Energy Update of the PAT – March 29, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dearest Dr. G and fellow PATsters-

I have been experiencing all that many of you have… weird physical things, but I was in tears when you, Georgi, and then April and Dorie also feeling CONTEMPT and repulsion for others. That is just not “my thing”, yes, I have also, but  just these last 4-5 days..

I haven’t written Georgi because i just know /knew that I am “going home soon”.. as I like many are alone in 3D with this, I didn’t want bother you with “stuff” that I have just had to deal with, everyday since last wrote to you.

I love you all for doing what “we” have done, we are almost there my, friends. Sooo many touching and beautiful stories and experiences that I was having, too – but had no frame of reference but – YOU.  I have read here from all of you, my own story, in this time-space it kept me going and focused. It  was very necessary for me to have you all and this website.. so thank you, sooo much.

I want to share this analog for our soon Detonation, synchronistically .. it came up

It’s about a new “mini-supernova” that has been newly “discovered”. Here are some quotes from the article at:

In any case, it appears that in many Type Iax (1ax) supernovas, the white dwarf actually survives the explosion, unlike in Type Ia supernovas, in which the white dwarfs are completely destroyed.

– In contrast, Type II supernovas occur after the core of a star about 10 to 00 times as massive as the sun runs out of fuel and collapses into an extraordinarily dense lump in a fraction of a second, blasting luminous radiation outward.

– “This really is a new kind of stellar explosion,” Foley told

– “The star will be battered and bruised, but it might live to see another day,” Foley said.

“The star will be battered and bruised, but it might live to see another day ( OR DIMENSION OR…) ,” Foley said. …

And I think that speaks to our Ascension more than anything that I’ve felt or come across IN 3D..  it’s here, it’s now.. it’s a done deal.

And I am going through ALL of the same stuff.. I hurt, am sick, have had weird stuff appear on my left leg – and then gone the next day – am clumsy.. and sooo contemptuous towards the MOST vulnerable people. I was just thinking there for some hours and even days that -“I am just living in Hell, I can’t control my thoughts or feelings, and I have FAILED, am  screwed.. my Soul is going to keep me here and I just want to die NOW.. and not later”

But, tonight I am relieved of it. Actually it released me this afternoon. I still feel like shit physically, but that horrible feeling/grip of hatred and anger has GONE, and I am in tears of gratitude and anticipation.

I had some amazing excursions into other dimensions that I will share with you, if necessary. But these happened all in 48 hours from 03.13.13 to 03.14.13, stunning and soooo wonderful.

It was the PAT that kept me going ..all this time. I am bowing to you, and surrounding you with my LOVE for you all.

Will See You Soon,

Your friend,
Lisa Lynch

PS- I love you, Georgi.. you are the Bravest of the Brave.

Dear Lisa,

thank you very much for your loving words and for your latest energy account on the last most difficult days of cleansing human dross before our ascension.

I am happy to hear that now you are in an elated mood and that you firmly expect the detonation of the PAT supernova in the coming days, which will exceed the beauty of this new supernova just being registered and published.

With love and light


just want to say a big thank you to you and all of the PAT members!..For all the work you have done all these years and for following your path so diligently. Sad to say I think i was one who was asleep for many years allthough I seem to have been more awake than many I have known. I have been very differant than most and have felt so out of place here on earth most of my 58 years. I can say I am completely awake now and just want to be done here. I am sending good thoughts to help you feel somewhat better these last days before you ascend. I am sure many are doing this. I don’t know if I am going as I get confused on who in humanity is or not going. Can you explain what will happen next month to ALL, but the dark ones? Will they ascend by the end of next month to new earth?

Bless us all
Debbie Paulson

Dear Debbie,

thank you for your appreciation of our work. The last days were indeed very hard and it is going like this today again. As I have written in previous articles, I assume that after the detonation of the PAT supernova, there will be the first mass ascension wave when more people will ascend than previously planned, which is good news. But this is all I can tell you for now.

The final mass ascension will happen most probably in September and in the interim period there may be many smaller ascension waves. Everything is now in flow and it is impossible for me and even for the HR to tell us anything more specific. I will publish today a report from Carla that we have just finished with the infamous “three days of darkness””

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

Hopefully this email will finally reach you, as my other messages via the contact form on your website seem to have vanished in the past.

I am writing you from Mallorca. Funny you have mentioned this island in the last days.
I am German, but sitting here in an old Templar cloister in the north of the island and – in general being very lucky to be able to spend my last days here (hopefully) in a quiet and calm environment, that gives me room for contemplation.

