State-of-Ascension-Report-29: The Ascension Season 11.11.11 Is Still Opened.

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-29, November 18, 2011

November 17, 2011

Thank you, Georgi for posting.

I don’t know whether to talk about it, but I need to share it. I cannot keep it to myself.

I have this strong sense that right now the Galactics and the Ones, known as our Ascended Masters, are in the decision making how effectively to awaken the sleeping masses.

The reason why there was no complete ascension on 11.11.11 is that the Darks have influenced with their mind control and brainwash technology  the souls of the sleeping masses in a way that they unconsciously agreed with their agenda. This means, they can’t be “awakened” as their “soul-contract” has changed and they are now closely attached to the Dark.Pretty weird, but I couldn’t sleep last night and this scenario was so present in my awareness, that I could not deny it. And even today this story is very present in my mind as a given fact. Before that I had yesterday seriously asked for information what’s going on and what the delay of the mass awakening was about and what the further plans were for them.Also I feel that we are part of this decision making, I know that I am invited to their meetings. I have been last night, but the thing is, that I only feel overwhelmed with white fire in my body and know something is going on on another dimension with my higher self, but of which I am not directly conscious. But it is a strong “inuition” and feeling, even now, as I am sitting typing this on my computer, it feels like we are sitting together on this other dimension trying to make the right decision.So what is going on is that they are trying now to “change” the Dark Ones by bomarding them with Light and Love, because we know that ultimately the light always wins (I know you have a different view on this). And we also know that a number of them has already changed sides and are now on the side of the Light. The idea is, that changing the Dark themselves means that the masses can be awakened.

This sounds of course like a grandiose divine Plan which considers all souls involved. To mind comes now these magnificent stories written down in the Ancient Indian Wisdom Teachings, called the Puranas. They tell stories, where horrible things are happening because of the mean actions of the demons, and … well, it’s always the Mephisto story in the end: “Ich bin ein Teil von jener Kraft, die stets das  Böse will und stets das Gute schafft” (Goethe).

This version however means that the general time of awakening and our physical presence on earth would be delayed further to an unknown time of waiting, until this effort of converting the dark powers to the light succeeds.

However, last night also the option of a pole shift was discussed. With such an event the energy fields of people are opening, which provides the opportunity, because of their vulnerability, to intervene with light and thereby information directly pouring into their energetic structure, which can disconnect them from the Dark and enable them to make new decisions on their soul level.

In this case I told them that we should  be lifted to be spared from this kind of ever increasing drama on earth. So I asked to give us the opportunity to ascend fully at that time. Some of us might return later to help them further in their awakening process. Others would work with them from our new dimensional place.

Now there is a strong concern that with the pole shift too many would react with intense fear, which could greatly turn a well intended action into a greater disaster and suffering of the masses, and so there is much uncertainty about the outcome and how beneficial it would really be for them. Ein Schuss nach hinten, sozusagen (A shot backwards, so to say, a German saying).

So therefore I vote for us staying here longer and endure this drama here for the sake of everyone for an undefinite time … so far.

I do not feel very comfortable to communicate this whole thing, but thought there are others who might be able to confirm all of this. This would tell me, that I am not crazy or invent things or being influenced by forces who want to manipulate me. I also would prefer that you do not make this public on your website to read for everybody, those things should bot be discussed with everybody, but should be kept between the PAT team. So please only discuss this further, if you like, privately with other members.  And please let me know what you and others feel about it and the way they would like to vote.

Thank you!

Dear Ute,

Thank you very much for your  extremely valuable information and contribution to our ongoing discussion on 11.11.11 and the aftermath.

When I made you aware of the fact that you participate in these council meetings (Ratsitzungen)  at the highest levels, I was sure that you will be opened to this information and will contribute to our collective knowledge. When you read my latest report that will be published today, including our latest email exchange, you will find out that almost everything that you are telling me in this email has already been discussed or covered by this report.

