Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 7

The Elohim Speak About Georgi’s Role as “Prime Communicator” Enlightening the Spiritual Hierarchy of This Universe on How the Most Difficult Ascension of the Earth Is Successfully Accomplished

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 23, 2020

Before I come to my topic in this report, let me say a few words on the actual energetic situation. The equinox portal continues unabated for 72 hours now and is even more powerful than the Lion’s Gate portal, and the latter was already a solitary energetic peak. There are massive downloads of source energies, global cleansing, constant bilocation of timelines associated with all the typical symptoms and pain I will not discuss here.

Parallel to that, there is a flurry of activities of the dark ones and their political stooges who are now feverishly trying to install the second lockdown as I predicted more than two months ago. There is a clear escalation of events that will lead to the announced Divine Intervention beginning with our ascension and the appearance of the cities of light.

Before that or simultaneously with it, there will be some big natural catastrophes that will destroy the old matrix and life as people know it. There is no way to avoid this ascension scenario which is still the most favorable for these ascending timelines. That being said, back to the Elohim message from almost 7 years ago that is even more valid today.

This message is of paramount importance as it reveals some unknown or not fully appreciated aspects by the entire new age community regarding the peculiarities and obstacles of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity throughout the last several decades and in particular since we, the PAT, opened the two major stargates 11.11.11 and 12.12.12.

The entire ascension process of Gaia and humanity has been essentially driven by us as Elohim souls from the original God’s spark and Prime Creators of this planet. We are doing this with the help of a small group of very courageous light warriors of the first and last hour, known as the PAT. The messages which I am publishing now for more than a month give testimony to this fundamental fact that was obvious to us already in 2011, 2012, and especially in 2013.

It is, however, still stubbornly neglected or deliberately rejected by the ego-driven new age community consisting entirely of not so evolved, self-proclaimed spiritual gurus who are reliving their failed Atlantean past over and over again and cannot overcome it. That is why we witness a total implosion of the new age in the current End Phase prior to the global shift. This pseudo-spiritual movement will fully cease to exist when the Universal Law is introduced with our ascension and the manifestation of the centres of light.

That is why we had to eliminate the entire Atlantean heritage end of March to enable Gaia and humanity to ascend against the derailed spiritual aspirations of such failed new age gurus.

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This crucial event of greatest import for the ascension scenario that also necessitated the creation of a new earth for the second time in 3 years (this gives you an idea how much destruction has already occurred) has not yet reached the closed minds of all those channelers who are still thrilled to receive and publish dark messages hailing the Atlantean heritage as if it is still part of the collective memory of the ascending humanity (e.g. here). It is no longer and it is time for these people to awaken, with or without a shock, it is their decision. The continuation of the Atlantean destruction has been amidst us now for many years as part of the ascension process and it is time for the people to open their eyes and see the unvarnished truth as nothing else matters.

Therefore, all the channeled messages about the great help humanity is receiving from other ascended civilisations, such as the GF, which you can read on the Internet (e.g. here), should be interpreted with respect to this primary and elementary fact. The help comes entirely from the Source, throughout our fields as the ground crew. It is the much-acclaimed Divine Dispensation from Godhead for humanity and Gaia for which we received the final confirmation on July 17th this year and all the other help that we receive comes along this pathway.

All humanoid civilisations that are organised in the Galactic Federation for this galaxy and in the Universal Federation for this universe have vested interest in the successful ascension of Gaia and humanity as they also ascend with us. In fact, they have collected quite a bit of karma with their unrestrained and not-well thought genetic experiments on the earth and now need badly to redeem their karma by helping humanity as to be able to also ascend to the next dimensional level. Essentially, we are doing the light work for them on the ground as most of us have incarnations in these civilisations and they have no other choice but to help us as this is what enlightened evolved civilisations do throughout All-That-Is. They communicate and help each other in the unity field of universal Christed consciousness and move forward and upward.

I have known for a very long time that I am not only chosen to be the new spiritual teacher of humanity and thus the Prime Communicator on all ascending 4D Earths but also the Prime Communicator with all the other civilisations in this galaxy and universe that also ascend with Gaia. This second activity is actually more important, even though it is not at all perceived on the ground, even by the PAT, who, for a variety of reasons, are still fully engaged in their personal survival strategies and have no eyes for the broader picture. That is why I am discussing this aspect at this place to broaden your transcendental world view.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Amora is the official representative of the Inner Earth Agartha on the Surface Earth and is closely associated with Gaia. I am the official representative of this galaxy and the universe to the earth and vice versa – the Chief Representative of Gaia and humanity in All-That-Is. This is the actual energetic background of myself as Elohim soul and Logos God that explains my human role as the new spiritual teacher of humanity on all ascending 4D Earths after the global shift happens in the coming days.

