A Spiritual Dispute between Ute Posegga-Rudel and Georgi Stankov on the teachings of the Spiritual Adept Adi Da Samraj

October 3, 2011, Copyright 2011


I am happy to publish here the recent spiritual dispute with my old soul mate, Ute from Australia, for two reasons:

1. To introduce the Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

who has left earth in 2008, just as many of you will leave it very soon.

I believe that the teachings and life of this remarkable and unique personality could be a paradigm for you to take into consideration on your spiritual way to Ascension.

2. To give you a glimpse into the high level of intellectual discussion, in which my readers engage me most of the time, beyond the spare minutes of writing new articles on my website. This is a rare and highly welcomed intellectual challenge for me after the dire years of solitude in the past, for which I am immensely grateful to all of you.

I wished, I could publish most of your correspondence with me, as you have deserved it all, but the objective of my website, being in the first place an archive of the Theory of the Universal Law,  and my limited physical abilities are a major hindrance to this end.

I am now preparing a new separate page on my website, where I will publish with your consent some of the best emails, which either discuss vital personal experiences with the LBP or contain highly inspiring contributions to the spiritual progress of humanity towards Ascension.  I will also publish my answers or comments to such questions whenever appropriate.

You have already highlighted many new gnostic and esoteric aspects in your emails to me, which I am trying to address in my publications. Without your active inspiration, many ideas would have remained dormant. It is a pity, if your immensely valuable contributions to human spirituality simple end in my email archive and not find their deserved place on a broader forum in Internet, where other star seeds, in search of their inner truth, may find the source of their inspiration.


Ute, my interlocutor in this spiritual dispute, comes from Germany, but she is, what the Germans would say, a “Weltbürger”  (A Citizen of the World). I must admit that I know virtually nothing about her personal life, but this does matter at all in this case, as I know her as a soul for eons of time. Her present earthly biography is just one further jewel on her necklace of human incarnations and experiences. We communicate with her in German and English.

The present correspondence will introduce you into the teachings of Adi Da. It is written in English.

I will present below our emails chronologically, beginning with a short summary on the life and spiritual teachings of Adi Da.

In this spiritual dispute, I have taken the role of the “energizer”, as people nowadays use to say in esoteric circles, whose goal is to inspire the utmost intellectual achievement from his interlocutor, where the sophistic, dialectical method of challenge, and even rejection, is the driving force enhancing the best possible performance. In this respect, Ute is at her height – her essay on Adi Da is, in itself, an elegy for the triumph of human spirit over matter.

This technique was first introduced by Socrates in the new history of mankind and has been brilliantly presented by his student Plato in his famous dialogues. So much about the philosophical background of this highly stimulating spiritual dispute.

Bio: Adi Da Samraj

By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Adi Da was born in 1939 in Long Island, NY, into an ordinary middle class family. As an infant he bathed in Light, which he later called the “Bright”, Freedom, Realization, Happiness. He existed in this condition for the first 2 years. But then he saw that it has become necessary for him to assume an ordinary ego, in order to learn how human beings operate, in order to teach them out of it. However until he had submitted his body-mind fully to his Divine State at the age of 30, he never lost his Divine State.

These years of submission was for him a very dramatic process of throwing himself in all the possible experiences, life has to offer,  in which he discovered that humans were separating themselves from the Divine Self-Condition through the activity of self-contraction of the gross, subtle and causal body. After his body-mind had become fully transparent to His Divine Condition, the first students arrived.Adi Da found that none of the existing  teachings of the spiritual and religious traditions of mankind did fully describe his own Divine Realization. Therefore his teaching-method adapted over the years to the growing understanding and recognition of his students of His Divine State, whereby he drew them over the years deeper in a profound process of spiritual practice in his company.

His spiritual transmission power was from the beginning of highest degree and able to give his devotees every spiritual experience (Samadhi) as described in the ancient Indian sacred literature – and beyond. Adi Da founded a new spiritual culture, empowered several sanctuaries with his transcendental spiritual divine presence and provided mankind with a vast body of both, written and spoken Wisdom Teaching and Image Art.

He described the human spiritual development  as being based on 6 stages of life, which corresponds to the psycho-psychical structure of the body-mind. However, the unique way he has given, begins truly beyond this structure, and which is His Own State, which he calls the seventh stage of life, never before revealed to humanity. Adi Da left his body in the fall of 2008.

