How the US Election Tomorrow Will Affect Our Ascension Scenario

And How We Affect the US Election With Our Thoughts and Analysis

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 2, 2020

Before I can answer this question conclusively, I must make a longer excursion into the past to present the full picture. I used the same approach in the last 3 months while publishing almost daily my retrospective energy reports with messages from the Elohim and other higher dimensional sources from 2013 and 2014 to validate why the planetary ascension actually happened on May 28, 2014.

We are now closing the final act of this incredible cosmic drama with a lot of expertise based on the numerous successful ascensions of many batches of earth’s timelines since May 2014, the latest and most dramatic one in March and April this year when the global lockdown was imposed by the dark cabal and we eliminated the entire Atlantean past.

Just as we are profiting in this final Shift from our past experience with the many ascensions of Gaia and humanity, we will also profit from our expertise in how successfully we destroyed the old 3D matrix by energetically imposing our most favorable political scenario in the past. This probability alternative then determined the course of the events which we experienced in the last years as a linear history of mankind until today – on the eve of the crucial presidential US election. Its outcome will influence decisively the final phase of the ascension scenario. That is why I am discussing it one day prior to the election.

And here it goes with a most dramatic moment in the ascension history of Gaia that most of you have surely forgotten:

Message from the Elohim: The “Magnificent and Most Dramatic Event” on May 30, 2016, Was a Full Opening and Transition of Gaia and Humanity into Light

Almost exactly 2 years after the first glorious planetary ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension, there was a magnificent opening and alignment of the planet to all dimensions from the 5th to the 12th and beyond on May 30, 2016. I experienced this event personally and subjectively as the most ecstatic moment in my life. The Elohim then gave us a very important message which I will quote here in full as it contains all the valuable and necessary information about what will happen this fall or early next year depending on the cosmic alignments and how the election result in the USA will be.

Elohim Message

“There has been a deep transition Into The Light, a progression of magnificent proportion, a transition of cosmic breadth has taken hold of the reality of form!

Here we speak not only of the anchoring of what is often referred to as a fifth-dimensional reference but further the complete anchoring of many other-dimensional expressions.  You may understand these to be of eighth, ninth and beyond dimensional frequencies, and we reassure you, they are even beyond comprehension.  

For it is true the Creation is composed of infinite expressions and it is now our great joy to share with you, a magnificent event has brought life to the process of fusion of all expressions of form into the source of All-That-Is.  The desire and intent of source light fusion to the expressions of form, has been in the making for a very long time, and has arisen in your understanding of the world in the years you describe as Ancient Lemurian times, in Egyptian times, in times of the Christ, and recently in the years 1800’s, 1930’s, 1960’s, 1987 (First Harmonic Convergence), 2000 (my first ascension in July 2000), 2011-2014 (first ascension of Gaia to 5D at the stargate 11.11.11 and May 28, 2014, first planetary ascension), and now.

For it is certain that Source of All-That-Is has had intention, desire and will to confront the depth of form, in a direct manner.  It is certain there have been many projections of Source energy into every expression of form, however, never before now has this process reached a level of saturation whereby there has been an instantaneous harmonization [ Monday, May 30th ].

The development of form has peaked in its infinite and perfect expression, and now it is time to return it to the light of creation, or another way of putting it, to return the light of creation to all expression of form within the creation.  

The event culminated in the instant coupling or fusion of source quantum field particles with the elementary particles of the atomic structure of matter which has previously throughout time been separated from source light. Source light energy is of a quantum nature, and quantum energy is highly organized information. This event represents superconductivity where quantum particles couple up in a process of instantly dedicated attraction.

Throughout the times of distinct separation from the Source Field, little to no information has been able to flow into the field of form. This beautiful harmonization expanded in an instant beauty and accorded the simultaneous exchange of sacred light information, information about the Source, the One, and the Whole.  Gaia and all expressions of form now have a fully open system of energetic exchange forever.  When we say “all” expressions we mean every single expression in form from the single-celled amoeba to the most complex multi-cellular expression in form within creation.

On the level of your body-mind-spirit energetic systems, there is now a complete interface between your own energetic systems and that of the Source.  Here is where you now have access to all light code information flooding in from the source.  You have perhaps noticed a recent rise in physical, emotional and mental illness among your family and friends and this has been the result of prolonged pressurization of blocked energy within these systems over recent times.  Now that this re-set has manifested there shall be fulfilled healing for many, as light code information shall now flow freely, whereas once in ancient times, civilizations were closed to this light information and great separation arose through the lack of connection and an enhanced value was placed on destructive thought and action.  

