CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!! You Are Incredible, Multi-Faceted Diamonds of Beauty, Reflecting All 12 Rays in Their Absolute Vibrancy and Brilliance.

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, March 26, 2013

Dear April,

I am sending you this incredible energy report from Carla from the Rocky mountains for your information and eventual comments from your HS.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

What a beautiful message/ experience as shared by Carla! Wow! Sounds like we tied up all loose ends! Or untied them, haha!

Interestingly enough I’ve recently had similar experiences with the rays, though much less grand than Carla’s. I’ve been intuiting/ envisioning all 12 rays combined into sort of one rainbow ray that swoops down and through my solar plexus, arcing upwards into my heart center, and then back out into Gaia, the web of light, the HRs and beyond. Zooming out, this larger “rainbow ray” seems to form a figure 8 or infinity pattern as it weaves into and out of Self and other higher energetic structures, circuits, grids, etc… It is quite breathtaking in its beauty, grace and flow.

Last night was the most intense yet. I awoke completely drenched in perspiration. However, I felt incredibly clean and lighter! Perhaps another confirmation of the heavy cleansing we partook in as Carla described.

Today, the different colors and energies appear everywhere before me in my third eye. They dance and swirl, weave here and there, to/fro, very conscious in intent and yet with the lightest of touch/ sensation upon penetration. It’s like I’m breathing them in and out throughout my physical and subtle bodies. These 12 rays, now flowing unrestricted, seem to be our sustenance, and yet, are entries/pathways in and of themselves. I just want to jump into their inviting flow and ride the river!! I feel as though my physical body is now simply a gigantic arch or threshold into WHEREVER I WISH TO TRAVEL!

Georgi, we are so very close! It is all open-wide now, energetically speaking. Not only has the Way/Path been bull-dozed clear, but an actual stone pathway, landscaping and flowers have been laid. We simply need to “follow the Yellow Brick Road,” so to speak. And as Jerry said, we will very much be surrendering to forces much greater than ourselves in our final moments of ascension/transition, but at least now I can clearly see within to the incredible network of light/life where I’ll be landing. And it’s HOME!

Below is the latest from HS. I was VERY happy to take this one down Georgi! It confirms so many of our recent experiences and also announces, as Jerry and Carla’s Higher Selves did, that it is indeed time!! It’s a GO!

As always, I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Much love and light,


HS Update 3-25-13

HS: CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!! You are incredible, multi-faceted  diamonds of beauty, reflecting all 12 rays in their absolute vibrancy and brilliance! Your physical cells are ready to pop/burst over into crystalline completion, and you feel all this washing over you/within you, so very acutely. In but a moment, you will fully BECOME.

It has been a very long and difficult road, and yes, there is but one BIG wave yet to comeBut this will be the FINAL wave. Just prior to it, you might experience a couple of smaller pulses/waves of shorter duration, the second stronger than the first, building in intensity. These are but the initial firing and revving of the engines, so to speak before the light turns green. From the beginning smaller pulse to the final wave/detonation will be around 36-48 hours. This sequence will begin sometime this week – again deliberately vague, but within the initial timeframe given. Again, ALL completed for the next phase of mass ascension by 3-31-13.

In recent days, you have cleared/cut-off all necessary remnants of the dark and much dross. You have all learned well how to tap into the collective unity of the PAT for instruction, communication, inspiration, love and support. You took one BIG, MONUMENTAL leap there at the endAnd because of that, you WILL be crossing the threshold together, as appropriate for such a team. This is your SACRED  moment. Take a deep breath, be at peace, trust, and simply let yourself fall into the energy/ forces that wish to carry you to your destiny, your deepest heartfelt dreams. Your JOY!

Most of you have experienced “test runs,” and therefore, you already have a sense of what is in store. Simply follow the pulses to the final wave… you already know what to do.


Dear April,

I sent you Carla’s report for you and your HS to validate it as she was uncertain as to what she had actually experienced afterwards. It was too powerful and surrealistic. Unfortunately I am not good at envisioning colours and rays and could not be of great help to her. Otherwise I firmly believe that her experience was valid and a major stepstone on the way to our final ascension.

Carla told me that she was inspired /urged to go to the Rocky mountains before she travelled to Banff and I knew that this was with intention and that she was supposed to perform something important there, but I had no idea what exactly.

I myself had similar transcendental experiences / breakthroughs in the Alps in the early 90s, where I discovered the Universal land was divinely inspired by unusual cosmic and personal events. Hence it is not new to me that cosmic forces use the mountains as an amplifier to promote such events and establish direct contact with us as incarnated human beings beyond our limited chakra system.

Hence I am very happy that you and your HS confirm the validity of her energetic experience, which must have been extremely powerful. I had one similar out-of-body-event in 200O during a holiday on the island of Mallorca, Spain in the Mediterranean sea.

It could well be that the series of waves your HS has announced within a period of 36-48 hours have already commenced yesterday in the afternoon when I was hit by another very intensive wave, as this morning I woke up with another similarly intensive wave, which may peak around midday. This is not at all surprising, after all we will have a full moon tomorrow and the waves have always been most powerful and intensive for me in the past 24-48 hours before full moon.

Obviously we are on time with the schedule leading to the detonation of the PAT Supernova and must now completely let go of any earthly activities or expectations and simply leave it to our HS to take full control over our lives in these last, most auspicious hours. There is no other proper mental attitude to this cosmic event, but to have none and be fully prepared for all kind of surprises.

But as many of us have already gone through their dress rehearsal of personal ascension as reported on our website, we are mentally prepared and will know what to do when the transformation of our bodies commences and we will detonate collectively and simultaneously the PAT supernova and leave this miserable human condition for ever.

With love and light

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