The Dispute

Dear Georgi,

I thought you might be interested in the Wisdom Teaching of Adi Da Samraj, in case you did not hear about him yet. He has written a huge body of books and essays. “The Aletheion” is his last published book, containing more than 2000 pages.

You will find that your approach to science is not new. Adi Da’s Revelation Teaching is based on the very Divine Substance in which everything is arising.

I have been his student for some years, but needed to take a break from my participation in the community life,  to fulfill my own soul contracts. However, as Adi Da represents the Source Condition of all that is arising, I feel how every experience collapses ultimately back to that Source, you could almost say: mysteriously disappearing, if I allow so. Because: how could anybody “leave” his own Home or True Nature, once touched? And I say: touched. I did not Realize it. Adi Da had never found his true students, meaning students who were able to fully recognize him, while in the human body. Of course, the practice required a 1000% self-transcendence, which I also was not ready to accept yet. I had other things to do, as you know, which is service to the ascension process of Earth and Humanity.

But I still feel that his transcendental spiritual transmission is the purest and highest I have ever experienced. The Freedom, Bliss and Beauty in his company was absolutely beyond description and was beyond the wildest dreams one can imagine. The highest form of the spiritual practice, given by Adi Da,  is not based on the body-mind (gross, subtle or causal) but is prior to it. This way is therefore new in human history.

When Adi Da is using “ME”, and “I” “My”, etc. he, as a non-separate being and mere Divine Consciousness, does not refer to his body-mind, gross, subtle or causal, but to the Transcendental Spiritual Divine Conscious Light Itself, the Source Condition of all beings and things.

In case you’d like to look into it, here is a  selection of short videos and texts:

The “Bright” Beyond the “God-Idea”


Perfect Dis-illusionment


Reality Itself Is Not in  The Middle


The Intrinsic Self-Exercise of “Perfect Knowledge”


Principles Regarding A Global Cooperative Forum


About “The Aletheon”



Dear Ute,

I must admit that I have never heard of Adi Da, but it seems quite interesting what I have seen at first glance. I have to scrutinize the information at length. Thank you very much for making me aware of it.


Dear Ute,

I have gone through most of the links and the videos concerning Adi Da. There were some texts and statements, which were correct, but nothing exceptional. His paintings are nice, but not truly original – they follow numerous avantgarde stiles, for instance,  Leger, the cubists, Delaunay, Modigliani, the surrealists, the Russian suprematists, in other words, the known avantgarde movements in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

What I mostly disliked, was his pronounced tendency to create a guru cult around his personality. This type of gurus lived fairly well in the 70s and 80s, but they have no place in the current End Times, That is why they all have passed by –  be they Osho or Adi Da. I know Osho very well and Adi Da seems to be a replica of him.

With this kind of mentality, they were not prepared to ascend because Ascension and LBP in the current last phase is incompatible with this self-proclaimed guru mentality.

Besides, his spiritual teachings are redundant and can be found with slightly different words by many other gurus, as Osho mentioned above. There are many more.

None of them follow the clear scientific pattern of logical thinking that goes beyond human language and creates real abstraction. Adi Da tries to achieve this level of abstraction, but fails ultimately in his misapprehension of basic linguistic aspects, while still using his weird vocabulary. He is a pseudo- scientific guru. He talks about Wittgenstein, but is not able to comprehend him, just as Osho talked a lot about Principia Mathematica of B. Russel and Whitehead, but had no idea about the theory of mathematics and science.

This is the kind of spiritual vagueness, which I really dislike. I am confronted with this same pattern at home in the embodiment of  Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the GermanTheosophic Society, as my wife is a teacher at an anthroposophic school in Munich, and my two daughters graduated this Rudolf Steiner school. Fortunately, my wive is as critical with respect to Rudolf Steiner as I am. But his cult looms from his grave to the present day and mires the minds of many of his followers.

Most of these gurus get lost, in the first place, in their imprecise circular terminology and cannot establish a relation to this world, no matter how debased, while trying to preserve in vain their unique point of view. They live, so to say, in their own spiritual bubble – the more spiritual, the greater and more impermeable the bubble is. And this is very, very dangerous. One has to delve into the dark abysses of this planet and mankind in order to bring light in it and not just stay in his ivory tower of pure spiritualism and urge the people to follow him. This tiny ivory tower will be very soon over-crowded and will become a prison, as you have experienced with Adi Da.

