time. I assume that the people will be put in a state of shock when we detonate the PAT supernova, but how they will individually feel this event – the global “Pentecostal miracle” as  I name it – remains to be seen.


Caro  dottor Stankov,

desidero ringraziarla per gli aggiornamenti molto elettrizzanti, esattamente come  i miei  sintomi fisici. Sono  giorni davvero  particolarmente turbolenti e  i sintomi che avverto sono in linea  con quelli del PAT: mal di testa, tachicardia, nausea, tremori, spossatezza, dolorini  vari. C’è  anche un nuovo sintomo molto fastidioso,  esteso  in  tutto il corpo, e  si  manifesta   con  apparenti infinite punture di aghi o tagli  di  lame.

Anche una mia  cara amica che codivide  le  nostre prospettive, la notte del 19 è stata  colpita  da un violento  mal  di testa e da una crisi respiratoria unita  ad un forte  tremore  che  ha  potuto  placare  solo con  qualche goccia  di  ansiolitico.  Cessato il malessere, durante la notte a ha  fatto , a parer mio, un  bellissimo  sogno di ascensione. Non le accade mai  di  sognare  ma quella  notte è accaduto.

La  mia  amica  lavora  in  uno  studio medico ed è in costante contatto con molte persone, quindi ha potuto verificare che  il 19/3 tantissimi pazienti  sono  stati colpiti  insolitamente da  mal di testa  violenti  e molti altri sintomi.

Che bello sarebbe se potessi ascendere secondo le previsioni! Sono  nata il 27 marzo di “venerdi santo” e mi chiamo Dolores per onorare  la  Madonna  Maria  Addolorata

Il numero 9 è decisamente il numero  che  contrassegna  la  mia  nascita

Un abbraccio di luce a lei e  a tutti  i PAT.
Un saluto particolare  a Jerry.


Dear Dr. Stankov,

I would like to thank you for the very exciting updates, just like my physical symptoms. There were really very turbulent days and the symptoms that I feel are in line with those of the PAT: headache, tachycardia, nausea, tremors, fatigue, various small pains. There is also a new symptom very annoying, extended throughout the body, and is manifested by apparent endless needle’s bites or cuts of blades.

Also a dear friend who co-divide our perspectives on the night of 19th was hit by a severe headache and a respiratory crisis combined with a strong tremor that could be appeased only with a few drops of anti-anxiety medication. The discomfort ceased during the night and I had, in my opinion, a beautiful dream of ascension. It has never ever happened to dream of it, but that night it happened.

My friend works in a medical office and is in constant contact with many people, so she was able to verify that on March 19 many patients were affected by unusually violent headaches and many other symptoms.

How nice it would be if I could ascend as planned! I was born on March 27 for “Good Friday” and my name is Dolores to honor Our Lady of Sorrows

The number 9 is definitely the number that marks my birth.

An embrace of light to you and to all the PAT.
A special greeting to Jerry.


Dear Georgi,

About six months ago, my sister and I believe we had our initial awakening. We started researching and trying to figure out the truth behind politics, economics, and our world governments, in general, and how they have been controlling us for all these years. And in this short period of time, going along with all this research, we somehow stumbled upon your website and your works. (Thank you so much for all this information, by the way.) This came together perfectly, considering a month ago we had become more spiritual than we had ever been.

My whole family and I, used to live in the US, and my sister and I grew up there. Strangely enough, one by one we have all moved back to Bulgaria. The reason we decided to finally contact you is because about two years ago my mother got diagnosed with a “schizophrenic condition” and at the time I had no idea how to help her. We were trying to make her take medication, which she completely refused. After a year of trying to handle her without medication, and her psychiatrist telling us that she may never be the same if she doesn’t get treatment, we decided to sneak the pills into her coffee, sadly. She no longer has signs of the condition. But I no longer believe that what she went through was schizophrenic at all.

