By Carla M. Thompson, RN  BscN;
January 19, 2012, Copyright 2012


On our journey throughout life we find ourselves met by all kinds of people and all kinds of situations and experiences.  Our ability to learn and grow from these experiences is based  largely on our ability to discern truth from falsehood.  It has been demonstrated over the eons that the human mind is incapable of discerning truth as the stunning evidence of pain and suffering mounts, not only at the individual level but also at the level of entire civilizations.  Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD has created a tool that he calls the Map of Consciousness.  This map was developed to overcome the inherent limitation of the human mind, whereby falsity has been misidentified as truth.  His ultimate goal “is a connecting of the dots so that the hidden picture emerges.  The hope is that this work might undo the very sources of pain, suffering, and failure, and assist the evolution of human consciousness in each of us to rise to the level of joy that should be the essence of each and every human being’s experience”. (1)


The Map of Consciousness was created by Dr. David Hawkins, a psychiatrist, who experienced several life-altering events throughout his life.  Following each event, he noticed a change in his state of consciousness from an ego-based/ mind focus to a completely overwhelming state of overpowering bliss where he felt a constant, steady connection with the “Presence”.

With this dramatic change in his level of consciousness,  he decided that he must pursue the reason why it had changed and how he could describe the changes to help mankind in the pursuit of enlightenment.  His driving desire was to “address the causes of the endless stream of spiritual distress and human suffering”.(2)


The Map of Consciousness is a numerical scale whereby one can measure positive from negative, power from force and truth from falsehood. Dr. Hawkins believes that every word, every thought, and every intention creates what is called a morphogenetic field, or attractor field, and that these energy fields can be measured by a very simple process. This process is a well-established science known as  Kinesiology. Kinesiology is defined as the study of muscles and their movements, especially as applied to physical conditioning. The study of kinesiology first gained scientific attention from the work of Dr. George Goodheart, who pioneered the specialty he called Applied Kinesiology, after finding that benign physical stimuli such as beneficial vitamin and mineral supplements would increase the strength of certain indicator muscles, whereas hostile stimuli would cause those muscles to suddenly weaken.

In the late 1970s, Dr. John Diamond refined this specialty into Behavioral Kinesiology where indicator muscles would strengthen or weaken in the presence of positive or negative physical, emotional and intellectual stimuli.

Dr. Hawkins’ research took Dr. Diamond’s technique several steps further, by discovering that this kinesiologic response conveys man’s capacity to differentiate not only positive from negative stimuli, but also anabolic  from catabolic, and very dramatically, truth from falsity. The Map of Consciousness reflects millions of calibrations of statements, thoughts, photos, art, music,  influential world leaders in every discipline and in almost every area  of human endeavour.  The research carried on for over 20 years to come up effectively with an anatomy of consciousness that reflects the entire human condition.


The Kinesiological test can use either one or two persons.

Step 1

When using the Two Person Method, one person stands while holding one arm out laterally, parallel to the ground.  The second person, faces the first person and  presses down firmly and quickly with two fingers on the first subjects extended wrist, while saying “resist” (against the downward pressure).  This is done to test the spring in the arm.  When the muscle can “lock” the shoulder joint against the push, a “strong” response is noted.  If it fails to “lock” a “weak” response is noted.  Occasionally, there are some people who are not able to resist in any manner the pressure on their wrist, and Dr. Hawkins explains that it may be due to having a negative health condition or perhaps due to exposure to weakening energy fields.

Step 2

It is important to keep the testing situation impersonal – refrain from smiling, personal comments, free from noise, music or any distractions for either party.  Eyeglasses and all other metal objects must be removed from each subject, including jewelry (rings, bracelets and necklaces). Hats also alter the results so they must also be removed.  To improve concentration, have the test subject close their eyes.

Step 3

If a subject repeatedly goes weak, the examiner’s voice should be evaluated using other test subjects.

