State-of-Ascension-Report-5: How You Create the New Reality of Mankind in the “Now”. “I have built my Personal Portal”

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-5, October 11, 2011

How You Create the New Reality of Mankind in the “Now”

by Georgi Stankov, October 11, 2011

It is less than a week, since we have begun to publish the State-Of-Ascension-Report on this website with your astounding emotional, almost poetical contributions to this event. You have told other members of the PAT and star seeds from the First Ascension Wave how you have already built or are currently building your beautiful portals and how you progress with your LBP, notwithstanding all daily problems and human drudgery.

Are you aware what an immense work you have accomplished in these several days, connecting each other and making a faint astral probability alternative of Ascension in this fall an inevitable reality? Creation in All-That-Is is always the result of intention, will, emotional charge, and perseverance. You have displayed all these virtues in the last days, much so, to your own surprise, and now you have become the determining force behind the future of mankind and Gaia.

With your unbending will to “connect the dots” and express your firm decision to ascend, you have already changed the reality on this planet irreversibly. This is what you have done in these most glorious days on earth, and I congratulate you to this incredible achievement from the bottom of my heart. I have not expected anything less.

Let me explain you my euphoria in some detail. You have all discovered this website, pushed by the discrete inspiration of your soul, but first and foremost, driven by your perennial disappointment and disillusionment with the bleak New Age perspectives, which other channels or sources have offered to you so far. All your emails to me perspire this primary motivation to continue searching for the ultimate truth, no mater what. Only true soul warriors are so persevering.

Spiritual discontent is the most powerful transmutational force on this planet. You could no longer vibrate with the obscure forecasts of First Disclosure, being delayed again and again, your were not happy with the idea that the governments of these very dark ones will announce the end of human enslavement, which they have deliberately and insidiously established, your were sceptic about the promises of NESARA and all the hidden riches and resources of this planet that were supposed to come all of sudden by simply calling “Sesame open your doors” as in the famous Arabic fairy tale “Ali Baba and the forty robbers” (you know very well, who they are) and how they will be evenly distributed by anonymous, clandestine, but very powerful secret societies that work behind the curtain for the sake of this humanity. You all know these fairy tales from “Thousand and One Night”.

You only need to read the messages from SaLuSa, Nildle or the dubious “Wanderer of the Sky”, issued every two-three days since how many years? – 2-3-4 – I have given up counting them, and you will find all these scenarios and much more lies there.

Within one week, carried by incredible cosmic energies, you have established the energetic network around Gaia in feverish expectation for the final countdown. And I can tell you now: “The countdown has already begun”,

All channels of disinformation from the Orion Empire, hiding themselves in the secure 4th astral dimension, were compelled through your actions and your determination to help Gaia ascend at the stargate 11.11.11 to make an U-turn this past week and to start speaking for the first time that 11.11.11 and Ascension are looming high on the horizon, forgeting all of a sudden that they have promised for years Disclosure and First Contact.

It is not that they get their information all of a sudden from some higher, better informed sources. It is because you made this astral probability alternative to become reality in the “Now” with your resoluteness. The last four State-Of-Ascension- Reports with your revelations are the material proof for my statement. I am not inventing anything to flatter you.

I was only the busy coordinator from behind, connecting the threads of your multifaceted beautiful energetic tapestry, which virtually exploded throughout the whole universe. You must be deaf not to hear the angels singing with joy, admiring your courage and achievements, your willingness to complete this mission, for which you have incarnated in these turbulent times on this toxic planet. You will be the ones, who will make the darkest planet in this galaxy to its newest jewel.

The dark ones are in retreat and total disarray. You have compelled them to succumb to this New Reality. As the true name of Darkness is “Mimicry”, they have now “jumped on a new horse”, to use another German saying. and believe that they can thus finish the race. In fact, they are “mouse dead” ( another German saying).

I would recommend you to read the last messages of these dark sources, such as SaLuSa and then to compare them with what they have been saying as mantra for the last 2-3-4 years as to perceive the significant difference you have already made with your activities around this website. This website was never meant to exist for a very long time, but to be the meeting point for you to connect. This has been already accomplished, and we welcome now all newcomers, but experienced warriors in the battle, to this website. The best comes last.

