The Cleansing, Healing and Alignment with the Upper Dimensions of Gaia and Humanity. A Report From the Rocky Mountains.

by Carla Thompson, March 26, 2013

Dear Georgi,

This past night I was awakened from a deep sleep at 1 a.m. Within a few minutes, at 1:11, there was a sudden arrival of erratic energies into my room, swirling in a clockwise motion all around the room. To my third eye they appeared like falling leaves swirling on a Fall wind. I felt a portal opening around me. I instinctively had to get up out of bed and stand there to tune in to all of this commotion. 

As I began to try and stabilize the energies, which I was somehow guided to do, there was a sudden uprising within the vortex of what felt like thousands of very dark entities. Although I could only see about two dozen, I felt as though there were thousands connected to this small group, from the world over. They appeared as black ghosts, with featureless bodies and heads, no arms or legs. They were rising up in extreme anger and fear. I threw a bright white Christed light at them as they reared their angry heads and they vanished from sight and from the vortex. I maintained this beam of Christed light for about 2 or 3 minutes longer as this was “required”.

Archangel Michael arrived at this point and appeared immediately to my front and slightly left and finally said “You know what to do”. I thought to myself “I do? Well alright then, let’s begin”.  I was also thinking that I would just have to go with the flow entirely as I had no idea what was to follow.

I closed my eyes and felt my body changing, almost growing very very tall. When I opened my eyes, there was an Earth before me, about 2 feet in diameter. As I grew this Earth became smaller and smaller. Finally, this Earth seemed to reach about 7 inches across and fit into my left hand.

This small and very beautiful Earth suddenly came to life, in my hand. Gaia was here in all her beauty and magnificence, shimmering green land masses and sparkling blue seas.

Archangel Michael said to me “Ask for support from your Complement” and as soon as I heard this, Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) appeared to my right and said “Yes, ask for support”.  You came to my mind Georgi, so this is when I sent the quick note to you telling you that AAM and Yeshua asked for your support of my fields. I was holding Gaia in my left hand as I typed it out on my phone. The room was dark and I couldn’t read the screen, but I knew that I had divine assistance in this small matter as well.

I returned to my place in the middle of the room and held Gaia in my left hand, with my right hand over top of her, as though waiting, protecting. Then your energy came in Georgi and you stood behind me, containing, surrounding and protecting me and all who were present. It was incredible. I am uncertain if you were consciously aware of this action, if you had received my note right away.

We each held our positions for about 3 minutes when suddenly my right hand moved up, above my head, to receive the platinum light, the light of powerful cleansing and clearing on all levels, the third, second and first dimensions. I held it there for about 15 minutes and as it beamed all over Gaia in my left hand, AA Michael and his legions of angels were busy escorting away the darkness from all over this small planet. When the clearing was complete my hand released the platinum light up to the heavens.

We stood there for several minutes feeling the relief one gets from a very difficult job completed. I was breathing in and out so deeply as I felt somewhat out of breath. Then I realized that the cleansing of Gaia was over and now there was a new phase to this event, the healing.

All of a sudden different coloured light beams were coming down towards us from the heavens. I reached up and picked up each coloured beam as it arrived and held it for 2 to 3 minutes over Gaia, still floating in my left hand. Here is the list of colours and the sequence of their arrival. Some of them I received information on their purpose, others not. You or someone reading this may have some idea as to the purpose of a particular colour.

1st Ray     –   Silver-White:  “Purification, Ascension“
2nd Ray   –   Gold – Purple:  “Resurrection“
3rd Ray    –   Deep Blue:  “ Will of God“
4th Ray    –   Emerald Green:  “Healing, Abundance“
5th Ray    –   Light Rose-Pink:  “ Divine Love“
6th Ray    –   Yellow-Peach
7th Ray    –   Green-Turquoise
8th Ray    –   Pearlescent White
9th Ray    –   Teal Blue-Purple
10th Ray  –   Bright Yellow:  “Wisdom; Illumination, Mind of God“
11th Ray  –   Bright White: “Ascension“ (different dimensions)
12th Ray  –   Magenta-Violet “Transmutation, Healing, and Freedom“ (very powerful light, stayed for 10 minutes)

After the final light ray was released up from where it came, there was a long pause.  Finally, Archangel Michael said “It is done!“ A sense of awe and relief at the same time was felt by all. The small planet in my hand became surrounded in white “clouds“ much like cotton. There was a silence from everyone as time seemed to stand still. Gaia was overwhelmed with emotion, crying even, as I was at this point as well. She was overwhelmed with deep love and endless gratitude, joy and relief all at once. I told her how much she is loved and cherished for her full and utter commitment to us, Humanity. I told her how we are all so sorry for the pain and suffering we have caused her body and soul.  She instantly forgave us, for everything that has happened over the eons and eons of time.

I continued to hold her in my field with abiding love, honour and deep reverence, until she was ready to move on. After some time she floated up and away from my hands, moving out in to deep space and amongst the stars that were now all around us. For a moment I thought I saw a yellow butterfly just as she was disappearing into the darkness.

I thanked you Georgi, Archangel Michael, Yeshua and all the angels for all guidance and assistance that each one of us offered in this beautiful moment.

After everyone had left and I had a few moments rest on the bed, new visitors arrived who announced themselves immediately as “The Council of Twelve”.  They bowed deeply and imparted this message:

“We are so very delighted and honoured to announce the New Era that is now upon the citizens of the Earth!

You have completed the full Kali Yoga cycle with exceptional resilience and grace. All Humanity is hereby formally and officially released from the Karmic cycle(s), through which the Creator gained great wisdom and insight. 

As a full cycle completes, so too does a new one begin! It is time to rejoice in this completion and move onward to your next evolutionary phase!

You are all honoured and you are all dearly loved! Move forward now in the Peace of the One!“

Thank you Georgi for your support and strength throughout this event. I couldn’t`t have done it without your help.

I look forward to your comments of course and as I am now leaving Banff, I will be on a bus shortly and may not have service in some areas through the mountains.

Bless You Georgi,

Dear Carla,

this is a very powerful personal experience of cosmic proportions. Although I immediately responded to your call and agreed to help you, which I did in my thoughts, it will be preposterous to ascertain that I was consciously active in this mighty cleansing ritual. I think that this experience is so unique and at the same time so vivid and plastic that we should publish it, so that the members of the PAT can also participate in this process, while reading it as it has indeed to do with our impending ascension.

I have been hit several hours ago by another source wave with such an incredible rotational velocity that my stomach feels giddy as if I am swirling in a huge centrifuge or better tornado. My 3rd chakra is simply not catching up with this speed of rotation. My skin is burning again like a torch. This is not a cleansing wave, but a huge vortex that connects directly to the source. The vibrations are inhuman and capable of dissolving my physical body any moment. My mind is fully enfolded in this vortex and barely able to produce a normal human thought. I must stop here and have another shower to cool down somewhat.

Have a pleasant drive back home and enjoy your last moments on this planet which you now have in your palm.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your very positive comments. It was all surreal to say the least. I have been doing things similar to this for a long, but never on this magnitude and scope.

I gather that the third chakra is key to our ascension. This is what HS is telling me in this moment. I hope that things improve for us over the next few hours.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

I had a similar experience in 2000 when I started with the LBP on a holiday in Mallorca. I also saw the earth as small as a ball under me when I ascended in spirit in the ether and was overwhelmed by my love for Gaia. This was a pure energetic experience. After that my body burnt as terribly as now and I could only sit at the pool in the night and drink one bottle of beer after the other from the night bar.


Dear Georgi,

What a beautiful experience that must have been. At least I’m not alone in this type of sacred experience.


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