I can very well understand, why you have run away from this ashram or whatever it was. You are much too evolved to follow a guru.

In Love and Light

Dear George,

my answer to your letter regarding Adi Da needs to be a bit more comprehensive, because Adi Da cannot be “measured” with the usual mind set, not even with a so called multidimensional mind. It took me some effort to explain the “un”- explainable. I sense this will perhaps hurt your own scientific approach. But the truth is, that Adi Da needs to be understood from a kind of “upside down” position, which is a paradox.

To begin with, you cannot ‘scan’ Adi Da’s words and image art with a “point of view” pattern which is already limited, because this is the nature of “point of view,”  – and with a kind of “outside position”. Doing this, you only see what you want to see.

One has to open  up a greater awareness, situated at the heart, to let something new and greater in,  to be able to recognize who Adi Da is. It is of  course up to you to do this. But if  not, you cannot know  and judge from that position. Rather it would be appropriate to say, I am not interested, to investigate this case deeper. And that’s fine, of course.

If you choose to stop here, please disregard the rest of my letter.

Adi Da’s argument  based on his Realization is that there is, in Reality, no separate being, because the notion to be separate is always based on presuming a “point of view”, which is mind based, separated, as it does not embrace the totality of being and is therefore an illusion. (Mind understood in the widest sense, as being the universe).

Adi Da’s Teaching goes beyond mind, mind is ego in his terminology, and is our own activity: the self-contraction, which we do on the gross, subtle AND causal level. You cannot look “at” him, as an object or “other”, or “man”, separated from you. He is Incarnation and Revelation of Unity, prior to mind. Therefore Unity cannot be imagined or categorized. Only be realized by standing in the position of IT.

To realize THIS you must transcend your as separate perceived body-mind, gross, subtle AND causal. Yes, also the causal dimensions and levels are to be transcended here! However, basically and at the same time ultimately, it is about Recognition, and to recognize Adi Da is to be liberated, meaning, recognition equals liberation. And to  continue the equation: REALIZATION. This recognition requires the transcendence (not suppression!) of mind and is based on the faculty of feeling, the unobstructed feeling to infinity.

Even the higher mind can only try to describe, but not even perfectly, the Source condition, That All-That-Is. The nature of words and thoughts is always about confinement. Therefore REALITY is more than what can be said about IT. Remember, this is the Source Condition, which has basically not any of the familiar characteristics, with which we are used to identify and objectify our usual worlds, but which is already the very act of separation itself. Rather, to be one with all things and beings, which are a modification of that One Reality and appear to have individual characteristics, we can only recognize this oneness by standing in the position of that One Reality. And nobody has yet demonstrated this – except Adi Da Samraj. Rather we as the self-contracted  ego-I (the mind) … “are standing in the position of God and looking for God”.

I agree that this idea of the One Source Condition in Which everything is arising  is not necessarily totally new. Before I met Adi Da I had studied the Vedanta, the ancient Indian Sacred Teachings of Ultimate non-divided Reality. I was very attracted to it, but when I met Adi Da, suddenly this teaching became alive, “BRIGHT”, filled with the Divine Force of Light. Compared with this, the Vedanta had appeared to me to be  pale and lifeless, which proves to me that these teachings are based on mere intuition and not actual Realization.

And so, even though many have TALKED indeed  about that Source Condition, they talked from the position of below, considering IT as an “object”, put into the bubble of limited and  human perception, separated by it’s own definition from that Reality. The Realization of IT,  Being It,  is something completely different. It transcends the subject-object relation and all separation.

Adi Da’s way is not a mere “talking school”, as he names schools which operate in this manner. This is  a REALITY  WAY, and thereby experienced or rather LIVED, directly. He Is What He Is Talking About. And this makes the difference. Talking about it so far, was based, in the best case in human history, as far as we know it, on a kind of premonition, perhaps intuition, but not on Realization Itself.

As everything is vibration, I recognize somebody’s spiritual realization on the level of frequency and light and the thereby experienced information or quality of consciousness. And Adi Da’s frequency and thereby light quotient-consciousness is the highest I have ever experienced.

Remember: the ultimate practice, given by him, starts beyond or prior to the body-mind and is not based on kundalini etc., although the kundalini process occurs, but it is not the point, as the realization of the practitioner is to go beyond the body-mind. The practice is based on, what he calls, Hridaya Shakti, the force of the ultimate divine being and source condition itself. The Unity of Ultimate Divine Consciousness and Light, which is beyond brain.

