Why the US dark Cabal Committed Genocide on the Mayan People

by Georgi Stankov, March 23, 2013


It is a truism that the US cabal is responsible for most genocides since WW2, and if one looks closely at the origin and the facts who sponsored this most devastating war in the history of mankind, the American cabal such as Ford, Rockefellers and the Bush family  should be equally made responsible for as many victims in WW2 as the GB cabal and the German Nazi. The US cabal have been the prolonged arm of the Orion Reptilian empire in the 20th century and until now, while the latter has enslaved humanity for more than 13 millennia.

During various historical epochs, different human empires and powers have fulfilled this insidious function on behalf of these invisible shape-shifters, Anunnaki and Greys, the infamous Unholy six. The last major and most endurable Orion empire was the Roman empire, which inherited and suppressed the enlightened civilisation of Ancient Greece and distorted its democratic heritage into a highly hierarchical, military Reptilian order, especially in the last several centuries of slow decay when most of the Roman heads were soldier-emperors and the most ruthless butchers. The most prominent among this gang  was the Reptilian, Constantin, the Great, who was responsible for the Christian fraud and the current heinous role of the Vatican as the citadel of the dark empire of pedophile priests, headed now by a black Jesuit pope and run by highly criminal, pedophile satanic Jesuits in the background.

Before I proceed with my major topic, allow me to make an excursion in the past and report a fact of great significance. I was only yesterday made aware of it by my wife. The famous philosopher and teacher  Jean-Jacques Rousseau writes openly in his famous “Confessions” how he as a student in a Jesuit’s college was about to be raped by a pedophile priest, who ejaculated in his presence. The young and very naive Rousseau at the age of 15 had no experience with sex and was totally surprised, almost appalled as he believed that the Jesuit priest was very ill, which was essentially true. He then went to the prior of the convent to confess this incident and to ask for advise. The prior, according to Rousseau, had simply recommended him to submit next time to the sexual desires of this Jesuit monk, as this is quite normal in their convent. Then the prior had added: “Only the first time it is painful”. Of course the young Rousseau declined this pedophile treatment by his Jesuit teachers and priests and left the convent school.

The “Confessions” of Rousseau is one of the most famous, influential, and widely read books in the last three centuries in Europe and the Western world since it was first published in 1782 after his death. Together with his books on education, it has been the basis for the spiritual enlightenment of numerous generations of Europeans and other Westerners. Everybody, who has read Rousseau’s Confessions  (it is still obligatory literature in France and many other European schools and universities), must have known that the Jesuits, to which the current black pope belongs, have always been the most vile and notorious pedophiles and have bolstered this tradition the world over, while proselyting their rotten Christian religion, in which they do not believe themselves.

When the first revelations about the pedophile scandals in the Catholic church became known in the mainstream media in the 90s, the whole western world seemed to be  surprised and disgusted, while many Christian believers rejected to accept this ample fact, just as the Vatican rejected these crimes vehemently for many years, before it succumbed to the facts and bailed out itself and its pedophile priests with blood money in dubious legal trials. This was the most preposterous duplicity and double standards I have ever seen.

As I have shown above with Rousseau’s autobiography, it must have been a well established fact in the Western culture and tradition since many centuries that Catholic (Jesuit) priests and other religious persons of authority have always been the most notorious pedophiles of all and have misused their eminent position in the society to rape and eventual kill in dark satanic rituals thousands, if not millions innocent children and boys everywhere they have disseminated their christian pestilence, only to satisfy their rotten, perverse, dark nature. This is how darkness has been perennially perpetuated on this toxic planet.

Why am I telling you this fact? Because now we are on the eve of our ascension and that of Gaia and part of humanity to the 5th dimension and also on the verge of the most dramatic revelations about the past, dark history of mankind. Not only we, as ascended masters and the driving force behind these necessary revelations, but also the whole mankind must look back, not in anger, but with wide open eyes and understand in the first place why humanity has been so deliberately blind to all these obvious crimes that have fed the roundabout of human karma for milennia. Only in this way shall the people begin to comprehend why this world must crumble next month and disappear as failed holographic model from this universe and All-That-Is.

After all, this has been our primary mission – we are the once sleeping cells and now the most powerful destroyers of this model and have emerged victorious from the most uneven battle with archons’ and human darkness in this whole universe. When we return back to the higher dimensions, we will fully realize how many souls we, the few heroes,  have saved from this endless cycle of karmic experiences – in one life as a perpetrator and in the next one as a victim.

Please observe that these incarnated human souls, who consented to participate in the karma cycle of redemption, are the ones we have now saved and helped ascend to the new earth A or the balanced earth A/B.

Those, who rejected to participate in this karmic cycle and preferred to play only the role of the dark cabal on power, the less than one percent of the human incarnated population, the ones who fully separated from the Source and Godhead, those, who wanted only to enslave, rape and pillage the rest 99%, are those that have no chance of ascension now. They will stay on the catastrophic earth B and will experience hell for another Kali Yoga cycle of 26 000 years, during which they will be given enough chances to purify their souls and qualify for the next ascension, in case the extinction of earth B will not be preferred in the higher realms and the coming incarnation experiment on earth B ultimately declared as failed in the near future.

Only today, I read a channeled message that succinctly confirms this stark facts about the US and Catholic cabal, which I would like to quote at this place before I proceed with my actual topic on their more recent genocides committed against numerous countries and their population the world over:

It has been argued very forcefully that this system cannot permit Light to overcome the Darkness, as long as the example that children see convinces them that joining up with the Dark Ones is the smartest thing they can do. Generation after generation has been influenced by this, creating the problem we have now. The U.S. was established on land stolen from indigenous people by out-gunning them. The same has been true in Central and South America, and in every other country in the world where there are tyrants and despots who gun down their citizens who protest, and turn over their resources to the U.S cabal for their own profit.