I personally have absolutely the same intuitive information from my higher self as you and my evaluation of the current situation is identical to yours. It is a misunderstanding that I do not believe that the current very powerful 11.11.11 energies of love cannot transmute the dark ones, as it is precisely this energetic principle that is in the core of my new Human Gnosis. You will read in my last report that I discuss this aspect in the same way as you do on many occasions.

Just like you, I sense, better know, that the higher realms are perplexed now and have no clear idea how to proceed in the next days, as there are many options and many imponderables.

I am happy that you raise the question with the pole shift which most us have forgotten, but it is indispensable for the further ascension of Gaia and must definitely take place at some point in time in the near future. It is precisely because the higher realms wanted to evade this catastrophic event as not to raise the already very high fear level of humanity that they cancelled the Full Ascension and preferred the Light Version of it. I have stressed this issue in all my post 11.11.11 Ascension Reports, but somehow many of my readers did not pay the necessary attention to this crucial aspect.

But in order to let Gaia ascend fully to the 4th and 5th dimensions, as it was originally planned, the highest realms responsible for this planet must at some point in time change the magnetic field of earth and this means to carry out the shift of the magnetic and physical poles which will be inevitably associated with huge movements of continental masses and massive losses of human life.

This is the reason why I try to keep the whole picture always present in my mind, while most of the people remain stuck in their emotional tribulations around the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. It is very difficult for most humans, no matter how evolved they may be as is the case with my readers, the members of the PAT, to keep the full picture of all the complex events associated with earth in the End Times at the same time in their consciousness and not to get lost in the meanders of their still 3d-linear thinking. This still existing mental deficiency, which will be soon overcome, causes inevitably a number of misunderstandings which I am trying to work out in carefully elaborated discussions with my readers in the post 11.11.11 Ascension Reports.

In fact, I knew about the cancelling of the Full Ascension around November 2-3 and wrote an email to  Sue Caroll to ask her Arcturian source about this aspect. However she, deplorably, did not show much personal courage as she was erroneously afraid of  being accused for giving wrong information in the past and vanished from the surface. She  published namely two messages from the Arcturians in October, which clearly confirmed a Full Ascension of earth and of the members of the PAT to the 5th dimension through the portals, they had already created, while changing their carbon-based bodies with crystalline ones. I also published these messages on my website, as they were correct at that time and this alternative was the favourite outcome of this event at this phase of preparation.

After that the question of creating a huge wave of fear among the human population became imminent in the higher realms in the regular council meetings, in which you and I are always present. It was concluded that the expected awakening of the masses, especially in the USA and Europe, did not take place in this massive form as anticipated, so that mankind could not offset the negative emotional dark pattern on this planet in a more favourable manner as to carry out the Full Ascension project. The decision to cancel this alternative was then taken around November 2-3, about one week before the actual opening of the stargate 11.11.11.

Your information that the dark ones used 4d-technologies to beam the human population and even the members of the PAT in October is absolutely correct and was confirmed by many of my readers in my Ascension Reports at that time. They tried also to hijack my website physically under the code name of “Satina” (for Satan) and only due to my rigorous and immediate intervention could this nefarious attack of the dark hats  be successfully evaded.

Between November 1 and November 10 I received more than 10 subversive emails from dubious dark sources that used every possible scheme of mind control and manipulation that has been used on this planet to confuse me and prevent me from carrying out the PAT mission to the end.

It is remarkable that after 11.11.11 these email attacks stopped all of a sudden, which I contribute to the fact that they have now retrieved to their lower 4d-astral level and can no longer affect us due to the flooding of these powerful harmonious 11.11.11 energies in our chakras and in the astral atmosphere of the earth.

So, yes, my assessment fully coalesces with your information and I hoped strongly that you will make this vital contribution for our better understanding of what has happened in the last days and what is yet to come in the next days.