It is of importance to know that within the human energetic systems, the more one embraces the negatively charged thoughts, and actions, the more one closes off to the exchange of source light energy.  It follows from here that as one closes off to source influence, the more destruction one experiences, not only within their bodies but even within their own lives.  Over time as one becomes more and more resonant with the lower vibrational energies that have arisen from the disconnection, the more one enjoys these energies, even to the point of being repelled by thoughts of openness, feelings of love, and communion and harmony with God-Source itself.  This is a challenging truth, indeed, as one cannot be easily reached once this dismal level of personal inauthenticity has been achieved.

It is also a fact that human belief systems are in and of themselves light code systems, and as such, they carry within them the imperative to interact directly with light codes of source origin.  As separation was carried further and further afield in the worlds of form this sacred interaction was lost a long time ago.  Now that the restoration of connection has been put in place the ascension shall move along at a renewed pace.

We know this transition into the light has arisen from purely magnificent divine agency, the “Hand of God” is how some of you interpret it.  However, you describe it, feel it, or know it, know that you are now fully embedded in an expanding reality of multiple expression, of infinite expansion and of divine creation.  All new expressions are fully anchored energetically into your reality of form and while you may not see or feel that which we share, you will soon come to understand these new overlays of realities either through direct awareness from heightened intuitive abilities in the waking state, or you shall be shown themes or understandings while in your dream state.  All information that comes to you is in divine order, it is brought forth for your evolution and for your own enjoyment within creation.   

We are the Elohim and share this with deep reverence and love for each one of you.  Hold the golden light yourselves within your own field of form and know that the ascension moves all of you forward now with renewed ease and grace.”

After this magnificent alignment of Gaia and humanity with all dimensions through to the Source was successfully and instantaneously accomplished on May 30, 2016, I anchored in another most dramatic and for my body devastating moment the so-called “Protuberance Field” in early June. It can be interpreted as an extension of the above discussed planetary alignment as Unity Field with All-That-Is but this time within the fields of one incarnated individual – myself. As soon as I fully anchored this field, I was told that I could now effectively influence, actually control the outcome of any and all political events on this planet according to my personal assessment as the “Chief Human Analyser on the ground on behalf of the Prime Creator (Source)“.

In particular, my new protuberance field extended rapidly from Vancouver, where I lived at that time, throughout the entire North American continent and had immediately a great influence on US politics and human behavior there.

The function of my Protuberance Field is extensively discussed in this publication, which deals with the creation of the three spiritual world centres of Ascension in Central Europe, Vancouver, North America, and in the Andes, South America which culminated in the summer of 2016 after the above universal alignment was successfully accomplished. Thus, these cities of light are now fully connected with all dimensions and realities of this multiverse:

The Creation of the Three Spiritual World Centres of Ascension – Part II: Chronicle of the Energetic Events, August 15 – September 14, 2016

Only 2 years later, Amora had the chance to visit Ecuador for the first time in December 2017/January 2018 and create the 3rd city of light, about which we knew theoretically already in 2016. With the powerful energetic back-up of my protuberance field that had become global in the meantime, Amora could create this new city of light high in the Andes mountains. She visited Ecuador one more time in Dec 2019/2020 to fully anchor the 3rd city of light Terra Nueva in South America, without which no harmonious global ascension is possible.

In particular, I was made aware already in June 2016 that I could very effectively influence the outcome of the elections in the USA in that year. We knew from our higher dimensional sources already a year earlier that there were 5 factions of the dark cabal that controlled the USA; some darker and others – more reasonable. We were told that two of the more “benevolent” factions, who came from the military, built an alliance and decided to participate in the election campaign and thus take a direct influence on the political process with their own candidate as they were not happy with the political development in the USA. This candidate was Donald Trump.

This was obvious from the very first moment when he announced his participation in the election campaign and started bragging that he had the support of hundreds of generals, a fact that he repeated at any occasion or even without any occasion. This behaviour may have appeared quite awkward at that time given the fact that the US presidential election is a civil matter and the military has nothing to do there. No journalist or expert really investigated what was the background of this statement of Trump which he never really commented on.