Regarding your last post – I can only confirm your feelings. I have been following the PAT for the last year now. I am a very harmonic and nice person. But today I was hit by such an extraordinary wave, that I just have to send you an email again. I could/ would like to kick ass everyone at the moment, who has ever bothered me…. I feel such a need to tell those people what I think of them, that I get scared by myself. I feel I am in my end times here on earth, and need to tell all guys that will not be going home with us what kind of little a*** holes they are – and this is currently scaring me!

It is a kind of saying goodbye to the people, that will go to earth B or A/B… First it started today at about 5 pm that I felt super empty. Tired, burned out. Then all of a sudden all went quiet and I felt so tired. And now, since about two hours I feel the need of clearing the dross – not inside myself – as I did for the last year – but to tell those people around me what sort of inexperienced shitheads they are. It feels like preparing for the last travel, from which I will not return home anymore.

What scares me though is, that this is not a saying goodbye with love and light, but rather a goodbye to the dross. And filled with such a powerful energy of – not hate – but telling everyone straight into their faces what I think… But this does not seem to match up with being an ascended master, right?

When you talked about Mallorca during the last days, I was also really… How to say – in a situation where I felt ( to all what has happened with other PATs as well and their experiences here on the webpage) somewhat of being at the right place at the right time.
Tomorrow the people here in Pollenca will have the Easter procession – and due to my hardcore energetic feelings right now, it might well be, that we either enter the last test runs, or, even the Supernova might take place.

Currently I am not sure what to believe anymore. I just now that something super energetic, with high level frequencies is happening here… Hopefully we will all meet home soon. I have sent many messages to the people I wanted to kickass during the last hour, telling them – not in an aggressive, but really honest way, how I think about their behavior.
Hopefully we go home soon, else I might have a problem.

With love and light and deep appreciation to all what you have done for us,

Katrin, from Germany

Dear Katrin,

I am terribly sorry that I have not received your previous emails. I made an announcement on Feb 17 that we had technical problems with the website email address and that one should write directly to my private email address. But I am happy that you have finally reached me in the proverbial last minute.

Thank you very much for your confirmation of the last three days of extreme cleansing of the most resistant human dross. I have just received a confirmation from Carla, from AAM that these three last days were actually the announced “three days of darkness” which felt to me more like descending in hell. From there the only way out is of course ascension.

Let us hope that this time it will come as announced and we will no longer need to immerse into this toxic planet and atmosphere in physical bodies anymore.

With love and light

Beloved Georgi….

OK, cannot hold back,need to share!! Yes I to know that we are in the last stretch. To me it feels by mid week next week. (when I read Dorie’s message….”you have entered the last, very long and intensive wave.” I went within to see if I could ask what was meant by long and got yes, and then I got six days!)

And yes, I want some Kick Ass boots too! So much is just intollerable right now. And I cannot shake it like I used to, although I did a good save with a meddling lady I work with and made my anger within sound nice as it passed my lips!

Many years ago when I was beginning to own my own innate intuition, I studied many psychics at fairs. I learned how each accessed their information and why some readings were like they were, depending a lot on the readers spiritual growth and use of energy. So one really top knotch reader was telling me things when she said, “millions of people are waiting for me” and kept going on and on…,  but my mind stopped right there. So I asked her to explain that phrase. Nothing came out. I could feel her guides go silent. It was information before its time!

So Tuesday as I was walking to the car, feeling good, I remembered that phrase and went right to that moment… ohh the bliss, love flowed deeply, I knew that it was this ascension that they were talking about. I get (confirmation chills right now thinking about it again. I think knowing this is real and right here keeps me from making my residual anger hurt another. I breathe it out and know love fills up that space immediately!

~ Love, Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,

thank you for your latest energy update. I  can only hope that your intuition is wrong with respect to our ascension in six days from now on. But even so, it is still on the way and nothing can stop it.


Dear Georgi,

I had to laugh at Dori’s last message. I too have been having a terrible time dealing with feelings of anger.

I am also losing complete patience with those around me who continue to be blind to what’s going on. So understand that what happened in Cyprus can happen in the U.S.  The blindness is unbelievable.

Knowing that we are all going through the same things helps a lot. I intend to rest as much as possible over the next two days.

Peace and love

Dear George

Well this should be the last note ever and then the fun begins. I just am reporting feeling all the same ways as I just read about from you and both girls of April and Dorie.  I am so getting it right now, I will end this. Be back soon.