The reason for this is because my sister and I recently experienced a very profound psilocybin mushroom trip, which we connected  to her symptoms. My sister had an ego-death, where she fainted, and judging by the way her body looked, I’m fairly confident her soul may have gone somewhere else. When she came around, she experienced very harsh waves of fear, sadness, and love. I connected this immediately to our mother because she would go through the same waves and cry a lot. I now feel that they have gone through some sort of cleansing process.

We are still giving her the medication, and now we are very troubled by this. By the way, she is a 52 year-old woman with no history of schizophrenia in the family. She was not prepared, I feel, to experience the things she did. She was talking a lot about love calling her parents and telling them she loves them. She also had a lot of fear mostly for us but she could not answer what she was afraid of. So, our question is pretty much what you think about her medical condition and if the medications can in any way prevent her from experiencing these new incoming energies.

With love and light,
Boryana and Kalina

Dear Boryana and Kalina,

thank you for contacting me for the first time. I understand your worry about the condition of  your mother. Although I must rely only on your description from a distance, it is obvious that she has no schizophrenia and that this diagnose has always been very problematic. She is simply undergoing the transformation process, the initial phase of the LBP, when many fears are being processed and this may lead to altered behaviour observed from aside, if one is not aware of the inner driving mechanisms behind this natural cleansing process of soul evolution.

Your mother should immediately stop all psychotropic medication and you must start helping her by talking with her about what you already know and make her aware of the fact that her process is quite normal and has now encompassed the whole humanity in one or another way. She should begin to learn to confront her fears with an open mind and understand the reason and purpose of the current light body process (LBP), which is ascension to a higher dimension and life in paradise.

As long as she is not fully aware of these global processes on the personal and societal level, she will still believe that she is ill and this wrong notion will be reinforced by her surroundings. This is where you should step up to the plate and make a difference. This is now much more easy in Bulgaria than in the USA, where the people are much more indoctrinated, while in Bulgaria this kind of social conformism is not so well developed, but human ignorance and stupidity are looming high, which is as bad as the former.

If she speaks English well, you should find on my website many articles on LBP from 2011 and 2012 with the search function and give them to her to read. This will help her as it has helped many other readers the world over, who initially had no explanation for their ailments and symptoms due to the LBP.

It is now up to you to help your mother. The doctors, especially the Bulgarian ones, are powerless and helpless in this issue and can only harm.

With love and light

Greetings Uncle Georgi!!!

I will that all is well with you and yours and that this message reaches you in hi spiritual health!! My first thought words are WOW WOW WOW!!  I am in a WOW moment due to all of the synchronicities within the PAT realm. My sister and I was just reading all of the latest on our site and we were truly amazed however not surprised at how connected we truly are.  Each posting on the site was/is reliable and really resonated within me and my sister (especially me, for I was in literal tears after reading some of the personal posts).

I truly resonate with Alex, Cindy,Tracy and Marilyn L.C. as I read each of their postings the tears streamed from my face with mixed emotions of sadness(sad that anyone of us had/have to experience anything but bliss) and of joy(joyful that this is the last time we have to experience this shit). Then there was something that you wrote and the words “energetic necessity” caused my solar plexus to generate some serious fire and tears fell again. (LOL)  cause I too agree that the energy you spoke of is very and highly necessary.  geeeeeeeeeeeeesh.

I noticed that when the waves come in they affect my sister differently than they affect me.  When they are coming in, she will not only experience the physical pains, however she experiences the burning of the skin (which she has visual burns) and I am taken out emotionally and physically. There are days when I can not keep my eyes open and then when I decide to lay down to sleep and not fight it, as soon as I close my eyes seconds or minutes later I am wide awake like I’ve been sleep for hours.