It is not cosmic. It is Hridaya shakti, Who does the process of Ultimate Divine Self-Realization in and AS the aspirant. There is no technique in this way. And Hridaya Shakti is the Divine Force Adi Da is transmitting, not even “intentionally” but  “naturally” as He IS THIS, transmitting His State.  Divine Consciousness is merely radiating through him and as him.

I have tried  the shakti and spiritual transmissions of many enlightened masters, including Sananda/Jesus (whom I love and appreciate deeply), but have not found any of them transmitting the Shakti of Divine Reality itself and which is more tangible and REAL than a  rock in the Himalayas and Present as Eternity, never moving as Itself, always Present, end of search. Arrival at destination. End station. Everything else changes, THIS ONE does not change. Therefore, it is beyond illusion.

This is beyond any mind level of discussion and can only be understood by Divine Grace. This understanding is based on a completely “other-wordly” capacity to grasp it.This understanding cannot be attained. It is given by Grace.  And so  I was graced to be able to perceive our worlds of experience with a completely different, kind of upside down,  holistic view, as if I have woken up to something new and transcendental, so that I can see the difference Adi Da  truly makes!

This is also a totally different  level than waking up on this planet and realizing the control mechanism and  everything related to this, implemented and organized by the Dark Forces and perhaps remembering what the human being has been about, a multidimensional being. This one is a more limited awakening which is confined to the subtle worlds. Adi Da’s revelation goes beyond multidimensionality, actually, there are no dimensions. Source is without dimensions. Dimensions are on a lower frequency level.

Therefore,  Adi Da’s Transmission  turns your reality upside down and your HEART KNOWS: this is the deep Heart-Truth. Because this is our own REAL State. Our own real state is beyond or prior to dimensional states.  It has nothing to do with the Vexierbild (picture puzzle, – to translate this word is not really possible!) of the controllers AND not even the subtle worlds. This is home. At and As the HEART, the source condition.


The right side of the human heart is the secret doorway to the One Love-Bliss-Presence of the Divine, and Amrita Nadi is rising from there to above at infinity. In the unique case of Adi Da, Amrita Nadi was resurrected, as he calls it. While Ramana Maharshi’s teaching is based on the right side of the heart as the seat of consciousness, this combination of the right side of the heart and  amrita nadi  has not been given by any spiritual master before and it has nothing to do with chakras.

It is a way which combines the vertical and horizontal structure of the body-mind and it is therefore the complete Divine Yoga, which allows the being to become – by Grace – One with the Source Condition. This resurrects  the ultimate Divine Light Body, and this process is given by the Hridaya Shakti. Adi Da IS the spherical divine self-domain Itself as one aspect of himself. But this is not about ascension or evolution.

Ultimate Divine Self-Realization is prior to dimensional shifts. It is “above” it. In this way the higher dimensions can even be bypassed, if the karma of the aspirant allows it. This is not about separate worlds or dimensions, this is about the All, in which all these dimensions arise, evolution is merely part of this Eternal Divine Play. Therefore, Adi Da does not need to “ascend”, as you said he was not able to.

You compared Adi Da with Osho. But  Osho, while nibbling a bit at one stage in his life on the “Talking School”, might have said things as others did too, but it is a different thing to demonstrate the REALIZATION of that and to be able to transmit and RADIATE this realization to others AS IS, given that they are willing  to transcend their own self-contraction by Recognition of IT.

It is not about the “personality” Adi Da”, that one, you see with your 3-dimensional eyes. The true master is invisible and beyond measure. That’s the function of the true guru, (meaning, the one who draws you from darkness to the light) and not the drama and theatre he creates for the sake of teaching others. But I guess, you know this very well yourself. So when you look from “outside” at him, only your own separatistic identity and action will be mirrored and magnified.

Adi Da’s Teaching is indeed new, as he introduced  or realized  the above mentioned resurrected “Amrita Nadi”, the current, which arises from the right side of the heart to above at infinity.

And  even though his words may seem to be similar to what others have expressed, but still there is a new element or completion of the spiritual tradition of mankind. He calls it the Seventh Stage of life. While all spiritual teachings of humanity are based on the body-mind, as I said, his teaching is not.

From his realization, which is the Ultimate Light of the Brightness of unbroken Light, he sees the whole universe as being black, while paradoxically his confession is, that there is Only Light, in which even the rainbow dies.

