The Elohim Confirm: The ID Split is Now Upon You! More About Its Physics

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, March 31, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I cannot believe the synchronicity once again with everything that we are experiencing.  This morning when you sent the link to your new physics article, I realized later on that all night I had been hearing “rotational velocity maximized to initiate the ID Split“.

I have connected with the Elohim and have received a formula/ expression in their message which I am unsure if I have recorded correctly. Last April or May I received a message full of formulas and I couldn’t make out whether they were showing me a “5” or an “S”. I never discussed this with you because I honestly didn’t know where to begin. I am uncertain where those notes are at this time, but anyway, I have presented what I understand to be their message, and of course I look forward to hearing your knowing of all this.

In the meantime, here is their very enthusiastic embrace.

Message – March 30, 2013

“Greetings to All! We are the Elohim!

The arrival of the ID Split, as you have called it, is here, following the stellar success taken by all starseeds and ascended masters who have worked so diligently and tirelessly to move the Ascension protocol forward. The high infusions of light from Source initiated this event of the highest order and those who awakened to the clarion call have all risen to the occasion of bringing in the New Age. All masters in the group you call the PAT held fully and completely the ascension energies gifted to you at this time.

The journey has been long and difficult for most, but know that the much awaited and highly coveted moment, your Director (George) refers to as the ID Split, is now upon you.

Frequential blending moves energetics to a place of maximal / perfected alignment whereby “castings” engage and lock in, never to be undone. As these energetic castings / encasements align and lock, there is an irreversible energetic coupling that even fuels further alignments / engagements along the way at an increasing rate/speed/velocity. It is much like the ignition of the fireworks. One ignition leads to ten, leads to one hundred, and so on. The connection and ignition spreads like wildfire.

There is no extra fuel required, as the energy in All-That-Is is always available, always in the correct amount, always at the perfect space/time/frequency.

This defines the ID Split itself. As rotational fields meld one into the other, a growing field of higher frequency expands outwards, much as the growing field of density attracts more density and the lower vibrational elements attract their comrades.

These current energetic systems shall soon become contained as stand-alone systems, whereby lighter or less dense expressions now manifest a distinctly new energetic reality within All-That-Is. Likewise, the lower and more dense expressions now also attract even more density in order to fully create that reality.  While they may seem separate and apart, they are always connected to the greater Whole.

The rotational velocity of the higher vibrating reality actually is the basis for the establishment and full success of the entire process referred to as the ID Split. There follows an electro-magnetic repulsion that further fuels the event through increased dissonance and “separated engagement” (S) or (SE).

Where 1/t = f ,   then f x S or SE = Infinity

All realities expand in this fashion, where angular/rotational velocity expands, so too does the dissonant and separated engagement. As each expands, there is a further concomitant growth in each EM (electro-magnetic) field that propels the separation further.

All-That-Is continually grows into these beautiful expressions through this expansionary process. It is as a blooming flower to behold and cherish is all aspects of divine perfection. Yours is the time to rejoice in success!

We are the Elohim.”

With love and light to All,

Dear Carla,

the latest Elohim message is astounding technical / scientific in its presentation of the ID split and the energetic processes behind our ascension. While it confirms that we have successfully ignited the detonation of the PAT supernova and triggered the ID split, it still remains to be seen when we will also experience our personal ID split from our high density, low-frequency physical vessels and expand into infinity with our consciousness and energetic fields that already consist of numerous light bodies, merkabahs, portals and grid connections with the rest of the universe.

I have changed the word “casing” in your text with “casting” (a manufacturing process by which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape..) as it then relates to the second term used in this context “encasement“:

Encasement is the coating over, covering or “encasing” of all building components, interior and exterior. This includes all roofing and toxic hazards materials, such as asbestoslead-based paintmold/mildew and other harmful substances, found in buildings. The technique of encasing all building components, including unsafe ones, with green coatings is by far the most efficient way to reduce the harmful effects on people and the environment while lengthening the life of buildings. It is an economical alternative to other abatement methods such as removal, disposal and replacement.”

Both terms are used by the Elohim to convey a  regrouping / separation of the two timelines / energetic realities and the adjacent processes and events and to mould them into new separate realities. They are used only to visualize this separation as the above two processes relate to matter and we are dealing here with energy. But as energy is also the basis of all material, holographic forms, it is appropriate to also use these terms in this case.