My HS for some reason does not make herself aware to me physically like you stated yours did and does “uncommunicative mute”  I can only hear her. I’ve asked HS to appear as how I appear in this dimension however and for some reason she will not or not at this moment. I’ve only had one lucid instant where I was conscious in the dream state and I was sitting at my mirror in my bedroom twisting my locks and for some reason I knew that I was waiting on someone to walk thru my closed bedroom door and what is strange is that I knew and didn’t know that it would be me that came walking thru said door. This was the only moment where I asked HS to appear so that we could have conversation, and in this form.

I now adore and embrace all experience of this nature especially the moments of bliss as my sister and I are constantly collectively hit with waves of dross from others that we have now decided to no longer do for them because it depletes us. Anyway just wanted to check in with the family, send my loving energies to you ALL, and I will continue to do my night time PAT TEAM name chanting in order to remain in connection and communion with you ALL. I will be so very very glad when we are done with this realm of destruction cuz we are exhausted, yet remain in the joy of the light.(only thing that keeps us going over here is coming to Universal Law).

I give thanks to all of my PAT sisters and brothers for ALL that you have contributed even on days when you felt that you could go no more and managed to get at least 2 or 3 lines of your thoughts out. I am appreciative and will send and expansive amount of love out to our newest PAT posters.

Love you
Empress azalee

Hi there George!

I just read Jerry’s HS instructions. Marvelous!!!!

I’m not fond of tea, but two days ago I went to a supermarket to buy Cat’s Claw teabags and I stared looking at tea and pondering should I buy tea or not?

And last days I’ve been traveling inside the highlands of Peru for work, getting dizzy sometimes as I had to go above 4500 meters by car (4×4 SUV) at high speeds and being parts of the Andes so “curve lines” (Pardon my English); but also seeing an invented name I used to use in my fantasies of becoming a Supreme Selfless Being painted in some rocks! What a Cosmic Joke! How is that possible to see that invented name of my past and even in rare locations?! Will it mean that it is really becoming in the following days or weeks? :D

I love the article regarding the Hopi Prophecy you posted where it was stated March 31st as the A-day. Although I have no expectations, I’m looking forward to Sunday 31st or, as Jerry put it… between March 27 and March 31. So Be It!!!!!!

Certainly these last days I’ve been enjoying human life spending money in those little things and restaurants I didn’t dare to spend before because of fear of running out of $ to go living. HA! Interesting, Jerry’s HS suggests the same.

Hugh from Peru to all PAT

” The harvest has already been divided. Do not waste energy explaining to those who do not ask about the ascension process, the reason for your fatigue or anything else related to this process. Just state facts, if you need to.”   AMEN !


Dear Georgi,

I hope something happens soon. My head is so congested…I cant hear anything but pounding in my head. My right ear is draining… but it wont unclog… Eustachian tubes are small.. so they clog easy…. I am soo miserable. I can’t get much sleep as I have to sleep sitting up. So much for rest and relaxation before ascension! Any suggestions?


Dear Vicki,

I was afraid it will be that much bad at the end. As soon as the cc-wave subsided yesterday evening, a new even more powerful one hit me around 10.00 pm local time and then throughout the whole night. Today I also have a lot of pressure on my left head and have given up the hope of any respite till our ascension.

With love and light

Thank you, Georgi for the latest updates (3/22).

I have been reading your updates daily for the past 2 years or so, while going through my own stuff, which started long before. I have been out of the work force for years due to a layoff and can’t believe I am still scraping by, thanks to the support of my family, who think I’m a bit nuts. I am ready for the end of this month and the ascension (funny how that date coincides with the celebration of a purported resurrection.)

Let’s go!

Diana Chabot

Dear Diana,

I am happy that you have finally contacted me. I must admit in hindsight that for many, many years my vision of my personal ascension has always been associated with Eastern time, although I was very excited on all other dates of major stargates in the autumn, which were announced as our possible ascension dates. One should really stick to his initial intuition as it is most of the time the correct one.

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

I just wanted to check in and update you from my side. Talk about dizzy! I woke up yesterday and could hardly get out of bed I was so filled w/vertigo. I wanted to write you then, but its so hard to focus on anything these last couple of days. I’m still dizzy and with nausea this morning as I write to you and I am also dealing with crazy skin sensations, for me it feels more like really itchy and all over.

