State-of-Ascension-Report-52: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-52, January 10, 2012

A New Initiative: Expansion of the PAT Mission on Earth Prior to Ascension. Follow-Up


The popular website (A miracle has happened: after I published this report I discovered that you can access this website through this link on my report. Try it!) has been banned / blocked in Internet by the dark ones without giving any specific reasons. At first I thought that it was only in Germany, but later on Bonnie from New York confirmed that this is also the case in the USA.

This is an absolute harmless website as many of you know it, and I have no idea why the PTB have closed this website. Obviously, they are in big troubles and try to ditch in behind insidious censorship in Internet as their last futile effort to save themselves from the flood of the upcoming revelations. We may expect similar attacks on our website too. I hear about some more attacks on light workers in Holland and other parts of the world.

My website has been under repeated cyber attacks for some time, so that it is difficult to access it from Holland, South France and some other countries. Fro this reason, I recommend to all my readers that experience such difficulties to try this link:

It seems to work in Holland. Our friend Predrag, who is a member of the PAT, and now an active contributor to the website “Galactic Free Press” ( has just started publishing some of our ascension reports on this website, for which  I am very grateful to him (see below).

I have asked him today, if it is possible that this website could take over the distribution of the channelings of Isis by Petra Margolis, which were regularly published and were quite informative with respect to LBP and Ascension. I have posted some links to these channelings in my last reports and also discussed them.

I hope that the Galactic Free Press will respond to this pledge positively, as they have a similar program and design as the banned website, so that you can have the possibility to continue reading Isis channelings. There are also some other websites that publish these messages. however with a certain delay.

Below you will find the excellent mass media release prepared by Shrivaka, which anyone of you can use as a template to approach the mass media and other organisations and inform them on the upcoming ascension and associated events in the End Times of 2012. I personally find this release to be an excellent contribution to our collective effort to awaken humanity, but of course you have the free choice to use any other method or approach to achieve this same noble goal – prepare humanity for its destiny and put pressure on the authorities to start with their revelations and Disclosure and thus de facto leave the historical stage.

Our initiative is now gaining momentum, and many readers of this website have already started with their personal efforts and individual creative ideas to promote the awakening of humanity for the final mass ascension at the end of this year. I will regularly publish information on these collective efforts of the members of the PAT and urge you to send me ongoing information on your activities and, of course, success.

But please regard this effort in the first place as a source of personal pleasure and satisfaction, coming from your inner conviction that we have reached the final line, for which we have been working very hard throughout our whole lives in this incarnation on earth. This is an auspicious time and we must be fully aware of this fact and appreciate it accordingly.

January 9, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Must have been busy last night working on the project?  Woke up this morning with a clear course of action on the type of document we might want to consider when it comes to communicating with the press/media.

This industry has a rather standard format they use when considering information for publishing and that is a “press release”. This type of format allows them to easily cut and paste content without the labor intensive effort of a complete rewrite. Given historical experience within this area, I sat down this morning and went to work one.

Now please take into consideration that the strategy in designing one of these, is to write it in such a way that we will be able to ‘connect’ with the audience. Thus this criteria has been structured in such a way that a layman can understand, and uses references they may have already been exposed to. Again, the intention is not to educate, but rather to create a ‘pull’ to get them to take action (by preferably visiting your web site). So hopefully you and PAT will understand the strategy in why it written the way it was. Also, this type of format is generic, so any PAT member can utilize this document to send to their local publications. This will most likely result in more of a response from the media then the letter type of format previously discussed.

So I submit to you and Pat the following press release for your edification: Also, please know this is just a draft!  And the quotes I used for you, were just creatively inserted.  We can change and edit content, but you will catch the drift of the intent.


PRESS RELEASE (revised final draft)


Dr Georgi Stankov

Universal Law Press



  • IndividuallyHumanity will have to choose which time line to follow.
  • Changes to current old structures and institutions will be immanent.
  • Earth will undergo geophysical movements with magnetic pole reversal.
  • New dimensional portals will be accessible with proper preparation.

Munich, Germany – January 11, 2012 – With all of the media hype and misinformation about the prophecies and various beliefs involving 2012, science is now revealing proof of impending changes that are about to take place. By focusing on Energetic Gradient’s, the Universal Law in Physics, and the General Theory of Biological Regulation in Bio-Science and Medicine, Dr Georgi Stankov is now providing quantitative proof that significant global (and personal) changes are about to take place.

