New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 8

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 27, 2012

Translation from the German language:
by Joelle Torneros and Georgi Stankov

8. Serial: Chapter 7.


VII.  Mental, Psychic and Somatic Aspects of the Light Body Process

1. The Definition of Light Body Process

From the previous elaboration, we now come to a binding definition of the Light Body Process:

The Light Body Process, LBP, is an energy conversion of the species “man”, which can also be described as individual evolution. It includes a significant increase in the energy frequencies of the body, mind and psy­che and their harmonious alignment with the frequency spectra of the 7F-creationary levels. The end result of this process is the merging of hu­man consciousness with the Spirit of All-That-Is, which has fragmented as an individualized soul. For the species “man” this process means his transformation into a multidimensional personality. Her energetic featu­res are as follows:

1) The psyche is largely cleansed from the lower frequencies of fear and placed in constructive interference with the astral frequencies of love.

2) The mind is freed from its previous illogical thinking with the help of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law and aligns with the cosmic Spirit.

3) The human consciousness then evolves to the all-encompassing awareness of the soul. The awareness of the soul includes: direct know­ledge, telepathy, connection to the Akasha records and other storage levels of knowledge of the higher realms, etc.

4) The frequencies of the body are raised to the level of the frequen­cies of the astral realms. This allows for a phase transition of the cellular body into a crystalline light body and vice versa. This transition allows the conquest of space and time and enables the incarnated personality to dwell both in the astral realms as well as on Earth.

All the above processes are complex energetic phenomena that will be now discussed in detail. In advance, we should explain the relationship between the Light Body Process and the Evolutionary Leap of mankind. The Light Body Process encompas­ses the individual evolution of the bio-energetic system “man”, which is a concrete incarnation, materialisation of the soul on the planet Earth. The Evolutionary Leap of mankind involves the collective manifestation of this process on the historical stage.

Each individual evolution leads to social evolution and vice versa. It is a closed circuit, whereby Spirit (the inner impulses) is the primary source and its materiali­sation in social norms and forms is of secondary character: First comes Spirit and then matter.

The evolution of the individual as a Light Body Process and the evolution of huma­nity, defined by myself as an Evolutionary Leap cannot be separated from each other because All-That-Is is a unity. In this sense, the Evolutionary Leap of humanity, being an open U-set of All-That-Is, is in the first place the elimination of all mental and physical separations as N-sets – that is to say, such sets that are not real, but only exist as camouflage in order to promote the incarnation game of separation on earth, being a direct experience of the last antinomy.

It is important to emphasize at this point one more time that all N-sets are energetic epi-phe­no­mena, they are artificially created energetic barriers by the soul that can only exist locally within the energetic perfection and unity of the Whole. Their remo­val may assume the visible form of evolution from the limited perspective of the person, who is an object of this sepa­ration. From the perspective of the soul, this is only a return to normalcy.

All-That-Is is individuation and unity at the same time. Incarnation on earth repre­sents the greatest possible individuation of All-That-Is. The imminent Evolutio­nary Leap is the return to unity, which will occur in several stages, of which the cycle of reincarnation is only an insignificant first step. The other stages are beyond the limited horizon of human consciousness.

The methodological approach of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law will serve us as a guide to explain stringently the complex energetic processes and interac­tions between body, psyche, mind and soul that are running during the Light Body Process.

The Light Body Process is in the first place an augmentation and alignment (harmonisation) of the frequency spectra of body, mind and psyche to the frequency spectra of the soul. Mathematically, this process can be represented as a conjugation of U-sets. The human being experiences the Light Body Process as a very intense process of physical, psychological and mental symptoms. If the process is not consciously experienced and perceived but rejected or negated out of fear, these symptoms may take the form of severe physical or mental illness that can lead to premature death.

One main goal of this disquisition is therefore to expand the reader’s understanding of this process so as to reduce his anxiety and to allow for the smooth running of the Light Body Process.

Many esoteric schools evoke the impression that one can gain deeper insight into the inner-soul processes by learning specific, time-consuming techniques and have to be taught by a guru in many years of humble apprenticeship. Nothing is more false than this idea.

The soul (the Higher Self) of every individual is perfect and is the only real teacher. Any access to it can only be made with a clear, open mind and a largely fear-free psyche, which ultimately is the chief goal of the Light Body Process. To this end, there are no special techniques. The fastest and easiest way is the clear recognition of how body, mind and psyche, with their fear-based structure, energetically operate and interact with each other. However, I know not a single esoteric school that accepts these educational goals and pursues them in daily life.