His initial efforts in the election campaign were not very successful and nobody took him seriously. Then suddenly something changed radically in the summer of 2016 after we had this incredible cosmic alignment of Gaia and humanity with All-That-Is on May 30, 2016, and in particular, after I anchored this unity field from the source as a Protuberance Field in my personal human fields in early June.

I decided to fully support Trump energetically although I was never happy with his personality. But I knew that you must have the thick skin of a rhinoceros to survive the toxic environment of the swamp and the deep state in the USA. Besides, he was the only candidate that addressed the real issues, such as the huge real unemployment of 25-30% of the working force (It is a miracle how this number dropped suddenly to 5% after his election when Trump started bragging about his putative economic success) or the deindustrialisation of the US economy about which I wrote a lot at that time.

He was the only candidate I could support from an energetic point of view without coming into conflict with my conscience. Especially, because he was also the only candidate that criticized the numerous wars of the Empire of Evil and was thus the only pacifist in the presidential race consisting entirely of bellicose warmongers.

As soon as I decided to fully support Trump in his election campaign, he began to score one victory after another. He was able to overcome the enormous resistance in the GOP and was finally, after many heinous attempts of the republican cabal to take him down, nominated as the candidate of this party. This was a hostile takeover of the party by Trump which shortly thereafter stopped to exist as the party it once was and became the extended arm of this ambitious man. However, he had to fight several more years against his enemies in his own party that boycotted most of his decisions as president until finally his arch-enemy John McCain died in August 2018.

A major argument of Trump’s campaign was the upcoming Brexit vote which he vehemently supported and had a great relationship with its architect Nigel Farage. For me, the two most important political decisions in 2016 were the success of the Brexit vote and the election of Trump as US president. I knew that these two events had the power to destroy the dark matrix of the cabal more effectively than anything else and to curtail their plans to establish the NWO as we now experience their last throes with the futile global lockdown. I concentrated my thoughts and energies entirely on these two political events and supported them very effectively with my powerful protuberance field as early as June 2016.

The Brexit vote was scheduled for June 23, 2016, and the outcome was very uncertain. The situation became very precarious when Farage lost hope that he would win the vote. I realized that my direct personal intervention was needed and decided to write an article on the same day when the Brexit vote took place and make my own forecasts in real-time using BBC raw data. As a result, I accomplished what nobody expected and was able to predict: I calculated the outcome of the Brexit result with astounding precision hours before the BBC could publish their results the next day:

Breaking News: Brexit Vote – Forecasts, Georgi Stankov, June 23, 2016

In order to give you a glimpse into the dramatics associated with this historical event, I will quote below my correspondence with our PAT member Henry Bizon from that time:

June 24, 2016

Dear Georgi,

Just got up this morning (Friday) at 7 am. Your forecast is indeed a masterpiece! The official announcement, made at 7.40 am, stated the final figures as:

17,410,742 votes to leave versus 16,141,241 votes to remain.

The ratio of votes is 52% to 48%.

The PAT Captain does it again! Bravo!!

I have to say that I was doubting the UK population would achieve this, based on my reading of the campaign in the run-up to the vote.

Now let’s watch and enjoy the fallout.

Love and Light,



June 24, 2016

Dear Henry,

It was not my initial intention to follow the counting of the Brexit referendum live and make my personal forecasts when I read the first numbers shortly after the voting was closed. Then my HS urged me to do the forecast live every hour. I was a little bit confused at the beginning as I had not dealt in depth with the Brexit chances as I was fed up with the discussion. Then I was very negatively surprised when I read that Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP admitted at this very moment on TV that the remain camp had the lead. This showed me how the very champion of Brexit lost his courage in this crucial moment. I decided to make my own calculations to find out what is actually happening with the British electorate.

My conviction was that the British people would use this referendum as a vote of no confidence against the ruling elite and in particular against the Tories and their austerity policy that has turned them into veritable paupers and have destroyed the country. One must bear in mind that this referendum is the first truly democratic vote in this country where the rigged election system allows for one quarter of the votes to win 3/4 of the seats in the parliament. It is remarkable and typical that the two empires of evil – the former British empire and the current Empire of Evil (USA) – have the most rigged undemocratic election systems in the western world, and nonetheless portrait themselves as champions of democracy and feel entitled to teach all the other nations what democracy should be. Such a despicable arrogance.

