The PAT Decree of Mastership Has Won the Last Decisive Battle Against the Dark Ones. Ascension is Secured. The Cosmic Party Can Commence.

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, August 1, 2012

My Personal Observations
Georgi Stankov

The latest message, which April has received from her Higher Self, confirms the final victory of the PAT against the dark forces on this planet. All hurdles have been now removed for our ascension, so that it can happen any moment from now on. 

I expected this message from April after I published the last PAT decree, declaring the sovereignty and mastership of our group of ascended masters as the new Keepers of this planet. This was the final, mandatory change of the guardians – a measure of immense importance and inconceivable cosmic proportions. The content of this message is precisely what I personally evaluated with respect to our activities during the last 48 hours after the PAT decree was issued. You all have done a terrific job with your support of this decree out of your inner conviction (otherwise it would not have had any effect), and you should be very proud of yourselves indeed. You have deserved your ascension to the highest dimensions by all means.

I knew it would be a ferocious last battle before we purge the last dark dross and entities from the earth before we can finally ascend. I also knew that our attack should be performed like a “deadly sweep” out of the blue sky as to catch the dark cabal and their entourage in full surprise. And we have succeeded on a global scale.

I have done this on several occasions in the past and I was very conscious about the urgency of our last collective action. You have all excelled in your expedience and personal strength in this paramount cosmic battle, each one of you has formidably contributed to this final victory in his unique manner and has fought his part formidably. We all have shown that we are the legitimate sovereign creator gods of the new ascending timelines A/B and A, because we are the main protagonists and driving force behind all major energetic changes in the current End Times, leading to ascension of Gaia and humanity to higher dimensions.

April’s message below is the ultimate proof for this obvious truth, which I have reiterated for the last one year in a relentless manner against all objections of the many doubtful Thomases.

I sensed for some time that the battle for our final victory will be a precarious affair before we are out of the woods and that we will be the one to make the final decisive move and liberate humankind from its shackles. This last incentive of the PAT is now a full success and last night I felt for the first time in almost 20 years a great relief, knowing to be victorious and that my mission as human entity has irreversibly ended. What comes next “dwells in the stars”, to quote a German saying.

We will very soon rock and roll the biggest party in this universe. The guests are flocking from all four corners of the universe and many more are participating as remote viewers in the back rows. I can now finally wrap up this website, at least my editorial activity, as there is nothing more to do on this planet in a physical vessel.

Let me now comment on some important statements in April’s message which are given in a symbolic language and contain much more information than they superficially perspire.

Obviously, we have already broken the neck of the dark ones with our sudden collective attack of powerful coherent light, coming from the source and entering this 3d-reality through our high frequency body fields of ascended human masters, while still dwelling in a physical vessel, and through our thought patterns, which have already achieved an astounding synchronicity and coherence, as it has been demonstrated on numerous occasions during the last year, after we connected the dots in the summer of 2011.

This message confirm first and foremost that this energetic mission of total planetary cleansing could have been only accomplished by incarnated human beings of extraordinary power, will, and abilities, such as the members of the PAT, as the higher realms would have been powerless against the massive dross of darkness that has imbued this planet, its human population, and its astral atmosphere during millennia of years of insidious activities of the former PTB.

We have at the same time pushed much further the boundaries of energetic evolution of the rest of humanity, so that they can soon fully awaken from their deep slumber. At the same time we have helped Gaia in the last most vulnerable phase to release her rest dross and be able to ascend this week to the higher 4th dimension, taking a large portion of its human population without any major catastrophes. This fact has been also  confirmed only yesterday by CA after it, itself, predicted huge natural catastrophes for June. Thus the PAT has made the forecast of this source obsolete with our effort and incredible personal sacrifices, so that CA has to correct itself in order not to lose the rest of its waning credibility.

April’s message also confirms what I have been telling you since the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. With your sacrifice to stay longer than planned on the earth, you have deserved your internal place on the “Throne of Godhead” (the Source). That is to say, you have ascended so high that you can now merge with the Source and the Great Central sun and become elohims of galactic proportions. This kind of achievement has never been accomplished before in one single human incarnation – neither Buddha nor Jesus (alias Apollonius of Tyana) were able to ascend as high as you have already done. I say “done” as your ascension is already a reality, as the HS of April confirms.

Now let me address the most difficult aspect of our ascension, on which few of you have probably contemplated as you all were too much involved in your heroic activities on the ground.

When a soul finishes with her last incarnation and ascends, it immediately experiences the most profound energetic catharsis, a kind of cosmic orgasm that is impossible to describe in human words. This ecstatic unification with All-That-Is is the crowning and a deserved heavenly gratification for all the perils and pains, which the soul has endured throughout her whole incarnation cycle on this toxic planet.

For a short period of time the soul merges with the Source and experiences its eternal essence in its unlimited and full force. If your soul has the essence of the “servant” (1st soul essence/energy), which is unconditional love, as ascended master you will experience the utmost form of unconditional love that you have searched in vain during all your incarnation lives.