For this reason, the many diverse schools of esotericism of Eastern and Western-style (New Age), which, like most academic schools, mutually exclude themselves (N-sets) and are only an expression of the current mental separation in collective human con­sciousness, will soon disappear. They will be replaced by the new energetic approach of the Universal Law. As categorical systems of human transcendence, they contain the same inherent blunders as all sciences and organized religions. This statement includes the thoughts and actions of all New Age representatives, who are not further evolved than the present-day agnostic scientists and clergymen and in addition have no knowledge of science, history and culture.

(This has been, indeed, the most disturbing fact for me throughout all these years (more that 2 decades), while I participated in the New Age discussions through this website and have been analysing the very primitive and uneducated behaviour of most New Agers. I have asked myself repeatedly the question, why their souls, which are definitely old souls and come from very high dimensions (otherwise they would not have been attracted to such spiritual topics and made them the core of their lives), have selected such destinies for their incarnated personalities that have not given them any true and profound knowledge in science, philosophy and Gnosis. This would have enabled them to establish a strong critical, intellectual pole to conventional science, religion and human thinking from a sovereign educated and enlightened position and thus present a visible and viable alternative to human thinking in modern society, which it so desperately needs.

If this had happened, this would have affected humanity in a very positive way much earlier and not after the ID shift, as this will happen now when I will ascend as the first human being; this will allow the global acceptance of the new Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law that will trigger the new paradigm shift to true spirituality. I personally think that this total intellectual failure of the small New Age community, which, as all agnostic scientists, also blatantly rejected the new theory of the Universal Law due to their intellectual deficits and fear-based inferiority complexes, was the major cause for the numerous delays in the ascension scenario and even jeopardized this very project, for which they incarnated on planet earth as old souls.

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If it were not for the heroic effort of the PAT to save humanity and Gaia, there would not have been any Ascension and all the timelines and this physical planet would have been irreversibly destroyed, as this happened with all lower timelines, which we have severed from this ascending Gaia since 2013, including the physical earth that was destroyed by the physicists in CERN in a horrible dark experiment to prevent ascension in the autumn of 2017 (read here) and was immediately reconstituted by the Source. This has been an object of extensive and intensive discussions on this website by the PAT members. It is extremely important to point out these facts here retrospectively, now that the ID shift may happen any moment and surely in the course of this year of 2019 in order to establish the utmost clarity on the current situation on earth and prevent any wrong and deliberately false interpretations when this event will occur, most probably triggered first by my individual ascension and that of my dual soul Amora, alias Carla Thompson.)

The esoteric schools are an offer to the adult souls, who have turned away from organized religions. They can rub on them and spiritually grow. Similarly, science is an offer to young and mature souls to train their minds and intellect. However, it is an ample fact that there is nothing to discover on this planet because the material nature, which scientists supposedly explore, is constantly created by us as powerful creator souls. For this reason, there can only be one real intellectual achievement, which we must accomplish in order to grow spiritually: to remind us of who we really are – immortal souls with an all-encompassing awareness.

2. Free Will versus Will in Knowledge of the Soul

After these preliminaries on behalf of the new approach of the Universal Law, now back to business. If the soul is the creator of the incarnation “man”, including his body, mind, and psyche, she must also be the executor of the Light Body Process. This cannot be accomplished by the simple will of the individual. Man can only give his consent, however, it cannot be a capricious volition but a firm intention that must hold during the entire Light Body Process that takes many years. The will is an important aspect of the human mind and plays a crucial role in this process. At this point, I must dispel a widespread misconception.

True will has very little to do with the concept of ego, even though this is usually assumed today. Pure will is always consistent with the intention of the soul, which manifests itself as a soul plan for any particular incarnation. However, human will is often misled by the beliefs of society and is employed mostly for non-spiritual, purely mate­rialistic ends. In this case, people usually speak of “free will”.

The soul bestows the human mind with the freedom to make choices, in some cases for the soul’s plan and in others against it. In reality, this is always a decision for or against All-That-Is. In the astral realms this freedom is highly restricted: the soul, which is an integral part of All-That-Is, can not make decisions against the Whole. Energetically, this corresponds to the formation of an all-embracing constructive interference. Its perception on the level of human consciousness is the feeling of love, bliss and grace.

