New Year’s Contemplations of a Star Seed on LBP, Life and Sex

By Brewster, December 31, 2011

Wonderful comments on the LBP from everyone on report-45. I like how we all kinda got it covered amongst all of us. This is great that this information is now available through your site to anyone who might benefit from it.

On the sounds in one’s ears. Yes, I hear a constant frequency in my left ear (only). It’s a high frequency that almost doesn’t seem to be in my ear but in my head. I hear my heartbeat added to it. If you understand modulation (like AM / FM radio), it’s like this high frequency is always there steady and my heartbeat modulates it so I hear my heart whooshing that background frequency.

Diane had said she couldn’t wait to get out of 3D. I know what she is saying but I have been feeling for some time now, that there is much about 3D that I actually very much appreciate and in this lifetime, with all my dedication to the ascension process, I feel like I got cheated out of 3D life.  And of course the cabal has severely interfered with the enjoyment of 3D life. If a person wanted a simple life, perhaps in some remote rural area, either alone or in community and were fully self-sufficient and enjoying only the good things in life, some jack-booted thug would come along and oust them.

What does irritate me is that I have not been given full and constant access to the higher dimensions yet. I look forward to being out from under the veil and have access to much more information at a conscious level. I look forward to instant manifestation, which my h.s. planted in my mind a few years back and, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know that I will have that ability after my ascension. And to do with that, I look forward to the lack of “have to’s” in the higher dimensions. I get the sense that if we want to we can still have a physical body, still eat, sleep, exercise, do physical work but only if we choose to. So, I look forward to having the physical body that I’ve not been able to maintain for many years now due to this knock-down, drag-out LBP.  My body will look like what I want it to without the slow processes required through diet and exercise.

But I also actually look forward to returning to 3D to assist others, knowing that I’ll have full access then to higher dimensions and all the creative powers that come with that. Even though I’ve been honed to be very present, I sense that after my ascension I will be able to be very attentive to each moment and to fully drink it in – someone’s company, dinner, hiking – whatever it is, I’ll be so completely right there with absolutely no concern. I know if there is anything I might need to know, I’ll know it when I need it and not have to be concerned about missing it or taking a while to get it due to the veil which will be no longer.

On “light languages”, yes, one definition of light is “information.”  Indeed.

Also, a few months back, some article had spoken of getting out from the misconception that religions planted that spirit and matter are separate. They are not. They are the same thing, expressed differently along a continuum. All is light.

And on energy sensing – I sometimes get warm spots where my “horns” would be. Michelangelo depicted Moses with horns. It’s a symbol of spiritual connection and yet the Vatican demonized it through the idol of the horned devil which they created and admitted as much in the ’60s, but by then it had become “common knowledge” and tough to dislodge from the collective human psyche.

On the topic of kundalini. First of all, I’ve not been a student of tantric sex or the like, but what little I’ve read about it made me think, “Duh!.”  It’s like anything that I thought was useful in what I’d researched I had been doing all along and no one had to teach it to me. But like the lyrics to a song said, these days, “We even have to be taught how to breathe.”

One thing tantric sex pushes, is prolonging the building of ecstatic energy, to not be so “outcome oriented.”  I have always been into slowly feeling it build. I also have been intentional at utilizing the ecstatic energy and the chakras opening during sex. Most of the time it was as simple as asking to be the clearest connection between Heaven and Earth that I could be and not just in that moment but always. I just super-charged my intentions with the ecstatic energy. I’ve always said that sex was a very natural way to connect Heaven and Earth.  It offers a taste of higher dimensional ecstasy that some achieve through drugs and alcohol but, the act itself is healthier, or, well, should be if handled properly. Big “if” in this world.

I had two long-term partners in this lifetime. We had problems leading to our breakup, but the sex was good and the attitudes about sex were good. Since splitting with my last ex, Life brought me awareness of where many people are. Many people were molested as children – almost everyone I met for a two-year period of time had been. One person I met had the same experience I had of meeting many people over a two-year period of time that had been molested. Life showed us both what most people here have been through.