Dear Ute, when you read  my report of today you will find out that it contains all the topics that you also address in this email, but you give your unique perception of the events and therefore I would ask you to permit me to publish it in the next report as it is a very important contribution to our effort to  find out the truth (Wahrheitsfindung), which is indispensable for our further mission here on earth.

In addition, I am very thankful to you if you continue to update me with your valuable insights and clear perceptions, upon which  I can critically gauge my own information from the higher self with the aim of achieving a truthful and objective picture of the complex multidimensional reality, in which we have already entered.

In love and light
Dear Georgi,

after I have sent my last email to you, I had absolute certainty that everything I described was correct. It was a truth, which filled my whole body, I WAS this information, so to speak from the heart. (This reminds me of the Plejadians who say that humanity is a living library!) So I am glad that you confirm it.

Well, as you anyway want to discuss this whole matter in public, I guess it makes not much difference to add my version of it.

Regarding my participation in these meetings, it happened today that I became more and more conscious of it in many ways. This becomes more and more interesting. So, thank you for mentioning it to me. This was of great help.

The newest stand of the situation is that they are tending now more towards the pole shift, to end this loooong troublesome path and not to extend it much further. It could become otherwise an endless misery of forth and back and perhaps too much asked of us.

They want to find ways to prevent fear with their own light technology. Also, as most of the population would die, it would be easier to help them to ascend in an after-death body, where they would have a more direct insight into their past and future and soul evolution.

In the after-death body they could be taught and develop to be fit for ascension, if they choose so, which would be easier for them than in the 3D body. There would be 3 groups of people:

1) those who die,

2) those who stay, but who are prepared for this on a soul level and ascend anyway, and

3) the ones who directly ascend (such as the members of the PAT).

This was the discussion of this afternoon, AEST.

However, I still  feel weird to communicate this, probably because at this moment I am not anymore in the meeting and more in my 3D reality.

Dear Ute,

Thank you for this additional information and for your consent to be published on the Ascension Report. I would like to substantiate it with my dream that I had last night after I had yesterday an intensive dialogue with my higher self on this same issue.

I am used to work with energetic probability alternatives in a very abstract manner in the dream state. This would say that I do not need 3d-material symbols (gegenständliche Symbole) that translate the information from the higher realms into linear data. I simply operate with such alternatives as energetic patterns, similar to clouds that merge and dissolve. Last night my information was the following:

The higher realms are now preparing their own version for mankind and Gaia and we, the members of the PAT. the ground crew, must, each one of us, clearly define our own probability version as an individual destiny in the End Times. This should be done at best in a firm conscious manner and when the time comes for the greater alternative for mankind to be realized, our individual alternatives will be merged with this one and will also come to completion.

Simply speaking: Yesterday, I ended in a final, irrevocable manner my vow as a soul to help Gaia to the last minute. I said that Gaia has so far ascended after the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 and that from now on she can do the rest on her own.

I did this in a loud voice many times, so that my higher self and the corresponding realms could clearly hear my decision. I said further that from now on I take my destiny fully in my hand and without caring any more for Gaia. From now on I have only responsibilities towards humanity, which are clearly outlined in my books as a manifest:

1) to promote the new theory of the Universal Law among scientists and abolish empirical science and

2) to help eliminate all organized religions as an Ascended Master who will appear officially in front of humanity.

I stated that these two key aspects of my mission on earth need a lot of time to be fulfilled and hence I can no longer wait the completion of all objectives from the higher realms with regard to Gaia and humanity, but that  this “superstrata of goals” should be from now adjusted to my personal goals. In other words, I changed the rules of the game in a very resolute manner.

This firm demand on my side is backed by the fact that the Galactics have so far failed in their obligation to awaken sufficiently enough incarnated souls on the ground. This was a clear-cut statement in a language the higher realms very well understand.

Last night I essentially got the confirmation that I should go ahead with my goals and objectives and they will accelerate their global probability alternative for Gaia and humanity, so that both alternatives could merge into one timeline very soon.