While the feeling of love is extensive in the astral realms due to their harmonization, human love has to compete on earth with the numerous feelings of fear, which is man’s emotional perception of destructive interference. In this case, we also speak of the duality of human existence. In this sense, human angst is closely associated with free will. Most decisions, which humans believe to make out of the free will, are whispers of their guide, called “Fear“.

About twenty percent of all events during an incarnation are within the scope of human free will. In practice, it is much less because most individuals exploit the potential of free will in a very insufficient manner. They let themselves instead of being dragged by their fate. The other eighty percent of all experiences that befall an incarnated person on Earth are carefully planned between the earthly lives in the astral realms and are thus predetermined. Otherwise, life would be chaos on Earth.

No experience can, however, occur without the consent of the individual soul. In this sense, the soul has the free will to gestalt the life plan of her incarnations by herself, but in close cooperation with other souls, who are also involved in the collective course of human history. Without their participation, the individual plan of a soul cannot be properly arranged.

In reality, the soul is not so much interested in the sequence of material events but in the quality of the thoughts, intentions, insights, feelings and decisions of the incar­nated personality, that is to say, in her ability to employ these spiritual-energetic tools to gestalt her life within the limitations of the human physical vessel.

The psychic structure of the incarnated personality is carefully designed in the higher dimensions in terms of key psychological tasks, which the soul has selected for the upcoming incarnation. It is a mix and a fine-tuning of psychological, mental and so­ma­tic modalities, which have their counterparts rooted in the seven basic energies of All-That-Is (footnote 1). In general, these problems are solved on the ground by an adequate psy­chological and mental attitude of the incarnated entity and not so much by mere actions.

In the earth’s reality, which is currently dominated by the expansion of the young souls in the outer world and their desire for material manipulation, the collective compulsion to act is extremely effective. This psychological constraint stems from the young souls’ angst of failure and their inability to enter an intimate dialogue with the inner voice; this fear-based constraint can appear in many disguises, such as officially accepted virtues as diligence, care, excessive responsibility, etc.

These angst virtues characterize the incarnated personality, which is actually pre­ordained by the soul but receives throughout life significant remodelling by parents, society and history. These external factors steer her away from her true spiritual tasks. Purely for this reason, one emphasizes in channeled messages again and again the primacy of Being to Doing.

The earthly bustle is part of the hide game to find out what is Spirit (soul). Spirit is thought, intention, and volition – the act is merely a secondary energetic phenomenon, a possible expression of the creative potential of Spirit in 3D space-time. In this sense, emotions are also thoughts: they are energetic creations of cosmic Spirit that enable universal communication between entities with different awareness and 3D experiences in All-That-Is. They are an offer to the individual personality to express her uniqueness in communication with other unique personalities. Feelings are thus an energetic standardisation of individual mental and spiritual phenomena.

Love is therefore not a Doing, but Being: You do not do something in order to love or be loved, but you love and do everything out of the exuberance of your love, which is Self-Love in the first place. One can not love other people if one cannot even love himself. In other words: one cannot replace the lack of Self-love with other people’s love.

As the realms of the soul are extremely malleable, every soul has an unlimited potential of options to create an earthly situation, which however can be only experienced physically, psychologically and mentally. The soul always operates with the body, psyche and mind as open energetic systems by modulating their interactions.

The events that befall an incarnated personality always match the degree of con­sciousness of the individual and serve as external aids to help the person gain new insights in his ongoing introspection of life events. The accumulation of new insights is the main goal of every incarnation.

The social, personal and material conditions that accompany an incarnation build only the outer frame and represent possible pathways, leading to such insights.

The highest insight is the recognition of the nature of human beingness – the vast crea­tive potential of the soul in its infinite diversity. We come again to the escha­tology of the reincarnation cycle: the meaning and purpose of human existence.

From this, it follows that any earthly personality may well influence the events and hence, the fate that befalls her when she begins to perceive the solution of her tasks in an intimate dialogue with her soul in the form of intuition and inspiration and is not seduced by an aimless activity that is pressured on her by the collective fears of her social environ­ment. However, certain experiences must be made, they can be only less proble­matic. Ultimately, it is always about the priority of Spirit over matter. The Light Body Process, which we discuss at this point, is the manifestation of this insight: It is the will of the soul, which is set in motion by the free consent of the individual. But one cannot do anything about it.

