The Transcendental Comprehension of Time Within the Contextual Framework of The Universal Law

Patrick Amoroso, February 22, 2021

What is time? Humans measure their longevity, mark their activities and chosen goals undertaken by the hour and associated linear concepts, yet when asked what really defines the concept of time, they are unable to fully delineate the exact definition and feel perplexed as to its local and more transcendentally defined universal comprehension.

How do you comprehend the construct of time in the universe?

The mass of Humanity thinks of time as a linear and a single sequential magnitude. We apportion the scheduling events of our lives in seconds, minutes, hours, a single day, week, month, and year. We are born, merge through adolescence into adulthood only to find the nemesis of death awaiting us in our mortal state.

However, what if that perceived reality is a delusion? It is the stated purpose of this disquisition to prove that TIME is NOW, a simultaneity across multiple and higher dimensions according to the posited tenets of Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov’s Universal Law of Nature.

Vademecum to the Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law

Consider the following scientific truth as presented by Dr. Stankov in his numerous disquisitions:  ALL-THAT-IS is only Energy, (E)  that consists of infinite systems and levels which are defined entirely by their constant specific amount (Quantum Package) of Energy EA which we define in the new physical and mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law as an Action Potential. Subsequently, we have only one Universal Law of Nature that can be presented as a mathematical equation, the simplest equation in mathematics, the rule of three.

E = EA  f

In this case, the dimensionless quotient of these two magnitudes is arbitrarily defined as frequency f, and the reciprocal value of t = 1/f  is currently defined in physics as time. From a mathematical point of view, and there is no other valid point of view as this one.

We call it  “conventional time“  in order to make a distinction to frequency which is now defined as “absolute time“ or f.  Furthermore, by further deduction time (t) is equivalent to space, t = s. Please bear this fact in mind when we consider the larger picture of sets and subsets in the universal continuum to be illustrated later in this disquisition.

From this, it follows that there is only Energy and its infinite systems and levels with a specific constant amount of energy manifesting as repeating action potentials and that the only third magnitude in All-That-Is is frequency.

Therefore, there is no separate and autonomous space and no linear time.

Both magnitudes or dimensions are an artificial creation of the human mind. Precisely, both constructs are the illusory conclusions of the mind’s cognitive limitations to perceive energy as a unity.  This is the entire and underlying cognitive origin of all human illusion of separation from the SOURCE and the underlying fallacy of all blunders in science and everyday life.

Per Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov:

Please hold this understanding in mind. We will see how the new Universal Law actually integrates across the interstellar and intergalactic frontiers conforming the posited truth that Time is simultaneous OR NOW, not only in these defined spatial concepts but across the higher dimensions in the astral realms.


The exact comprehension of the time construct must take into consideration the following measurable parameters of space, motion and/or velocity c with a common/ relative reference frame as Einstein postulated in his theory of relativity.

For example, today you may decide to go to the local flower shop and purchase some beautiful flowers for the holidays. As you contemplate this anticipated motion on your behalf, two alternative scenarios are presented to you. It is a beautiful day and you can walk the one mile distance to the flower shop or you can choose to drive with your automobile.

Prudence dictates that you should walk in order to get the required exercise and the breathing of fresh air in a mask-free reality devoid of the Covid-19 Hoax. If I choose to walk, then the time spent will be a total one hour (time) walking to and fro while if I use to drive my car, I can be back in just about fifteen minutes.  In either case, the distance (space) remains constant while the energy expended varies between the human expenditure versus the mechanical outlay by driving an automobile. Thus, conventional TIME t = s = 1/f  ≈ 1/E, being identical to SPACE s, is inversely related to the frequency and the amount of energy exchange (consumption) E as Motion and encompasses implicitly the concept of the Primary Term = Energy (see below). All physical terms and magnitudes contain Energy as an element (see the concept of U-sets below).

Now, if we apply the same understanding of time, space and motion (velocity) to the Universe, it will start to become very interesting. Remember the Gregorian Calendar, it is based on a single Solar Year while measured in days and further subdivided into hours, minutes and seconds. This solar year is the time required for the earth to make a complete and revolving elliptical journey around the sun by the planet TERRA.