Since I have published my first publication on comet Elenin in September 5, 2011, I have been repeatedly telling my readers that there will be a First Wave of Ascension between October 16 and November 11, 2011. I have elucidated this scenario, which nobody else favoured at that time – you may check the whole New Age literature in Internet – in numerous publications and from different angles, since my last English book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction” was written in January 2011.

If you read my German book “The Evolution Leap of Mankind”, you will see that I have predicted this scenario as early as the year 2000. In my last book “Thoughts”, written in 2008, I have described at length, how all the members of the PAT will connect with each other in a kind of a chain reaction, shortly before Ascension of Gaia is due to take place, and how you will accomplish this divine mission. It has happened exactly as I expected it. And do you know why? – Because we are all One!

You may go through all my15 bocks and thousands of pages on this website and you will not find a single discrepancy or contradiction. Not even when I predicted your current successful mission as wayshowers. Although the bets were against me for a long period of time, given the many delays in the End Times’ scenario for this planet due to slumbering masses, I had never lost my confidence in your ability to surmount all existential hardships and challenges and to be ready for the final call.

The astral probability alternative to achieve First Ascension during the announced period of October 16 – November 11, 2011 was always there, but it was not “carved in stone”, to quote some dubious channels. It was up to you to make this probability an irrevocable reality. And you have made it.

Let me now quote below one reliable source – St. Germain, channeled by Aruna -, which has been published today and confirms my Ascension scenario 100%. Not that you need such external confirmation, now that you have made this event possible in the first place, but it is always a good feeling to get additional confirmation from Heaven:

“My dear ones. Friends from many galaxies are all awaiting the Ascension. Can you entertain the idea of ascending before the end of this month? In the next weeks an open gateway will make this feasible. Not all will disappear at the exact same moment. Some will disappear during the month of November. We want all of those who ascend to be noticeably missing, and not only on one day.  Some will be around into December. When the next ascension timing dates are finalized among those recording them, one or two months will elapse. Given this detail, don’t assume that you are not on this ascension wave after learning of the first group that leaves. We will gauge the dates according to the human attitude that appears to gather during the growing number of disappearances. Make a detailed list of who should be contacted should you disappear.

Choice always contains mental desires. When mental decisions are made, there is an ego making them. Egos do not cling to love objects because they help them master the continuation of human connection, but rather, because this clinging means another delay of ego’s demise. When the Truth be known, death does not delete close associations, it only appears that way to your mind.

No death experience will be considered a disappearance. We will not have a managed death method going on, only complete disappearance of bodies and their closest dear ones under age eleven or twelve. Most over age twelve will choose for themselves. Many of these children have come in to help prepare those in the next wave.

Practicing daily movements or activities to qualify for ascension are not needed. Only the elimination of contractions, (made by closing the door to love), mean anything to those  experiencing a deepening of awareness. Changes of this kind can still meet the ascension deadline……

Comte de Saint Gemain’s Blog
Channeled by Aruna
Posted: 08 Oct 2011 10:50 PM PDT

I am confident that you know exactly what is awaiting you. You must be now calm, focused and determined and make your last days on earth sound like an elegy of all human life. It is the Apotheosis of your earthly experience, the Culmination Point, which any incarnated soul could only experience at the end of her long Incarnation journey. Let it be!

October 9, 2011

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your last email and your invaluable ongoing articles and inspiration that are so needed at this time for many weary lightworkers like myself. I have a couple of queries I hope you can find time in your busy schedule to answer. Firstly regarding personal portals I wanted to ask – if you do not have a portal nearby/yourself do you have physically have to find one to go through? Or are these portals ones that we will only see after ascending and therefore we can teleport to one anywhere on the planet?

I am a little confused as to whether we will ‘see’ these portals before or after ascension and if they’re ethereal or we can expect to see them as a phenomenon that can be seen with 3D eyes?

My other query is on the ascension on 11.11.11. I know you have said you can only know yourself if you will be ascending at that time, however I am wondering how you have such total conviction about this and at the approx. dates stated? I must confess to having doubts that it will happen, but only because I so much want to see this event unfold now. Does any doubt mean you will not qualify to ascend? Nothing else seems important or relevant in life to me now but I am a little cautious so I am not disappointed as has been the case with so many other dates given in predictions of changes before. I do appreciate your articles and research which are clearly of a much more rigorous and scientific standard, and thus my hopes and expectations have been greatly enhanced. Thank you so much for your light!

Kindest Regards
Dear Ishvar,

Your first question will be answered or at least discussed at length in my next Ascension Report-4, which will be published on Monday.