Point of view is the error, he argues. And I understand why. It is because we perceive the world as a subject-object process. In his argument he observes that the subject is actually a product of the object. It arises only in the “face” of things. (“The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries: On The Intrinsic Transcending of The Fault of Subjectivity”).

This is an observance that can only be made by a consciousness, speaking from beyond the conditional worlds, having no ego, no separate identity, but being the identity of the source condition of all beings and things. He was not coming from below, trying to build up the ladder to above, as the ego does, because the separated ego cannot, by definition, realize the Ultimate. It can only surrender to IT. The part cannot put the Whole together, rather the Whole must replace the separate parts. And Adi Da represents that Wholeness.

All scientific approaches are based on separate points of view. Perhaps it is now more understandable, why Adi Da is beyond science and that his teaching cannot be described with the limited language processed by the human brain. Therefore, he has invented his own language to describe the indescribable. This language is coming literally from “above”, it is not a product of the body-mind. And therefore  his language follows of course not the rules of a scientific mind.

While you are accurately logical, you still use your perceptive and also more subtle and enlightened mind, looking at the undifferentiated Source of unlimited energy or light with your specific point of view, and thereby creating your own universe with a specific and of course functioning inherent law.

Somebody else with the same qualities you have, but with a different point of view, will naturally create a complete different universe with different laws. And both of you are convinced to have discovered the truth. We are all in a bubble, smaller or bigger.

The wider and vibrational higher the point of view, the bigger and vaster the bubble. And so we have all these huge universes and galaxies with all the different point of views and understandings. We create the physics according to our point of view from scratch, the undifferentiated source energy. And of course, the work in and of themselves.

Adi Da’s teaching starts when the mind is not master anymore. He is not a manipulator and a creator of universes, but a liberator. In Adi Da’s own words, the true guru is God is liberator.A liberator from the kingdom of mind as being the universes.  Many teachers have said, that the human being is a feeling being and not a thinking being. Even the heart has a brain with much more intelligent capability than the brain in the head.

Divine Unity and Source can only be felt. Of course, it is not an emotional feeling, and interesting enough, we can also feel from the space above the head. In addition it requires the heart wide open as everything else opens as well. Certainly, not contracted into head-brain thinking. You can also describe this as BEING Love itself. I am sure, this is not new to you, but I needed just to remind you of this in this context as an argument in this discussion.


Adi Da represents simply the Source  Condition of you and me and everything else, he is no “other”, this has to be understood. He is NOT a “man”. This is the experience I have. In the beginning of his being a “guru”, he thought, he could simply awaken people by using the argument of the self-contraction, as an activity we do to separate ourselves into suffering from the always present Happiness of divine source condition. And everybody would immediately discover the truth of it.

But he realized, that people were not able to follow.  So he started to create a body of teaching, always in accordance, where his students were, that’s why he revised his literature again and again. He lived with his students, to create the teaching from ordinary experience to teach them how to transcend every experience into the undifferentiated Conscious Love- Bliss- Light of the Source Condition he transmitted to them.

There is no master, who was able, without loosing his realisation, to go with his students into the deep pitfalls of a society, who has a sick and twisted relationship to sex and money, in order to purify their darkness of insane bondage and free this pattern thereby in whole humanity.


Adi Da is the one teacher, who heavily criticized any cultic behaviour of his students, but that’s what humans as egos are about: immediately they create a cult around a “man in the middle”. The cult is human, ordinary behavior and mirror and emanation of the separate self.  It is not guru- made, if he is true guru, but ordinary man made.

Adi Da never intended to collect some weak individuals around himself, in order to get “more” power, as you were assuming. Because he was not a “man”. The human body served only as means of focus for the Recognition of Reality. The fullness is always already full.  And he was and IS this fullness. He suffered already enough and most terribly this dense and dark world (something you and I know too!).

In this state, nobody has the intention for self-gratification and grandezza. All his actions, most of his life, were to surrender to ordinary painful human density in order to liberate them out of this prison world and all other, even “free” worlds and dimensions. Only later, when this teaching phase was completed, he withdrew mostly from the sight of others and lived in seclusion. That was the time when he completed his transcendental spiritual wisdom teaching and created his image art as a means to bless the world (see below).