Step 4

The trial run:  The test subject is asked to think of someone they love, while the tester presses down on their wrist, firmly and quickly.  A normal subject will go quite strong and be able to easily resist the pressure.  Next, have the person think of someone they hate, fear or resent.  A normal subject will go very weak  and be unable to resist the downward pressure on their wrist.   Do a series of tests to establish a consistent response.  Some examples of predictable responses include the following:

Test Weak                                                                        Test Strong


Swastika………………………………………………………………….American Flag
Joseph Stalin…………………………………………………………….Mahatma Ghandi
Gangster Rap music………………………..  ……………………….Classical music

Step 5

After it is established that the test subject reacts reliably and is in a normal state, proceed with the topic under investigation by making declarative statements.  Questions should always be posed as a declaration of fact;  Always preface the investigation with this statement, “I have permission to make an inquiry into ___________________(the specific topic).” (Y/N)  The statement may be made by either the questioner or the test subject.  Each time a question is stated, the test subject is told to resist and the tester presses down quickly with two fingers on the test subject’s extended wrist.

So, as an example of a two person test: Statement: “On a scale of 1 to 1,000 with 1 being the lowest level of truth and consciousness and 1,000 being the highest level of truth and consciousness, this article measures at level 200 (Y/N); at 300 (Y/N); at 400 (Y/N) and so on, and can even be refined right down to the exact number if that is what the tester wishes.  As soon as the arm “breaks”and loses its strength, the number is immediately known to be below the number where the arm has gone weak.

For the One Person Method, the tester makes an “O” ring with the thumb and forefinger of each hand.  One “O” ring from one hand is placed inside the “O” ring of the other hand.  The tester then firmly holds the rings closed and tries to break the link by pulling on one side.  For example, if the tester is right-handed, the left “O” ring is held strong at all times and the ring on the right hand becomes the one that will stay strong or break according to the statement tested. The right hand on a right-handed individual offers more sensitivity when assessing strength versus weakness. If one is left-handed, the left hand would afford a more accurate assessment of whether the test is “strong” or “weak”.

When the results are “true”, the “O” is strong and it’s difficult to pull the thumb and forefinger apart.  A “no” makes them quite weak and the “O” is easy to separate.  This method takes a lot of testing to  create the reliability and accuracy of the results.  The same principles apply in terms of making the environment quiet and removing jewelry, especially rings and watches.

An example of a One Person Test:  Statement: “On a scale of 1 to 1,000 with 1 being the lowest level of truth and consciousness and 1,000 being the highest level of truth and consciousness, this article measures at level ____” : The tester “pulls” BY COLUMN, starting with the Hundreds column, then moving to the Tens column, and finally to the Ones column.  When starting with the Hundreds column, the tester will COUNT the pulls, until the ring breaks.  The number BELOW where the ring breaks is the final number.  For example, if it breaks at 9, then the number 8 is the correct number for the Hundreds column [8–]. The tester then moves on to the Tens column and starts pulling again, starting at number 1 and moving up to 9;  if the ring breaks at 8, then the “true” number is 7 [87-]; and the same procedure is done in the one’s column. If the ring breaks at 4, then the “true”number is 3 [873].

Let’s say you want to see if this article measures at level 200.  If the article does not measure at 200, then each “pull” in EACH COLUMN, will break (= “Not True”) Remember, you are measuring the truth of the Statement.  For example the tester counts each “pull” of the ring – If the article measures at 500, then the “Truth” is that the article does not measure at level 200.  This can require a lot of time to narrow down the actual level, and some time can be saved by asking if the article measures BETWEEN two chosen levels, such as “BETWEEN 500 and 550” for example. And if the article measures between these two numbers then the tester will get a high reading such as 800 or higher; (ie Hundreds column:one (doesn’t break = “strong”), two (doesn’t break  = strong), three (doesn’t break = strong) and right on up  through nine where it will then break: this equals 800. The ten’s column may break anywhere from 1 through 9, and same with the one’s column. The answer of 800 plus tells us that it is TRUE, the article measures between 500 and 550. This method allows a person to test statements on their own for quick results but requires a lot of practice to get reliable results!

Another way to phrase the statements would be to say “In the name of the highest good, _________calibrates as true. Over 100. Over 200,” etc.  By asking “in the highest good” we are going to increase the accuracy because this rises above self-serving motives and personal interest.