Let me add the following comment to the Elohim’s physical explanation of the ID split we have just initiated.

The two timelines A/B with the timeline A  and timeline B of the catastrophic earth that we have just separated are “consensual realities” from an energetic point of view. All events and thought patterns that vibrate with a low 3d-frequency will revolt around and will be attracted by this 3d-timeline B. It will sink deeper into this density in the course of the ID split as all higher vibrational systems that now intermingle with this dark reality are no longer part of its future consensual “catastrophic” reality.

On the other hand, we are now exponentially increasing the frequencies of all events, gestalts and thought patterns that will continue their expansion in the ascending timeline A and A/B. The actual ID split is propelled by an electromagnetic repulsion force and leads to “separation engagement” (SE) of the two consensual realities, as defined by the Elohim. This separation follows the universal principle “equals attract, while different things repel“. It is another popular circumscription of the law of constructive and destructive interference.

In addition comes a basic energetic fact that is not properly understood in esoteric circles and not at all considered in failed modern science.

All parallel realities in the multi-verse of All-That-Is are consensual realities, which evolve around a common frequency spectrum. All these parallel and multi-dimensional realities are separated from each other by a frequency gap and sealed with an energetic membrane of equipotent frequency points that build the confines of such consensual realities.

This is an extremely important knowledge as we will very soon become multi-dimensional sentient beings and will be able to exist / participate in numerous such realities simultaneously. This would say that we must attune to such specific frequency bandwidths /spectra and to their particular emotional spectra that build their unique, specific qualities.

In this sense the ID split of the two timelines is similar to the mitosis of a cell. But it is also different from mitosis as this cell-splitting process leads usually to the birth of two, more or less identical cells, which of course have the potential to differentiate in the course of their growth, as is the case with all immuno-competent cells.

Contrary to mitosis, the ID split of the two timelines is actually achieved by their initial differentiation, which then leads to their split. The differentiation is accomplished by the constant augmentation of the frequency spectrum of the ascending timeline A by the PAT who transmit these high frequency energies from the source to Gaia and the ascending portion of humanity, but do not involve that portion of incarnated human souls, who have decided to stay on the catastrophic earth B. These entities are refractory to these high frequency infusions and do not evolve to higher frequency ranges.

Thus the separation of the two timelines is achieved by a steady increase in the frequencies of the ascending timeline and with the help of the concomitant magnetic repulsion of all low frequency gestalt patterns towards the dense catastrophic timeline B. When a sufficient frequency gap is reached, the two consensual realities definitely separate. This will happen most probably in June, but the two timelines will go their separate pathways immediately after our ascension and the energy thrust of the PAT supernova that will significantly widen the ID split.

The morphology of the ID split is very well presented by the Elohim. Our personal fields have now become huge vortices that connect to the source and expand into infinityTheir rotational /angular velocity = frequency grows exponentially in these last days and hours. They expand and merge with each other to produce a unity planetary vortex that encompasses Gaia and humanity and propels them to the 5th dimension. Thus ascension is increase in the frequency spectrum of the new consensual reality of the timeline A and its expansion into infinity in the course of its steady separation from the dense and limited (in space and time)  reality of the catastrophic earth B, notwithstanding the fact that this reality cannot lose its connection to the source as all systems of All-That-Is are U-sets and contain the Whole as an element. This is the first basic axiom of the new theory of the Universal Law.

Now the only question is when this ID split with reach the threshold when the detonation of the PAT supernova will manifest and we will delegate our three lower chakras to Gaia (as extensively discussed in 2011 in preparation for the opening  of the stargate 11.11.11) and expand the other four chakras into infinity.

As I have already explained to Charlotte this morning, the physical transformation of our carbon-based bodies into light bodies will be principally accomplished in the following way:

“The process of ascension is rather simple. We have now built the whole higher frequency energetic structure of our light systems, including all light bodies throughout the dimensions, other subtle bodies, the various merkabahs and other unknown higher frequency systems and grids that connect us with the whole universe. When the transformation will take place, our physical vessels will be simply dissolved as a holographic model or simply dematerialized and our limited consciousness, which is now connected to the brain and the physical body, will hugely expand; precisely it will be liberated as it is already expanded in the higher dimensions. 

The dematerialisation of our physical body is the most simple affair of all. My HS has dematerialized numerous times clothes and other objects and then has let them appear at new places to show me how ascension works.”

C’est tout!

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