Dear George,

just to let you know that I have also huge roller coaster experiences lately even if I must say I do not have nearly the same pains I used to have before 21.12.12. My 3rd chakra is not targeted anymore, my main problems are interrupted sleeping with lot of pains that am unable to describe, but they do not involve 3rd chakra. Sure I feel every cc-wave and have a vertigo with mild to pronounced headaches. The funny thing though is that yesterday I had the best day and previous night sleep I am able to recall from the last year of so. This afternoon I had to nap for an hour or so because the wave was just too powerful. Now it receded and I can function in a certain sense.

If you recall, time ago I mentioned to you that I do not care about time schedules, predictions and so forth, but stay in my knowing that I have to be patient, ascension will come when it will come, nobody can force it, we have just to reach the right maturity, no question about that. Sure we must work on it, there is no free lunch, please do not think I am just sitting and waiting. I do as much as possible to expand my consciousness and with this also distract myself from waiting and becoming nervous. I still love to read if I find something that resonates with me. Just recently I found a site that still do not know what to make out of it, but my nose tells me to search deeper. Georgi, do you know anything about the work of this man and what is your opinion?

On the other hand even the ‘official’ scientists are beginning to make uncomfortable questions about everything.

Take care. Namaste,

Dear Rudi,

as you might have read, we have most probably entered our last ascension wave. At least it looks like so to me. For this purpose I am afraid that I will have no time to check this scientist, but from what I have screened so far, he has no answers to his scientific questions.

The same holds true to Rupert Sheldrake who was rather famous in the 90 with his theory of morphogenetic fields/resonance, which he eventually dropped as it did not render any feasible results.

This lecture is not bad as he summarizes well the basic wrong concepts of science, but even here he misses the major points. It will be too much work for me now to explain why, but you have all the explanation in my books on science

With love and light


thank you for your prompt and explicit reply. You are right, it would be a huge waste of energy if I spend my time trying to figure out for something that it’s not worth it. However I need something to occupy my mind with, otherwise I can not stay calm while waiting.


Hi George,

I relate to all updates on the site and am definetly feeling this ‘last stretch’ wave kicking in big time. Tonight it is there strong, but I still feel an urge to write to you. For the past couple of days, probably since Jerry’s ‘tip’ list, I have had apprehension come over me in regards to the time of transition.. .there has been a bit of fear crop up but mainly the thoughts something like ‘oh crap but I don’t know how to be a multi-dimensional being’ lol.

I laugh at that because at the same time these thoughts come up, I “know” inside a voice kind of like ‘of course you don’t know silly, the mind thinking these thing is made for the 3D environment, so how can it possibly know these things’. Overall I do have a solid sense inside that all will be fine and trust that I’ll be guided and know what to do when I need to.  But I think the mind is wanting some drama because it knows I’ve not had conscious inter-dimensional experiences and visions much like some of the other PAT members report like Carla, April and Dorie to name a few.

But seeing as these latest waves seem to be bringing us all a load of shitty feelings then I can’t help but think, yet again, these thoughts aren’t coming from me and are a manifestation of the cleansing process. And also wonder if other PAT-lers are experiencing them too.

When they come up, I try and divert attention instead to like Dorie’s HS says  “visualize just how beautiful your garden will be!”. Rather than dwelling and trying to imagine what the point of transition will feel like and worrying whether I’ll be able to handle it or not.
I so want out of here and feel I’m ready… I just hope I remember that if things get a bit uncomfortable during transition.

Here is a song that I feel to share and that much of it can relate to the PAT at this time.

Lyrics, Discover – Tim Booth:
So you gave me a home
And you gave me a name
And you told me, behave like the others
Then you sent me to school
Which was all about rules
And I learnt to pretend
And so I faked my way through school
And now I faked my way to you
In every face I look for signs of truth
And when you cry I take your hand
And when you rage I understand
Look in my eyes
Im not like all the others
Its time for you to discover
Who I am becoming
I may look like a man
And talk like a man
ButI feel like a man undercover
I don’t feel real, I feel like a fake
In a moment I’ll break
And so Im prisoner to disguise
Im in for life, but what’s my crime?
Im searching through my race to find
Some long lost tribe long lost in time
You fear that death will be the end
I fear that well come back again
I killed you once but lets pretend
This time round well be good friends
So Ive been abuser and Ive been abused
Ive been the Nazi and Ive been the Jew
I was the user and now I am used
To recover those who wish to discover
Who I am becoming.

much love to all, Kate


Dear Kate,

I can assure you that I was overwhelmed by human doubts flowing into my field in the last days and had to cleanse all of them. At moments, even I was knocked down by them and I am an experienced cleanser. We are now going through the most turbulent purging waves and eradicate the most resistant dark thought patterns, so it is natural that these negative ideas and patterns have a deleterious affect on our psyche and faith.

