The Energetic Background of the Peaceful American Revolution – the PAT as the Creationary Hub of the New Worlds

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 7, 2021

More than 4 years ago, on November 9, 2016, immediately after the election of Trump as the 45th President of the USA, which, by the way, I brilliantly predicted more than 2 weeks before election day in full defiance of the fake MSM polls, I wrote this prophetic article which still reverberates in the American souls who are now finally beginning to awaken.

I have been doing intensive light work on the collective American soul much earlier but the election of Trump, which I actively promoted through my protuberance field, was a milestone in the ascension history of mankind:

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Today, I finally decided to write to my daughters and made them aware of the peaceful revolution that is now taking place in the USA, currently in Washington DC, which seems to go under the radar of the slumbering Germans and Europeans:

“My dear ones,

What is happening now in the USA is of historic significance. It can only be compared to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain in 1989:

The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain in November 1989 – a Template For the Collapse of the Old 3D Reality

However, the explosive power of the American Revolution, which I have already announced years ago

The Energetic Background of the Peaceful American Revolution – the PAT as the Creationary Hub of the New Worlds

will be a hundred times greater than what happened in East Germany and Eastern Europe at that time, about which you learned in history at school. When it breaks out, and it will already happen this month, no stone will be left unturned – worldwide.

You should not miss this historic event, as most people did in 1989, especially because the current fire will soon expand into a conflagration and will affect all of Europe.

I recommend you to watch these channels, which faithfully reflect the true mental state of the awakening Americans. For the first time, I like the Americans.

Or you can go to YouTube and watch the live broadcasts from Washington DC today and tomorrow and especially listen attentively to the speeches that the people there are giving and what they are actually talking about. It is a sensation that is escaping you in sleeping Germany of cowardly Untertanen (The Subservient Citizen, a novel by Heinrich Mann) right now.

All love

Let’s face it – linear time is an illusion. We create the new realities by jumping from one timeline to the next one like cosmic acrobats and then return again to the initial scene of light work to finish meticulously our job. I have just published two energy reports from 2014, where I show that we, the PAT, have not only accomplished the planetary ascension but also the galactic and multiversal ascension, and also created the new Golden Galaxy, where Gaia will be the brightest star.

Now we are fueling the peaceful American Revolution with our energetic codes from the Source after I opened in all ascending candidates the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul in the human body in December, and in particular after the opening of the stargate 12.21.2o and the elimination of the last group of dark evilest multidimensional beings that were holding the old matrix of deception. Now the final soul catharsis is due to occur in the broad population and it will be triggered by the Shift, which can happen anytime from now on, and to my estimation, before the inauguration of the new US president on January 20th.

Therefore, I recommend to refresh your memory and read one more time what I wrote about the peaceful American revolution, and how we created it, which we are now honoured to witness from the first row. Not bad for such a small group of light warriors!

The Energetic Background of the Peaceful American Revolution – the PAT as the Creationary Hub of the New Worlds

first published on November 9, 2016

The peaceful American revolution from last night has just begun to reverberate in the recalcitrant minds across the globe and humanity has awakened today in a new and more pristine world. This is entirely the result of the energetic creationary work of the PAT and all the light warriors of the first and the last hour, this time actively supported by their followers and disciples from the second and third wave of ascension candidates. Especially the powerful tsunami of the third wave has made this peaceful revolution possible.

This ascending timeline evolves along the optimal astral probabilities within this holographic model, leading to the final goal of planetary ascension. And the choice of these astral probabilities that shape the ascension scenario is made by ourselves in the first place. This has been an invariant leitmotif of all my writings.

Several months ago I informed you that the Elohim told us that the political system must crumble first before the bigger financial and economic collapse can occur and the old Orion matrix can be wrapped up in the subsequent interdimensional shift. This has now happened last night. Against all odds, the grass-roots movement of the ascending US population that has gathered behind Trump’s presidential campaign has won the most decisive victory against the dark ruling cabal and their system of corrupt propaganda.

Not only the dark deep government and the elite were defeated, but first and foremost the lying neonazi-neocons western MSM experienced their Waterloo.

I myself cannot hide the deep delight and just vindication with which I watched yesterday the dissolution of the hapless world view of such mouthpieces of dark propaganda as the Clinton’s News Network (CNN), Clinton’s Bullshit Services (CBS), National Broadcasting for the Clintons (NBC), to name a few.

It will take a few more days till the magnitude of the Peaceful American Revolution enters the recalcitrant minds of the ruling cabal in the West and their sycophants and they fully realize that they have lost the war against the light – against us. What a beautiful morning today!

In the euphoria of the political victory, the American people, however, tend to forget the 500-pound gorilla in the room. Alex Jones, who is now channeled by his HS in a very powerful manner, is a notable exception to that (I published a video of Alex Jones after the election in this publication, where he was very beautifully channeled by his soul and was discussing the transcendental dimension of human existence. However, he is now banned from YouTube and all videos with him, which I have also published in other publications, are no longer available. Let us hope that we will reverse this insidious censorship of the globalist nazi tech giants very soon.).