The world will not end in 2012, and even the phrase ‘end-of-times’ is grossly misunderstood.” says Dr. Stankov. “When we finally come to understand the truth of our multidimensional nature and learn to observe our reality beyond the illusion of third dimensional existence, and explore and expand upon our perceptual nature and drop the conceptual, then we all can very naturally adapt to the impending changes that are about to come”.

Higher vibrational energetics are now coming to our Earth that conventional science has been unable to detect or elaborate on using antiquated technologies. However, people throughout the world are reporting that something ‘feels’ different without being able to specify exactly what that is. Certainly we can all observe various social changes taking place daily in the media. However, few will be prepared to adapt to the profound events about to take place.

Economic Collapse

While the Global Financial market’s drama has certainly been well reported on in 2011, very few have understood or reported on the source of these anomalies from an energetic perspective. The manipulation and control by the world banking cartel will soon end resulting in the complete collapse of institutions worldwide. “Energetically there has been a very dense, dark process corrupting the financial industry.” reports Stankov. “With the higher vibrational energetics now pervading our Earth, people involved in this sector will start coming forward with the truth of these crimes, and a financial collapse will ensue resulting from a complete loss of trust and faith in the system”. These events will not take place by accident, rather they’re being orchestrated by these higher vibrational energetics in an effort to wake up the masses to their attachments to an illusion of material existence.

Magnetic Pole Shift

While Hollywood gave us its interpretation of such an event in the 2012 movie, the reality and purpose of such an event is much different. The higher energetics currently taking place around the world will in fact affect the Earth and yes, a pole shift will soon take place in the first half of this year (not on December 21). Yes, there will be significant geophysical movements taking place and unfortunately there may also be a significant loss of lives around the world. However, the purpose of such an event is not designed to encourage development survival instincts, instead its an attempt to wake up humanity around the world to their higher dimensional existence.

Religious Institutions will begin to collapse

As more people around the world are exposed to and affected by this higher vibrational form of energy, they will begin to turn away in even larger numbers from the old religious institutions that have imposed their own form of manipulation and control over populations for thousands of years, causing endless strife and conflict. Similar to the old financial institutions, these organizations will begin to collapse under the weight of the exposure of a corrupt hierarchy and criminal activities. People will begin to realize that religious activities and belief systems have been a distraction to the truth of their multidimensional nature where the answers they have always sought, can now be found within themselves, given the support of these new higher vibrational energetics.

December 21, 2012; – The Division Between Two Times Lines

While the Mayan Calendar prophesies have been grossly exaggerated and misinterpreted, there has been recent clarification that this date is associated with the discovery of a fifth element. This elemental is Ether (hence – Energetics). Also, Princess Kaour Nakamaru of Japan recently spoke on this topic and can be viewed on the following link:

Dr. Stankov has documented in scientific detail exactly what these dynamic time lines represent, how they work within ourselves and throughout the world, and why we might want to give serious consideration into investigating them further before these profound changes take place. “There are a number of people around the world who have already responded to these higher vibrational energetics, and have evolved what I call the Light Body Process (LBP).” Georgi indicates. “They have developed an awareness and now utilize their own personal energetics at a significantly higher level then most of humanity. This is not something that is exclusive to a small number of chosen ones. It is available to everyone on the planet.”

Learn More

For more information and details relating to this scientific body of evidence, and to learn more about how one can take steps to prepare for the impending changes due take place, please visit Stankov’s Universal Law Press, The New General Theory of the Universal Law


Dear Shrivaka,

Congratulations! This is indeed an excellent text release and I will publish it in the next report, so that everybody can copy and use it for his own needs. Compliments!

Wish you a lot of success!

With love and light

PS. I sent an email yesterday, among others, to Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin and told her essentially that the time for Disclosure and to step down has come and that we, the new earth keepers, will take over the destiny of humanity and this planet from the current politicians.
By the way, forgot to tell you how “FUN” that was. The left brain portal was wide open and the creative & passion energetics were abundant. Good luck with Merkel!

In Love, Light, & Fun!
I noticed this as it was written as one solid piece, almost channelled by the higher self. I can discern the energy behind a text.

With love and light

January 9, 2012

Hello Georgie!

I will definitely start to act on this humanity’s educational project as soon as I can. I have plenty of great ideas how to do so. I have this “Ghetto Shaman’s Specials and Tips” (just a work name) Internet-TV project, which I think will be very eye-catching, especially for younger Finnish population. There will be lot of tips how to act on end times.

