State-of-Ascension-Report-3: “I have built my Personal Portal.”

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates

Report-3, October 8, 2011


Dreaming Is A Creative Process

By Callista Summerfield,  7 October 2011, Copyright 2011

Since my emails to George were posted on his website, people have asked me how to create their own portal. Before I answer this, let me point out that it is not necessary to have your own portal in order to participate in the Ascension. Not everyone will have the time to make their own portal. Those ones of us who are Wayshowers are making portals which can be used by whomever needs to use them. Even if you haven’t made your own portal, there will be one for you to use when the time comes. Do not be anxious about this. However, it is wonderful to give yourself the experience of Dreaming your own creation, so I urge you to accept this wonderful creative ability, which we have been given by our Mother, the Aeon Sophia, in her vast love and generosity towards Humanity.

We are creative Beings and we were created through Dreaming. Our Mother, the Aeon Sophia, dreamed of creating us, which She achieved with her counterpart, the Aeon Christos. The Aeons dwell in the Pleroma, however, the Aeon Sophia became so excited with Her dream of creating us (originally, we are known as Anthropos) that she left the Pleroma and transformed into Gaia, giving us a place to live. We were created from Source, the Galactic Centre, or Pleroma. This is where the Aeons dwell. They dream creations and send this dreaming along the spiral arms of the galaxy into the cosmos.

Aeons don’t usually leave the Pleroma, but Aeon Sophia found Herself falling into the chaos of the cosmos, and, as She fell, She unconsciously created other beings which were incomplete (because She was not with Her counterpart, the Aeon Christos, and She did not dream these creatures).

These incomplete beings are called Archons and they are jealous and cruel towards Humanity because they do not have the attributes of the Aeon Christos (love and kindness) or the Aeon Sophia (creativity) and the Archons are unable to create anything. They have caused evil and discord through using lies and deception and illusion in the Human mind. The Archons do not come from Source.

Now is the time for us to take back our power as creative Beings and true children of Source and help our Mother Gaia correct Her position so She can once again return to the Pleroma, the dwelling place of the Aeons. As Her true children, our dwelling place is also the Pleroma. This process is what we call Ascension, making our way back to Source.

We can achieve this through Dreaming.

Dreaming is operating with all your thoughts, feelings and actions in the Eternal Now using imagination. This is not fantasy. This is called epinoia “hyper-intelligence” which employs the Wisdom of our Mother, Sophia/Gaia to enable us to co-habit successfully with Her. This is our human ability to use imagination to create and evolve.

We are now called upon to use our special creative Dreaming abilities to enable the movement of Gaia and Humanity into the next dimension. Our Mother, Sophia/Gaia, is such a generous and loving Being, She gives us the opportunity to create our very own new environment in 5D.

Dr Suzan Carrol in her blog has generously shared with Humanity her personal creative process leading up to Ascension. I urge you to read Sue’s blog and be inspired.

It is time now for all Wayshowers to consciously live in the Now and enable the Dreaming to come forth. Ignore the negative distractions of the Archons as they try to invoke fear and anger in the world of deception. The Archons are trying to rob you of your birthright because they are inorganic and incomplete and will never attain Source.

Enable yourselves to be quietly with Gaia and listen as She gives Her Wisdom. She will enable you to create your portals and She will give you all the knowledge you need. Just love Her and listen to Her.


I personally enjoyed immensely Callista’s succinct interpretation of the separation of the Parts from the Whole: You can also find a similar description from Cosmic Awareness ( It is the most widely used Cosmic Genesis to explain the process of Separation and Unification / Merging with the Source.

For the last 10 000 years, humanity has failed deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of separation from the Source and now we are on the way back. This phenomenon can be explained with the rubber-principle. The further you stretch the rubber in the direction of darkness and separation from the Source, the further it will whiplash in the direction of light and higher dimensions when you let it go.

Humanity will bypass through the coming Ascension its current Controllers from the Orion/Reptilian Empire, which are trapped for eons of time in the lower astral levels of the 4th dimension. These dark entities have only yesterday started an evil attack against me to hamper the process of Ascension, which we have initiated together this week.

Today, they have also approached Callista in the name of an obscure sect of psychopathic fanatics around a witch, who is fully possessed by these dark entities on an island at the Mediterranean see, which is known to harbour underground bases of reptilians and Greys.