The second question relates to my certainty versus your uncertainty. This is quite normal. I cannot give firm proofs of the 3d-reality kind, but I can assure you – were it not so, as I write, my soul would not have allowed me to write it with respect to  the stargate 11.11.11 and I would not have been allowed in the first place to open this website, which I only issued on August 25. I cannot present you a better proof, but I think that it is very powerful. I have been silent for the last 15 years, although I know much more than all the current New Age charlatans (read my last article as of today) what is happening on this earth. Why?

There is a purpose in everything and there is the right time for everything. The inner confidence you must find in yourself, I can only give you indices, powerful indices. Forget not that you are shaping your destiny now – doubts are weak energy and they do not shape anything.


October 9, 2011

From what I gather from previous emails, Catherine must be a walk-in and has incarnated on earth at this time to create numerous portals in close association with the elemental world of fairies and plants.

Good morning George.

When you said the other day about posting email, I really did not have a full understanding. However, this morning, on reading your site it is all becoming clear. The portals, I was guided to create and Tara Eire, etc are for all to use. I was very conscious of this at the time.  There is another portal in Armania Ethiopia. Not Armenia.
As to co-creating: I have created all of Africa as a field full of daisies and no desert. She looks amazing. Holland is a land of Sunflowers, blowing in the gentle breeze.
In all my co-creations, people live in peace and harmony, with abundance of everything. All needs are fulfilled and so people can grow spiritually.
I have been doing this since 2002, but never once imagined to see others doing similar on your site.
It all came naturally and so I never even thought about it.
Together, we create a world of abundance, peace and harmony.

October 9, 2011

Hello George,

I’m sorry to bother you again.  Please, please don’t take this the wrong way – but I am having difficulty understanding ‘”The Psychological Drama of the New Age Charlatan”.  I don’t like asking, but if I don’t, I will continue to stay ignorant and I don’t want to.

What you write about sounds so complicated – perhaps I am having a blond moment. It isn’t the way you have written it – it is perfect it is just me!  Are you able to please explain in very simple terms to a very simple person – if and when you have time only please.
Many thanks and lots of love and peace,
Dear Celine,

It is very simple. Those who are the members of the PAT and those who will be in the first wave know in their hearts and minds the truth – that they will soon ascend – and they do not need external confirmation. I am receiving 40-50 emails every day and 99% of them are imbued with this confidence. They just interpreted my website and my articles for what they really are – a wake-up call for them to go back home. And they followed the call.

The other self-proclaimed gurus as Wilcock and Co. write about trivial events on this earth. They have no idea what is currently ongoing on earth. For instance, that I am collecting my team for Ascension and creating the reality on earth, on which they are currently philosophizing. Therefore, they will not be in the first wave and now only distract with their writings the others from the real events.They are passive witnesses, but not the makers. My readers are the makers of human destiny. This will become evident in the coming days and weeks.

I hope that this is a clear explanation. I cannot make it simpler.


October 9, 2011

Hello Georgi.

I am reading your latest breaking news article and had also looked at your symptoms article.
I’d just visited a blog that is visited by many who are going through the ascension process. Someone listed a long list of symptoms. They were almost exactly the kind of symptoms I have had during this ascension process and that many other people report on. This person though calls it all illness and they have a clinical disease label to apply to all of it and have been to the doctor and therapy over most of it. This person is having an “illness” experience while I am (and others are) having an ascension experience. It would be no surprise to me if they really are being given an ascension opportunity, but like your article on symptoms state, they have delayed that possibility by being fearful and looking for solutions outside themselves instead of just riding it out and not fighting the process.  And yes, like you say, no one else is our responsibility and I am quite fine with them (or anyone) having their “illness” experience if that is what they choose.

Thank you for  boldly speaking your truth, that so needs to be heard, to offer a different option to people than the disempowered one they may be presently choosing.  Thank you for your history of rabble rousing.  I too have been that in smaller arenas.