There were also a couple of dreams I had in the last couple of weeks, that were very unusual because they happened right after I fell asleep, instead of typically in the morning. One where I literally felt like I was being hit by a lightening bolt through my 3rd eye and then it passed though every part of my body and when I woke from it I realized I had just fallen asleep not half hour before. It was very real and very strange.

As an astrologer, the upcoming energy patterns moving from Pisces into Aries can be very intense. I pray this is all over soon as my body is just exhausted from this hell. I also have to say that my attitude sucks these days, I can hardly put a smile on my face and I wonder if I’m just not making things worse?  Meanwhile the Orion banking system is trying to serve me foreclosure notice as I stopped paying my mortgage last year when my guides told me to just “let go”… I am actually sneaking around my house to avoid being served. It has all begun to feel so surreal…

The only things that seem to bring me any peace are your newsletters and just simply looking out my windows into the gardens of my amazing yard… Please don’t worry about responding, I know how exhausted you are, I just wanted to update you.

Much love and Many blessings to you and the PAT,
Joyce (in Florida, USA)

Dear Joyce,

thank you for your personal energy update. It is very tense these last days indeed. Today is another cc-wave day with strong headache for me since early morning and I assume that many other PAT members are also involved in this new energy surge. My HS informed me this night that there will be at least 2-3 such energy pulses from the source before ascension can come, each one of them with a duration period of 24-48 hours. There will be no respite in between, I am afraid.

I have just published an important article on the financial situation worldwide and in the USA, which may help you better assess your personal situation. There is no other way but to stop paying the bills as to collapse this system asap. This is the only possible outcome, but if the people boycott this fraudulent Orion system in a more deliberate way it would have crashed long time ago. But the financial crash is a done deal next month  and one is on the safe side not to comply with the current rules.

Let us hope that this topic will be over next week.

With love and light

Hi again Georgi,

Oh yes, I really enjoyed reading your financial update today, it is actually pretty much what my guides told me last year when they asked me to just let go… I didn’t listen though, I kept on paying my mortgage for another 6 months not wanting to give up the one thing that made me feel some comfort in all this, my home. But, after those 6 months I realized what they had been trying to tell me all along, that the entire system was corrupted in its very design and could never be repaired, but must completely collapse in order for new thriving structures to be put into place.

I tried to discuss these revelations with my friends, but at the time most of them thought I was insane. However one crystal child friend began to spread the word and pretty soon her friend had created a facebook page to inspire other people to stop paying their mortgages, even if they could afford to. There is also something new in the picture for some and that is that many of these mortgages have been bought and sold over the years and very often these current mortgage institutions do not actually possess the original loan documents and so, cannot actually prove they have a right to foreclose.  In some cases, these homes have become debt free for their owners, but so far,  you have to be able to hire an attorney to fight the foreclosure process… not easy for people that are struggling to begin with. I imagine many folks have walked away from their homes without a fight, who might have actually won in court, had they opted to hire a foreclosure defense attorney.

I can see the house of cards falling down all around and it does feel really good to finally see it happening. I guess I’m just so disappointed that it has not already happened much sooner. Like you said in your publication today “better late than never” right?

I am still hanging out in bed, still dizzy/ears ringing and extremely lethargic. I hope you are feeling a bit better now?

You are so greatly appreciated Georgi!
Much love and light to you and all the PAT,

Dear Joyce,

this birthing of Gaia and humanity had been extremely difficult and unduly prolonged due to the deep slumbering of the masses. This has also prolonged our soul contracts and has put enormous pressure on all members of the PAT who were supposed to leave earth much earlier if the initial plan for the End Times could have been accomplished grosso modo. This did not happen, instead the PAT had to carry much heavier burden to compensate for the failure of many other light workers and star seeds. This is in the meantime a firmly established fact that nobody challenges. More and more channelled messages confirm this directly or indirectly.