ALL testers and test subjects alike must each calibrate over 200 in order to obtain accurate responses.
Any measurement at or above 200 is considered “True” and any measurement below 200  is considered to be “Not True”.

(Please zoom to get the ideal table design)

God-view     Self-view        Level                  Log              Emotion         Process

Self                   Is            Enlightenment        700 – 1,000        Ineffable           Pure Consciousness

All-being     Perfect             Peace                        600               Bliss                  Illumination

One           Complete           Joy                              540               Serenity            Transfiguration

Loving       Benign               Love                           500               Reverence         Revelation

Wise          Meaningful        Reason                       400               Understanding  Abstraction

Merciful     Harmonious     Acceptance               350                Forgiveness       Transcendence

Inspiring    Hopeful            Willingness                310                 Optimism           Intention

Enabling    Satisfactory     Neutrality                  250                 Trust                   Release

Permitting  Feasible          Courage                     200                 Affirmation         Empowerment


Indifferent    Demanding       Pride                        175                  Scorn                  Inflation

Vengeful     Antagonistic       Anger                       150                  Hate                   Aggression

Denying      Disappointing     Desire                      125                  Craving               Enslavement

Punitive       Frightening        Fear                        100                  Anxiety               Withdrawal

Uncaring     Tragic                  Grief                          75                  Regret                Despondency

Condem-     Hopeless             Apathy, hatred        50                  Despair               Abdication

Vindictive     Evil                    Guilt                           30                   Blame                Destruction

Despising    Hateful               Shame                         20                   Humiliation        Elimination


The Kinesiological Test cannot be used to foretell the future; otherwise there are no limits as to what can be asked.  Consciousness has no limits in space or time.  The answers do not depend upon the belief systems of either the tester or the test subject.  Consciousness knows only truth because only truth exists in reality.  It does not respond to falsehood because falsehood has no existence in reality.  It will not respond to non-integrity questions nor those that are ego-based. A good example of this type of questioning would include asking which Stock to buy, and so on.

The critical point between positive and negative, between true and false, or between constructive and destructive is at the calibrated level of 200.

This scale is a logarithmic progression.  Therefore, the level of 300 is not twice the amplitude of 150; it is 10 to the 300th power.   An increase of even a few points is indicative of a major advance in power.

Levels Below 200

The lower levels of consciousness include Shame, Guilt/Hate, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Desire, Anger and Pride.  These levels are the most painful that we experience and it is the pain that these levels create that drive us in our desire for understanding and inner growth.   Perhaps it is not our full intention to grow, spiritually, but this becomes the result after much inner reflection and discussion.  These levels are dominated by falsehood.

Dr. Hawkins describes these lower levels of consciousness as ego dominated life where one thrives on the techniques and emotions of animal survival. These are aligned with pleasure, predation and gain.  Below the 200 level, an individual is left-brain dominant (in right-handed people), which means that input goes directly to the amygdala (almond), so emotional response is triggered before intelligence and cognition.  From this orientation, others are seen as objects or means to personal survival.

Calibration levels 200 – 500  Linear Mind

In human consciousness, there is a huge transition at the level of 200 where right brain dominance (in right-handed people) reflects the increasing influence of spiritual energy and a reliance now on Power rather than Force.  At this point, input is fast-tracked directly to the pre-frontal  cortex and the emotional centre.  This influence brings progressive awareness and openness to the energy of love. These levels include Courage, Neutrality, Willingness, Acceptance, and Reason.   These levels also increasingly align with truth.

The level 500-599 is a defining level of love where it is not just a feeling but a principle to live one’s life by.  Only 4 percent of the worlds population reaches the level of  ‘500’ and only 0.4 percent reach level ‘540’.

Dr. Hawkins has created charts which engage the reader in considering alternate possibilities to awareness.  By simply reading these charts one is shown a point of view from the “other side”.  The effect is in increasing awareness of one’s own positions and how some character “defects” will actually
subside as soon as they are recognized and owned.