Concerning your article on the New Age charlatans, it will certainly be interesting to see how people react to the old rulers losing their power. I think many people have been fighting this force for so long that when it is gone, then they will actually have to consider “What now?”  For years I’ve talked to people about planning or expecting success. Many people are always preparing for things going wrong and when things all go right, they don’t know what to do with the opportunity and sometimes fritter it away.  I’ve seen it in business as they don’t hire enough people when their business totally takes off, then they lose some of that potential business.  I’ve seen individuals do this as they sabotage their own happiness because they don’t know how to handle it when it arrives. All they’ve known is drama so when peace and joy come they can’t seem to settle into it.  A few years back I had healed so much that I was experiencing joy at levels I’d never had before. It couldn’t  be falsely attributed to anything going on externally. I must admit it was a bit unnerving, but I couldn’t help, but notice that it was just exactly what I’d been working for so I pushed through those unnerving feelings and allowed myself to just settle into that peace and joy.

I love what you said about unconditional love. I have gone back to using the old Greek terms for the various forms of love – agape, eros, phileo, storge – now when I talk about or express love so that there is no confusion to what I am communicating. I’ve also had to explain to people that I may love them in an agape way and totally accept how they are and yet don’t have to have anything to do with them, if their energy is not right for me. The conditioned belief is that if you love someone unconditionally, you must stay in their lives and endure their abuses. They don’t understand how self-love will not stand for that.

I have had no issue with calling myself a way shower or forerunner or trail blazer. I know I am.  f someone doesn’t like that, oh well. I will proclaim it from the highest mountain and do everything that life instructs me to to actually be and live that truth.


October 10, 2011

Vicki’s Response to Callista’s description of her beautiful portal in her garden, published in Ascension Report-4.

Dear Callista,
Thank you so very much for your reply! Your message made me smile. Yes, I am very in tune with Gaia, I am a
gardener! I am always amazed at the amount of diverse wildlife that seems to be drawn to my yard. Groups of deer will occasionally lay down for the afternoon near the back of my house, they seem to feel safe in doing so.

I gave up trying to grow roses because the deer kept eating them, so it  makes me so happy to know that the roses are still with me! My yard may not be picture perfect, but I always envisioned it being a place  of contemplation, love and inspiration of Gaia’s beauty. So this makes sense for my portal.
With love and best regards,

October 10, 2011

Joelle’s response to Callista’s description of her portal published in report-4.


Thank you for your reply. The moment I read your description of my light portal, the left side of my head got a refreshing tingling feeling. As though I became aware of a sudden rush of energy, while I read your description. It lasted at least twenty minutes. The last two days I felt so heavy and unsure, but your response has helped me focus on lighter energies
around me. I really enjoyed reading your insights on Georgi’s page. I found it easy to understand and imagine.
Thank You,

October 10, 2011

Dear George,

I cannot agree more with you on these issues that you touched in your latest article “Why America no Longer Needs New Age Charlatans, but a True Revolution”.

I was writing you before that I fully agree with you that only the people, who have experienced Revolutions, truly understand the depths and real meaning of TOTAL change of the existing matrix that is True Revolution. I think that the mistake of many “new agers” and others, who are picketing at their City Hall or Wall-street, is in their shallow thinking that by voting Ron Paul into the office and putting couple of big bank CEOs in jail the job will be done!!!

No, not even close! The true revolutions means that the whole control system needs to go like it happened in former USSR. You cannot just fix the surface of the iceberg and think that we can go back to our daily lives and continue watching endless TV and sing “kumbaya” again. No and No! This is not how it works! People want change but they do not have an idea what exactly is wrong. They are not able to see the BIG picture. They do not know their History.

I am not even talking about the real human race history and the core reasons for the state of the world we are living in. They want semi-revolution just to fix their current issues (past due mortgages or student loans). I am encouraging everyone to go deeper, study history and answer these questions to yourself. How we can get out of this system of enslavement, oppression and limitation? Only by knowing in your hearts that the Real Revolution is needed…there in no other way. Service to Others is my answer. All is One. As within so without…


October 10, 2011


I am always delighted when I see you post an article. It always feels like Christmas morning. A gift to my soul. I would like to share with you a story of a young man who I believe is beginning to remember who he is. My boyfriend and I own a small repair shop on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. In mid July, we hired a young man name Blade. He is such a delight. We can never get him to focus on work because he is always reading and searching for more knowledge. He first began asking questions on our thoughts about lucid dreaming. Since then our conversations have flowed from one topic to the next as he is always thinking about multiple things. I have noticed that he likes to listen to lectures, fix computers, read and converse all at the same time. We have had many talks from the heart, as both of us try to discover what it means to be “alive.” The last few weeks I have been sharing your and Sue’s websites. He has been listening to Sue’s meditation sessions and has been experiencing amazing things. I will share what he has wrote:

September 26,2011

Just wanted to write out my thoughts of what I’ve been up to recently, mentally. In my meditation, I’m remembering more and more of my childhood, which I’ve naively locked away in guilt and regret. Even though I was just a kid, I felt like I made so many mistakes that a better child would not have made; that’s just how I use to think when I was younger.