I will start on small scale, but I think it will grow up big time when the time passes. I will use lot of humour. I have plenty of old snow-boarding film-maker friends who can help me with all editing and filming stuff and they think it is best idea ever. You, guys will see.

I also will publish finally my Rap-CD music video and there will be plenty of words of spiritual evolution and end times scenario things. I know personally few successful Finnish rappers, so It is quite easy to get word to the streets. I truly enjoy these projects, finally it’s our time to get out of our closets!! Let’s see what happens..

Helsinki, Finland
Dear Janne,

You have made me very happy with your enthusiastic email and I highly appreciate your effort to promote the idea of ascension in Finland. Just do it with pleasure and creativity and care less about the immediate response. It will come at the appropriate time rather soon.

Wish you a lot of success nonetheless!

With love and light
January 9, 2012

Hi George,

Upon saying the decree I was supper charged with ideas and certain people/groups came to mind. I had a few ideas about making small short films based on transition or your publications in general as I have found them to be a source of inspiration (to say the least.).

I also had a few ideas on small essay topics: “Why the universal law is for everyone equally.” or Why George Stankov should receive every peace prize on earth! (I joke, funny idea my intuition gave while reading the cosmic portion of the Universal law: Physics and Math).

During my time in solitude, especially because December was a bit rough for me, I ran your book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” through google translation. It is beautifully written and I must say I learned a lot about myself and the journey we have all been on.

I will say during the week Nov. 22-25 I had several dreams about talking to people about the ideas of transitioning. Two dreams of which I was directing people to your website. It was because of this dream I have been re-reading and learning all of your material so I can understand how to express it in my own way.

I also wanted your thoughts on this discussion between Peter Joseph (the Zeitgeist Movement) and Joe Rogan (host from US TV Fear factor).

Is this an example of most half awakened people?

Thank you,
Jo-L (Joelle)
Dear Joelle,

I am happy to hear from you again. I went half through this video as it is too long, but it only confirmed my initial impression from the website “Zeitgeist”. It is a nice conventional movement of social improvement that will be soon swept away and nothing will remain from this old Zeitgeist, simply because we are leaving the linear time = Zeit and entering the simultaneity of the higher dimensions. So the new movement will be called “Simultangeist” (The spirit of simultaneity).

It must have been a great effort for you to read my German book in Google translate. Could it be translated in the first place? Callista tried it and told me that it was impossible.

I appreciate highly your desire to help promoting the idea of ascension and I can imagine that it will be soon very rewarding. But you should not expect immediate results as not to get disappointed. Consider it a creative experiment.

You are right – one of my chief intention is after Ascension to abolish all Nobel and other prizes as obsolete.

Wish you all the best!
With love and light

Yes it was quite a bit of work to understand the horrid google translation. I had to run certain sentences several times in pieces…show how determined I was…and I rearranged much of the sentence structure. Before attempting it, I was urged with the idea to learn basics of the German language, verb tense and sentence structure, through a program call Rosetta Stone. (I did not buy it so I didn’t spend money) Which helped me understand how google translator works.

I have a lot of notes and questions, but I am also going through your second book which has plenty of follow up ideas. One thing I am beginning to understand with your books is that they are very well thought out. I feel you had the similar questions and your books tackle them with such grace.

What really stuck me was your description of fear and angst and how that plays into the LBP. When I read that I realized, during December, that my angst was creating a blockage and I was cut off from my intuition until I worked through it. I had no idea one can carry others’ energetic dross or what that meant but I sure did feel it during December. As much of the harsh emotional issues that were arise were not mine. Suffice it to say I gain experience with detaching and observing myself and the energies that were/are surging through me.

You may share this with Callista if she is still interested in reading the book.

I made it so you can comment, but not actually change or make edits.

I understand not to indulge in success per say. But one cannot ignore all the creativity that one receives. Plus it’s refreshing to know there is no pressure for personal success but rather the drive to inspire others to pursue their own creative endeavors. Due to time constraints though I will just be sending emails to certain individuals. At the very least your publications deserve to be logically scrutinized because I believe many others will be thrown into a position, where their soul can lead them to their proper destinies.

I came from the Zeitgeist movement, tried to be a part of it, until I found your website. So I understand the train of thought. It’s extremely Agnostic, but many of them, as I do, have spiritual tendencies. They are sticking to the scientific method, so many of them are trying to be scientific and logical. But you know as well as I do the extent of spirituality and their tendency toward “logic” in the science community.