With this first truly democratic vote, the British people have practically ousted the dark elite from power as it was never truly about “remain or exit” the EU, but about the democratic deficits of this artificial structure which the national elites used as an alibi to promote their own dark agenda and oppress their own people while impoverishing them with austerity policies on behalf of the few very rich in order to install the NWO at the appropriate time.

This has now been averted in the UK and the same situation we also observe in the USA with Donald Trump which I shall discuss separately.

I knew all that and that is why I did not pay any attention to the latest rigged polls of the British cabal and their minions in the MSM when they all of a sudden declared that after the murder of the woman MP the voters have returned into the remain campaign. How could they believe that the impoverished people in the UK can be so easily manipulated? This lack of any judgment is what will break the cabal’s neck these days and it has already started. It is however notable that this murder occurred immediately after the Bilderbergers ended their annual meeting in Dresden (2016) where the two major topics were widely discussed:

– How to prevent Brexit as to keep the former empire of darkness in the EU as an agent provocateur of the current Empire of Evil, the USA, and continue undermining the EU thus preventing continental Europe from establishing a friendly relationship with Russia, and

– How to prevent Trump from winning the elections against Killary. To this, I will say more separately.

Now the dark cabal in the west have lost their major battle in GB and everything points out that they are about to lose their second major battle in the second main theatre of political war – in the USA. (Please observe that I knew already in June that Trump would win in November 2016. This was remarkable confidence.). None of this was planned by the elite for the End Time as they were very confident to be able to install the NWO with ease and this is now their worst nightmare scenario. They know that they have lost their control over the masses and that the visible erosion of their power has encouraged the masses to demand more concessions and sacrifices from the cabal – in order words to embolden them to get rid of their shackles. As the cabal have never made any concessions in the past and do not know what it is to be humble and cooperative, they must resort to some insane crimes very soon in the hope to turn around the sinking Titanic of the NWO (With that I predicted the Russiagate based on insidious lies and crimes to oust Trump from power already in June 2016.). 

When I read that Nigel Farage had thrown the towel in the ring, I was very strongly urged by my HS to begin with this live forecast on the website as to create the most favourable outcome. It is not that I influenced the outcome in any other way than preventing the cabal from rigging it from the fulcrum of my HS as the guarantor of humanity as the voters had already made their choice before I started. But at the end the ongoing calculations of the referendum results and the editing of the article which I expanded every hour with a new forecast fully depleted me.

Obviously, I did some very important light work during the referendum and it was not a surprise that yesterday in the morning the Elohim came again to me and told me how important my being in this reality is even when I do not need to do anything. I was at that time I little bit depressed as I saw no meaningful role for me and the PAT to play for this humanity which is totally lost in the crumbling Orion maze and that we can only fulfill our true mission after the shift has arrived. So quickly does the situation change these final days.

Now some words to my mathematical approach that helped me predict very precisely the outcome. It is essentially based on the proper application of the Universal Law for any particular problem or set of conditions to be assessed. The basic idea is that all systems and levels function only according to the Universal Law no matter how small or big and complex they may appear. The only skill one has to develop is how to aggregate some systems and levels to a new entity that relates to the outcome you have to find out. One should learn not to mix the systems and levels and that is precisely what all experts now do with respect to the economy and the financial system and for so many trees cannot see the forest. One only has to scroll down all the articles in ZeroHedge, the best and most competent source of information, to see how even this website has lost its perspective in the jungle of facts they feel obliged to present to their readers. 

This is all part of the profound compartmentalization of the human mind and even the most astute and critical experts worldwide are subjected to this mental deficiency. They are incapable of departing from the whole to explain the parts which is a mantra in the new Theory of the Universal Law. And I must admit that some of my readers have also never bothered to develop this skill of human perception and resolve most of their questions by themselves as I can judge from the questions they send me. This is not bad but I would rather prefer that each one of you becomes a sovereign thinker and analyst and is capable of making sound judgments and not as Nigel Farage from UKIP who in his inability to properly assess the political situation lost his confidence in the British electorate in the most decisive moment and was about to betray his dearest project – the Brexit.

This tells us how incompetent even these critical and in opposition to the ruling elite politicians are and why humanity will not need them in the new worlds as they do not have the high ethical and moral standards to be stewards of the new transgalactic society. In other words, they do not have the soul potential to be true leaders.