The free will of the individual, respectively its limitation by the “gods”, is a central theme of Western philosophy and theosophy, without been properly understood until now. The reason for this is that man’s free will is considered an “absolute divine right”, while the role of the soul could not be interpreted from an energetic point of view. In world literature, “man’s free will and his fate” has been a recurrent leitmotif since ancient times.

In modern society, the being is dominated by the mentality of young souls, where the idea of man’s dependence on his individual soul is rigorously rejected. This is a mental manifestation of the pronounced angst of the incarnated young souls, whose ego insists stubbornly in this soul age on its independence from the soul and fears most a “hostile takeover” by a higher authority.

For the young soul, who will not participate directly in the actual ascension process, but will experience it historically as an Evolutionary Leap, the Light Body Process will be indeed an external hostile takeover and not an inter-psychic process. In order to recognize this fear as an erroneous assumption, she must first make this negative experience: At the societal level, the Light Body Process will occur in the eyes of most young souls in all probability as a disaster, until they realize this bias and acquire deeper insights. This is so because the inner images are always projected outward.

Although the young souls cannot escape the objective existence of this process as a historic event of global significance, they have the free will to deny it, just as they have negated significant events in the past. This mental reaction is, however, a hal­lucination because from the higher vantage point of view of the soul, there is no free will in the true sense but only the illusion thereof. This painful realization remains, however, only a few old souls reserved who directly participate in the Light Body Process (see below).

As we see, we must carefully distinguish between the two forms of free will:

  1.  The will in knowledge of the existence of the soul;
  2.  The free will that results from the rejection of the existence of the soul.

The second form is the driving force behind the formation of the human ego in the negative connotation of the word.

The will in knowledge of the soul is very rare and is usually exercised only by old souls at the end of their reincarnation cycle. As this will is directed against most manifestations of today’s society – I have shown that they are a product of the collec­tive fears of the young souls, which an old soul cannot accept as real – it requires exceptional courage to express and sustain such a sovereign will all the time.

Courage is thus a manifestation of true human will. Real courage is always individual and manifests itself as a sovereign rejection of the current collective opinions and actions. The old enlightened soul is therefore a born “dissident”. Collec­tive actions like wars that are regularly confused with true courage are, in fact, only fearful inter­pretations of juvenile unripe souls on this subject. This should hopefully clear up a lot of misunderstandings in the present-day bellicose human society.

Courage is always an individual intellectual performance and can be only achie­ved by clear, logical thinking and a largely fearless human mind. As each intellectual performance is initially an idea that must lead to consistent action, courage is also an action.

The most courageous act on earth is to wilfully allow the soul “to make experiments with one’s own body” – that is to say, to initiate the Light Body Process. I have put this statement in an inverted comma because a clear mind must recognize that such an experiment cannot fail. The technology of the soul works faultlessly in both direc­tions – as a materialization of the body as well as its de-materialization in the wake of the Light Body Process.

Here we come to another aspect of this mental issue: The process requires unwavering faith and confidence in this paramount project of the soul in the End Time on earth. This faith can not be acquired in society, since there are no role models there, but must be achieved individually. This trust goes beyond the human mind – it is, therefore, an expression of the soul that must be also anchored in the body. Trust (faith) and fear are namely stored in human cells.

The most important psychological experiences are not only stored in the 7F-creationary levels but also in the body as genetic information. The human body stores in its DNA valuable information on the personalities of earlier incarnations, which are available when needed and help the entity cope with difficult situations.

“Faith in the Father/Lord” was also a cardinal concern of Jesus, as it is clearly expressed in the New Testament, but has been reprehensibly misunderstood by the Church. Under “Father”, Jesus understood his whole soul family tribe, which had completed its cycle of reincarnation and helped him with united forces to demonst­rate exemplary Christ Love and Consciousness on Earth.

His crucifixion and subsequent resurrection symbolize both the impermanence of the human body as well as its potential immortality, which is merely an expression of the immortality of the soul.

This drama was designed by the causal worlds in the prophetic tradition of the Old Testament and intended to take away the fears from the young souls that Jesus had just transformed. By showing them the way of love in their long and grueling cycle, Jesus hoped to mitigate the anticipated negative aspects of this savage soul age. A historical analysis of the Christian Dark Ages cannot, however, confirm any resounding success of Christ’s mission in this pure form.