Table 1: Function of Mind – Attitudes

Lower Mind (cal. 155)            Higher Mind (cal. 275)

Accumulation                                       Growth
Acquire                                                  Savour
Remember                                             Reflect
Maintain                                                Evolve
Think                                                      Process
Denotation                                             Inference
Time = restriction                                Time = opportunity
Focus on present/past                          Focus on present/future
Ruled by emotions/wants                    Ruled by reason/inspiration
Blames                                                   Takes responsibility
Careless                                                  Disciplined
Content (Specifics)                               Content plus field (conditions)
Concrete, literal                                     Abstract, imaginative
Limited, time, space                             Unlimited
Personal                                                  Impersonal
Form                                                       Significance
Focus on specifics                                 Generalities
Exclusive examples                               Categorize class – inclusive
Reactive                                                 Detached
Passive/aggressive                                Protective
Recall events                                          Contextualize significance
Plan                                                        Create
Definition                                               Essence, meaningful
Particularize                                          Generalize
Pedestrian                                             Transcendent
Motivation                                             Inspirational, intention
Morals                                                    Ethics
Examples                                               Principles
Physical and  Emotional survival        Intellectual development
Pleasure and satisfaction                     Fulfillment of potential

Table 2:  Function of Mind – Attitudes

Impatient                                                Tolerant
Demand                                                   Prefer
Desire                                                      Value
Upset, tension                                         Calm, deliberate
Control                                                     Let go, surrender
Utilitarian use                                         Sees potential
Literal                                                       Intuitive
Ego-self directed                                     Ego, plus other-oriented
Personal & family survival                     Survival of others
Constrictive                                             Expansive
Exploit, use up                                        Preserve, enhance
Design                                                      Art
Competition                                            Cooperation
Pretty, attractive                                    Aesthetics
Naive, impressionable                            Sophisticated, informed
Guilt                                                         Regret
Gullible                                                    Thoughtful
Pessimist                                                 Optimist
Excess                                                      Balance
Force                                                        Power
Smart, clever                                           Intelligent
Exploits life                                             Serves life
Callous                                                     Merciful
Insensitive                                               Sensitive
Particularize                                           Contextualize
Statement                                                Hypothesis
Closure                                                     Open-ended
Terminal                                                  Germinal
Sympathize                                              Empathize
Rate                                                           Evaluate
Want                                                         Choose
Avoid                                                         Face and accept
Childish                                                     Mature
Attacks                                                      Avoids
Critical                                                      Accepting
Condemning                                             Forgiving
Skepticism                                                Comprehend

Congratulations! Your level of consciousness has risen as you have read this article.  As new ideas push the morphogenetic field outward, new attractor fields are built, breaking through old thought forms and beliefs driven by force and new belief systems are created. As more of us think about this topic and these considerations, larger and larger fields are created. As we share this information with others, we are in turn creating ever larger M-fields, breaking the bonds of Force and Falsehood and engaging Power and Truth. You have surely assisted in the learning process by increasing your level of consciousness and therefore the advancement of Humanity.

This moment in our evolution is one that requires discernment as we effectively identify issues that represent  Truth and those that are heavy with deception.  We are awakening to the truth that the failures of our institutions are a result of the implementation of  FORCE and as we have learned from this research, anything that is based on force, is disconnected from Source.  Humanity has grown  accustomed to the illusion of isolation and separation. Dr. Hawkins has proven through the power in kinesiology, that there is  a connection between the two universes, the physical and the mind and spirit. He states “ in a world  full of sleepers lost from their source, here was a tool to recover that lost connection with the higher reality and demonstrate it for all to see”. (3)  We are all connected to the Source.

Recent Calibrations

Where any reading above 200 is True and any reading below 200 is Not True.