That is where our frustration due to exhaustion comes from. Now we have reached this point, but we are so tired that we cannot really frolick and celebrate our triumph. And we are not allowed by our HS to do so as we are now taxed more than ever with these last pre-ascension waves. But everything must come to an end and next week we shall detonate the PAT Supernova and will leave this planet with a bang and not with a whimper.

With love and light

Dear George

Just to let you know that like most of the other members of the PAT your postings are what keep me going! This is a time of confusion and turmoil like no other time in my life; everything seems backwards!

Let’s hope that we are really this time in the final throes of ascension as most of us are clinging on by our fingertips!

Thank you for continuing the website, thank you so very much!

In love and light

Hi George.

George, let me introduce myself, my name is Colyn Burger and I live in Vereeniging/ South-Africa!

Okay, I am all new to this ascension, I only read it the first time like 2 weeks ago, so I am still very confused and still don’t understand it all, my sister tried to explain, but like it is it is not that simple! So if you could help me more I would appreciate it.

I just only want to know, since yesterday I feel let’s say emotional, angry, sad, happy all moods rolled in to one. Today I started to feel sick to my stomach (like butterfly’s, but also not like it, real hard to explain). Now about an hour or 2 ago, I started to get this real sharp pain on my left side of my neck, shooting up into my brain (also just left side), also feeling numb, my body and mind just don’t want to work with each other!

If you could just explain this to me, what is happening, please I would love to know more.


Dear Colyn,

thank your contacting me for the first time. You are now experiencing the opening of your left brain portal and the inflow of huge energies from your higher self and the source, which also include many fear-based patterns from your field and that of humanity which you have to cleanse from now on in a conscious manner. This is the most rotten experience a human being can have on this planet. This issue has been extensively discussed on our website.

You should use the search function and find all my articles on LBP from the years 2011 and 2012 and read them very carefully to get the basic knowledge about the LBP and its related symptoms. After that you will better understand our discussions (and your current situation) which are now coming to an auspicious end – the detonation of the PAT and first ascension wave.

With love and light

Dear Georgi ,

Yes I have been hit with the powerful wave and now I have laryngitis and left ear ringing along with feeling very weak! The night of 20/21 I had pressure on the top left side of my head and had the most restless night of discomfort and I knew something had happen and that was energy wave from the source and as the day went on the 21 I began to lose my voice.

Today I am still very weak and hardly any strength to do anything. I just read Jerry HS advice on how to deal our symptoms. I hope this is it Georgi and I am ready. I read your energy report of today and you said we will be having more energy pulses coming our way, so thank you for the informing us. I am sure all the PAT are reporting in their symptoms and you are very busy with answering their emails. So take care and rest when you can!

In love and light


About the revelations, they may not be new to you or me, but to the masses these things are very new. And to see their mainstream news sources carrying these stories is new to them. Although it is still only reaching a small percentage of the population.

On another note: my pet Gracie was affected by the most recent CC-waves in the same manner as reported on your website. She is much better now.

It appears that the animals are more sensitive to the waves than we are. There can be no further doubt in any of the PAT members that the energy is rumping up and detonation of the PAT is about to occur.

Not only have we cut all ties to 3d but we have also cleared an enormous amount of fear.  In probing the younger generation for their reaction to the release of all information related to the revelations, they are expressing tremendous fear.  Fear from the special on the weather channel “forecasting the end”, fear from NASA telling congress that New Yorkers should pray if another asteroid heads their way.

The cabal appears to be ramping up the fear in a last ditch effort to save their dying empire. And yet oh so slight stories are appearing in the media to indicate a “shift” in alliances such as the story that Joe Biden doesn’t kiss the Queens ring or the Pope’s ring. This story is intentional and meant as a signal that should he be afforded the top spot he will not “bow” down to the wishes of what these two have represented, but we all know that this is a lie.