Something interesting I’ve remembered is that I use to see shapes and colors whenever I closed my eyes. Diamonds, squares, circles, lines, every shape that could be in every color that could be swimming together behind my eyelids. At the time, my dad didn’t understand what that could be and said I might be out of shape (even though I was a skinny kid who climbed on everything :P). Since then, my attunement for this experience seems to have diminished slightly, but just by remember that it’s even there, I can see these shapes and colors start to return.

You know how you can have layers of textures in photo shop? As a kid, I use to see these colorful overlays “laid on top of” people and objects. This is when my eyes were open. I don’t remember specific shapes (those mostly showed up when I closed my eyes), but I do remember seeing colors. The reason why I bring up photo shop is because I knew that what I was seeing was indeed something I was SEEING; I could not touch the colors. It was as if, within every second of my mind, the person I was looking at was copied into a new layer that’s slightly opaque, Gaussian blurred, has color added to it, and then dragged a few pixels away from the center of that person and then processed to my eyes.

October 03,2011

I keep having vivid dreams about dreams I use to have as a child. As though I am watching a movie. I cannot interact with my dream but I can feel myself within. Sometimes, I meditate and I can feel my body lift upwards and out but I can remember where I went.

When he came to us he knew very little about politics and economics and within a short period of time he has the urge to stand with his brothers and sisters in solidarity of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Yesterday, he attended a small protest in Honolulu. On Thursday, I suggested he read Georgi’s essay on the Economic Collapse. When I showed him your site in September, he put it on the back burner because he wanted to learn more about our history. But I had to remind him last Thursday, that your website is informative of about…Everything! I am not sure at this moment if he has read your site in the last two days but here is a text message I received last night at 1:45 am (Hawaii ST):

Day by day, the energy around me, from other people, the Earth and everything, feel like it’s increasing. I feel myself almost as a column of energy. Yet it’s somehow blocked. I can’t seem to focus it into anything or allow it to “take me” anywhere. Perhaps I’m expecting the wrong things from this. I’ve been walking all over town with a backpack full of stuff, yet I’m not exhausted. I feel physically content; neither happy or sad. Thought I’d share.

This young man has been a breath of fresh air for me. As he has been one of the only people that I have spoken to in a while that actually understands how I feel, and he vice verse. Maybe its because we are listening to each other rather than trying to assume what the other is saying. This is very serendipitous as my boyfriend and I have been feeling like fish out of water the last few years since we moved here from California. Funny that Blade said he moved here around the same time, as he is originally from Alaska. I can feel the energy increasing as well, it is hard to contain. And maintaining it in a positive manner is becoming tiresome. I spoke to Callista as she told me that my portal was crystalline. Every time I read her description I imagine what it looks like, I can feel a cold, refreshing tingle feeling running from the left side of my brain down to the end of my neck. It goes away from time to time, but as I write this I am experiencing it more and more. Things are getting really interesting.

I am not sure what our future holds but we feel that everything will be OK. My boyfriend is a little apprehensive about being 100% sure, as he has been awake since 2002. Since then he has been trying to awaken anyone who is willing to listen. But ultimately it will come down to individual faith this first wave. As we both have decided to be among the first. I feel there is a blockage in him, and I too have been suffering a little from doubt. As we both are certain things must come to a grinding halt before it can get better. Many on this island are still asleep or are not informed enough to make a clear and proper decision.

Let me know what you think.
Dear Joelle,

I was so overwhelmed when I read your email about this young man and his first literary expressions – it reminded me so much of my youth and my lonely quest for truth at that time, that I had tears in my eyes and this does not happen very often with me. I was deeply moved,

With your permission, I will publish this letter in my next report-5. The readers will appreciate it – they are all highly evolved personalities and we need every emotional contribution that will bring us near to the blissful state of the 5-dimensional ecstasy that we will experience after Ascension. As I love to reiterate – human emotions are the wings to Ascension.