As government services have been privatized, a growing cancer has spread throughout the land. Prisons-for-profit pay their stockholders handsomely on the profits they accrue by starving their prisoners, using the prisoners to sell slave labor goods, forcing them to buy their own blankets, the only nutritious food available without maggots, and basic toiletries at exorbitant prices from “the company store.” At that, limits are put on the amount of purchases allowed, regardless of the needs of the prisoners. And lest you think these are criminals who are getting what they deserve, we can assure you that growing numbers are innocent victims who were set up by the courts to keep the prison beds full and the profits flowing (I have often written and published about the US gulag system, which is the biggest system of prisons in the world and enslaves more than 3 million mostly innocent Americans, mainly black Americans, read also Katrina’s report about her illegal imprisonment last month).

Throughout the world, people are learning to emulate these Dark schemes, and the cancer has spread to nearly every country on the planet. There are those among you who have courageously tried to fight against this monstrous aggrandizement of brutal control in the name of “law and order.” The result has all too frequently ended with the whistleblowers and activists being assassinated, poisoned or killed in a plane crash, usually making it look like “suicide.” Most of you know that the profile of an activist and freedom-fighter is inconsistent with suicide. It is just not their way to take themselves out of the fight while they still have the breath to go on (see also my articles on Obama’s kill list).

To these crimes one should count first and foremost the numerous genocides, which the dark US cabal have committed in the last  seven decades. One of the least known crimes on humanity is the genocide on the Mayan people in Guatemala in the 80s when almost half a million native, indigenous people were deliberately exterminated by a brutal dictator, who was sponsored and animated by the US cabal to unleash a total war on this native population and annihilate them. Similar genocides have been only recently committed by the US cabal in Congo and other African states, as Jon and myself have reported in previous articles, where millions of Africans have died in the last several decades.

It is important to note that the US genocide on the Mayan population was well planned by the dark US cabal in advance. They knew that these indigenous people are the last collectively incarnated souls from Pleiades and Sirius and had an intimate transcendental  knowledge about the coming End Times and Ascension. It was their primary goal to exterminate this population and eradicate their old traditions as to hinder the ascension process. As I stressed at the beginning, the US cabal are the main stooges of the Orion empire on the earth now and have committed the most heinous crimes in the 20th century, together with GB and Nazi Germany.

It is superfluous to add that notwithstanding this huge crimes on humanity, the US and GB cabal have fully failed to achieve their goal to prevent ascension  and now all their plans are in shambles. Their doomsday has already commenced and next month the verdict will be announced.

Below I have published the excellent article by Glen Ford on the US genocide in Guatemala and Congo.


U.S.-Sponsored Genocides: From Guatemala to Congo

by Glen Ford, March 23, 2013



Guatemala has put its U.S.-backed genocidal maniac on trial, but Washington continues to protect its agents of mass murder in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “There is no auditorium big enough to hold the all the living Americans who should justly be charged with genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.”

The man who unleashed a genocide against the Maya Indians of Guatemala, former dictator and general Efrain Rios Montt, went on trial for his crimes against humanity in Guatemala City, this week. By all rights, the 86 year-old Montt should be joined in the dock by scores of still-living United States officials, including former President George Bush the First.

“The genocide would have been impossible without the United States.”

Back in 1954, the CIA overthrew the reformist government of President Jacobo Arbenz, whose land reform measures had angered the United Fruit Company. The U.S. termination with extreme prejudice of Guatemalan democracy ultimately led to a 36-year rebellion and civil war, with the Americans backing a succession of dictators. General Montt was the most monstrous. In the 1980s, his regime declared total war on the Mayan people of the country’s highlands. Whole villages were massacred and entire regions laid waste as the military attempted to drain the human sea in which the guerilla movement swam. Army documents show clearly that the native Maya were targeted for extermination because of their ethnicity; that all Maya – a majority of Guatemala’s population – were considered enemies of the state. Rios Montt is the first Latin American former head of state to be charged with genocide in his own country.

However, this crime is not Rios Montt’s, alone. The genocide would have been impossible without the United States, which had run the show in Guatemala since 1954 and had armed the general to the teeth. The U.S. corporate media like to call President Ronald Reagan the “Great Communicator” but, in Guatemala, he was the Great Exterminator, encouraging and financing General Rios Montt’s orgy of mass murder. Reagan described the racist butcher as “a man of great personal integrity and commitment” who was “getting a bum rap.” All told, a quarter million or more Guatemalans died in the 40 years since the CIA robbed them of their democracy and independence.

“The Maya were targeted for extermination because of their ethnicity.”

In 1999, when the civil war was over, President Bill Clinton apologized for the harm done to Guatemala by the United States. But by then, Clinton had already set in motion a far larger genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo – a U.S.-sponsored holocaust that has so far claimed 6 million lives. In a just world, Slick Willie would join an auditorium full of Obama, Bush and Clinton administration operatives who, over the space of 16 years, made eastern Congo the charnel house of the planet. Susan Rice would have a place of prominence in this vast assemblage of criminals, as among the most culpable for the worst bloodbath since World War Two.

In fact, there is no auditorium big enough to hold the all the living Americans who should justly be charged with genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. There are too many – great crowds of them from each administration, especially in the last ten years, since the invasion of Iraq. Imperialism in its last stages maintains an ever-lengthening Kill List.

Guatemala is coming to grips with its past, in a trial that will probably last a few months. The United States has an infinity of crimes to answer for.

For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to BlackAgendaReport.com.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at Glen.Ford@BlackAgendaReport.com.




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