So their desperation is at manic levels now. And this was the cleansing that we all felt going on over the last few days. Today it has subsided but even last night I felt a huge release of fear that was not mine.


Dear Charlotte,

I only wanted to be sure that that these are the old news I knew and not a new development as to better gauge the actual situation. That’s all.

Joe Biden is one of the top US cabal and this is all false theatre. I wonder whom they intend to impress with this kind of infantile behaviour.

By the way have you read my latest article on finance? It contains very important information which you can also present your husband as it is very factual apart from the spiritual background of the PAT mission.


Yes I just read it! Wonderful! I am spreading it to as many as possible right now.

The synchronicities are coming fast and furiously, we may have already detonated into complete ascension before the 31st.

Much love as always,


Thank you for your excellent article on the Cypriots and crashing finances. For the past few years, I watch many awakening Americans taking certain steps. That would be relinquishing all ownership, all stocks, health insurance, not paying back debt and ignoring creditor calls, not paying taxes (or perhaps making small monthly payments to keep the mafia away from the door), keeping their money out of the bank and at home. Now these same Americans discuss finally exchanging their paper money for silver coins.

There is no way to converse with them about the big picture and the futility of conversion from cash to silver coins. The very idea of this system crumbling is, in their minds, a hopeless scenario for their loved ones and future. This is, of course, because they do not recognize the divine soul inspired plan for something better, something beyond this debt designed system, the only one they have ever known.

This is where I as PAT have tried and failed in conversation. I open discussion exposing the soullessness of our culture and how real security is one’s direct connection with All-That-Is. Their intransigence, however, swings the conversation back to focus on money for survival.

In Light & Love,

Dear Marilyn,

these are the mental shackles that chain these people to the current debased reality, which they follow in a robotic manner. That is why the system must collapse, so that that they can be liberated from this illusion and start thinking properly.

Of course it is very simple for anybody to envision a world without money, if one sticks to some elementary, logical principles, based on common sense, as I have elaborated them in my five gnostic books. But the people are afraid to leave their comfort zone of survivalism and to show the intellectual courage to think outside the box. That is why these apostles of survivalism will stay on earth B to experience this mode of life before they decide that enough is enough. However they may need another Kali Yoga period of 26 000 years of hell before they come to this conclusion. Unfortunately!

Let us hope that some of them will awaken in the interim period between end of March and September under our guidance as ascended masters and then save their souls from this dire incarnation cycle. Now the times are most conducive for such a leap forward in soul evolution.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank you for your patience and understanding. While reading your loving, detailed explanation in your email, it came to me that I am nothing like the person I was 15 years ago, when the last relative stranger told me I was an “old soul” and this was my last incarnation. So, I can easily grasp how the revelation of ascension can come quickly and with no prior inclination.

During my discussions with my wife last night, I discussed quantum physics and how it relates to the illusion of death. I told her about “Schrödinger’s cat” as it pertains to the loss of a close loved one being an illusion provided for spiritual growth. My wife is a very emotional woman who still cries openly about the loss of her father 39 years ago. Yet, she was amazingly open to this explanation and accepted it without tears. In the remarkably short space of a few hours she had clearly accepted truths I had needed decades to assimilate. For both of us, it was like “breaking the sound barrier” and, while my physical afflictions seem unabated, my spirit has been uplifted ten fold.

I am at your service; I will continue to read and absorb the truths at your website until I am called.

With love and light,

Dear Bob,

indeed one should not underestimate the incredible dynamics of inner change which now all people undergo, the least awakening, the most. This is the perspective through which one should see the events as to evaluate them in a proper manner.

The old linear thinking no longer holds true as we are now practically in the no-time zone between the two realities –  the crumbling 3d-space-time of linearity and the new 5d-earth A of simultaneity and multi-dimensionality. From now on the events will develop with an incredible speed and after the detonation of the PAT supernova, there will be an avalanche of unimaginable proportions. I smell it in the air already.


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