I have always regard science as another expression of ALL-That-Is. Like a language of understanding that can surpass national boundaries. So I am very interested to see how everything will begin to unfold this year.

Thank You so much,
Dear Joelle,

You have made a huge effort to translate my first gnostic book in English through google translate. This is a very good departing point for me to make a better translation, so that you and all members of the PAT can read it in English. Can you send me a copy, where I can make corrections and editions in the text and explain me how to work with it as I am quite poor in computer programs. I can correct the text when I have time and publish it on this website for the general public. This will be a valuable contribution to our common cause as the book contains important information on LBP and the current End Times, as you know in the meantime, notwithstanding the fact that it was written in 2000-2001. It is quite prophetic in many ways.

After you have made this huge effort to translate it to this extent, I can comparatively easily edit the style and correct the worst translations and the book will become very fluent to read after these corrections. Thank you very much for this support.

With love and light
January 9, 2012

Pas de Bla,bla, mais ACTION!

Je ne suis pas des votres (de la PAT) mais l’un des nombreux “phares de lumière” anonymes dont Urantia et notre humanité ont aussi tant besoin en cette année cruciale 2012.

Mon âme a vibrée à la lecture de votre projet (State-of-Ascension-Report-49: Le scénario de l’Ascension Après 11/11/11) de solliciter de vos membres et de vos lecteurs qu’ils contactent les médias de leurs connaissances pour faire prendre conscience au plus grand nombre d’endormis qu’il leur faut d’urgence se réveiller…ascension oblige.
Sans attendre j’ai mis le pied à l’étrier et j’ai rédiger le court article – (voir le lien suivant:
que j’ai adressé: – au journal local ” La dépêche de Tahiti;

– sur ma surface personnelle de publication (mon mur) sur Facebook;

– au gestionnaire du site ‘Le presqu’îlien’ qui a immédiatement publié mon article et ouvert un droit de tirage illimité pour d’autres articles à venir selon ma volonté.

L’île de Tahiti sur laquelle je vis et avec les autres îles des archipels de la Polynésie-française) ne comptabilisent que 180 000 habitants. Mais je pense que si celà permet à un seul d’entre eux de s’éveiller à temps pour ascensionner en fin d’année cette action valait la peine d’être menée et j’en serais ravi.

D’âme à âme Bernard, Tahiti
Dear Bernard,

Thank you very much for your effort to disseminate the ideas of Ascension in Tahiti and the other Polynesian islands. I must admit that France itself is in a deep slumber comparable only to the slumber of the Germans, but obviously the colonies are much more active. As far as am informed the French have some naval bases in Tahiti which stay in close contact with the mother land. If Gauguin was able to conquer the arts scene in Paris why not you from Tahiti, It’s time to oust the reptilian Sarkozi from power. Wish you a lot of success.

In love and light
January 8-9, 2012

Dear Georgi,All the best to you and all of your team. You have my admiration and love for work you are doing so patiently and diligently.I would like to share mostly your writings, inserts from Reports, where you are sharing your knowledge and views without any judgments. If you do not mind me only extract some of your most interesting comments, as your Reports are quite detailed and long, as I would like to post them on and some other personal blogs that I am running. Galactic Free Press is created by Father~Mother God almost 3 years ago, and now it is reaching quite an interest on the web. And I feel your views and posts are true treasure for rest of not fully awake and aware souls to have available. I will link inserts to your original Reports and your site, so we can inform and re-educate as many as possible.Your work till now was astonishing, and yet you still continue and going and going… True Master knows that this work is never done, even if it seams like it.

Thank You and very grateful for knowing you. Will meet in person soon, dear Brother Georgi… Love You,
AM THAT I AM Predrag
Dear Predrag,

I noticed that you are very active with the website “soundofhearts” and have read some of your latest contributions. I also worked with them in the past, but now I must admit that I have neglected the cooperation somewhat.

Of course I will welcome any effort on your part to make the information on my website available to the broader light workers’ community which is still rather confused in the current turbulent and difficult times and do not know what to believe and whom to follow as is the case with Beckow’s blog.

Fortunately, I do not have this problem with the PAT members and readers of my website, as they are fully sovereign beings and aware of the actual situation, so that my website is more or less a platform to exchange opinions among equals with open-end agenda.