This information in the lucid dream state essentially confirms your information that the Galactics and the ascended masters now want to perform the pole shift earlier than plannedafter they cancelled the Full Ascension at 11.11.11.

From now on they have also to consider the personal goals and soul contracts of the few ascended masters on earth, who still dwell in physical vessels and have to suffer the endless challenges of this reality. In other words, Heaven can no longer expand our soul contracts ad libidum. We have already reached the bottom line.

This is the alternative which I have favoured since 11.11.11 and which I have forwarded in a very strong tone to Heaven yesterday. This is also the prevailing opinion of the members of the PAT, which I analysed and published during this last week after this event in the Ascension Reports.

In this respect your information overlaps fully with mine. This should be the kind of communication we should now keep with the higher realms in a conscious manner in the coming days. When we all speak with one voice that we want:

1) A rash solution to the current stalemate, which is an immediate pole shift.

2) Parallel to it a full Ascension of the members of the PAT and the subsequent return of some of them on earth to help humanity in these difficult time and

3) Those dark ones that cannot be awakened must leave earth as they only hinder the awakening of the rest,

it will be so!!!

We have now reached the point in time, where no further optimization in the harvesting of souls is possible, so that we must go ahead with the pole shift and the other imminent issues.

I would very much appreciate if as many of my readers and members of the PAT as possible subscribe to this alternative and also address their higher souls and demand the realisation of this solution. I assure you we will be heard.


November 17, 2011

Hello Georgi,

In Report 27, you write:

” It was the minimal solution because the GF has failed grosso modo to awaken their souls (star seeds) on the ground in the necessary large number as they promised to provide when the masterplan for the End Times of earth and humanity was approved eons of time ago. You must remember this fact as we both we present at this council meetings at the highest levels. ”

You are talking about Ute, a soul being that was with you eons of time ago.

Is it possible that some or many members of the PAT are already well known by you?

They had a direct connection with you long time ago.

Dear Marcel,

This is exactly the truth. All my readers and members of the PAT are old soul mates of mine and for that reason it was so easy to connect, because we know each other at the soul level and have rehearsed this mission numerous times for the End Times.

This is what I call “the connecting of the dots” and this scenario has been described by myself in detail in my German book “Thoughts” which I started to write in 2000 and finished in 2008. It is on my website. All possible scenarios for this planet and humanity at the End Times were known to me on one or another form for a long time and I have elaborated them in my books. In this way I co-created the future scenarios for humanity.

All this information is given by my higher self, when I write it down, it is almost “automatic writing”. The notable difference to the conventional automatic writing is that all information I receive from the highest realms goes through my analytical mind and I only enter information that is fully compatible with the axiomatic principle of logical thinking, which is a concrete implementation of the “Logos” as the Universal Law in linear human language.

We have not entered yet this exciting area as my readers have not yet grasped the theoretical importance of this issue. They are interested in scattered facts beyond the veil, but not in the theoretical methods how to generate truthful information in the first place. I wished I could lead such an enlightened discussion on this website, but I do not have yet the adequate counterparts to carry out this kind of theoretical conversation.

In love and light
November 17, 2011


Your work has gone beyond planes and the harmonics are now shooting out like mushrooms.



Question #1

If you kept seeing a 7-foot tall spiralling tunnel-looking thing where you lived…but with closer inspection, it almost looks like an irising door…but it also looks kind a biological with tons of spiralling legs, what would you think it is? It usually appears where I live during sunset, and it is emmitting a very high compassionate vibe… Does anyone here know what it is? A portal?

Dear Eagle.

Question #1 sounds like a portal. I have never seen one, but latelIy have been reading about people with portals. Apparently these portals are a product and reflection of yourself. I have been reading about it at

There is a woman called Callista who can see these portals and can probably tell you more.