Concurrently, the earth rotates on its polar axis which is inclined at a 23.5 degree angle. These interacting forces and energy exchange gradient potentials provide us with the seasons of winter, spring, summer, and autumn. In the linear context of time, the common frame of reference is the sun which is the source of light in our Gregorian Calendar. However, this perspective is a narrowly defined linear construct of a single solar system within the confines of a spiral galaxy termed the Milky Way.


Dr. Georgi Stankov has postulated a most universally-encompassing principle of All-That-Is which is defined as the Primary Term.

Energy = Space-time = Primary Term = Consciousness =

Universe = Cosmos = Nature = The Whole = Continuum =

Probability Set = Mathematical Symbols

The properties of space-time can be summarized: Closed character, infinity, continuity, inhomogeneity (discreteness) and constancy. They are connected U-sets and thus equivalent to the Primary Term. U-sets according to the definition in the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law are sets that contain the Primary Term = Energy and themselves as an element. They cannot be separated in reality but only in an abstract way in consciousness.

Thus, the properties of space-time are confirmed without any exception by all phenomena because every phenomenon that can be observed is a subset of the Primary Term and contains its essence as an element. The Conservation of Energy, termed the First Law of Thermodynamics proves the unity of space-time. This construct is constant as a perpetual and mobile interaction of energy exchange potentials across both vertical and horizontal sets in a vast continuum so unfathomable as to defy human comprehension.

Energy Conservation can only be expressed by the equivalence between two different forms of energy. Such an equation, also termed balance implies the inhomogeneity and universal constancy of space-time. All of the aforementioned summation as posited by Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov.


It is the intention of this disquisition to show that the accrued motions of our solar system within the larger galactic space-time dimension can be considered as subsets of a larger continuum set, whereby each subset contains itself as an element to the greater superset. This combined motion and consequent velocity continues to leapfrog ahead to an infinite arrangement where the very idea of a linear time construct becomes ludicrous and thus the new Universal Law is confirmed.

Space and Time Measurable Considerations

Be prepared to be surprised. The average speed of the earth orbiting the sun is about 66,629 miles per hour. Therefore, in one year’s linear time, our planetary mother, Terra, traveled approximately 584 million miles around the sun. We do not feel these motion forces due to the vastness of the medium in which we are orbiting but this space-time dimensional journey cannot be discounted. Additionally, our solar system including the earth and other planets whirls around the center or galactic core of the Milky Way Galaxy at a speed of 490,000 miles per hour.

In layman’s terms, I, being seventy years of age have traveled around the sun since my birth as 70 (years) x 584,000,000 (million/year) which is equal to 40,880,000,000  or approximately 41 Billion miles. A simple rule of thumb to calculate the total distance you have traveled upon the Planetary Mother Terra in your lifetime is to multiply your Age x (times) 584,000,000 (million) miles per solar year.  No tolls, or gasoline expenses either. So don’t ever think that you have never been anywhere. But we are just getting started.

Truly, a journey of immense distance which is hard to get our minds around due to our consciousness being within the confines of a linear time construct of the 3D paradigm. But wait, it gets better. Or perhaps more aptly put, time equal space becomes greater. That is why cosmic distances and travel time are now measured with the same unit “lightyear” or “parsec” based on the constant speed of light c.

However, this kind of motion is only the earth revolving around the sun in one solar year. But our solar system (the sun) and other planets including the earth move around the center of the Milky Way galaxy.  Our Solar system is located within the confines of the Carina-Sagittarius and local Orion Arm approximately at a radius of approximately 27,000 Light Years from the Milky Way Galactic Core.

The solar system orbits the sun at approximately the same speed as the revolving spiral arms in which it is confined as previously mentioned. It completes one revolution every 250 million years. This single revolution is known as the Solar System’s Galactic Year. Simply stated, the last time the earth was in this exact location in relation to the Milky Way Galactic Core with the spiral arms as a frame of reference was over 250 million years ago. In relative terms, we have seemed not to have moved at all.