Yes, please, I will support your effort to popularize all  ideas from our website which might be of help to other readers.

I am happy to hear from your again as I only recently had to think very intensively about you and what you are doing, reading your articles on this website.

I have just started a new offensive in an experimental way, which might be also of interest to you. You can read about it in the next report-49.

In love and light


Dear Predrag,

The PTB have just banned / blocked the popular website from Internet. This is a hostile act against our effort to disseminate the idea of Ascension and LBP among humanity.

As the website Galactic Free Press, to which you have become a regular and active contributor, has a similar design and scope as the banned website, could you possibly take care that some of the more important channelled messages that were published on this website will be from now on published on Galactic Free Press as to compensate for the substantial information loss. In particular, I think about the very informative messages from Isis channeled by Petra Margolis. This will partially offset the heinous attacks of the dark ones against the light worker community in these crucial days shortly before final Disclosure.

I thank you very much for this effort and must tell you that I highly appreciate your contributions to the common cause of enlightenment.

With love and light

January 9, 2012

Dear George,

Not sure how to ‘see’ this holographic/image change that probably might have taken the place of a removed Moon. My observation is that in regard to Moon cycles, today’s full moon is having one of the strongest influences ever in terms of frequencies.

And if there was a removal, then I am thinking that actual Moon cycles may not have been the source of the so called cycle influences in frequency up till now, but were just a ‘physical’ means for Earth people to have a hold to it, while the real influences may have been orchestrated all the time by higher sources.

Love & Light, Rob
Dear Rob,

I do confirm that this full moon on January 9 was very powerful as an energy portal and it was announced to be so my many sources.

The energetic influence of the moon on humans can only be appreciated in the context of numerous other energy sources, which have their effect on human organism and Gaia. The LBP, leading to increased frequencies in the human physical vessel, is mostly independent from the moon effect, as you correctly observed, but I have personally regularly experienced a surge in energy intensity each time 2-3 days prior to full moon and a small relaxation thereafter.

The idea of this recent channeled message   was that the moon interferes with the sun radiation and thus impedes the repair mechanisms of DNA. This is a complex process that involves the “targeting of proteins” in the endoplasmic reticulum and the “splicing of DNA” in the nucleus  – two extremely intricate and complex processes that are not well understood in present-day bio-science.

Without the incessant reparation of human DNA, which is very dynamic in its transcription of RNA, thus producing new proteins in the cell, the DNA deteriorates very quickly. Parts of it, known as telomers, are deleted and the DNA-strand is shortened with the time. This has been found to be the key mechanism of aging in humans, and it is one of the few correct findings in present-day bio-science.

Precisely this phenomenon was addressed in this channeling, which I posted and I was rather surprised to find such a precise information in such a message, which, by the way, was made in the 90s when the quality of most messages was much better than now.

However, I did not want to delve too deeply into the matter, as I would have overwhelmed my readers. I have made myself some astounding breakthroughs in the regulation mechanisms of the genetic code based on the newest scientific data, which go well beyond the conventional bio-theory. I have partially presented these mechanisms at the quantum level in volume III on bioregulation on this website. This theoretical knowledge plays a basic role in my elaborations on the LBP, although I do not mention them due to their complexity.

In this context, the moon may interfere with these particular biochemical processes in the cell, which as you correctly pointed are regulated by the overall software program of the soul, based on much higher frequencies from the over-soul. But this regulation is susceptible to numerous low frequency energetic influences. The best known is radiation (e.g. from atomic explosions as performed in the 60s and 70s by all nuclear powers), leading to numerous point mutations and codon deletions in the DNA of the exposed personal and humans, which caused various cancers at a later date. This has been proven by numerous researchers beyond any doubt.

The effect of the moon must be similar to radiation as presented in this channeling. The moon obviously destroys partially the protective shield of the earth, so that high-frequency radiation coming from the sun can now reach the surface and impede human DNA-regulation. It is logical to assume that this was deliberately done by the PTB, whose policy is to coil human population all the time as to keep their numbers low.

This heinous intrusion of the PTB must have been tolerated by the incarnating human souls from the higher realms, as it was not opportune in the past for the incarnated entities to live very long due to the terrible living conditions. Hence the average life expectancy was about 30-35 years most of the time since antiquity. Only in the last 100 years do we observe a huge increase in longevity due to improved hygienic conditions.

This is another complex issue, why life expectancy has been increased in the last years, which has not yet become a topic of exploration in the New Age literature, although it is of vital importance for the understanding of the current situation on earth. I have discussed this issue partially in my five German books on Gnosis.