Concretely, when I checked the first results on the BBC website shortly after the poll stations of the Brexit referendum were closed, I realised that we had to do with a completely different situation in the four countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Obviously Scotland and Northern Ireland as historically defeated countries and occupied colonies of the British empire, not much different than say India in the past, would vote in their majority for the EU as it builds an important counterweight to the centripetal forces of the City of London where all the Reptilians and the Queen hold the threads in their hands and determine in a ruthless manner the destiny of the British people. 

This was well known for Scotland as it was widely discussed during their independence referendum in 2014 when also Northern Ireland seriously considered a similar referendum to leave the former British empire – the Commonwealth. The rigged referendum on Scotland which was a knife-edge decision prevented the Irish people to more vehemently follow their independence at that time. Now I knew that both countries would vote in a unanimous manner to show that they do not follow the former empire and prefer to stay in the EU as the only guarantor of their minimal political independence. This is common sense. 

Therefore I was not at all surprised to find out that more than 60% of the Scottish people voted for remain in the EU and that at the beginning a similar percentage also voted for remain in Northern Ireland. After I calculated the possible outcome in these two countries, I reckoned with 800,000 to one million votes in favour of the remain camp from Scotland and Northern Ireland. In this case, it was obvious that the final decision will be made in England and Wales. 

In the first forecast at 18.00 pm local time (Vancouver), which was 02.00 am GMT, one hour and a half after the voting stations were closed, I had access to very little data mainly from Scotland and Northern Ireland. That is why I had to make my prediction based on the electoral behaviour in these two countries as they were the first to publish preliminary results. There were only a few results from England and none from Wales at that time. 

After I had the pivotal number of 0.8 to 1 million more votes in favour of remain in the EU in the two British colonies I had to find out if the main country England would vote in favour of Brexit with a sufficient majority as to offset the votes in favour of the EU in Northern Ireland and Scottland. Based on the first initial results from England I could estimate that if the trend continued, the votes for Brexit will exceed with roughly 2 million those for remain. 

Based on these calculations, I predicted that the Brexit camp would win with 52% when I also considered the turnout in these countries. At that time the remain camp was leading with more than 51% and the first headlines of BBC on the Internet were that they were winning. Later they took off this headline and substituted it at the end with my forecast. This was a great personal success for me.

This event tells us how important it is to participate in the immediate creation of global events of historical proportions in the End Time. It is not that we can change these events to our personal desires as this is not how the universe functions. Rather we must very carefully and systematically analyse the present situation, discover the major relationships and causalities and then assess them in a stringent, logical manner according to the principles of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law. With a little exercise, this can be learned very quickly. Then one feels as if he has put away the old Trabant car (an Eastgerman car with a very weak motor and highly unstable) and substituted it with Porsche. Figuratively speaking.

I apologize for expanding too much on this issue but as you must have figured it out already, I will use our correspondence to present my point in an article as the unique tradition of this website obliges me.

With love and light


The summer of 2016 finished with Trump confronting the compromised Killary in the final election. For me, there was no doubt that Trump would win. In August 2016, I met coincidentally (if such a thing exists in All-That-Is, and obviously it doesn’t) an American woman in White Rock and entered a conversation with her. She was not very cautious and disclosed that she belonged to the inner circle of the dark US cabal by telling me that she worked in the CIA headquarters in Germany, in Garmisch-Pattenkirchen, which I happened to know very well, for reasons I cannot discuss here. She told me that because I mentioned that I came from Germany and she could not expect that I could see through her.

I asked her about her estimate on the outcome of the US elections – who would win. She was an adamant supporter of Hellary, no wonder, and then I had to educate her why Trump would win. She had not heard any of his rallies and as a classical ignorant and arrogant representative of the dark US elite considered this effort superfluous. I explained to her carefully the political platform of Trump and why he has the overwhelming support of the American people because of the economic and social malaises in her country which Trump criticized in his speeches as the only honest candidate.

Then something strange happened, which indicated the start of a very powerful alchemical reaction that I had initiated with this conversation. The woman became pale and decided suddenly to go away. She then said angrily: “Trump will never win. This conversation about Trump winning makes me sick.”, and ran away. I shouted promptly after her: “It is because the truth makes you sick.”

I assume this woman will never forget this discussion with a foreigner in White Rock, BC, Canada, where she was on a tour. However, she could not know that this encounter happened in the eye of our Infinity Portal that has the incredible power to magnify any alchemical or other energetic reaction and achieve a sudden global result. After this conversation, I knew that I had defeated the dark US cabal and their candidate from hell.