With love and light
another Eagle
Dear Divsy

What an interesting email!! Of course there are personal portals and also portals on the surface of the planet. The ones on the planet have been there for ever but people are just becoming aware of them because many of the portals are in another dimension. I think they are somehow connected to grids, but I dont know much about grids and am making myself available to learn more about them. I think that some grids are best left alone as they have been messed with by malevolent forces. But other grids are becoming evident as we increase our awareness.

One of the wonderful things about George’s website is that it has made people aware of their own personal portal/ merkaba/ merkana as a vehicle for personal movement between dimensions or between the octaves of a particular dimension. Also the website has validated many experiences for people who felt alone or misunderstood.

I guess its the hundredth monkey syndrome- when one hundred people realise their potential, it ricochets around the planet and awakens many more. This is the essence of our mission I feel.

I am currently looking at Lyssa Royal’s work and also the Lambdoma work of Barbara Hero and am getting a Golden Vortex pendant from here . I am always interested in anything that supports my physical body as it integrates the new frequency. If you can suggest any other websites I would be interested

The new frequencies we are now experiencing are beyond anything I could imagine in this paradigm.

November 17, 2011

Hi George,

this Christian had a near death experience, and was shown fifth dimensional earth.

Howard Storm – On the future world

Odaine Carr
November 17, 2011

Dear Georgi,

I apologize for the late email to you. I am hoping that everything is good with you. And yeah, the full ascension on 11.11.11 did not happen as planed, instead, the “light version” was excused by Heaven. That is okay. I am not blaming anything and anybody, because we all know that we are here only to experience and surpass the belief system.

The fact is that our PAT has made it, and as long as we are living in the highest and divine self, we will be creating our own version of reality. Let me tell you something. 11.11.11 has been regarded as the symbol or reference to ascension.

This ascension message is still being broadly sharing in my country. The teachings such as living with unconditional love and releasing fear-based pattern have been greatly agreed and resonated by many many of my readers. I just want to make you aware that our efforts work, and our efforts are helping people awaken, indeed! Keep on the course~

With love and light,


Dear William,

Thank you very much for this confirmation and  absolutely no need for apologies. We all had huge expectations that were not fully realized.

Indeed, after we have done our utmost effort to open the portals at the stargate 11.11.11 and to make it possible for these powerful energies to flood earth and the chakras of the people, we must now make the best of it and carry out this mission and process to its final end. It would be a pity now, after we have almost won the battle with the dark ones, to lose patience or confidence in the bright future of mankind and to begin to doubt our final ascension, which has only been postponed for a while for the sake of mankind, but by no means cancelled.

I am happy that your countrymen also see it in the same way, which is a clear sign for their soul evolution. We must continue  to enlighten the people as the real End Times of change have just commenced and we will soon emerge as the true leaders of humanity.

In love and light
November 17, 2011

Hallo George,

I have read your latest report and I am at peace with the situation and will continue to spread the light in my community.

I do wonder however, those of us (PAT) that were to ascend on 11.11.11, we had various tasks to fulfil, such as Gatekeepers, preparing New Earth or assisting the sleeping community to awaken.

Now, are those tasks been taken over by someone else (The Galactics or Agarthans?), or is the whole process (mass and Gaia ascension) only put on halt and we will continue at a later time when the vibration of humanity is at a desired level?

Love and Blessings,
Dear Joe,

Actually our responsibilities and duties have augmented after only the light version of Ascension was carried out, as we must now emanate the new powerful 11.11.11 energy with our biological bodies and spread it among the rest of mankind as to help awaken it.

If you read my next report of tomorrow, the higher realms need our effort on the ground more than ever and they are also somewhat puzzled how to diffuse these huge dark energies on earth more effectively without creating too much fear and havoc.

