Skyler’s New Film Just on Time “The Journey Home”

by Skyler Newman, March 30, 2013


I just released my latest video

The Journey Home“,

a tribute to the PAT and all lightworkers for their service on this ascension mission.

Here is the link:

The Script:

“To all warriors of light, young and old, the time has come for us to journey home.

For too long we have been prisoners in clay vessels, servants to the legion of heaven.

But now it is time to complete the mission that we came to Earth to fulfil.

You may have strayed from this divine duty along the way, but you have always known in your heart that you were sent here for a special reason.

Your purpose is to lead the charge to freedom, but not through the way of violence and war, but through love and compassion for your fellow man, your brothers and sisters of planet Earth.

And it is in this commitment of service to others that you will achieve the greatest victory that has ever occurred in history, the liberation of mankind from slavery.

All forces of darkness will be vanquished, and the people of Earth will take back their planet, restoring the land to its pristine nature, free of pollution and the suffering of tyranny.

You will remember who you are, an infinite sovereign being of light, and you will know that your sacrifice was not in vain, as you look upon the earth from the stars, and watch the fruits of your labor flourish.”



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The Symbolism of “The Journey Home”


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