3. Psychological and Social Dynamics of the Light Body Process

Fear of the transience of the body and the personality after death is the greatest fear of all that a man can feel. It is also the biggest barrier to his ability to love.

Many experiences of the soul, especially in the mature soul cycle, are dedicated to this central theme of the reincarnation cycle. Since these are most often illnesses, accidents or invalidity, they are perceived by the persons concerned as “blows of fate”, on which man has no influence but must only endure. One feels like a victim and becomes a victim. This is the famous victimhood attitude as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This fear has originated many taboos, thinking and behaviour patterns that shape contemporary life. Their listing and discussion are beyond the scope of this book. It is important to note at this place that all readers of this book are not free from this type of thinking and taboos and must still struggle a lot with their fears.

Fear is destructive interference. It can be overcome if it is energetically transformed into constructive interference, that is to say, into love. In the wave theory, destructive interference can be overcome by using higher-frequency harmonic waves that inter­fere with the former until they come into resonance. The process can be dealt with mathematically in Fourier analysis and synthesis of wave theory. I will content myself here with the description of this process with popular, psychologically orien­tated terms.

Simply put, fear can be overcome by passing through the fear as if it were a firewall. The result is an illumination, a psychic and mental catharsis. Practically, one has to be confronted with his own fears in order to overcome them.

Energetically, this process is assessed by the “axiom on the reciprocal behaviour of the energetic gradients (long-range correlations, LRC) of two adjacent levels in a system” (see Axiomatics). With this fundamental operative axiom of the new theory of the Universal Law, all physical phenomena (interactions) can be described in a dynamic way. All present-day partial physical laws, which are actually applications of the Universal Law, have been historically derived with the help of this single axiom, even though the physicists are not aware of this fact as they are not interested in the epistemological basis of their science. This axiom assesses the dynamic, dialectical character of the two constituents of space-time = energy, space and time, which are canonically conjugated quantities and behave in a reciprocal manner. I could prove this cognitive issue of physics unequivocally in the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law (volume I and volume II) by using this axiom to derive all known physical laws from the Universal Equation of the Universal Law. Popularly speaking, that is, when this axiom is applied to human Gnosis and modern esotericism, it states as follows:

“If the anxiety in a body system goes through the roof, the counter-movement of love enters the body fields and melts the fear pattern in them”.

In terms of wave theory: If the destructive interference of fear, which is a relative one, reaches its peak, then there is a total destructive interference and a deletion of the fear pattern. The fear barrier, which consists of low-frequency wave pat­terns, is thus abolished or reduced and the higher frequency constructive interfe­rence of love can flood the human body. This explains why the ability of medium-ship – the direct connection to the soul – is massively augmented by situations of extreme angst, which can then be successfully overcome by the incarnated entity.

This illustration from the physical point of view of the wave theory as presented in the light of the Universal law, which I would strongly recommend to all my readers, explains many experiences that one will have to make during the Light Body Process over and over again.

The people, who are fully in the process, will experience situations that provoke their personal expressions of fear and anxiety behaviour in order to give them the opportunity to surmount them and gain courage. They will often experience states of total helplessness, and lose the ground under their feet until they recognize the priority of the soul.

Since the soul arranges these experiences in intimate knowledge of the psycho­logical structure of the earthly personality, one must assume that the experience will always be measured and optimal. Man is, ultimately, “a puppet on a string”, whether one wants to admit it or not. The sooner one comes to this painful realization, the easier and more blessed life will be, as Heraclitus already knew.

Humans must realize that the soul loves her incarnation unconditionally and she has created her out of this love. For this reason, any experience of the personality is exactly so as it should be and therefore should not be perceived as a punishment.

Nothing is more erroneous than to think in terms of guilt and atonement. These earthly categories have no relevance in the Spirit worlds. Every experience, no matter how painful it may be, brings the personality to deeper insights, reduces her fears and opens her up a little bit for the ecstatic state of the spiritual bliss, from which she came on earth and to which she will inevitably return after death.

First, the fear must come high, then it must be deleted or “burned” as an energetic pattern. The personality remains essentially unchanged because fear is not part of the core personality – she feels only cleansed and illumined by this ongoing cathar­sis (for more information on the essence of human catharsis read here). But the process is painful and requires a lot of courage and a strong will.