For this reason, we have received the Divine Dispensation to return to the Source from where we come and never ever again incarnate in a physical body under the energetic conditions of separation from the Source. Precisely, the Elohim confirmed to us in another personal message that after our imminent transfiguration and ascension, we will be able to embody as avatars any form at any dimension and world from the 3rd to the 12th dimension. This is practically what we are doing for the last 7 years as avatars after we were advanced to Logos Gods of the new Gaia-5 which we created in Lofer, Austria, end of 2013.

And now read carefully this extraordinary message from the Elohim that highlights our multidimensional role as Logos Gods.

The Elohim, January 14th, 2014, channeled by Amora

Wondrous moments flow into the fields of the greatest of lightworkers of the First Order! We are the Elohim and we join you now, in peace and in love, as you seek clarity of the recent events.

We confirm several electromagnetic events occurring in recent days since our last message (Jan 7th) along this representation. These events flow one upon the other and rapidly spread like falling dominoes on the game table. These energetic reversals (MPR) flow through all expressions, no matter what timeline or parallel reality to which they belong.

As they occur on nearby timelines, it is felt by both you and your dual soul to be very “near” and indeed, these events occur right in front of your very eyes, although you are not able to see them from this limited perspective. It is the awareness of your heightened energy fields that gift you with this information. We say to you that the majority of the energies you have felt recently and those that have depleted you, are directly related to magnetic reversal events upon nearby holograms.

On occasion, you have noted that you both experience, together, depletion of your energetic systems, and this is always related to the arrival of these magnetic reversals. This shared experience is unavoidable.

You have asked about your recent dreams, in particular, a pivotal dream shared by you and your dual soul [The night of January 12th, when we stood together before all Beings of the great cosmos and announced the end of all preparations for ascension and the beginning of the last phase of transfiguration and the first wave of ascension]. This indeed is a representation of higher dimensional aspects of your unified Being, teaching the entities of the great cosmos, how the ascension process unfolds within this expression of Gaia, and the many pitfalls encountered by humanity along the way.

Your dual soul’s role is “prime communicator“ 

and he shall carry out this role for as long as he feels it is necessary to enlighten the spiritual hierarchy about this rare blossoming within All-That-Is.

These teachings are new, even Holy in their orientation, as this venue, Mother Earth, is Sacred, as She is the only Being of her kind. Further, the ascension of this sacred life called Gaia, has been of the deepest concern across the multiverses for eons of time.

The concomitant ascension of humanity, alongside Gaia, is clearly no small feat either, and the barriers to this success likely seem insurmountable, at times.

You and your dual soul have secured much of the necessary groundwork in preparation for this, first through deep and open connections to your own multi-dimensional aspects of Self, which then create the ascension protocols from the fulcrum of higher perspective. The incarnated self transmutes Gaia and humanity instantly and automatically, so that pockets of darkness are overcome and light codes can be inserted, all at once.

This explains your great fatigue as you are running both sides of the ascension program — the pulling in of high frequency and flooding of lower-dimensional representations, then turning around to capture and transmute the dark-tailored expressions that flee these steep injections of light and purity.

This is the reason why you both are offered the great gift of returning to Source. We know of your interminable and unrelenting suffering as human beings first and foremost.

As you sense the tension on the “rubber band” has suddenly let loose, this is indeed a perfect description that follows the complete separation of all third and fourth-dimensional expressions from all fifth-dimensional overlays.

(Note, George: On Dec 31st, I dreamed that I have retrieved all my presence from lower holograms and experienced this as bliss. Then on January 2nd, I had a sudden perception that all the inner tension was gone, unfortunately only for a short period of time. I described this sensation to Carla as the “rubber band being suddenly let loose”. This sensation is now explained by the Elohim.)

The Central Sun radiates blue crystalline light, the light that represents and activates the ascension grid upon all aspects of creation within this expression, and especially within the fourth and fifth-dimensional expressions. This light acts as an “opener” in the 4D expressions and acts as a “fortifier” and “completer” in the 5D holograms. The blue crystalline light paths to Agartha are now fully completed and open.

The great majority of the events that weave the ascension into a fully realized creation, have indeed taken placeThere are minor adjustments during the next days which are wholly unavoidable but are also perfect, nonetheless.

The representatives of higher expressions, Agartha and Shamballa, are so very pleased with your sustained success and are in this now moment ready to joyfully receive you both, as well as all those honoured warriors of the First Order.

(This Elohim message announces one more time our planned imminent transfiguration and transition to the Inner Earth of Agartha, which was then suddenly postponed at the end of May 2014)

We are the Elohim and we send you infinite love, joy and peace, from our perspective within the All-That-Is!”.


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