However, I must assure you that this bleak attack of the dark ones has fully failed within only a couple of hours. I have expelled the most vicious ones with the technique of Christed light and with the help of the angelic forces to the utmost outskirts of this universe. Since then it is very peaceful on the dark front and we can continue undisturbed with our mission. In fact, yesterday was my most productive day. I started the first Ascension Report and prepared the second one that will be published today. These reports are your collective achievement and for this I am here expressing my utmost gratitude. Thank you to all of you for your extremely valuable contributions!

This was an important information I wanted to share with you in this context as you may also become a target of some dark sources in the coming days. They know that their days are numbered and we, the members of PAT, with our combined force will very soon oust them from this part of the universe. They are now desperately trying to boycott the mission of PAT, which is gaining momentum. But they have already lost and their dark power is becoming weaker and weaker each hour we near the stargate 11.11.11. Send them love and forget them.

These dark entities can only leave this vicious circle, if they decide to go through the long incarnation cycle of purification, as our human souls have done for a very long period of time. Only after the incarnated soul has gone through this painful process of initiations in the utmost darkness and separation, can she reach in a leap the highest levels of Celestria.

Nowhere in this Universe has there been such a leap to the highest dimensions as humanity is about to achieve very soon with your help – the members of the PAT and all the other star seeds, who will participate in the First Wave of Ascension.

At this place, I would like to stress once again the core facts of the coming Ascension Process at the stargate 11.11.11. There are only several thousand members of the PAT, whose duty will be to open portals throughout the globe. They will hold these portals open so that several million star seeds will be able to go through these portals and ascend very soon.

As Callsta has already explained in her answers to some of you, it is not necessary that everyone of you should build a personal portal. The vast majority of First Ascended Masters will use the portals that have been created by the few members of the PAT. This is their mission at the End Times. That is why they have incarnated on earth at this time. These members will be the last ones to ascend, as they must stay on earth and keep the portals open until all star seeds from the first wave have gone through. After that the portals will be closed for some time and will be reopened again at some point in time in 2012. There is no exact schedule yet. I hope that this explanation clears a lot of your questions, which you have posed to Callista and me.


October 7, 2011

This morning, before I got your latest article, I started posting some of the emails of have been receiving and answering on my blog.
I guess the Arcturians directed us to do that, since we both did it at the same time.

Dear Sue,

Indeed we have definitely entered the time of serendipity and simultaneity, which is the most clear sign for me that the linear time of the 3d-reality is now being wrapped up and substituted by the “Now” of the eternal bliss.

However, today I had one of the most nasty attacks from the dark ones. I have expected this attack for some time after I started writing about the PAT and Ascension and today it hit me with a full force.

However, I recognized it immediately, although it was hidden behind a negligible external event, and I purged them from my energetic field with my established technique:

I ask all angelic forces to help me and send me the white coherent light of Christed energy to shield my field and to encircle the source of the dark energies that has attacked me and then I demand very loudly that the dark entities that have entered my field should leave it for ever and be delegated to the outskirts of the universe.

The latter statement is very powerful, as they are then really transported by the angelic forces far away from earth. I have already had a huge experience with many personal attacks in the past, because they know that I am their most important enemy and target, but their power has weakened so much in the last days that they left me in peace after several hours of futile, but very strong, bombardment,

I hope that this is the last attempt they have started before Ascension. Their power has no effect any more and these are good news for all of us.

As far as I gather from your last emails, you were also a target of such negative forces yesterday, when your car broke and you were under huge stress. Funny times – the End Times. The drama does not end.

October 7, 2011

Hi Callista,

I am Sue Lie. I love that you can see portals so well and would love to communicate with you. When you said below that I was Embodied, I presume you mean that I still have a body. Yes, I do, the last time I checked.  I do hope that I take others with me. I would love to hear more about you and your experiences.

“I have been thinking about Sue and I think she already has a portal ? I assume this is what the Arcturians call the Corridor. When Sue recounts her experiences in the Corridor and, lately, at the other end of it, it seems to me that she is embodied. So I think these portals are allowing the safe transportation of embodied humans. I can see her portal with remote vision ? sometimes I am given remote vision but not always and it is only ever to see energy patterns ? it is quite wide and that may be because she takes others along with her ? because of her writings, she takes others with her.”