In love and light

October 10, 2011

Dear George,

Thank you for your efforts to share your email conversations. They are very interesting and supportive.

I am also noticing extraordinary vibrational expansions and refinements in my energy field these last days. I am deeply surrendered to All That Is and my field is reaching out to infinity in all directions.

Although I don’t have specific questions at the spiritual level, I would enjoy reading your opinion about a very grounded, 3D question that is the allocation of resources prior to ascension.

Since we are headed for some form of big financial and economic turmoil, what would be the best way to allocate one’s savings right now. If I would ascend around 11.11.11 but my partner and son have to wait for mass ascension one year later, I would like to leave them with what will be most useful and valuable in such time. I am aware that All-That-Is will provide, yet there is this part of my mind that wonders : should I leave money on my bank account ? should I keep gold and silver coins ? should I stock up on food ? should I prepay the rent of my home for some months ? should I spend like there is no tomorrow ?

These questions are there while I am simultaneously loosing interest in them. The Light shows me and makes me feel that they will soon loose relevance. How do you see it ?

I love you George, your presence is a great blessing. Today, 10.10.11 at 14h, I have been in this body for 29 years. I share the joy of this day with you.

Love A.
Dear A.,

I would strongly recommend you to take all your money from the bank accounts and put them in a safe or under the pillow, or anywhere else. It will be much saver there than in the bank, as the banks are bound to crash anytime soon. No need to buy gold or silver as both metals are over-evaluated and cannot be used as an exchange currency. Doing anything else in this respect will be a futile effort because after the Shift there will be new currencies and distribution systems that will be fair for all human beings.


October 10, 2011

Disquisition on the mathematical foundations of the new theory of the Universal Law:

Dear George,

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I lack your math ability, but I have found I have a good sense of logic. Its going to take me awhile, perhaps months, to fully grasp your math theories. That’s no fault of yours – its just my slowness when it comes to math.

When I was young, I dismissed the questions that came up in my head – the “WHY” of these constants etc.  Figured others knew more than me. And nobody could ever tell me what time itself is. As I get older I see that my instincts were correct, both when it comes to science and also my religious upbringing. Good questions are sometimes just as important as answers. There seems to be subjects in life that have been deliberately occluded so that people do not see the bigger picture.  And that’s a shame.
Its my hunch that what ever “God” is, Its very fond of simplicity and symmetry and fractals.
Complex order can be built out of very simple rules and equations.
In my work as a computer programmer when I saw confusion in programming code, I didn’t see genius – I saw someone who didn’t understand the problem before them.  The most gifted programmers I have ever known were the most concise and to the point.  I once knew a Swiss programmer who made computer code like a Swiss watch.  Pure beauty to behold.

I suspect physics has grown far too complex  and not even understandable by those who create its theories.  The universe is might be more “musical” in nature  than it is algorithmic.  Harmonies, octaves, resonances, its all movement and rhythm of energy and space.

Love seeking the answers, although I know I’ll never know it all.
Dear William,

You have already grasped the key novel knowledge of the new theory of the Universal Law – its simplicity. That is why I recommended you to read the article on the new physical axiomatics as it explains this fundamental issue.

Ultimately, you do not need any mathematics at all except the UL, which is a rule of three and thus the simplest equation of all. But you have to read my elaborations on the cognitive basis of mathematics to understand the epistemological background of this abstract system of signs. It is just like computer programming. It is all based on “yes/no” decisions which are energetically realized by semi-conductors with definite threshold values.

Wish you all the best

October 10, 2011

The attacks of the dark ones on members of the PAT are real and ongoing and this makes it even more important that we perform our meditation on October 11, at 11 o’clock a.m or p.m. GMT as announced in Ascension Report-4.

Hello George,

Last Thursday, the same day of your attack by dark forces, I experienced a similar attack. That day, I fell into a fast, deep suicidal depression. It was so dramatic that I somehow knew it wasn’t “me.” I asked for angelic help, similar to your method, while energetically creating a sacred space. Looking back over the past 10 years or so of my life, I realize now I’ve been in training as a light worker / warrior all along. These attacks are not new to me either.

I also called a friend who lives in Philadelphia, PA, an amazing energy healer, and asked for help. She confirmed my attack and helped clear me. She and I believe we’re both PAT members, and that we have both created portals in our areas — mine in upstate New York, and hers in Philly.