However, the concept of Sets and Subsets according to the Axiomatics of the New Universal Law will now be applied and extrapolated if you will to the Interstellar and Intergalactic Time-Space Mediums.

The Milky Way Galaxy is a component and member spiral galaxy of what astronomers refer to as the Local Group. This Local Group consists of over 30 galaxies that are spread over a clustered-group diameter of nearly 10 million light-years with the center of them being somewhere between the Milky Way and M31, the Andromeda Galaxy.  M31 and the Milky Way are the most massive members of the Local Group with estimates of over a trillion stars combined in total.

The Milky Way is moving toward the Andromeda Galaxy at a speed of about 224,000 miles per hour.  Furthermore, our own Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy are moving towards the Virgo Supercluster of Galaxies. This spatial schematic of the vastness of time and space continues to increase with correlated velocities of attraction to what astronomers have termed the Great Attractor

The Great Attractor is a gravitational anomaly in intergalactic space and the apparent central gravitational point of the Laniakea Supercluster. The observed anomalies suggest a localized concentration of a conglomerate mass, millions of times more massive than the Milky Way Galaxy alone.

Now, I will refer back to the Foundation Axiomatics of the Universal Law as posited by Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov. Please refer to :

Vademecum to the Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law


The Primary Term:

Energy = space-time = universe = nature = the Whole = Being = consciousness = continuum = probability set = symbols = etc.

And more specifically, the condition that the Primary Term is a U-set. It is the set of all sets that contain themselves as an element. All physical terms and concepts which adequately capture the phenomenology of Being are U-sets. They are thought things that contain the WHOLE as an element: Thus, Consciousness is the set of all thoughts and is itself a thought:

Primary Term = Consciousness = U-set of all thoughts.

All sets that do not contain themselves as an element are N-sets. Such quantities do not belong to Being. All ideas that are N-sets are false epistemological concepts and must be removed from science and everyday thinking. The idea of the vacuum is such an N-set. And most importantly, since energy is space-time, extension (perceived as the universe) is an energetic continuum. There are no gaps between the things that are nothing. Thus the vacuum as a concept is eliminated.

Space-time can be divided into infinitely many subsets that are thought things. But since they are U-sets, they have a real correlate in the external physical world. The U-set of equivalent elements is defined as a level consisting of infinite systems. The level and the system are thus abstract mathematical categories of our own consciousness; there is no way to distinguish between the infinity of space-time and the infinity of human conceptualization.

All levels and systems are open and exchange energy with each other according to E = EA  f. We also say “ they interact”. The openness of the systems is an aspect of the infinity of space-time. Only space-time, the primary term is self-contained (closed character).

I contend that the Axiomatics of the U-Set continuum can be applied to each frame of reference in the enveloping space-time structure as follows:

solar system < spiral arms circuit around Milky Way Galaxy Core < Local Group of Galaxies < Virgo Cluster < Virgo Supercluster < Great Attractor (Laniakea).

Thus each set or former subset contains itself as an element and is integrated (absorbed) by the successor set which itself becomes the subset containing itself as an element and so forth.


Taking all of this into consideration, the concept of linear time as expressed in the 3D paradigm is a delusion and puny in meaning. It applies to only one single frame of reference, that being the solar system composed of a single star and our revolving planet earth around that star according to the Gregorian Calendar consisting of 365 days. Nothing more.

The Simultaneity of all Energy Interactions are occurring continuously in the NOW across vast expanses of space-time and exchanging energy interactions within horizontal and vertical space-time dimensions too innumerable to even begin to quantify. It is my sincere hope that this disquisition will create an understanding of what WE, the PAT can expect when the shift to 5D manifests very soon. Just imagine the allowance of experiencing all as described in this summary.

Thank you.  And one for the Universe. Yanni’s magical performance at the great pyramids in Egypt, which coincidentally align with the three stars comprising the belt of the constellation Orion, The Hunter.

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