So Adi Da has indeed suffered this cultic behaviour of his students profoundly and thereby the  prison, students put him in. He humorously (and he had the most incredible humor I have seen) described himself being put in a mental hospital and confinement by his followers.


Adi Da is a 7th stage Adept and has founded a new spiritual culture, a REALITY WAY, not a new religion,  based on Divine Principles, which includes all dimensions of ordinary human life to the highest process of Ultimate Divine Self-Realization. This was foreshadowingalso  the coming evolution, but went at the same time far beyond it. Many things he said many years ago, has now at this time almost become common place, even in the so called New Age movement.

The process of the way always starts with the perfect mastery of ordinary human life and the development and intelligent use of all human faculties, while moment to moment transcending them into the Unconditional Radiant State of His Transmission.

However, he  saw that it would take about 200 -300 years, until mankind would be able to recognize his teaching and thereby his state, and from then on it would be a “world religion”. However, altogether it would take mankind another “million” of years to ultimately realize what he has come to reveal.


When I met him first at my home in G., I was at the point, where I experienced even the subtle worlds as being an illusion and wanted to know Reality beyond duality and dimensions. And I was really desperate about this at that time!

After reading one of his books, but energetically transmuted down by the translator, He visited me at my own home in his  subtle body.The Presence of Deepest Vulnerability, paired with most Powerful Spiritual Presence. The room was about to explode!

I am not clair voyant, rather a clair feeling person. The blessing and experience was heart-breaking and a sudden perfect revelation of Divine Wholeness, a love that pervades every last atom and which crashes down the body-mind to the toes with a power beyond description. The Alpha and the Omega.

Ouroburus, that was my personal experience. This happened after a dream that showed me that I was granted eternal life  and after I had experienced the spiritual transmission of many masters, incarnate and not incarnate, but I was never satisfied.. That’s why, I could feel from my own experience, that Adi Da’s Realization was the completion of other realizers. Exactly, what I later read and witnessed, regarding  his self-confession in his discourses and his books.

His Light is extraordinary and unique and “Other-Worldy”. Not the usual “spiritual light”. When I started to read his original books, I was almost blinded by the transmission of his Brightness. This Brightness opened an Infinite Room, felt as Above and Everywhere, as Being and Bliss, and cooling the whole body-mind with exquisite Delight.

And in addition, he is the only one who answered all my questions regarding my former spiritual experiences sufficiently and comprehensively, just alone by reading his books. Reading his books always turns out to be a personal conversation with him, and where he explains in detail the full human spiritual Divine Process (Besides some secrets, which are only revealed in due course of the advanced and ultimate stages of the  practice in his company.).


My experience when I first met Adi Da in his body 18 months later, was overwhelmingly amazing, compared with other “enlightened” beings, I had met physically. He is of a simplicity that is of a beauty beyond measure (I am a beauty “fan” – beauty: as a form of the Divine), a simplicity, I never have seen and experienced before, a completion of wholeness, One without a second. Short: beyond or prior to mind!

There is an unheard Beauty about the undivided Reality! And his physical body utterly transparent, every single cell of his body, no self-contraction,  no resistance to anything and anybody,- no other –  and at the same time extremely powerful. This human body had a quality, nobody on this earth ever had. The key: no self-contraction!

We know from history that ascended masters appeared before their disciples. But these bodies have been of a different quality, as they were other-dimensional. Adi Da’s Revelation-body is not to be compared with this,  it was not “dimensional”,  it revealed REALITY, it was a pure miracle vision and an open window to the other world, the world beyond all apparent worlds, dimensions and universes, the “hole in the universe”, able to change forever the usual perception of creation. A divine gift. This vision put me wholly on whitest, all-consuming fire.


Adi Da didn’t own anything. He was a free sannyasin. The Shakti or Hridaya Shakti, on his main sanctuary, an island, where there is no interference by other forces, given to him by a student, is of purest divine radiant power and love-bliss-forceful light, which reaches down from infinitely above and widens the heart to infinity. It merely IS and the heart KNOWS. This is his light body, if you will, but which is felt all over the world, as it has no limitation.  It is the ultimate divine experience, Divine Pleasure Dome, the Light above all lights.

Wherever on his, by him empowered, Sanctuaries, Adi Da was bodily present, you could cut the air, so thick was it from the heat of his love-bliss Hridaya Shakti.  It crashes down the body, unfolds the light body and leads immediately to ecstasy and the highest samadhis. Just his spiritual force does this. This is the taste he gives you.