The next day, Friday, I read your message about your attack, and it helped clarify what happened.
Thank you for speaking your truth and helping clear the confusion among us PAT members.
Keep up the good work, Captain,
Dear Pam,

Thank you very much for this validation. This confirms my approach to address this issue. I am not somebody who is making a lot of fuzz about such things, but I somehow felt that the current peak of negative attacks must be made public. Thank you for your information.


October 6, 2011


I’ve been reading your material for quite a few months now. I started with the The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction…beautiful. Being merely a college dropout I was surprised how easy it was for me to understand without an in depth scientific background. I have to be honest I am lost as far as my soul contract is concerned. If you have any advice on how to get in tune with my higher self, like proper meditation, I’d greatly appreciate your wisdom.

About this American Revolution. I’m an American living in California. One thing that has given me a lot of hope in humanity is that there are a number of peaceful occupations in dozens of major financial districts in this country. The first was on Wall St. Three weeks into this new American Revolution the numbers are growing despite a media blackout. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this movement for it seems this Revolution you speak of is already in full swing.

In love and light.
Dear Casey,

Thank you very much for your email and your appreciation of my work. First of all, nobody can get lost with respect to his soul contract as you are guided all the time meticulously by your higher self. At present, you are going through a profound re-evaluation of past beliefs and ideas. While you are letting them go of, you experience a temporary state of emptiness, which is quite normal, while you are incorporating the new multidimensional knowledge.

You must be patient. You will soon experience how you will wake up one beautiful morning and everything will be in place and your clarity will be back all of a sudden. Be patient and do not project too much importance on any necessary transitional period during your rapid evolution that is accompanied with the restructuring of your mental and emotional body in the course of your LBP, while you are perceiving this process superficially as confusion and “being lost”. Have faith in your soul.

Now to your current political developments in the USA. I do welcome them and I can only hope that more and more people join this movement. It must however be a true movement for real change that should not be derailed by the dark forces, as was the case with the Tea party. I am optimistic on this issue, as the new rebellious energies that flood earth and penetrate the human minds in these days are so powerful that no lies will be accepted by the people anymore.

What I do not see for the moment is the active engagement of the New Age movement in this upheaval of the American people. The current self-proclaimed New Age Gurus have no impact on this new development – they are on the sideline and will be very soon the social losers as I have predicted.

It is, however, not necessary for old, highly evolved souls, as my readers are, to participate physically in such demonstrations and upheavals. This is the experience, young souls ought to make as to liberate themselves from their current enslavement. You are already mentally free and will be very soon also energetically free. But you must have a clear political and social position on these events. This was the reason why I wrote this article. It is our moral duty, if we should be true spiritual leaders.

The current New Age gurus should have been the theoretical avantgarde of the current political movement, but at present they are not even in the back echelon – as I said, they prefer to stay on the sideline and do not even realize how soon they will be swept away by the coming dramatic events.

In love and light

I believe to have been experiencing LBP clinical symptoms for a few years now. I can only describe it by comparing it to intense anxiety or an arrhythmia . I’m only 23 and in great health, so I refused to go to the doctor (don’t trust ’em). A question; I’ve been using cannabis regularly for about a year to control these attacks. The anxiety and mood swings are completely out of control to a point, where it began to destroy my relationship with my wife. Cannabis seems to balance me out and it helped greatly as I read your book on Universal Law ;). Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to comprehend the material and would have given up from frustration.

So my question. Can cannabis in anyway impede the LBP or have any other negative/positive factors on my ascension process? I read your book on DMT, so it just brought to mind this concern.

In love and light.
Dear Casey,

No! Cannabis will not impede your LBP, if you use them in a responsible way. Like DMT, cannabis are God’s drugs. But the more important part is that you get grounded and make as much sports as you can. You are young and healthy and that is your great advantage.

You should also talk to your wife openly and explain clearly to her that you are going through a very difficult process of transformation, for which there is currently no understanding or even knowledge in the society, and that your wife should not interpret your behaviour and your current difficulties with the narrow measure of social prejudices, but take a broader stance and display more patience. Tell her explicitly that it has nothing to do with her, but with the energetic changes that are affecting all people on this planet. Tell her that what you now experience, will also be her experience in several months and that she is well advised to learn now from you as to go more easily through these tribulations in the coming months.