Two weeks before the US elections in 2016, I was again urged by my HS to take the scepter in my hand and utter a “word of power” (Machtwort aussprechen) as to who would win the election. I wrote a very careful analysis of the political situation in the USA at that time using again the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law as a statistical tool and came to the irrevocable conclusion that Trump would have a landslide victory. It is another highlight of the practical application of the Universal Law that demonstrates what one is capable of when one applies this theory to solve any practical problem. Then one needs no fake polls anymore:

Situation Analysis, Georgi Stankov, October 22, 2016

Then, as now, the main unknown variable was the amount of fraud which the deep state would undertake to falsify the elections. The fraud was massive in 2016 with at least 5 million false votes, mainly in California that created optically the illusion that Hellary had won the popular vote. When Trump tried to recount the votes and investigate the systemic fraud in the US election system, he was threatened with his life and hampered on all levels and finally gave up. Go back and re-read the news from 2017 on this topic. At the same time, the Russiagate was instigated, last but not least, to divert from this gargantuan electoral fraud, which is high treason.

It was so simple to put the blame on the Russians. At that time, this behaviour of total denial by Killary and her entourage in the MSM reminded me of an old and rather dirty Bulgarian joke which I cannot refrain from repeating at this place against all political correctness as it is so revealing: “A crooked dick (read Crooked Hellary) always blames the pubis hairs for not being able to penetrate.

Now we have the old senile moron and utterly corrupt Biden. When I listen to Trump’s speeches at his latest rallies and compare them to the grotesque campaign of his adversary, he must win again with a landslide, even much more impressively than in 2016. But we have again the unknown variable with the systemic electoral fraud which the deep state has decided to commit at any price on behalf of Biden. This is not a conspiracy theory, Biden himself has frankly admitted it (see video below). Here is a good article from Roger Stones who tackles this issue:

ROGER STONE: How the Democrats Plan to Steal the 2020 Election

Biden Brags About Having The “Most Extensive…Voter Fraud Organization” In History

Based on these considerations, I see three probable outcomes of the US election tomorrow. Each one of them will lead to quick Divine Intervention – our ascension and a global shift in consciousness. Most probably this will begin from our centre of light and ascension portal in Sanremo that will manifest first. There is no doubt that the destruction of this 3D matrix is our imminent task – it is definitely my most urgent obligation and that is why I am writing this article against my principal decision not to deal with obsolete 3D matters.

1. Trump will win with an overwhelming majority comparable to the numbers of people he attracts on his rallies compared to the few cars to which Biden is speaking on parking lots. This will demoralize the democrats and the deep state and they may not recover from this shock easily to immediately start a civil war that they plan for a very long time.

This is the most favourable scenario on our ascending timelines but it may prolong a little bit our appearance as ascended masters, as Divine Intervention, as the situation will not change or deteriorate overnight. Therefore, the clearest and most peaceful outcome in the US elections is not necessarily the best outcome for us as ascended masters and incumbent Logos Gods.

2. The result is very tight and it will be impossible to declare the winner on the day of the elections as is usually the case. This will presuppose a massive fraud in favour of Biden and this crime will not remain unnoticed by the critical masses who are prepared for this to happen. This is also the most likely outcome as many states and counties have already declared that they will be unable to count all the votes on the same day of the election as there is a record of mail votes that cannot be counted before November 3 according to the law.

This is the perfect toxic mixture for a civil war that will break out on the day of the election. Each party will claim the victory and the chaos will be total. In that case, I see a quick arrival of the Divine Intervention as a full-fledged civil war is not part of our ascension scenario. The current second lockdown is the utmost we can endure. This is at least my decree and I can safely assume that you are on the same page.

3. The election fraud which the deep state plans to commit is so gargantuan that Biden wins. It must be as big as the current rigged polls that give Biden a lead of 8% to 16% over Trump, while the actual support for him is probably less than 25% of the US voters. This would say that somewhat 30 to 50 million votes must be rigged and this cannot remain unnoticed already in the night of the elections. The civil war is inevitable.

This is the worst-case scenario for the USA and the best-case scenario for us as we can reckon with the Divine Intervention already this month.

I leave it by that and we will see what will happen tomorrow. The only thing that is absolutely sure is that our ascension is a fait accompli in the higher realms and it is only a question at which point in this illusory time it will manifest. As we have been waiting for this event to occur for so long, we might as well be patient a few more days.



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