New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

Popular Scientific Introduction into the New Gnosis of the Universal Law – Chapter I

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 18, 2019

Translated from the German book “Neue Gnosis: Evolutionssprung der Menschheit“, 2001 into English by the author


I. Popular Scientific Introduction into the New Gnosis of the Universal Law

1. Basic Statements

Everything is energy (space-time). Being is Energy. Vacuum does not exist. The cosmos (universe) is organized energy. We can refer to it as “Spirit”. All Primary Terms and symbols for All-That-Is are equivalent (principle of last equivalence):

Energy =  Space-Tme = All-That-Is = Universe = God = Spirit =

= Awareness = Primary term  = 1 = (infinity) ∞ = each symbol

All-That-Is has the following properties: it is infinite, closed (self-contained), inhomogeneous (discrete) i.e. it consists of subsets and is in a continual exchange of energy, which manifests itself as motion. All-That-Is consists of subsets, which are open energy systems – they exchange energy with each other.

Each system contains All-That-Is as an element, i.e. it bears the characteristics of All-That-Is. I call such systems U-sets of All-That-Is – a U-set is a set that contains the Whole and itself as an element. All-That-Is is energy and follows a single law – the Universal Law. The same applies to all systems in the universe, which reveal the essence of the Whole. There is thus only one single law of Nature – the Universal Law. All known physical laws can be traced back to this law: they turn out to be mathematical derivations of the Universal Law.

Examples: gravitation, electromagnetism, heat, nuclear energy etc. are energetic subsets of All-That-Is and follow the Universal Law. All electromagnetic devices, gravitational and thermal systems, as well as nuclear reactors follow the Universal Law. This Table below contains all the fundamental constants of these energies, being the only subject of study of physics, that are united for the first time in the history of physics and science with the help of the Universal Law:

All-That-Is can be physically imagined as a closed energetic entity, such as the electromagnetic spectrum that consists of an infinite number of superimposed waves. Each parent wave is caused by the underlying waves and vice versa (closed unity). From this we can derive the Universal Law as a mathematical equation (Universal Equation):

E = EA f

Any system or any level, therefore, has a specific constant action potential EA and a frequency f, which represents in the new theory absolute time, and is only called “time”. By contrast, the current time we know = 1 /f, which is reciprocal frequency, is called consistently “conventional time” throughout the new theory of the Universal Law and in this book. It is important to observe that the way time is currently defined in physics it is a comparison of frequencies:

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All-That-Is and its systems can be regarded under the viewpoint of constructive and destructive interference (wave theory): constructive interference leads to the amplification of waves, destructive interference – to extinction. The former can also be described as harmony (resonance) and the latter as disharmony/cacophony. Between these two poles, there are endless variations that make up the diversity of nature. Matter (particles and particle assemblies, respectively molecular aggregates) can be regarded as standing waves or solitons (quantum mechanics) whose creation, destruction and transformation is accomplished by the two phenomena. Therefore, the laws of constructive and destructive interference which are practical applications of the Universal Law are, in fact, the Laws of Creation and Destruction.

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Man can be viewed from this perspective also as an open energetic wave system. This applies both to his physical body (vessel), as well as to his thoughts (mind, spirit, consciousness) and emotions (psyche). This aspect will be discussed later in detail.

Human being is primarily a perceptual system: he is aware of the environment and his Self (I-AM-Presence). For this he uses the five external senses, which are very limited (discuss why), and abstract thinking, which he translates in language and symbols. The sum of the senses, including language and symbol systems which man has developed in his historical evolution, build his systems of beliefs and prejudices. This includes all categorical systems of philosophy (love of wisdom), religion, ethics, science, politics, everyday thinking, etc. When man is born into a family and grows up in society, he sucks these systems of beliefs like a sponge (e.g. due to the adaptation constraint enforced at school, at work and in society). These systems largely determine his personality.

All trivial and scientific categorical systems have as an object of study the environment (all that surrounds us) and the species “man”, and deal primarily with their interactions. At present, all these systems are separated from each other and lack a common principle of order.

All-That-Is is a unity. All conceptual systems previously developed by humans are inconsistent, with the exception of mathematics, and lead to conflicting conclusions and opinions, as can be proven on the basis of numerous examples from the current state of the world. As these human categorical systems reflect energetic systems of All-That-Is that follow the Universal Law, it is theoretically possible to unify the entire human knowledge. This was accomplished through the development of the new scientific theory of the Universal Law.