Dear Sue,

I am so excited to hear from you. I have been following your blog for the last two weeks after hearing about you through George. Because of your ability to explain your experiences so eloquently, it has inspired and empowered me to create because your experiences have validated mine. I am grateful to you for that.

I am sorry about the confusion regarding the embodiment – I wasn’t suggesting that you are regularly disembodied (!!) Although that certainly has its compensations!!

Allow me to explain – It was fascinating to me, when I had my own experience, that I was somewhere in the biosphere (or noosphere, whatever) and I was AWARE OF HAVING A BODY. This was a new experience for me. When you recounted your experiences in the Corridor, I was sure you were also embodied, so it was an experience you were having IN THE BODY. Unless I misinterpreted you, I think you have also been describing what you saw at the other end of the Corridor and you seemed to me to be present at the other end and even through to the other side, also in a body.

This is significant, because your dreaming is telling you that you are having this experience without losing your body. This is very exciting for us. Your dreaming also is telling you that others are in your Corridor, therefore you must also be taking others with you.
I am getting emails from people who are asking advice about building portals. I have just finished a short article which I am sending to George for him to post on his website if he thinks it is appropriate. I attach a copy for you and would appreciate your views.

With kindest regards from Callista
October 7, 2011

Dear George,

Gratitude and Love to you for sharing so much wisdom and knowledge in order to help us to see and act in order to achieve Ascension.

I am a 48 years old guy with the soul and heart of a 5 years old boy and I love it. Since I was 3 I wanted to fly with my Tricycle, at the age of 6 I built my starship with my grandfather’s tv antenna in order to return to my planet. Since I was a boy and up to present I have lucid dreams where I fly.

At the age of 30 some months before leaving my hometown Mexico, I had an accident, right on my birthday, later on at night I was operated and after the operation I had a mystical experience with Jesus Christ (despite I always refused religions) and left my body knowing I was leaving to a peaceful, magnificent place, where all I saw was LIGHT, the most beautiful Light experience ever! After I returned to my body and found my face cover with an oxygen mask, lots of doctors, nurses and my crying mother around my bed:My heart and breath stopped for 5 minutes, but somehow my brain was not damaged.

And here I am now since then living in Europe, certain that the Future is Bright, Wonderful. I love this Mother Earth as you have no idea, so despite I know I came from the Stars initially, I want to stay here. So I am sure I will ascend too. I thank you for the patience and time you give to my message, now I kindly ask you some questions based on facts that I feel talk about my LBP since some years ago (constant headaches, high frequency sound in both ears, arrhythmia, and so on).

I feel my whole apartment is a portal, based on what I feel/perceive on astral level, the 1000s of orbs I photograph almost whenever (,  Do I need to create my Portal?

How can I know that the 11.11.11 is certainly my moment to leave my body? In case I do not die physically and pass to the 5d-Earth? Or based on my life plan, is it possible that I disintegrate and simply disappear, be it this 2011, or later on in 2012? I would have more questions, but I do not abuse from your kindness any longer. Thank you very much. Love, Light and Joy for you and all your relations dear brother.

Dear F.,

Thank you very much for your very kind letter and for sharing your personal experiences in the past with me. As I am writing in my Ascension report of today, it is not necessary for every ascension candidate to build his own personal portal. This is the duty of the members of PAT which are only a few. The other light workers will use these portals to ascend. Ultimately, one always knows if it is his in soul contract  to open a portal or not. If you are in doubt, you can ask Callista (see her email address on this report) whether you are building a portal or not. She has the unique ability to visualize portals.

In love and light
O)ctober 7, 2011

Subject: On Ascencion Portals with Love from Brussels

Dear Callista,

Good day to you. I am contacting you to kindly ask you for your support in regards to the questions I asked to George, he has suggested me to contact you and here I am. I will share with you my email to George and his reply. Embrace to you from the centre of my heart dear sister.

Lots of Love, Peace and Joy for you and all your relations. My Questions:

Do I need to create my Portal? How can I know that the 11.11.11 is certainly my moment to leave my  body? In case I do not die physically and pass to the 3D Earth? Or based on my life plan, is it possible that I disintegrate and simply disappear, be it this 2011, or later on in 2012?