Given the intensity of the current LBP in the broad human population, it is almost imperative that this deleterious effect of the moon on human-DNA and health must be stopped or altered. This is for me the strongest argument on behalf of the thesis that the moon was either replaced or reshaped in its structure recently as has been observed by many people and also reported by some members of the PAT on this website.

I have just received a report from Alexander from Moscow who confirmed the same observation on the moon as Ben has recently made, who is a very reliable observer. I will post it below for you.

This is in general my thesis on the changed moon from a biochemical point of view, which my h.s. tells me that it must be correct. That is how I operate with such scientific information and that is why I am often crossed with the current channels that present so little factual data about energetic processes behind the current transformation of Gaia and humanity during their ascension in the End Times. In the early 90s one could get much better information in this respect.

With love and light

Approximately at 23.00 Moscow time (Dec 8) I watched two of the rainbows around the moon. As it could be clearly seen, there were two hazes around the moon. It was very beautiful!!! Closer to the moon there was a bluish haze, then rainbow, then an amazing greenish haze and again rainbow. It was great!!

January 9, 2012

Hello George,

I wrote this today, the energy signature reminds me of Cosmic Awareness. I think I was 11D or higher before I came here.

In love and light
Dear Skyler,

I very good summary of the current situation. The only tiny information that I could not find is when will all this begin to unfold in our reality. I hope next time you will give us this information.

In love and light

I was in the middle of writing my next post with my predictions for 2012 when I realized that I was approaching the situation all wrong. The thing is, I already know exactly what is going to happen in my 2012, because I am the one creating it. It’s impossible for my predictions to be wrong in my world.

We need to let go of trying to figure everything out and just focus on empowering others to step into their own shoes as sovereign creator beings. This is what is going to happen eventually anyway, so we may as well start this new movement right now. The only option is to lead by example, and the example that must be set is one of fifth dimensional nature.

We can no longer wait for external events to change our reality. This is our world, we are the ones who make the rules, and we are the ones in control. This is the mentality that everyone will wake up to. Perhaps this is what you were trying to get me to realize all along, and I’m just waking up to it now myself.

Regardless, I thank you with all of my heart for being the catalyst of my ascension. I am here now, and it is wonderful.

Dear Skyler,

You have very precisely described my motivation to start the new initiative with the members of the PAT to address all media, political and corporative institutions of the old order and all people and inform them about the upcoming ascension. In this way we enter our roles as future earth keepers of humanity and Gaia in the “Now”.

I know that this is the only way to create our reality, of course, with the help of all forces of light from the higher dimensions. The very intention to take initiative on the ground and start the process of change by ourselves is the driving creative force of our new 5d-reality. It will not come from heaven as many light workers still expect, but through us, the Ascended Masters still in physical bodies.

But there are some collective events that are influenced by the mentality of the masses, and we can only slightly modulate them with our thoughts. These events will then determine the collective destiny of the masses and we must be prepared to take responsibility as spiritual leaders when this time arrives. There are different timelines and we must learn to think multidimensionally and operate in all these timelines simultaneously.

With love and light
January 9, 2012

Dear George,

I salute with awe and enthusiasm your recent acclaimed efforts to jump-start this imminent revolution. At a much smaller/preliminary scale I initiated a similar project locally, but encountered ferocious opposition and condemnation. However, the moment looks appropriate hence will not hesitate to chip in as the case maybe wherever the wheels/fluxes point.

Ardently looking forward to getting this end gave kick off asap for our highest good.

Dear divsy,

Thank you for your contribution. The symbolic decision to do something is already a powerful impulse that will be amplified by Heaven and projected onto earth with the desirable results.

With love and light
January 8, 2012

Dear George,

I have noticed that a lot of PAT members are experiencing these high pitched tones/ringing in the ears; I am hereby attaching some explanation with a different harmonic. So feel free to post in our forum as the case maybe.
L&L divsy.

Ringing in the ears – High pitch tones

Ringing in the ears as it is commonly known is one of the symptoms experienced by the majority of Ascensionees during this physical transformation process (LBP); hence I thought it judicious/guided to expand on its raison d`être.

Ringing in the ears is the setting/fine tuning of our personal energy field/template (processor clock frequency) to the unity timeline called the God wave (Crystalline Grid Carrier/144-Octave) – harmonics and side bands resulting from this calibration; a high frequency metallic hum of the rapidly oscillating higher chakras now perceived due to our extended range of audible frequencies.

