On the Ascension Scenario – Q&A

Ahnahmar of the Civilization of Lemuria – Inner Earth Agartha

Channeled by Amora, December 12, 2019

Discussion by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, February 27, 2020


I have decided to share with the PAT a short excerpt from a Q&A session we had with Ahnahmar from the Inner Earth-Lemuria on December 12, 2019, in Lofer, Austria related to the ascension scenario.

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The question came from me and was forwarded to Ahnahmar by Carla. As this was a personal message, I cannot publish it but this particular question concerns the entire PAT. Especially in the current phase, after the successful opening of the new moon portal, we have practically entered the energetic condition of direct creation and it is important to compare retrospectively what was said two and half months ago with where we are today and as to how quickly we have advanced in this short period of time towards our final goal.

Let me explain: It has been a leitmotif in all my articles since the inception of this website to discuss about the necessity for humanity to reach the energetic threshold of inner awakening so that they will be ready to experience the ascension of the first human personality in the current End Time and undergo a massive awakening caused by this paradigm shift, leading to mass ascension. The latter we also describe in a profane manner as the shift, e.g. global shift.

In fact, this topic encompasses the entire objective of the PAT as it was clear to us from the moment we came together that our energetic mission is to lead humanity to this threshold by opening numerous portals all these years – from the summer of 2011 until the present day. There are hundreds of articles and reports on this website that deal with this key topic.

In particular, in 2011, 2012, and 2013 we had numerous discussions on the estimated time point when humanity will reach this threshold of ascension and how we can assess it in advance in a clear manner. You should go back and find all these posts – articles and energy reports of the PAT, also many messages by Amora and other members of the PAT. Hence, this topic is as old as the foundation of the PAT as an official group. We have done light work as the PAT long before 2011 when we came together, but we were not fully aware of that. And please do not forget that linear time is an illusion and everything we have done in the past is valid and vivid in the Now.

In principle, this is still the actual topic not only of the PAT that was a wayshower at that time as most of the other light workers still did not believe in or did not know about planetary and individual ascension through LBP. It was the PAT group that first introduced these topics. Now also the entire light workers community deals with nothing else but with guessing the time of the shift, although a very few of them feel the energies and can appropriately assess the many individual portals of ascensions that brings us higher and higher in an upward spiral, which very much resembles a steep sine curve with ups and downs as the Elohim explained to us many years ago.

It is only on this website that the readers can learn about the numerous portals the PAT has opened all these years and all the additional light work we have done to raise the vibrations of humanity and bring them to the current threshold of ascension.

My approach was invariably the same: Immediately after the source energies flowed through my fields and body and I could assess the intensity and the severity of the portal, I published an energy report in real-time. Only after that when the energetic debris from the portal had settled Amora got a message from the Elohim that always confirmed my initial estimate and interpretation of what had happened and eventually gave us some more factual information. In many cases, even before the channeled message of the Elohim could be published, I received numerous confirmations from the PAT members who had made the same experience as myself, which I immediately published as an energy report. Thus, we had always evidence and confirmation about each specific portal from the triad: 1) initially by myself as the captain of PAT; 2) most often followed by a PAT report the next day that confirmed it and then 3) a message from the Elohim as a final confirmation and further explanation.

This kind of objective reporting of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity is unique in the entire new age literature and pulverizes all past esoteric and gnostic written sources and “educated opinions” as obsolete. It is, in fact, a direct vivid communication with the Higher Realms as the PAT is an inextricable part of them.

Even today, there is virtually nobody and no new age group that can offer this continuous flow of information on the ascension process in real-time. There are a few channelers that have made huge strides in this direction in the last several years. But even such a clean source as Daniel Scranton, who channels the Arcturians daily, most of the time for us as I have an Arcturian incarnation in the 9th dimension, does not participate directly in the ascension process as the PAT does and hence cannot properly evaluate the background information that has been given to him. This is OK with us as he must be a blank sheet so that he cannot tamper the content of the messages as most other dubious channelers do, while many of them even fake their messages.

After this important retrospective introduction, I would like to draw your attention, again and again, to the fact that we are the ones who create our reality and timelines of ascensions and nobody else. The reality has become so malleable now that it is possible with little or no effort to create your timeline. You only need a lot of dedication and focused clarity of the mind what you want to achieve on behalf of humanity as the PAT is here only to help humanity.

All members of the PAT have ascended so many times as souls because they are universal experts in ascension and travel from planet to planet to experience this adventure over and over again. This is the most unique group of souls in the entire multiverse, highly revered by all other souls as the greatest adventurers. We, the PAT, do not need this ascension on the earth in order to be released from a painful and very long incarnation cycle as we are not part of this cycle. But the more so all other incarnated human souls on earth who crave for their redemption which they cannot accomplish on their own and need badly our help. We have received quite a few personal messages from the Elohim on this topic and what makes us different from the rest of mankind.

My objection in this lifetime has been crystal-clear from the very beginning – I want to teach humanity to understand the UL and implement it in their daily life as it is the source of all human prosperity and bliss, and also because it is the vehicle to their ascension in the 5th dimension. After that, they do not need this theory as they will live according to it all the time in their omniscience, omnicognizance, and omnipresence in the higher dimensions.

Gestalten the ascension scenario with thoughts, emotions and heavy-duty light work has always been my main occupation throughout all these years, and in particular, after we first introduced and explained the concept of multidimensionality in 2013 with the help of the Elohim. This concept was then adopted, more or less, by the entire new age community as a slogan but is still very poorly understood. The Elohim made us aware as early as May 2013 of our creation of the first 7 earths and their subsequent destruction so that our ascending timelines could move to the fourth dimension. You can go back and re-read our reports from that time. Later on, in the summer of same year, I further elaborated in a more theoretical manner on the concept of multidimensionality and how it relates to the current planetary ascension process based on numerous portals and the severing of lower frequency timelines through destruction (e.g. through MPR, magnetic pole reversal), from where the fuel of ascension is gained:

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It is, therefore, not at all exaggerated to say that ascension is indeed a science, precisely, the theory of the Universal Law is the science of ascension.