Please do not forget that the pole shift was only delayed, but not cancelled as it is an indispensable prerequisite for the ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension, which was now postponed for a later date. When this event will take place and huge continental masses will be moved and many million people will die and leave earth, we must come out and take over the leadership of mankind. In this case I assume that we must first ascend and then return back on this earth as light gestalts, empowered with unlimited abilities to create.

There is no other way to cope with the huge changes that are still awaiting mankind in the coming months.

We may also get support from the Agarthans and the Galactics, but not before some of us have ascended. Those who are Gatekeepers are doing now their job to keep the portals open and after Ascension they will continue doing this job. Nobody will  leave this “theatre of battle” before this job has been completely finished.

In love and light
November 17, 2011

Hello George,

even if I am not writing mails to you regularly it does not mean I am a lost cause, quite the contrary. However I knew intuitively that something concerning the end of Mayan calendar as proposed by Calleman feels strange and not in harmony with my higher self. When I attended Callemans conference in Ljubljana I had a strange feeling about this man, quite a few points were showing in a possible direction that he might be yet another tool of the cabal or just that he is plain wrong. After listening to what Johan Oldenkamp is saying my doubts increased. If you do not know about this mans work please take a look, maybe for you it will be nothing new but who knows.

Dear Rudi,

Thank you very much for your information. I will listen to this video later on in the day.

I would not go that far as to accuse Calleman of being a tool of the dark Cabal, but I always had the sense that he is not very medial and has no direct link to his higher self. For that reason he stresses too much on external proofs in order to predict the future of mankind in the End Times instead of concentrating more on what his soul is telling him.

This is, by the way, a huge hurdle and the actual “separation of the wheat from the chuff”.

I made the same experience with Alfred Webre, with whom I worked together before I opened this website. He is also deaf to the inner voice of his soul and runs easily into misinformation, such as that of the dubious anonymous source “Tolec” as an alleged representative of the Andromedan council, instead of listening to my clear-cut advices from the background, which he received in abundance since Mai 2011.

This same pattern could be also observed with Beckow. These type of persons learn very slowly and only after they are  pitilessly hit by the destiny on their empty heads as is the case with Celente (see my latest report) and very soon the case with Fulford, whom I also advised in vain in the past.

This is my ultimate assessment of all Callemans, Webres, Beckows and the like.

In love and light
Dear George,

thank you very much for your prompt and explicit reply. Your reasoning sounds very probable, however I was listening to Calleman LIVE and my feelings were not positive. He was even reluctant to answer to very straight questions on the topic he was presenting. I am with you that he is one of those who do NOT listen to his own inner voice, but I can not accept that he is predicating about the evolution of human consciousness, but keeping himself out of it, it is just out of tune to say the least. At the end it is not important if he is just like you say or he is a disinformation man, the fact is that we can not put all our cards on his calendar dates.

When I look back to the supposed March to October 9th wave, my recurrent feeling is that it can not be it, it had not a 20 fold speed rate at all for me, neither was there anything energetically special. Why during this last wave nothing we know will collapse soon did not manifest? By the end of the 9th wave at least financial system and religions should brake down, why they did not? Could be that the 9th wave did not start yet like Oldencamp is saying? I would not under estimate the cabal, they know much more we know, why are they still in the state of business as usual? Why they did not pull their last cards yet? Many are saying the PTB is defeated, but if you look for the facts your conclusions will be different. About two years ago I predicted as a joke that when we will experience 7 days without any chemtrails, this will be a clear sign that the PTB is defeated.

I think I know Beckow, Calleman, Webre and Fulford quite well from their writings, however I never resonated with Webre and the last year feel the same about Calleman. Am I polarized? Quite possibly but what if I am right?

With love and light,
Dear Rudi,

you are absolutely right in your intuition about these men. When you are not able to hear the pristine voice of your soul, you are always susceptible to dark influences. It is as simple as that and that is the famous “Fall from Grace” on this planet,

Calleman, himself, was over-evaluated from the very beginning. I am almost tired to reiterate this opinion and I did say this on several occasions publicly, but was really over rolled by his supporters. Please, do not forget that only an year ago he was the Guru of all New Age Gurus, the absolute authority.