I would have more questions, but I do not abuse from your kindness any longer. Thank you very much. Love, Light and Joy for you and all your relations dear brother.

F. K. Itzkoatl
From: <>
Subject: RE:On Ascencion Portals with Love from Brussels

Dear Federico,

Thank you for your gracious email. I went to your website and enjoyed the lovely orbs you have photographed. The treasures that are being revealed to us at this time are amazing and beautiful.

You have a strong and very large portal which you have generously extended over the whole apartment building and further, which makes me think that you are providing a portal for many people in your vicinity to use when their time comes, if that is their wish. You don’t need to work on your portal, but just use your imagination and you will see the portal for yourself.

There is no need to be concerned about when you will go, it will all work out in the end. We will know what to do when the time comes and it is important to live in the NOW moment.

You have obviously done a lot of work on your Light Body Process and your physical body will be well prepared for Ascension. We are still going through a lot of body processes and you will find you will need a lot of rest and simple easily digested foods. We are receiving much information downloaded when we are sleeping. I know you haven’t asked specifically about this but I felt you needed this information.

I embrace you also dear Brother – your sensitive love for our Mother Gaia shines through.

Kindest regards from Callista
October 7, 2011

Ciao Giorgio,

Ogni giorno, ogni ora il mio portale personale diventa sempre piu’ potente e luminoso, sento un’espansione, una gioia, una luce che da dentro me irradia all’esterno!

Sono pronto! Totalmente pronto e convinto di questa ascensione, tutte le mie energie e i miei pensieri, sono connessi a questo sentire e a questo divino disegno.

Ora vivo totalmente in questa apertura e aspetto la chiamata con amore e gioia.

Grazie di tutto quello che fai per noi, e di esserci vicino in questo divino passaggio…

Con affetto Davide, Italia

Dear George,

Every day and every hour I am building my personal portal and it becomes more and more potent, I feel its expansion, the joy, the light within me that irradiates the outer world!

I am ready! Absolutely ready and convinced in Ascension, my whole energy and my thoughts are empowered by this feeling and this Divine Plan.
Now I live exclusively in this Opening and wait the Call with love and joy.
Thank you very much for everything you are doing for me, and wish you that this divine journey should come to an end very soon.

Davide, Italy
Caro Davide,

qesta notizia mi fa un grand piacere et sodisfazione. Continua creare il tuo luminoso futuro – questo e il piu grande regalo che tu puoi dare all’humanita.

Dear Davide,

These news evoke great joy and satisfaction in my heart. Continue creating you luminous future – this is the greatest present you can give to humanity.

October 7, 2011

Hello Callista.

I just read this comment you made to someone on Georgi’s site:  It is significant that you had a couple visiting you. I believe this means that you will be sharing your portal with others who don’t have their own portals. I don’t know why some people will build a portal and others will not, but it doesn’t matter. We are here to help each other and we are all achieving the same goal.

My own higher self informs me that I have been building a portal for quite some time. I am not clairvoyant though, more clairsentient. Are you clairvoyant? (Sounds like you are.) If so, might you tell me if you get any “hits” in regards to my ascension work. What Tomas had said and how you interpreted it resonated with me for these reasons…

I have a twin flame that I am to be reunited with. It was to happen  after my material / financial situation shifted, which I thought would happen before my full ascension, but now I’m being told both will coincide. I get the impression that my twin flame – who I have met in this lifetime, but don’t know well – is not what many would think of as a “lightworker” and yet I’m told they are very intuitive and have worked on themselves. They are probably not consciously aware of most of the kind of things that people like you and I are. We’ve had a telepathic connection for about 1 1/2 years and we have had telepathic sex and also did the energy melding like what Georgi spoke of.

Also, the Divine asked me to assist someone’s else’s healing last  year. They had been very resistant, but may have made a breakthrough recently. I am told that they too will be in my life in no small way. I just was moved by what you said about sharing a portal because I get the impression that I am to assist these two to 5D and that they  really are the only two who I will work with specifically although I get that I am to stay back in 3D to mostly just BE here and bring in new energies as the biggest part of my future role.