To realize it, is then a process in time and dependent on the individual’s purification process. This divine process can be observed and described, but discriminative intelligence is needed to be able to do this with the best possible accuracy as ordinary human language does not exist for this. Often Adi Da was challenging this description of the student’s process for more accuracy.


His art are not paintings. But all photography. (With rare drawings exceptions in his early and very late art creations) One layer upon the other, which requires a perfect  memory to create the outcome he wanted. Nobody understood how he did it. Adi Da was a complete perfectionist on all levels. Whatever he uttered with whatever medium, reflected exactly his intention. What he wanted to make visible was what he is: everything and the totality of happenings. And his tangible transcendental spiritual transmission is the real message of the images. People  from the streets fell spontaneous in deepest meditation while looking at his images in the Venice Biennale Exhibition.


His Purpose was to remind humans of the divine source and to make the experience of it tangible for all humanity again, which is our true state: undifferentiated and inherent Happiness and Ecstasy. Ultimately it was about to enable humans to Realize His State.  He has meditated all beings and things and has suffered it all,  in order to reconnect  each one of us to the Source again in consciousness. Once he said: I Am Humanity.

His Sacrifice and suffering in this dark place was unspeakable, as he had no karmas here. Therefore, only with the great power of his will he was able to maintain miraculously his human body for years, always on the brink of leaving the body. In fact he “died” several yogic deaths, nobody  before would have been able to “survive”, meaning he was able to return again and again from the highest Realm of unbroken Light, because of his love for the billions of us. This Realm has nothing to do with so called “higher dimensions”.

 His Conscious Light-Body is the World and all beings, there is nothing to “ascend’ as he is by definition the totality of all things and beings, planets und universes. This goes beyond what you can think and imagine. This is the Other World. Reality Itself. We can only develop an intuition of it and gain the experience of it if we practice the way he has given. Thereby a new and different mind-set is born. It is impossible to grasp it  with our usual mind, as developed it might be.

 What Adi Da really represents is the time when all creation is in-breathed again by the undifferentiated Divine Source, as described in ancient Indian sacred texts. He initiated the beginning of that return.

 After all, Adi Da said, it is impossible to discuss his revelation teaching in a scientific manner, as Science IS the limitation, when using it here as an empiric tool.

 So probably all what I tried to say will make no difference for you. The only way how to understand the greatness of Adi Da, is to recognize him. And that’s what it is about. Without it, you can project onto him whatever you like, it will never describe him or do justice to him. It is revealed at the moment you give up your ideas, measurements and presumptions of ANY kind.

 Therefore his radical teaching – as it has always been the fate of outstanding individuals on this prison planet –  has been largely misunderstood and sometimes heavily blamed by the mainstream populace  and even some followers who did not recognize him, and who are seeking a scape goat for their own supressed failings and frustrations, and who do not understand the function of the liberator.

 To come to a conclusion:

No truly intelligent being will deny the existence of a divine source condition. The only question that remains is wether Adi Da Is that One.

My experience, liberated in many ways,  the unsurpassed,  pristine freedom in his company,  my intution and my knowing heart tell me, that this IS the case. The  complete spiritual satisfaction and end of search for ultimate truth in his company is the proof.

Dear Ute,

I can only say that this is a great essay on Adi Da and the pure transcendence of human mind, and you should publish it definitely on a website that is dealing with the heritage of this man. It will be a pity, if it remains an email.

Your disquisition on the transcendence of mind, spirit, and body has a merit in itself, which is independent of Adi Da`s personality. While I may be somewhat sceptical on Adi Da, probably because of my limited information on him from Internet, I can fully follow your arguments and presentation, and they are indeed great. I am deeply impressed. Your essay is a combination of the best German Idealistic tradition with Eastern transgression of any material form, the total negation of duality in the Cosmic dissoluton.

Please give me a feedback if you have found a website to publish it. If not, I may look for a possibility to publish it as a spiritual dispute between you and me and leave it to the readers of my website, which are highly evolved personalities, to make their own mind on Adi Da. But I personally believe that this essay will be much better placed on a website, dedicated to Adi Da, so that the public is aware of his achievements. Otherwise, the introduction to his teachings will be very steep and few will follow you. It is even difficult for me to attune to the unique vibration of this personality, which your essay perspires, and to his spiritual teachings, going beyond the sphere of limited human minds.

With Love and Light


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