Ascension Update – February 16, 2013

by April Bender, Feb 16, 2013

Dear Georgi,

THANK YOU so much for writing and posting that extremely insightful article,” PAT Ascension is the Substitution of the Current Orion Matrix of Humanity

While it was information that most of us have already become aware of, but sort of hangs around in the background, your timely upliftment and clarification of such key points was VERY inspiring, re-energizing, and added to my overall sense of calm and well-being. You have such a wonderful knack/intuition for doing just this, reminding us of important fundamental underpinnings of reality and how they relate to and shape  where we are right now.

Thank you also for forwarding me Garrett’s kind note. It’s very helpful to know that the jaw pain experience is being felt by others. Sometimes the pain extends out into seemingly all the bones of my face and/or my teeth, but thankfully the episodes seem to be short-lived. This is something I first started experiencing with regularity around the 11:11 and 12:21:12 portals of last year, as the waves began to intensify even more.

Below is an update from HS. She didn’t really provide any new information, but clarified and confirmed a fair amount. I found it helpful, especially in terms of confirmation and reassurance, but as always am curious to hear what you think. My head is hurting some today so if there are more typos/edits than usual, I’m sorry.

Much love and light,


Ascension Update From HS – Feb 16, 2013

Me: So I’m really feeling the energies intensify again today. I have a left brain portal/side headache going on, but despite that I can feel another significant refinement in the vibration/frequency all around me. How are things progressing behind the scenes? It seems that the influx/infusion of energy is peaking in intensity again.

HS: Yes, that is exactly the case. Can you feel how close you are to fully embodying Self? Your vessel is almost full/complete with the merge and yet you don’t feel heavy or full, instead you feel clear and light, calm and focused, almost serene, yet with a very light, warm and eager heart. These qualities are now what glow/pulse from within you. As the final filling/merge takes place you, will feel this experience deepen, until it completely washes over you, and the merge completes. Again, it is an easing into Self in gradations, and you’ve all done wonderfully!

Those of the first wave are currently 70-85% complete with their merge, and rising steadily. This current peak intensity (last night/today) will see you carried even further in your metamorphosis. What is important is that you continue to monitor “the quickening” sensations of this process, as this will be your true guide, and it is ultimately by you surrendering into this wave of quickening/sensation of these ascension inducing energies, that your full release/merge will be realized. And remember, there are more of you scheduled on this first wave than initially anticipated – we need to get the spread/margin of completion a little closer together before the first in a chain reaction ensues.

As I mentioned before it has taken a bit more time to get everything, all the moving parts of this interconnected process, in proper alignment and with proper situations/networks of support. Each piece of the process steadily progressing toward its goal, which in turn further encourages movement and the rapid transformation/re-creation of All That Is. This is a tremendously complex undertaking as Georgi has so often pointed out, but in the pinnacle stages such as these, transformation happens rapidly, even though still seemingly linear. But even that is about to change!

You are now in the final 1/3 of the merge and well within schedule. We are very pleased with this final complex interplay of ascending energy processes and anticipate your full disclosure very soon, very likely over the course of this next week.

I am sorry that processes were unable to complete for you last week, but I say again, this is all very fluid based on the sheer complexity of it all. But you are all VERY much on schedule and all is progressing BEAUTIFULLY! Simple allow yourself to fully experience the quickening sensations within you as you feel yourself transfigured in every single wonderful way.


Dear April,

I am glad to hear that you like my latest article which is a sum-up of our recent discussions and insights. Today I have published a link to a very funny Bulgarian movie comedy which has all the elements of this crumbling, lunatic society.

I can also confirm that today there is another cc-wave of the type associated with an ascension effort. The energy flow is very powerful and transformative. The higher dimensional sensations are now omnipresent and enveloping my perceptions.

With regard to your jaw and teeth pain, I can assure you that I have had very often such pains during past ascensions test runs and they come all of a sudden and disappear in the same way. Even today I have slight pains in my left jaw. This is a very common symptom, but harmless. However the pains can be very annoying.

I think that now we must very calmly and patiently wait the ascension process to unfold, no matter how long it will take. It is obvious that we are in the final launching phase and that this time there are no signs that our ascension will not take place. The very fact that more people will participate in the first wave than initially anticipated is a very good indication and shows that the HR are very confident that this time all parameters and energetic conditions are ideal for our ascension.

What I get from my HS is that it is not only about our ascension, but also about the following chain reaction of further ascensions that must commence with a rapid velocity after the first wave and this process needs a very careful coordination. There will be no time for further adjustments once the ascension process has already started. It must function like a well-lubricated machine.

With love and light

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