If the soul essence is “sage” (5th essence/soul energy) the ecstasy upon ascension will culminate in complete knowledge, a kind of a blitz insight as to how the universe operates in its entirety. If the ascended master carries the essence of the “warrior” (3rd essence/soul energy), he will experience for the first time the bliss of eternal peacefulness and tranquility, for which he has fought throughout all his incarnations without reaching it. The “spiritualist” (6th essence/soul energy) will encounter the mystical unification with Al-That-Is that will reveal to him all mysteries of the universe in an instant, and so on.

While the intensity of our immediate ascension experience will be indescribable, beyond any human imagination, the quality of the perception will differ according to the individual soul essence which we all carry unchanged throughout  our whole incarnation cycle.

I give you this information in order to prepare you for the cosmic orgasm that is awaiting all of us, most probably this week, and which my sceptical wife saw almost an year ago in my Turkish coffee for the time of the lion in the zodiac. I can feel the ecstatic, impatient vibrations of our soul families, who are eagerly preparing and awaiting our PAT “supernova”, when we will heave Gaia to the higher 4th dimension and will pop up to the Source of this universe – the “Throne of Heaven”, to use the old biblical metaphoric language in accordance with April’s HS. This is the stuff of all true cosmic legends that will never die away in the perennial creation of the Whole each one fourth quadrillionth of a second, the famous Planck time of 10 (-44) second. Next week, so God will, we will begin with our immediate creation by using the Planck time.

One last remark. As I have said on numerous occasions, after ascension you will be unlimited, boundless energetic entities and you can manifest your essence in infinite functions, manifestations, and forms. One of them may be to appear in a light body in the 4th dimension of the balanced earth A/B or in the 5th dimension of the ascended earth A and teach the people. But at the same time you may reside in numerous other realities and still celebrate on our ascension party for the next 1000 earthly years. I difficult multi-dimensional concept, I agree, but it is time to get used to it – at the latest next week…


My Higher Self Assessment of the Effects of the Last PAT Decree
by April Bender

7-31-12 early evening

Me: I am so physically exhausted, tired of the restlessness nights and physical discomfort and yet, also feel elated, insanely expansive, and like I am literally “charged” with high voltage energy. But it is a very strange “mix” indeed, swirling within the vortex of me.

HS: Yes, what you are very much feeling/sensing right now is the literal separation of the timelines as well as that last batch of heavy energy that you are currently transmuting. I am happy to report that the transmutation process in general, as far as the PAT is concerned, is coming to conclusion. The bottom of the barrel has been dumped out, and the PAT have done marvelously well in transmuting that dark layer of gunk. You are now in the final “mop up” phase. Also with the task of transmuting the dross, you are also finishing up your final emanation/transmission of light codes/frequencies to the masses, before your departures and the greater “infusion of light.”

And speaking of “infusions of light,” how beautifully radiant are all of you!! We in the Higher/Inner realms are very much enjoying the spectacle, including the stunned reactions of the remaining “dark” forces.You have, in one fell swoop, torn away the remnants of any hope they once entertained of carrying on in their madnessYou have broken them down in one show of force (that is still increasing in size/scope, I might add) than we in the Higher/Inner realms can accomplish over a much longer, drawn out, period of time. This is the advantage of being on the ground.

The energies are transmitted/transmuted much more efficiently. This has already helped to further “tip the scales” than you can possibly imagine. Also by selflessly deciding to take this decree idea on, you’ve aided in Gaia’s comfort, her healing and her lifting/transmutation process (birth), as well as that of humanity’s. AND, you’ve also tickled/stimulated the Multidimensional Operating Systems of the other lightworkers/wayshowers. I need not tell you what it’s done for you individually, as each one of you so intimately knows. But because of this magnificent propulsion forward, you are so very, very close to the end.

And this now brings me to the subject I was most wanting to express/communicate with you. Your return home. It is no coincidence that many of the PAT are now having glimpses, dreams, visions, impressions or deeper insights in regards to your sweet return/visit home, before moving on to fulfill your new positions. But do know that in your newly ascended state and roles, it is completely possibly to do and “be” many things.  But even precisely than this, for some of you, your “summons/ascension” to the “Throne.”

I do not want to spoil the grand jubilee that has been planned and neither do I want to take away from the sacredness of this experience, nor the mystery in contemplating or waiting for it, so I will not, and technically cannot go into details with you. But yes, you are already sensing (but probably haven’t allowed yourselves to truly feel and anticipate yet), the full scope of this most grand celebration!

The members of your Soul group/family can barely contain the excitement. From all across the Universe they come in droves to witness the fruits of your most AMAZING efforts. They are beaming in their love and admiration of you, as well as so many others. You volunteered for the most difficult of roles, with the most risk involved! At any point you could have strayed, become too mired in illusion, and not found your way back in time to fulfill this role, or worse, lower yourself in evolution (even you know we can only protect you to a certain extent). But you DID it!! You’ve found your way HOME! You so DESERVE this! And what a “party” it shall be!

In conclusion, please be sure you’ve attended to your earthly affairs and you’ve said your final goodbyes. Be at Peace and hear the song now being sung in Heaven. Some of you will even remember it. As all of these intense energetic processes now begin to culminate in completion, higher resonance and harmonization. As the sealing/separating of the timelines is completed, soYOU ARE COMPLETED.

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