On Steve Beckow’s and Other Light Workers` Confusion

Open Letter

by  Dr. Georgi Stankov, October 3, 2011,

Question from the Editorial Staff of Galactic Free Press to Dr. Georgi Stankov:


To the Editorial Staff of Galactic Free Press
Answer by Dr. Georgi Stankov

Dear Ones,

I do not have or use skype, just as I do not give interviews on purpose. I  do not want to participate in the current esoteric Vanity Fair and I prefer to be solely judged by my publications and books which are free on Internet. But I am ready to answer any questions you consider necessary and vital to clear the situation, for which I am not responsible or consider worth discussing.

Let me give you, nonetheless, some background Information regarding my relation to Steve Beckow, which is the only source and cause of the current “confusion among light workers”. This may help you understand the situation better.

I have boycotted Internet for the last 11 years, while I wrote my five German books on human Gnosis and philosophy, after I had discovered the Universal Law and developed the General Theory of Science. You can find all my books as free pdf download on my website:


After I ascended on October 13, 2010 to the higher realms, I was asked by the Cosmic Providence for this planet to return back to earth once again, although my soul contract had finished. The reason for this was that humanity was in delay with its awakening, LBP and Ascension. I was asked to help Gaia and mankind beyond my contractual duty as a soul in the End Times.

In this context, I was urged by my Higher Self to make an analysis on the esoteric literature in Internet and to intervene whenever appropriate to make the necessary corrections. This I did on several occasions. I always contacted the individuals with private emails and remained all the time absolute discrete. During this time, I did not even had my own website.

When I came accidentally upon Steve Beckow’s website in October 2010 and analysed it, I had immediately a very bad feeling about this person and his activity.

In particular, I noticed immediately that Steve is publishing other peoples’ articles and writes his name above as if he were the author of these articles and only below did he mention the name of the actual author of the article, however not always.

This is in my eyes a criminal act by any legal or ethical standards, although I reject all current legal standards in this debased society. I concluded that Steve is committing without any doubt  plagiarism and theft of intellectual property. Only recently the German war minister had to resign for a similar, though much smaller, crime of plagiarism. which Steve Beckow is actually committing for years in front of the whole Internet community.

I wrote an email to Steve at that time, but I did not tell him my deeper concerns. I presented myself and offered him a glimpse into my old scientific website as of 1999 and offered him an unconditional help to improve his website. He told me that he has no time to read anything, as he has to  publish all the time and that he does not need any help.

I answered him that from my spiritual perspective, there is no sense in living a life of a busy Internet-journalist, collecting randomly and erratically second hand information and recycling it on his website. I recommended him that he will profit much more, if he contemplates more on the greater issues as to understand what is ongoing on this planet behind the veil. Steve answered me that he need not be educated and that he is not interested in any contact whatsoever with me, and that I should stop writing to him.

I send him one final letter, where I analysed all his defaults, which his website still perspires, and made him aware of the fact that he commits fraud even to current debased legal standards and that this behaviour is not compatible with a high spirituality. This correspondence occurred in the autumn of last year and I may give you copies of my emails if you decide to publish them.

This is my whole contact with this entity. Only about three months ago, I read an open letter by Steve published on your website demanding Disclosure by the US-Government. I considered this approach highly naive and even dangerous and wrote my famous letter “To All Lightworkers”,  which was widely distributed and read in Internet, and for which I received a lot of support. In this letter, I did not mention anybody personally, but I had Steve in mind as a precedent.

I must add that Steve decided all of sudden to publish in May this year my latest book:

on his website from examiner.com.

Since then I have not cared about this entity any more.  I never read his page, because it is horribly written, rather confusing and delusive, and shows that Steve has no idea of professional journalism.

You must know that I am not only a physician and a researcher, but also a professional journalist. I have worked as news editor for the US-Radio “Free Europe” in Munich in the early 80s and later on as a free-lance scientific journalist for many international newspapers and journals. I am used to high journalistic and professional standards and rules of ethics.This of course does not mean that one should not criticize dire conditions whenever appropriate.

My last article on “Light Workers* Confusion in the End  Times prior to Ascension” is paradigmatic for this kind of critical and ethical journalism, which I have always represented in my last 30 years as a professional journalist, ethical scientist and enlightened being. My new website is the proof for this.

If you have read thoroughly my last article, you would have recognized immediately that I have addressed many broad issues of great relevance and in intimate knowledge of the coming cosmic events. This I have done with the only purpose to educate my readers to better understand the present rather complex situation on earth. My critics in this article is chiefly dedicated to the fallacies of the Anglo-Saxon culture, which I have very carefully elaborated with an intimate knowledge of this topic. This is a leitmotif in all my 15 books with the total of 5000 pages.

The readers may agree or not with my statements and conclusions, but this is the kind of intellectual approach that makes great journalism. I am not responsible for the emotional reactions of my readers and cannot be blamed for the fact that some of them may not be accustomed to such high intellectual standards. Most of these entities seem to belong to the group around Steve, which has obviously also bothered you.

However, there is a growing number of readers, who have congratulated me for my open, honest, precise and critical approach to the fallacies of the current esoteric Vanity Fair. In this respect I welcome any true, open intellectual discussion with my opponents and I  am willing to address any substantial critics on my articles in detail in the field of professional journalism, but not in backroom conspiracies.

In particular, I am not intending to hide behind Hollywood-like monsters and complain that I have been made an innocent victim of dark forces and avaricious Reptilians. I can only hope that the common sense among most light workers will prevail at the end, given the fact that we are only several weeks away from the greatest event in the history of this planet and humanity.

I highly appreciate your effort in solving this negligible dispute, while supporting the view that certain intellectual disputes can only be solved by the independent judgement of the readers.

In Love and Light

Dr. Georgi Stankov


From the Editorial Staff of Galactic Free PressAnswer:

Brilliant one, thank you for sharing your views on the situation with the post. We were not in opposition or judgement at all about what you shared, just needed further clarification from where you were coming from specifically. Our Focus on the Press is the Highest Truth Information possible and as clear as possible with the Highest Possible outcome of Love Experience. Thank You for taking the moments to participate and for taking the moments to write to us, we are deeply honored

~~~We Love You, We are truly One~

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