But then when one concentrates on the facts, one immediately sees that there is no other way to go. The least thing to worry is how you will feel after ascension. My only problem now is if the HR will prolong our ascension date for a couple of more days due to the heavy cleansing, but I strongly hope not.

With love and light

Thank you George,

I have to tell you this morning I am feeling completely different. And I was going to say the team must have done some massive cleansing last night because I feel like nothing can stop me now. Then I just did a quick glance at your site to see we have just gone through the 3 days of darkness. I can definetly feel a freshness, and if I thought I was ready before, I feel 110% ready now. No fear – I don’t know how to describe it really, a profound clarity with an intense. OK, let’s get this show on the road’ attitude.

Don’t have a clue what was going on in my dreams last night, but I vaguely remember talking to someone about the ‘z-index’. Now if you asked me how to describe it, I wouldn’t be able to, but in my dream I think I could.

love Kate

George, April, Dorie, Jerry and all,

Thank you for sharing. There are many like me who do not have the ability to do so, but are hanging on your every word and taking comfort in knowing we are not alone.


Dear Mr. Stankov,

My name is Talha and I am a college student in the USA. A friend of mine recently showed me this website and I visit it nearly daily and read the interesting articles posted. Your way of life and beliefs starkly contrast my upbringing as a Muslim. My parents are very staunch in their beliefs and I have accepted the faith as the truth.

My question is that how have you proven Islam to be false and how can I know for sure what to believe in as I get older and my life moves forward? I am very confused as I love the fundamentals of my religion, but heavily respect the notions of spirituality and meditation done in your system. Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Talha,

who has said that Islam is true and how has he/she proved this? This is a simple belief system of most primitive prejudices and none of them can and will ever be proven. Your problem and goal should not be to prove this ample fact, but to open your eyes for your wrong breeding by your parents, which is of pure psychological nature, and start thinking independently by yourself.

When you show this courage and break with your social environment, you will immediately see why this religion, as all organized religions on this world, are not only wrong with respect to true gnosis or human spirituality, but in fact a deliberate fraud as to enslave humanity. The sooner you come to this conclusion, the better for you and your spiritual evolution.

With love and light

Dear George,

I enjoyed the most recent post on your blog. On the 25th I had another download, intense lower tone frequency than the constant normal high pitch ear ringing, only in the right ear, which ironically increases when I go out into the woods. As you, my stomach is still radiating as an energy portal. Last night I was dreading the full moon and I was right, very intense (also heart fluttering).

The depression at times is un-bearable, and I sometimes think the chaos inside my head with so many mixed emotions is maddening and the loss of my eyesight-memory. Through it all, I know there is a reason to be a strong warrior of light during this entire process, I hope our sacrifice will be appreciated by those we can touch and illuminate.

I see people becoming very parasitical in these last days, while I am attracted initially to some negative types to try and enlighten them. I can not do it for to long as I will become exposed and they feed on me.

Perhaps there is no help for the hopeless, but my heart says to try especially with my situation 12 months now in a homeless shelter, prior to this a 24 month incarceration in a U.S. prison…

My heart aches for these people, I pray for guidance and ask… what is it you want me to learn from this?

Prior to these events I was gainfully employed and made a nice income, but as a homeless person I have seen the stereo typing, judgements of people, how shallow and superficial/phony they can be. I find that people who are less fortunate than others tend to be more genuine and authentic, but still play the victim role, and I work on it daily and am very weary. In 3 weeks I will get an apartment, assisted living, cheap rent, and begin a new job on the 3rd of April, but I hope that day never comes for me, I feel I have accomplished all that I can, and learned enough lessons in this 3D existence.

Many people still in the dark about what is taking place, I pray the process spares the ignorant.

P.S. I could not encourage my brother to skip the chemo/radiation with all the natural protocols I had sent him, it hurts but I know too the path we take


Dear David,

thank you for your latest personal account and comments.

I have just published an urgent update that the last ascension wave has commenced. You may not need all this anymore.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

How are you doing? Still coping in this crazy 3D reality?

I was interested in hearing your thoughts on this recently published documentary. It talks about the “Phase”, a new term that describes higher-dimensional phenomena, such as lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, astral projections, near-death experiences, religious miracles, sleep paralysis, alien abductions, etc. According to the documentary, at least 20% of the global population have had an out-of-body experience (my mother including), 60% have had lucid dreams (myself including), 30% have had sleep paralysis, 90% have had false awakenings (wake up from a dream to reality, only to find that your reality is just another dream). These are giant numbers, which makes it incredible that it has never been talked about on that cubicle of propaganda called TV. Perhaps the masses at their cores are more ready than we thought?