This short treatise of the elementary physical and mental conditions for the initiation and maintenance of the Light Body Process shows that the dynamics of this process encompasses the regulation of the body, mind and psyche and changes them fundamentally. The knowledge of their mode of action and their interactions pro­motes the process.

The physical phenomena that occur as symptoms and diseases are so individual that it makes little sense to summarize them here. In addition, a listing of possible symptoms would rather promote the hypochondria than the Light Body process.

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I shall confine myself below to the altering dynamics of psyche and mind.

4.  Disillusionment of the Ego (Surrender to the Soul)

We begin with the disillusionment of the ego (surrender of the ego to the soul), which occurs before the actual start of the Light Body Process and is the most painful psychic experience of all.

We have seen that the ego is a product of man’s free will and can decide against the interests of the soul. The concept of the “ego” thus describes the negative mental aspects of the earthly personality, which are characterized by her fear structure.

The ego is most pronounced in individuals with a young soul since they are insen­si­tive to the inner voice of the soul. They are subject to the illusion that they are fully “in control of their fate”. This view is also supported by a majority of mature and old souls, who have unfortunately adapted to the conditions of the present society of predominantly young souls and have problems with this current life.

For this reason, the disillusionment of the ego takes the form of a massive restriction of man’s free will, which can be caused by a variety of events.

First, it can affect the body. For example, sudden illnesses or accidents may occur, which may be aggravated by wrong medical treatment and in this way shake the faith of the person in present-day medicine and health care system. Such persons may be immobilized for long periods, may be dependent on help from relatives or strangers, or can no longer exercise their profession. They are, therefore, in a state of total helplessness – the doing is replaced by being.

Such incidents can, instead of playing out at the somatic level, occur at the level of the mind. One finds himself empty-handed in a desperate financial situation, which excludes any professional activity whatsoever. Such a person is “catapulted”, so to speak, out of social and professional life. This approach is particularly effective in men, who identify themselves with their careers. They must now recognize that they are valuable people without jobs and careers.

The events that affect the psyche often occur in individuals, e.g., in women, who build too close relations with partners or relatives and define their personality solely with these emotional bonds. They may suddenly suffer the loss of their beloved ones and plunge into a severe depression, which is always a re-evaluation at the soul level.

It could be argued in such cases that the soul takes over the active life of the earthly personality, by switching off the part of the mind, which we call “the ego”, and leaving it without any outer space to make any decisions against the soul. This state has a very salutary effect on the ego-mind because it now realizes that he has no longer anything under control but at the same time has to admit that life goes on without it.

The ego-mind discerns to his own surprise that it is carried by the soul like a baby in the womb of the mother. Fears that have shaped the current thinking are looming now high, their futility is recognized and they fizzle out for good. The entity goes through his fears and recognizes their chimeric nature. The personality learns to cope with her existential fears and to surmount them.

In recent years, such incidents have taken leaps and bounds. They concern mainly mature souls, who have focused their attention on the mentality of the predominant young soul and are now preparing for the transition to the cycle of the old soul.

With the advent of the new transliminal personality, there will be a global paradigm shift in society. It will shake up the young souls’ mentality and transfer them into the cycle of the adult soul. These people, who constitute about half of the world population, will experience within a very short period of time the collective state of total helplessness (as we will witness beginning this year).

This condition will be caused by the following social events. The “free” market eco­nomy will plunge into its biggest crisis, from which it will never recover. The stock markets will crash. Most large companies and corporations will go bankrupt or will not be able to sell their old-fashioned products (The new astral techno­logies of the autonomous communities of mature and old souls will undermine their existence.) and will need to lay off their employees. The banks will also go bust. The old money will be devalued because world inflation can no longer be hidden. The impen­ding recession will deepen. The state budget can not be patched, it behaves like the “bed of Procrustes”. Health care, pensions and other state institutions can no longer be funded and will also collapse. The state and the politicians will be helpless in the face of this complete social reshuffle of human civilisation and will demise (As linear time is an illusion this precise description of the End Time scenario of ascension which I outlined in 2001 is valid for what will happen in 2019 and 2020 and probably several more years thereafter until humanity learns its lessons. Read also: Astral Dynamics of the Global Economic Crisis on the Eve of the Parousia)

The confidence and the sense of security of the people in the Western industrialized countries, which consist mainly of young souls will be irreversibly shaken. Inflation, mass unemployment, bankruptcies, no secure health and retire­ment benefits will stir the collective fears of the masses to unimaginable heights. They will make the experience that old behaviour patterns are no longer any solution to their problems (This forecast applies to that portion of humanity that will not ascend and will have to struggle first with all the consequences from the collapse of the old 3D matrix before they open up to the higher realms and their souls.).