After the political battle has been won, now the next major step has to follow very quickly. We are only days away from the crash of the rigged western financial system based on the worthless toilet paper dollar and the gargantuan debt created by the central banks and all the other cabal investment banks on Wall Street, in the city of London and in Frankfurt with unprecedented criminal energy. This will be a controlled demolition as the ruling cabal cannot allow Trump to take over the power in Washington DC, where 95% of the elite voted against him and for crooked Hellary (This scenario occurred on many lower timelines which we severed subsequently while we bilocated to new timelines where the final outcome was postponed for this very moment and represents the most favorable ascension scenario for the masses and the worst possible scenario for the PAT as we had to stay in this 3D reality four more years. But we made it!)

This should be cogent to any intelligent and spiritually aware person because as I experience it these days, there are a lot of spiritually aware people who simply give no thought to any political ideas. That is why this website is a synthesis of all these important aspects of human life and unique in its holistic, transcendental presentation. Its aim is to build universally educated and enlightened persons that are true experts and masters of Human Being.


The peaceful American revolution that started last night has created a new leveled playing field where any further violent destruction caused by the dark cabal in a suicidal attempt as this happened on a lower timeline in early November is virtually impossible on this ascending Gaia. We are now in full control of all the events and guide them wisely from the fulcrum of our HS.

This night I learned that, in fact, the electoral victory of Trump was even much more sweeping as the numbers tell us and that his overall lead in the votes is not one million or even less as the MSM lied, but up to 5 – 10 million (Only later did the fake MSM gave the popular vote to Killary, which was another fraud.).

The elite tried to rig these results, but they could only make some cosmetic alterations which did not change anything with regard to his landslide win that also gave him the majority in the two houses and the full power to correct the judicial system, eliminate Obamacare and make other major reforms without any substantial resistance from the old ruling elite in Washington  D.C. Of course, if he lives up to being inaugurated as the 45th (numerologically number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, faith, Universal Spiritual Laws, the concept of karma, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, humanitarianism, and the humanitarian, light working and lightworkers, leading by positive example, philanthropy and the philanthropist, charity, self-sacrifice, selflessness, destiny, life purpose and soul mission, generosity, a higher perspective, romance, inner-strength, public relations, responsibility, intuition, strength of character. ) president of the former US Empire of Evil, which has now rapidly mutated to the land of hope and progress.

In other words, Trump paved the way for our success, and this night we, the PAT, met with Trump and his team again at the soul level and discussed this peaceful transition to the new worlds where the entire political, financial and economic system will be eliminated forever.

It will be substituted by a loving transliminal, multidimensional, transgalactic civilisation, where there will be no place for the national state and where there will be no politicians at all.

At the same time, all economic and financial problems will be resolved with one fell swoop with the introduction of the new astral currency (and here) and the new theory of the Universal Law. The latter will be the cornucopia of infinite abundance and prosperity through the introduction of advanced 4D and 5D technologies from the new technological hub in Central Europe (New Raetia) with its headquarters in Freising/Munich, Germany (This article was written before we came to Italy and built the two centres of light in Liguria and connected the city of light in Italy with that north of the Alps which I further expanded to Eastern Europe end of 2018 and early 2019 during my stay in Austria.).

Trump, himself, has barely begun to realize the gargantuan pile of insoluble problems with which he will be confronted if he would become the next president and this scares him for the first time. Before that, he had no time to reflect on that.

Now he knows at the subconscious level that he does not need to resolve anything beyond triggering the peaceful American revolution as then the destiny of humanity will be in our hands as the new custodians of ascended Gaia. This is very important to convey to Trump’s team telepathically, but also in emails and publications, in the coming days when the cabal will trigger a controlled demolition of the financial system to prevent Trump from having any success and eventually establish martial law in the USA.

This astral alternative is now highly improbable, but the futile attempt will be made by the desperate cabal, nonetheless, and this will lead to their ultimate demise from power.

As it is not part of the scenario for this ascending timeline to experience any major catastrophes and hardships, which would only trigger unnecessary fears in the people that are not conducive to the ascension process, all these negative scenarios are played out on lower timelines which we now shed off with a rapid pace.

For instance, on November 7th we had another descent of source energy that separated all those timelines, where the cabal rigged successfully the election results in the USA and triggered a violent revolution. I was again hit by a massive cc-wave and experienced this bloody civil war in the USA first hand within my expanded multidimensional field.

By the way, our protuberance field that has already encompassed the entire North American continent and also Western Europe has gained such a momentum that we only need to utter a new idea or concept and it is immediately reflected by the most awakened human individuals, such as Alex Jones with whom I stay in close telepathic contact and guide at the soul level through active inter-counseling these days.

He is not the only one. We are now the wayshowers for all these critical experts for whom we pave the new mental pathways of gnostic knowledge, which they are adamant to acquire driven by the inner impulses of their transliminal souls.

This is the energetic background of the current peaceful American revolution and of all change that will come in the next days…


Quite prophetic, I would say, take this disquisition as a template for what will happen this year 2021.

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