Here are some calibrations taken on recent issues discussed on this website:

1. The ‘Satina’ entity is comprised of a group of FIVE individuals….952;
2. The intent of the ‘Satina’ group was to create disruption of Dr. Stankov’s Universal Law website…..890;
3. The combined level of consciousness of these five individuals identified as ‘Satina’…270;
4. The YouTube Video taken from the Antarctica site showing the solar event represented the twinning of our Sun …999;
5. Holographic events have been planned to change the course of events on Earth at this time in Earth’s history…831;
6. There are currently two moons in orbit around planet Earth in this moment…11;
7. There, in fact, exists technological equipment in the town site of Busby, Australia that is capable of producing holographic images…939;
8. The Busby holographic image equipment produced an image of a moon on August 4, 2011…955
9. The group known as the ‘Illuminati’ are responsible for the placement of the equipment at the Busby site…933;
10. The group known as the Central Intelligence Agency is responsible for the placement of this equipment at the Busby site…10 (by contrast);
11. The level of consciousness of Mr. James Martinez, presenting a new economic proposal on Conscious Media Network…515;
12. James Martinez is of the sincere belief that the people he is representing have the best interests of humanity in mind with their development and intent to implement a new Global economy…922;
13. The group of 130 nations have the best interests of humanity in mind with their proposed restructuring of the world economy…411;
14. The level of consciousness of the statement read by James Martinez….315;
15. The combined level of consciousness of the group of individuals representing the 130 countries…315.

A quick interpretation of the last five questions:

The combined level of consciousness of the group is 315, the same level as the statement that Mr. Martinez read, so they probably did write it.  I feel that they got him to read it because he has a higher level of consciousness and that is what one picks up on in the interview.   Perhaps they hope that by having it delivered by someone of a higher consciousness level (i.e.“he comes across like a nice, honest guy”) it is somehow more truthful or sincere. If they had interviewed someone with a consciousness level of 315, we would probably sense elements of force and deception.  Overall I feel that this group wishes to simply maintain control of the population by creating a common currency.  Look, it’s just more of the same.

In Conclusion:

Remember, The Map of Consciousness test takes a lot of practice to create a reliable result.  Ultimately, a number value itself is not as important as being able to discern Power over Force (sometimes easier to see than Truth over Falsehood).  In time, you will recognize how these ideas “feel” to you.  You will find yourself using a combination of  how you might “feel” about something, and combine it with what you intuit about a situation.  As you begin to trust in your own inner knowing, you will be able eventually to discern truth from falsehood very quickly and easily. You will finally master the Art of Discernment.   For this is the year of TRUTH.

Enslavement by illusion is comfortable;
it is the liberation by Truth that people fear.

Straight and narrow is the path…
Waste no time.
Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

David R. Hawkins


(1) Hawkins, David R.,  Power Vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior.  2002, NewYork. Hay House, Inc., p. 38.
(2) Ibid., p. 18.


History of Carla’s Article on Hawkins Scales

As you may remember, in December 2011 a question was raised by one of the members of the PAT concerning the application of the Hawkins Scale in assessing the levels of spiritual evolution and the truthfulness of human statements. At that time I had not heard anything about the pioneer work of Dr. Hawkins. Subsequently, I was made aware of his research by Rob and Carla as published in the ascension reports in December 2011.

When I learnt from Carla that she has been using this scale for a long time and has collected a lot of expertise and practical experience with it, I asked her to prepare a publication on this topic for our readers and members of the PAT. The idea was for you to apply this scale and test the truthfulness and validity of the many statements you read in Internet regarding the End Times, and which most often give you rather confusing information.

Many readers approach me personally everyday and ask me to validate a video or an article published on Internet with respect to its truthfulness. Of course, I do it it my way, based on the principles of axiomatic truthfulness of the Universal Law, but here you have a more simple and accurate test to check the reliability of the information you avidly read in Internet by yourself. In the coming days we will experience a huge peak in human confusion, as I predicted in my gnostic book for the End Times (see last serial-6). Any scientific proven tool that you may employ to check your reality will be thus of great value and importance for your personal discernment in the upcoming difficult times.

I personally learned a lot from this excellent and didactically perfectly presented elaboration by Carla on the basics of Hawkins research, which is indeed unique in the field of applied spiritual psychology. I hope that you can also learn a lot from Carla’s article, which follows the established tradition of this website to present sophisticated scientific topics and solutions in a perfect didactic manner as to reach all readers who are on their search for spiritual truth and growth.

I am personally very grateful to Carla for her accomplishment and hope that you will also appreciate her theoretical contribution to a better discernment of human and cosmic truth, which is in the core of our ascension process.


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