You must be absolutely honest and educational at the same time, and you can only hope that your wife understands you. If not, nobody can help her, but only the destiny she will soon face. Nobody will be spared from this kind of experiences. The End Times are the most challenging times on earth. Nobody has said, it will be easy.

In love and light

October 10, 2011

Dear  Georgi,

it may sound very childish to you, but I rather stay behind with my very large family, who would not have a clue of what is going on, to explain and guide them through whatever is coming….so is that my ego talking or my spirit? it would break my heart to leave them in confusion when their need me most. Thanks for your time Georgi.
Dear Elvira,

The problem you are facing is the most common problem for all of us, who also have a family. In my personal view, you will not help your beloved ones or spare them the coming chaos by staying with them and thus jeopardising your LBP and Ascension.

When you have ascended, you will  be in the position to help them much more as a powerful multidimensional being. Please do not forget this. The second thing, you should bear in mind, is that the veil is thinning rapidly these days, so that any intervention from the higher realms on the 4d-earth after 11.11.11 will have an immediate and lasting impact and will contribute to the betterment of the living conditions of the remaining relatives and other people.

As I say, every ascended master is helping a million people, who will stay on earth. A potential ascension candidate, who has declined the divine chance to ascend for whatever earthly reasons, may not even be in the position to help himself.

I hope that you see now that there is no other alternative, but to ascend if it is written in your soul contract, no matter how complicated the family situation may be.

In love and light

October 10, 2011

In the last ten years, I have been growing and building a vortex( is it a portal ?) consisting of a very very ancient piece of gold from the Aruwacos, enbedded in a crystal box, put under the earth at a Hartman crossing, above it a natural Shiva lingam and around it all, a circle o f plants. People who can “see” say there is a white dome around and above it. After having read your text about the portal to ascension on the 11/11/11/,
I have send an e-mail to my contacts to gather on the 11/11/11 from 10 to 12 am in silence. Is there any guidance You could share with us?
Many thanks for your work for the Mother and us!
Dear Sophie,

I can only hope from the bottom of my heart that you do not need to gather at 11.11.11 because most of you will have ascended at this point in time.

But in case you may not, there is no way that you will not receive the collective powerful energy of the PAT and the Arcturus sun that will hit earth and heave the blue planet to the 4th-dimension.


October 10, 2011

This is an amazing contribution from Israel to our ongoing discussion on Ascension and our mission on this planet. Maria from neighbouring Romania (north of Bulgaria) is writing about her mission on this darkest place one earth that is a central piece in the greatest manipulations of the Orion Empire on this planet to enslave humanity and create mayhem. For further information see my article “The multidimensional nature of human history”.

Dear George,

Thank you for your support of what I intuit for a long time.
I am born in Romania and I live since 1997 in Israel, I understood that my mission is to support this hot spot. I learned in my life the new Kabbalah, and I know that l`m part of this appointed “shlihim atzmaim” transformation, I am a special envoy (from Sirius).

I learned to use mer-ka-na, or mehumash, and it is the device that will transport me to the 7th dimension, where I am expected. I think we must have confidence in our young people, as they stand up and we fulfil our duty, so that they in turn will also fulfil theirs.

After a year and a half, I activated the new consciousness here in Israel and because the young people received this message, they rose against the system. It amazes me how with small, but steady steps they go ahead, their ideas becoming stronger throughout this march. It is as if they hear me and I am proud of them and I know that they will succeed.

Yes, I know that l`m part of the first wave and can not wait to finish my work here. In fact, my work on Sirius B was much easier because they were not under the influence of darkness, but feel that our success here on Earth will raise it to new levels. Thanks.
Sincerely, Maria
Sorry, but I write this email by Google translation.
Dear Maria,

I congratulate you for your courage to have chosen the hottest and most darkest spot on earth to perform your mission to diffuse light and to help the young generation of Israel awaken and liberate themselves from the shackles imposed on them by the dark Zionists and Khazars. The results can be seen on TV. Your letter perspires such a conviction in your future mission that I can only congratulate you for this unbelievable faith and wish you all the power of this universe to accomplish all your high goals. I am with you, sister!

In love and light

October 10, 2011

Dear Callista,

I just started to build my own portal…I was thinking about it how it will look and feel …suddenly the round waterfall showed up with soft crystalline soft lining inside that water would not touch me …and very bright white light inside…and when I touch it from inside…it moves a little and feels like it is alive and has its own consciousness…that’s my portal! I will keep working on it…
with love,


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