Many people are severely wounded and disillusioned about sex. One lover asked me if sex was a bad thing. Another lover would ask me if they were doing something wrong if I didn’t get off in under 3 minutes. My last long-term ex told me they were seeing someone and initially their lover could not get them to climax which didn’t bother my ex at all who was just happy to be intimate with them but this person said perhaps they were not sexually compatible. It took a while for my ex to calm them down off that attitude.

I spent time on the dating scene a few years back and it became obvious people were quite obsessed with searching for a lover and would spend MANY hours of their life looking and yet once they had you they wanted to rush through the act, as if they had some better place to be.

People are most certainly using sex as they would use any addictive escapism substance or act. Ram Dass had quoted someone on how people use addictions to “get closer to Jesus… but only for an hour or two.” The better course is to dedicate to gaining and maintaining that Divine connection so it is always there for you.

Here is a quote from a movie that I felt really sums up how most people use sex:

“This isn’t about connection for you. This isn’t even about sex for you. This is about finding an hour or two of relief of the pain of being you.”

~  From the movie “Love and Other Drugs”

I can see the plague of collective dysfunction surrounding sexuality as one reason why so many would put such emphasis on sexual breakthroughs and kundalini. I must admit that I had initially taken my inner knowingness and healthy utilization of sex for granted, until Life showed me just how dysfunctional most people are concerning sex. So, I guess many people have to deal with those levels of sexual healing that I just never had to go through. I can see how most would just be awed by even connecting sex with spirit in any way. Sex has certainly been made “dirty” in this world and the contradictory messages bombarding people day in and day out are outrageous. Billboards, TV, magazines all slather us in sexual imagery and yet one is not allowed even the most innocuous and cleverest of sexual innuendo in the work place. It’s that “elitist” thing again – sending the message of how wonderful sex is… but it’s not for YOU.

Urban vs. rural living. Ah, yes, who wouldn’t want to be closer to nature. I was raised on a farm in a very remote area. I have lived in a city my adult life, but have been mostly in places that were very quiet and this city cannot seemingly get away from nature. The last place I lived had a 1/2 acre yard, beautifully matured landscaping and was across the street from two open school grounds and a park which I could see from my front window.  In the last two years, circumstances have forced me to be taken in by someone in their cave of an apartment next to a busy, noisy arterial. Certainly not any place I’d choose to live, but I have no choice in it and this is where I have had the most intense part of my LBP.  Oh (ode) to joy.

Someone had said that many of us serve as acupuncture needles, injecting our energy into key spots. I can see how my energy is much needed here, although not pleasant for me here. Both the audible noise and energetic noise from this location was overwhelming initially but I do OK with it for now but look forward to getting back closer to nature after my ascension. I never lose the connection with Gaia though.

I am sensing a readiness to return to people now. The last two times I’ve gone out for groceries, I have felt very up and enjoyed being around people. I know I was beaming a big smile at one point and had it reflected back to me several times.

Just something interesting… there is someone that I have worked with on their healing on and off over the last three years. They come and go. They arrive when they are in a low place and ask for my advice and they have issues with connecting with people, but they know I “see” them, both their true self and also all the dysfunction covering that. I tell them the same things that I always do, that their own intuition also consistently tells them, but they choose to be stuck. I sent them packing yet again here recently (11th of this month actually).

I have told them of my inner work but I was never given permission to tell them of the challenges of my outer circumstances for the past few years.  I’ve hinted at things, like not having money, but my h.s. would not allow further details. I figure it has to do with not frightening them or burdening them as their own rather trivial (comparatively) challenges already seem overwhelming to them.  Well, a few days ago, I really felt an urge to tell them what all I’ve gone through, which are levels far beyond their challenges, while still helping to support their healing process, often with them lashing out at me and fighting with me as if I were some personification of their own intuition that they fight so hard. I thought of them when I read your term “unreflected compassion” in your Winds of Change article.

I was finally given permission to tell them more details so they would know that I was supporting them when they were not giving me even the simplest of support and I had been in a more challenging scenario. I haven’t heard back from them and don’t really expect to, but I see this as one more indication of the coming shift.  It’s as if they are about to see the financial and subsequent healing / ascension challenges themselves very soon so I was allowed to basically give them a heads up.

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