Preamble: Ascension symptoms are an unusual body symptom that does not have a medical cause, which are the effect of a greater spiritual light – energy downloads in the body.

Many light workers who are deeply emerged in the transformation/ ascension process are experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms as a way to quickly transmute the old negative energies within their physical vessel – a burning/releasing of old frequency patterns to allow the higher, more refined crystalline cells of consciousness to infiltrate and take dominion within.

These symptoms are the result of deep physiological transformations at the cellular and metabolic level, which sometimes manifest as inflammation.

Our experiences of these body symptoms vary extensively (number, type, magnitude, frequency) depending on some of these aspects: our karmic load, mission/contract, wholeness, environment – nutrition, air, exercise, etc. We all go through this process and symptoms in diverse ways, modes, intensity as they vary from person to person. We are all unique, on different – infinite healing paths, ascending and shifting in a multitude of ways – scenarios.

Personal energy field/template

Our body comprises four basic components – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (higher self). The etheric component is piloted by our chakra system – energy centers/accumulators. During normal working life the energy that comes into our bodies from various ends: Source, Gaia, CME, Cosmic down loads, Shift, Grids, etc. is processed by our chakras, thereby giving rise to a resultant complex signal (wave) called our signature tone or registration. This energy field is unique for each individual. The electromagnetic field associated to this current flow produces what is called the Aura. This complex wave is further enhanced or rather sustained by a constant signal called our clock frequency (identical to the microprocessor clock frequency of computers) indispensable in the stabilization and running of our etheric network. In reality, this clock frequency is locked (PLL – phase lock loop systems of electronic circuits) or synchronized by a permanent carrier/pilot frequency (also known as the Beacon) received from Source called the OM wave – this is how our connection to Source is derived and activated.

OM/God wave – Crystalline Grid Carrier – Unity timeline

Quantum physics has helped us to understand that every single thing – matter in the Universe is comprised of Energy – God as well. So the OM (omniscient moment)/God particle has its own microprocessor clock frequency centered on 4x1044Hz (four times ten to the forty forth power of pulse per second, Hz is the unit measurement of frequency). This frequency is of an astronomical value by virtue of the fact that it has to accommodate the signature tones of all entities/kingdoms in all the universes. This wave is also known as the fundamental frequency of all life – the Christ consciousness pilot. Our final objective on these myriad journeys to reconnection would be to raise our vibrations/frequency to eventually attain this value and become a fully integrated Christed being.

Gaia is shifting and raising her vibrations analogous to the other kingdoms on earth and it is this frequency rise of her clock frequency that is responsible for the speeding up of time as we now experience in 3D – the faster the microprocessor speed/frequency, the more versatile and rapid her tasks are executed; hence the notion of time speeding.

Master Clocks/Frequency

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the basis for modern civil time and follows International Atomic Time (Caesium Standard) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is an older standard adopted from Britain.

For the world to operate on a unified time platform, it is imperative to have all the major clocks on the globe synchronized to one single accurate/stable clock piloted by the atomic time for precision – master clock. And this is achieved through connecting all clocks to the master clock by a wave called the pilot carrier.

So the crystalline grid carrier serves the same purpose as the pilot carrier from the master clock to all other clocks; it connects all entities/kingdoms to the OM wave – the unity time line. This means that our local processors are permanently connected to the unity time line and lack of spiritual practice would considerably deem/diminish the quality of the link; our interaction with Source (God is speaking to us all the time – is a gigantic/infinite transmitter permanently broadcasting to the universe and it is left for us to just synchronize our clock frequency to that of the grid/timeline to reap the benefits). As we grow and integrate more light, as we strengthen our connection, the quality of our transmission improves (communication to and from Source) – more of the divine becomes available to us.

Ringing in the ears/high pitch tones therefore is the resultant frequencies (harmonics and side bands) perceived during the fine tuning/calibration of our clock frequencies/ signature tones to the unity time line as we raise our vibrations to adjust to our new working points and as we down load/ upgrade shift/ ascension frequencies. If it were possible for us to actively connect to our subtle body, we would be able to hear this unity time line carrier permanently pulsing. Prayer/Meditation/Trance states are some of the methods we deploy here in 3D to monitor this grid/pilot/time line and taping into this signal would greatly enhance our co-creational capabilities.

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