It is very easy to become prominent with a simple idea such as a calender. Even quite recently some people wanted to attack me on my article about the ultimate scientific proof on 11.11.11. departing from the Mayan calender, which  I took only as a hook to explain the nature of No-Time versus linear time within my space-time concept.

Some very aggressive critics of my article wanted to discuss with me the Mayan calender and why I have been wrong with this proof and they could not comprehend that I do not care about this calender at all. I was ultimately wrong with the Ascension date 11.11.11, but on completely different  grounds.

I responded to my critics  that I am not a specialist on the Mayan calender and I do not intend to become one. I do not even care about it, as I check the reality on the ground to determine the pace of the events. I should also recommend you to do the same and not use surrogates for your analysis of the End Times.

Now, both Calleman and I were wrong somewhat in our prognosis when the collapse of the old world order will come. If you read my latest information, you will find a lot of explanation for this delay. My advantage to Calleman is that  I do not rely on a fix calender, but use direct data from the social development on the ground and thus I am much more flexible.

Since October, it was evident to me that the dumbed down American masses will not make it and truly revolt. The same holds true for Europa and especially for Germany, where my countrymen are even more dumbed down than the Americans. This fact also explains the delay in the financial and economic crash, which is already there since 2008.  But the system is kept artificially running on pure fraud at the expense of the broad population.

Would  this fraud have been challenged and sanctioned by the masses earlier and more effectively than the stupid Occupy Wall Street movement now does, the crash would have come much earlier. as all events are closely interlinked. It is the level of awakening of mankind that determines the pace of progress on this planet and not an obscure calender.

I would have loved to discuss these issues at length, but I could not find the enlightened counterparts to stimulate me for this discussion and most of my readers were not interested in social events either, as they were preoccupied with the building of their portals, which  was indeed the main issue at the time.

That is why I hoped that the Full Ascension event and the accompanying pole shift which would have caused huge material damage and many human losses would have triggered this economic collapse. This event was postponed for reasons I am extensively discussing now in my reports.

But when you read my latest email exchange with Ute, you will learn that the poles shift must come very soon and we will have the initial scenario several weeks or few months from now on as predicted by myself for 11.11.11. In this respect not much has changed so far.

Please observe that my primary mission is not to make forecasts but to create new realities which materialize at some point in time. But I am not the only one in this universe. There are many other powerful entities in All-That-Is that also have their own agenda and their say in this matter and the results are not always the optimal ones.

November 17, 2011

Dear Georgie,

Gerald Celente is predicting since many years the economic collapse, in my eyes, he’s a much better entertainer as a “visionär”, contrary to you.

You can find much reliable information about the actual economic situation through the “Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin”, here’s the link, i’m sure you’ll find it interesting : It’s one of Gerald Celente source.

Finally, you should show yourself, you’re raising doubts.

For Light, Love and Truth


Dear Raphael,

Thank you very much for your information. All man-made visionaries have a short half-life. I have a mission to accomplish and this is to ascend Gaia and Humanity to the 5th dimension. We have already done a huge step with the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 in this direction, which could not have been possible without the members of the PAT having gathered around this website and now I am preparing the next clandestine coup of cosmic proportions. Read carefully my next reports.

All these cosmic key events, shaping the destiny of mankind beyond all dimensions and galaxies, are closely coordinated by me and my higher self and they can only be effective when they take place from the background, just as the soul coaches her incarnated entity in an invisible manner very effectively. You should finally start to appreciate this basic esoteric fact.

I know Celente very well and I know the theoretical and factual limitations of his prognosis. I  do not need to read anything from him anymore.