Interestingly, these phenomena all take place between waking and dream consciousness, suggesting that this is the state when our minds are least influenced by 3D belief systems and thus most open to the 4/5D dimensions. This seems to agree with all the predictions/ channelings that ascension will occur as a “thief in the night” and previous test runs where the energy was most high in the morning, night or evening.

The mainstream scientific community ignorantly labels the phase under Hypnogogic/ Hypnopompic hallucinations, so that it does not disturb their one-dimensional materialistic world view. Yes, there are a lot of similarities between hallucination and real higher dimensional experiences, but to therefore state that all higher-dimensional consciousness are hallucinations is just so incredibly ignorant that I just cannot find the words for it.

It just eludes me that such idiocracy can come from the heads of the intellectual community. Everyday I’m loosing more and more of my trust in the scientific world I loved so much as a child. But I just don’t care anymore, getting rid of false belief systems is my favourite occupation right now! Maybe in the new world we should diminish all intellectual authoritarian concepts, because it seems to lead to paradigms which hinder free-thinking and thus all progress. I seem to be experiencing the same symptoms as you have in the past. Stuck between left-brain science and right-brain new age. Resonate with both yet with neither. Torn between two worlds.

Here is the documentary and the website:

On his website Michael Raduga (the author) states that “WE BELIEVE THAT EVERYBODY IS GOING TO EXIST IN TWO WORLDS SOON.” This resonates with me and seems to line-up with the ascension scenario. I have no doubt that this is occuring, it’s just the mysterious “when” that bugs me, because I don’t know if it is worth it to keep my feet in 3D much longer?

I also like to give a heads-up to Jerry and how amazing it is that he still has faith in this process after what has happened to Anita. I FEEL YOU!!!!

Lots of blessings from Belgium

Dear Niels,

this documentary has at least one basic deficiency. It approaches the phenomenon of dreaming and creation in this state (phase), which is indeed the more important part of our incarnation where we arrange all the circumstances we experience during the awaken phase of daily consciousness, without discussing first the energetic background of all these phenomena. Thus this “scientific” approach is suspended in the void and does not contribute to a broader gnostic understanding of what is human being, what is soul, how are they energetically linked, etc. In other words, all the gnostic foundation that one can find in my five books on this topic, but also in other similar books, such as the channelled books from Seth by Jane Roberts, is missing in this documentary.

There is though one interesting aspect. They started with this research on 11.11.11, exactly when we opened this first major stargate and thus augmented these dreaming abilities in all humans by thinning the veil.

It is impossible for me to comment on/validate the statistics presented in this documentary, but they seem quite probable.

The role of dreaming will immensely increase after ascension on the new 5d-earth when the ascended masses at the second level of the 5th dimension will extensively need this dream state at the beginning to connect to the higher dimensions and parallel worlds for some time, before their awareness will be sufficiently expanded to do this in conscious manner and to leave the dreaming phase behind them.

The whole human science has completely failed and this will become clear in the coming months after our ascension. There is not a single basic, constitutive idea in science that is correct as I extensively prove in the tetralogy of science.

The last ascension wave seems to have commenced this afternoon (March 28) and it will be the longest one, so that ascension will most probably happen during this weekend. This is at least my intuitive estimation at this moment.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I just read Dorie, Jerry, and Carla’s reports this morning. What beautiful synchronicity! Wow! Well, the headache is gone this morning, but I still feel fully depleted.

I will check in with HS a bit later this morning and get something to you. In the meantime, if you haven’t already seen it, check out the new GaiaPortal message:

“Quelled energetics in lower dimensions lead to refueling of Gaia inhabitants. Sensations of these energetics are noted, yet these are temporary.

Higher Dimensional sails are being unfurled in all Hue-manity. Even non-aware ones feel the unfurling.

This unfurling leads to Higher Awareness in the non-awares.

Step stones these are for Hue-manity unfoldment, and are best embraced and utilized, rather than resisted.

“Joy paradigm” alignment empowers all during this moment of unfurlment.”

Much love and light,

Dear April,

the latest GaiaPortal message confirms one more time succinctly what we have been experiencing in the last “three days of darkness” on our way to ascension.

It seems to me as if we are moving through a huge dump, looking for the exit to a more clean and appropriate world and we are enveloped in more garbage each time we make a modest progress towards the exit.

With love and light


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