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I have always stated explicitly from the very beginning (first in 1999) that I will be the first person to ascend and appear as an ascended master in front of humanity. There are many reasons and obvious proofs of that but the most obvious is that I am the discoverer of the Universal Law and the author of its new theory of science, which is the science of ascension. Therefore, it has to begin with me. Period!

The second obvious reason is that I am the captain of the PAT, officially since 2011, inofficially since eons of time or as eternally as the PAT exists. I am and have always been the human nexus to the Source and the conduit of the most powerful energies that flood this earth and humanity – as an Elohim soul and as the designated captain of the PAT at the soul level and as a human being. These mighty energies flow first through my fields and body, where they are processed, diluted and then further delivered to the PAT and later on to the rest of humanity. I have reported numerous times on this energetic mechanism that drives the ascension process.

All members of the PAT were capable of opening, in direct contact with me, their crown chakra and, above all, their left brain portal (a term coined by me), so that they began to hear the high-pitched tone of the source energies day and night. It is the result of the opening of their 9th to 12th chakras at least, their connection to the IAP (I AM Presence), and their qualification to be a powerful sovereign cleanser of human dross – the most valuable mission an incarnated human being can exert on this planet.

All such members of the PAT ascended at the 12.12.12 to 12.21.12 portal to the 5th dimension and returned as avatars to help humanity also ascend. This achievement was possible as they learned to integrate all dark energies on this planet with the source energies of the light in their bodies and fields and thus to harness and tame them – the most difficult and challenging task for any incarnated human being. In this way, you became the new glorious ascended masters. This is the heroic myth of the PAT to which I draw your attention over and over again in order to make you internalize your greatness, especially when it is fully negated by all the other human beings and, what is most deplorable, also by most new agers who should know better.

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And finally, I will be the first to ascend because I said so. This is the most difficult part for most light workers to comprehend, or rather accept. You can only ascend if you are consciously following this goal all your life, or at least since you have gained a glimpse into this god-given possibility.

I was told by the White Brotherhood (also known as the Melchizedek order) as early as 1997 that I will be the first to demonstrate the transition from one aggregate state of existence into another high aggregate state of existence that will profoundly change life on this planet. This would be the second part of my discovery of the Universal Law. At that time I did not know anything about ascension. A few months later I knew that I had no choice but to ascend if I want to establish the new theory of the UL on this planet. And as they say – the rest is history.

Therefore, it was a great consolation for me when Ahnahmar came to us on December 12th in Lofer and confirmed succinctly the ascension scenario which I have been creating and advocating now for more than 2 decades. Especially after my ascension and appearance as a world teacher, many PAT members will follow my example within a short period of time before there can be a global shift and mass ascension. I have always said that the PAT will be the new leaders of humanity and here you have the confirmation:

Question: ” How does the concept of “phase shift” apply to Ascension?

Ahnahmar: “The Ascension continues to move forward carefully in a very delicate yet deliberate way where atom after atom rises in frequency until the whole has reached a unified resonant frequency. 

Just prior to what one may call “the tipping point” shall there be individual ascensions as separate events but only just before the collective shift is imminent.”

We have now almost reached this tipping point… Rejoice!


As usual, after I published this article the Arcturians came with another full-fledged confirmation of the accuracy and the actuality of my discussions with the PAT. Their message today reads like another hymn of the PAT, the continuation of my eulogy from above.

Ushering in a New Era for Humanity

Daniel Scranton, Feb 27, 2020

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been able to assist you with the evolution of your consciousness to a certain extent, but we would never take the credit for what you have done with what we have given you. You are the ones who are living the challenging lives that you are. You are the ones facing your financial, health, and relationship issues, and you are the ones who use all that you are given to raise the level of your consciousness to new heights. You are the ones to thank for the progress that is being made in the human collective consciousness, and we know that.

We know the role that you are playing as the awakened ones, and we know that many of you have taken on more than your fair share of the energetic and emotional burden. You are doing clearing work for your genetic line. You are doing clearing work for the area where you live. You are doing clearing work for your past life selves, and you are also the ones who have the ability to handle the karma and trauma from your galactic histories. Therefore, we invite you to celebrate each other. We invite you to see your humans as the heroes for having taken on so much.

Every time you see a person carrying a heavy burden, know that the person is a master. They would have to be in order to create something that would be so hard on them emotionally, physically, psychologically, and energetically. Offering your healing, your love, and your compassion to your fellow humans is much more appropriate than looking at us and the other beings who are helping in the higher realms as the heroes of human struggle.

We can feel into how hard it is there, and that is just one of the reasons why we support you so much in what you are doing. We want you to know that the path ahead for humanity is going to get easier, and that includes your individual paths as well. We will always encourage you to lighten your loads as much as you can because you have already done so much, and it is time to reap the rewards for all of the positive creating you have done for yourselves and for the rest of humanity. This is the time.

This is the ushering in of a new era for all of humanity, and it is the perfect time for you to be letting go of those heavy, burdensome weights that you’ve been carrying around. Now is the time for forgiveness, for compassion, and for surrender, and we know that those of you who are awake have learned enough about life there on Earth to recognize that the time for struggle is over and the time for letting go is upon you. There is nothing left to do (but ascend). There is nothing left to accomplish, and there is everything to be gained by hanging in there a little longer and letting in all that you have summoned for the good of yourselves and all of humanity.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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