In love and light
November 17, 2011

Dear George,

I just finished reading your post and I really resonate what you and Ute said not enough of us (awaken) has been sitting with me for a while now. I do not want to sound  pessimistic, but at the same time I am a realist and do not like to sugarcoat reality. Like you said …0.5%…it is like Tokyo city against the rest of the world. You mentioned that light workers are holding the weight of Globe like Atlas… then if they will ascend… it will be all over… there will be nobody left to hold the vibration. I guess GF knows that clearly now.

I am not able to wake up my own family members and friends (although I know that each has a different path, I am still trying with “the most opened minded” ). I have been working on them little by little for years now. My success rate is one person. One! The other candidate I was hoping for is a friend –  wonderful woman who has been in 3 near deadly car crushes (all times up to 6 month in hospitals and recovery) and now she is going through bankruptcy, divorce and health issues (which in my book is Holy Trifecta of Awakening !!!) and she still refuses to go inside, although she will listen to my “stories”.  I can see how her guides are going insane thinking what else we can do? It is not possible with these humans!

Yes, my anxiety is still here. I guess, I have to wait and see what it is all about. I would not be surprised that I am picking up vibes of upcoming events.

with love,
Dear Sanita,

please read the next report tomorrow, where I go deeper in dialogue with Ute, who is a very old soul mate of mine and extremely helpful to me with her insights after I pushed her to do so. We are about to make now the final decision how the End Time Scenario will unfold in the next days and weeks.

Your observations are absolutely valid and a further confirmation of our analysis so far. Therefore a decision has been made that there will be a pole shift very soon, the same pole shift that was cancelled at 11.11.11 and then about one third of humanity will leave earth by death. This may happen to my preliminary estimation this year, which means in the next six weeks. I hope to learn more about this in the next days. Simultaneously we will all ascend – the members of the PAT. There is a lot of hecticness and agitation in the higher realms and all channeled messages these days are a camouflage for the true reality.

November 17, 2011

Hi Georgi,
I understand that there are plenty of light workers around the world. I believe I’m one of these. Since child I wanted to use telepathy and many times I was frustrated as it never worked out. Also I always wanted “to be and feel as the others” do – that caused me to get into bad and dangerous situations. Honestly I’m NOT a normal person – I can easily stop when I see a beggar and invite a cup of coffe and talk to him/her with the surprise of many. I just love to help people. I would like to have enough “power” or be rich to give all money and help to whom needs -and my heart suffers with my impotence. Some times I just cry.

I might be now a successful person on the material world, but I’m tired of this world and I’m working (through meditation) to understand my dreams and use my peruvian genetics to work with incas shamans that know a lot but not from the occidental-science point of view. I believe I will reach the point any time in the near future to “remember” why I’m here. I hope and work a lot for it – I just follow my heart.

I have a degree in mathematics and computer science and I was very impressed by Roger Penrose and Hawking books – therefore your books really impressed me as I understand it – and I would like to have more time to read it in more detail. Honestly, I don’t know what reply I expect from you. But I suppose I just follow my heart as always do….
From my heart to yours

Dear Jorge,

Thank you for your email and for sharing with me glimpses into your personal life.

Now let me address Penrore and Hawking. Both of them are part of the scientific Elite and their function is to confuse humanity. If you read my book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction ” Part 2, the emails, there is also a description of my meeting with Hawking at a conference in Potsdam, the last one he attended in 1999.

They do not solve a single scientific question, but in a typical arrogant Anglo-Saxon manner contribute to a greater confusion by mixing all kinds of pseudo-scientific concepts with a remarkable lack of philosophical thinking and expedience.

Hawking is the most over-evaluated scientist in the world, just as Newton, a myth, and he even does not have any knowledge of physics, but only a little bit of mathematics before he became ill, which is 40 years ago. Since then he has done nothing. He is just a facade, behind which some dark entities pull the strings in scientific circles. I have personal experience with his entourage.

I am sorry to have killed your objects of admiration, but that is my honest opinion about the two and I know their works very well.

In love and light


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