On-Line Confirmation of Our Imminent Ascension, No 4, July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012

Dear George,

A sign of 5 was given me twice last July 29 and I intuited later that this meant ascension in five days. Counting 5 from that date brought me to  3rd of August which same date was confirmed last night  and this morning.   

When I connect  the  dots such as the following and the earlier “test flights”, I have this strong sense that ascension can occur on or around August 3rd:

(a)   I was shown already last July 19th how my disappearance could occur, since I earlier requested that my ascension should have optimal effect and help other people to firm up their faith or raise questions  after witnessing a “miracle.” The example shown was a park, where I was strolling with a group, and milling around us were other people; then streams forth this white light from above fully enveloping me and when the light cleared, I was gone.

(b)   I was also familiarized with the sensation when the physical body de-materializes. The orientation was done in stages: first (which happened some weeks ago), one arm and the other; then last night (July 30), it was the upper half  of the body that dissolved and “I” was watching the whole process while feeling at the same time. I was jolted  for it was a very strange sensation, to find half your body gone, and it  took a few minutes for the sensation to dissipate.

(c)    Also this morning  (July 31) brethren and soul family said that they await my joining them soon with awe and joy, and  there will be celebration for the amazing things accomplished in this incarnation.

The STAGE  IS ALL SET, it seems….

On a final note, I was told that the following may be relayed to  PAT:

Ascension of  PAT will not take place on the same date because of linear time differentials. BUT its  impact will be felt globally as if ascension of all PAT occurs simultaneously.

PAT will ascend BEFORE the removal of the remaining negatives, and they have the RIGHT OF FIRST CHOICE  of next actions to be taken – as they are still part of the human collective, while they are already incarnated masters. (note: I  felt this has to do with humans’ exercise of sovereignty and their free will choices that other races need to respect.)

Each one will have time for rest after ascension. This will be short. PAT will be immediately needed  back to earth to lead in the preparation towards December 2012.

AND SO IT IS … Congratulations George and all of PAT for the great job done and the perfect example set. The heavens celebrate!


With Love, Light and Joy, Eleonor Conda

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