Have you got anything for me?
From: <>
Subject: RE:Portals

Dear Cathar, (You did not supply your name so forgive me if I use this name for you)

Thank you for your interesting email. Trust your higher self because she alone knows what is correct for you. I believe that some portals will be used by others, but that does not mean that the person who builds the portal is responsible for the Ascension of others. The others will come to your portal and you will not have to do anything. Ascension is within the range of free will that is a Law on this planet.

It can be a difficult thing for a human to step aside and allow another human to go their own way, especially if we think that our decision for them is better. If you concentrate on your own progress and be true and in integrity to yourself then all will be well. Others will come if they decide to do so. If the others are not ready for 5D then they will not be happy there, and you would not want to be responsible for another’s unhappiness. If they are ready, they will be there.
I hope that has helped.

Kindest regards from Callista
October 7, 2011

Dear Callista,

I read George’s recent post today. I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I in any way have imposed on you. I and my partner are also reclusive. We live on an acreage in the country and rarely see people and mostly go into town to either get groceries (since neither of us have a green thumb) or to visit with her family. But I was only curious as to how my work was progressing on opening up the portal on our property.

We were led here by AA Zachial (Spelling is probably wrong) in a channel I received one day. This place is magical and I love walking through it and working it as far as clearing up the and. It’s an old Christmas tree farm. We’ve had lots of wonderful experiences here and at times I have connected with other higher beings and channeled and interpreted their languages but just between my partner and myself. I was also born with the knowing that I left my ‘space’ family to incarnate here and from age 5 to 1 I would sneak out to the roof of my parents home to morse code them with a flashlight saying how much I wanted to go back ‘home’. I’ve heard angels on various occasions but the last few years have felt a disconnect, hearing nothing.

Once during a NDE I chatted and saw an angel and the only message I remember is that humans have the message of Gods love wrong. But anyhow. Just wanted to say that I was sorry for imposing on you as I know what it’s like. George has been a big help with me in understanding my huge panic attacks and his perspective on how to deal with them. I know it won’t be easy but I know it’ll be for the best.

Much Love and Light,

A. M.

Good Morning Callista,

I’ve recently discovered George’s website and it has truly been an eye opener ! It has confirmed things in my life that I have either felt or done. Recently we’ve been writing each other and he recommended me to write to you and said some very nice things about you as well :-)

I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind remote viewing my property to see where I stand with my portal, what condition it is in and such. I’m currently unemployed so I couldn’t afford to pay you. Very sorry for that. I have clients as I do energy work, but suddenly nobody has the money for my services although I have still done the work. Anyhow just wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking a peek at my place.

My address is: … Nebraska, USA. It’s a very interesting property out here in the country. If you couldn’t do it for lack of money I could understand that.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day Callista.

Much Love and Light,

Dear A.,

Thank you for your kind emails and it is a pleasure to communicate with you. It sounds like you live on a beautiful property and that you are in touch with Gaia in a special way.

I want to assure you that you have no need to be anxious. Your portal is lovely and has a golden glow emanating from it. Just by living in the moment and maintaining your contact with Gaia will strengthen and maintain your portal and your ability to dream your Ascension.

Kindest regards from Callista
October 7, 2011

Hi George,

Can you explain to me the purpose of the individual LBP? I understand that we must ask for this process to begin which I did in early 2009. It is indeed a very exhausting and in many ways painful experience. I have searched your site for as much info on this process as I could and I have been going through the same problems as you just not as intense. It always starts around 6:30-7:30 at night and lasts till around 12:00 or later the next day. I believe you call these CC-Waves. And it feels like I will incinerate sometimes I’m so hot.

When I wake up the next day I usually feel horrible and drained.

The LBP hasn’t been as bad since last year, but since this past summer it’s been coming back. I also understand that many Indigos and Crystal children have it in their soul contracts to begin the individual LBP. I strongly believe I am an early Crystal because I was born in 1988. Some people call them Crystal scouts. Is the individual LBP going to benefit us or is it just making the experience even harder with no payoffs? I was just thinking about this and thought you could give me a clear enough answer.

Peace & Love



Dear Marcus,

You describe your LBP very correctly and precisely. it is a very difficult experience indeed. You as a crystalline child, born after the first harmonic convergence in 1987, have the advantage over my older generation of indigo children, because you have come on earth with already a half-built crystalline body, so that your process will not be so prolonged and painful as that of the old generation, who have paved the way for you to come. You have started on a much higher frequency level.