Competition and social strife will only aggravate the situation, whereas cooperation and altruism will prove to be trumps (That is why the current policies of Trump based on individual and national egoism (MAGA) are very effectively eroding the old matrix and accelerating its collapse). Science, religion and ethics will plunge into their deepest identity crisis with the appearance of the first transliminal personality and the recognition of the new theory of the Universal Law – two events that will prove theoretically and practically the priority of Spirit (as the Primary Term of human consciousness, from which all other human ideas can be derived in an axiomatic manner) over matter – and will not be able to offer any intellectual assistance.

The confusion will be total. People will need to purify themselves mentally and psychologically in a very short period of time so as to change their thinking and their values ​​from the ground up if they do not want to miss the connection to the new enlightened civilisation of love. Their existential fears will be the driving forces behind this dramatic change (see also essay at the end of the book).

This divine operation was planned a long time ago in the leading 7F-creationary realms for the End Time and comes in an encrypted form in the two letters of St. Paul to the Thessalonians, which must be considered as inspired (channelled) texts.

(These letters were actually written by Apollonius of Tyana to his best friend and spiritual partner Damis (Timotheus)). According to Paul, the announcement of the “Apocalypse/Collapse” of the economy and the Revelation/Apocalypse of the evil (the Orion/Reptilian Empire as past and current PTB) will be initiated with the appearance, the parousia of the first transliminal personality, which he describes as  “the Second Coming of Christ” (2 Thess 2).

The groundwork for the collapse of the so-called “free market”, which is actually a criminal power cartel of banks, funds and corporations, has been already set in motion and will come into play in the next few years. It does not take any clairvoyance to predict this collapse but only a clear, logical, analytically trained mind to identify the current processes, which will plunge the world economy into ruin very soon (footnote 2).

This highly creative process will set free the space for the rapid construction of the new humanity of love and enlightenment. It is thus a dialectical part of the Evolutionary Leap.

As can be seen, the Light Body Process leads at the individual level inevitably to global social changes that can be summarized under the term “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”. The principle of the Evolutionary Leap is well known: inside as outside and outside as inside, that is say, the principle of self-similarity. In the physical sense, the principle of self-similarity is the establishment of constructive interference between the spiritual principles of energy conversion in the 7F-creationary levels with the principles of the social organization of mankind on the earth, which will also be of a spiritual nature.

This harmonisation includes the following concrete steps: The collective view of the world has to make a departure from the principle of separation before the principle of unity, which is also the principle of love, is established on Earth. The principle of separation, which was represented by the young souls in the Christian era, has produced the following wrong collective conceptions (mental N-sets):

1. The doctrine of evolution and the empirical dogma of fake science (read: The Fraud of Modern Science – Ebook);

2. The principle of competition;

3. The principle of power and secrecy, which has produced the following phenomena:

a)  The supposedly “free” market economy, which is in reality an oligopoly power structure;

b)   corruption;

c)    secret services, stirring up most wars;

d)   the collective compulsion to constantly lie and suppress the truth.

4.  The principle of state sovereignty, which causes a division of mankind;

5.  The principle of scarcity: In order for the few to have very much, the masses are supposed to have very little and they must believe in this faulty principle of distribution (through ideological brainwashing by the mass media, which are dominated by a few moguls of the Elite, relying on dubious economic and social theories), etc.

These collective perceptions that build powerful energetic patterns in the astral field of the earth and have a lasting effect on individual human behaviour, must vanish forever, so that the new principles of love and solidarity, transparency, unconditional honesty, voluntary refusal to use power, generosity, faith in the cosmic abundance, etc., can be firmly established and develop new energetic frequency and behaviour patterns in humanity. This is essentially the social background of the Evolutionary Leap of mankind that has, of course, numerous facets.


1. See “Archetypes of the Soul” by V. Hasselmann and F. Schmolke.

2. For more details see my collection of lectures “The New Energology of the Universal Law.
The Modern Theory of Economics From the Point of View of the Universal Law” and the essay “Astral Dynamics of the Global Economic Crisis on the Eve of Parousia” at the end of this book as well as the numerous articles in the  Section “Economic Collapse” on this website.


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