Apart from that, each individual has his own speed of progression, which nobody from outside can discern, because it also depends to a large extent on the individual attitude towards this process and how well he copes with the LBP.

The best strategy to promote it, is not to meddle with the work of your soul while transforming your body and have a faith that everything will be all right. You should not bother even how quickly or slowly the LBP is progressing. Leave the management to your soul and simply do other things as usual, as good as you can, and try to ground yourself. This is the most important thing now. The more you are grounded, the more energy you can receive and the quicker your progress. You can ground yourself by simple daily activities that can help you meditate at the same time. I use this practice and it works very well. I cook everyday to relax myself for instance.



Hi George,

Thanks for the last reply; I just finished reading your latest article. Every time you post a new article it feels like Christmas every time.  I now understand why I haven’t created a portal for ascension and I can’t wait for the magical day. In some of your replies to readers you said that our bodies will disappear during ascension and our family members won’t see us at all. I know this girl that I told a lot of false information to a couple years back and she may not listen to me this time. After I ascend could I come right back and help her ascend almost at the same time? I feel like I owe her that. And if we try to communicate with family members in their dream time will it be vivid or will they most likely forget they had the dream?

I also have a nephew who is 9 and he accidentally read some of your article about the first wave and he wants to be in this first wave of ascension. Is it possible for him to make the first wave because he has never been into this kind of information and knowledge be reading that. And I don’t think he has had any LBP symptoms at all before. But as soon as he read the article he had a terrible headache and an unsettled stomach.  Do you think he could be just beginning his symptoms or was this just from him reading the information? I have been having huge LBP symptoms since I first started reading your posts and it’s getting worse every day it seems. Do you think my symptoms will ease up closer to 11-11-11 or will they continue to increase? But it doesn’t really matter if they ease or not because I have had much worse than this a couple years ago. I was just wondering about those things; you’re the only person I can talk to about this. Thanks for all your help and I hope to meet you some day after ascension.

Peace & Love



Dear M.,

Thank you very much for your email and your confirmation of my work. Principally, at the time of Ascension everybody is responsible only for himself. Too strong attachment to other people may jeopardize his ascension process especially when the other person  is not entitled to ascend. There is earthly love and there is heavenly love, and at this time the heavenly love must prevail.

Every soul has the sole responsibility for her incarnated entity. No one else should take the burden of saving other souls. This is a very important incarnation principle to observe. This does not mean that you should not send this girl your loving thoughts, but you cannot do any more in the practical sense. If it is in your contract to return to 3d-earth after ascension, then you can see her and do whatever you find necessary. In this case you will enjoy an unlimited consciousness and you will know what is appropriate for her to do.

Your nephew is a crystalline child and he is now also opening for the process. I cannot tell you when he will ascend, but that he will definitely ascend and then he will be the teacher of his parents and other elderly people.

In the 5th dimension the relations will be often reversed – the parents will become the children of their former biological children, who will teach them as ascended masters. Every crystalline child is an ascended master already.

I personally believe that your LBP symptoms will continue till Ascension. I would recommend you to welcome these pains and symptoms, then the more you suffer now, the higher you will ascend in the 5th dimension. Please observe that the 5th dimension consists of 7 levels and each level of further 7 sub-levels, 49 altogether. The 5th dimension is much more diverse than the current 3d-earth. The differences between the ascended humans will be much more pronounced than on earth, where one can hardly discern an ascended master in a physical body from, say, a reptilian shape-shifter or a clone of the Greys. This is why earth is such a treacherous place.

In Love and light



Dear George,

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I was thinking the same thing almost exactly.  I just felt like that girl was steered in the wrong direction just as I was at first. But that makes so much sense for everyone to be responsible for his own ascension process. I was wondering since we are all ascending early is it because of that that I don’t really care about anything in this 3D world anymore. I mean all I seem to want to focus on is my ascension process. I feel like I’m moving further away from my mother and other family members who don’t see things my way, but it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s not that I don’t care for them but I just don’t focus on them at all anymore. Is this detachment apart of the process because it really feels right?

Thanks again


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