The unification of human knowledge has two aspects:

  1. The development of a logical and coherent method for the formation of categorical systems;
  1. The systemic arrangement of the historically accumulated knowledge of mankind with this method (see the application of the Universal Law in my books and articles). The new method is called “Axiomatics” and includes the rules according to which we can use and derive all human concepts and ideas logically and coherently from the Primary Term of  energy = space-time. It is therefore a propaedeutics in logical thinking and the building of consistent categorical systems (taxonomy).

The New Axiomatics allows the use of only such terms that are U-sets and contain All-That-Is as an element, and eliminates at the same time all terms that are N-sets and exclude themselves and All-That-Is as an element. All terms that are created on the principle of exclusion (separation), of which the idea of scarcity is a particular aspect, do not assess the essence of All-That-Is and are thus misconceptions of reality. The introduction of a single term that is an N-set into a categorical system, is enough to distort the whole system and to lead to erroneous conclusions. Such categorical systems are not congruent with All-That-Is, they do not comply with it: They are distorted images of reality.

If we apply this criterion consistently, then we can easily see that not a single categorical system that mankind has developed so far, is free from conceptual N-sets. They are merely systems of beliefs and cannot accurately reflect the reality. This statement includes all known philosophical, religious, scientific and everyday categorical systems, which I have proved in more that 15 books and thousands of articles on this website. This finding can not be repeated often enough because it is regularly forgotten by the people, even if they have understood it in theory.

In order to develop an open-structured, logical reasoning, the individual must free himself definitively and radically from such beliefs, which he, so to speak, has “imbibed with his mother’s milk”; only in this way can he accurately perceive All-That-Is, i.e. the astral worlds. It must be stated clearly and unequivocally that there is currently almost no single individual on Earth, who is capable of consistent logical thinking in all areas of life. This finding is very important in the view of the upcoming Evolutionary Leap of the species “man”, because it shows where the mental and psychological problems lie at present.

Logic is mathematics. We say that mathematics is an extension of logic by the introduction of symbols, such as numbers and relation signs. On the other hand, the physical world (All-That-Is) is of mathematical nature: The Universal Law is a mathematical equation. All known laws of nature are presented as mathematical equations. When we set “Spirit = All-That-Is = organized energy”, then we can conclude that All-That-Is is “creative mathematical thinking.” This was already known to all gnostic thinkers in Antiquity and even in Renaissance. This knowledge was lost with the development of empirical science in the 20th century.

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Not only the building of linguistic and symbolic categorical systems is creative mathematical thinking, but also the whole environment, including inorganic and organic matter, are products of mathematical consciousness. Beings and nature are energetic creations according to mathematical rules. This also applies to the species “man”. The idea that man is a product of mathematical technologies of enormous complexity, much like a computer, simplifies considerably our subsequent approach.

Within the mathematically organized energy of All-That-Is infinite hierarchies are created, which are U-sets and include themselves as an element. Humans stand with their consciousness at the bottom of this hierarchy. The soul is a parent U-set and contains the incarnated personality as an element. The worlds of soul, the astral worlds, are but a precursor of All-That-Is. There are worlds beyond the soul dimensions which we cannot imagine because any human imagination is bound to a soul. Higher existing systems create underlying systems and include them as an element.

The soul forms and keeps alive the body, psyche and mind of the earthly personality. The soul is a function (individuation) of All-That-Is. It is part of the soul family with more than 1,000 souls, the soul family is in turn part of the soul tribe, etc. (see below). All-That-Is can therefore be divided infinitely. This knowledge is applied in the following discussion to the structure of the astral worlds of the soul to explain the closest hierarchy level to 3D-space-time.

Thus the aim of this book will not be to explain the new theory of the Universal Law with all its consequences for man and society – this has been done in detail in several volumes – but to depart from the New Gnosis and explain the phenomenon of “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” that is currently progressing with full force in a scientifically logical manner, so that it can be truthfully grasped and understood by everybody.

Under “Evolutionary Leap” I understand the intensification of information energy exchange of the astral worlds with the earthly humanity, as this process unfolds on the historical stage and leads to a total shake-up of human society. This process is discussed here in detail.

In other words, I will systematize the many contradictory esoteric statements on this subject, which may be known to the reader in one way or another and free them from their inconsistencies. It should be clearly and unequivocally stated in advance: the Evolutionary Leap is not an abstract phenomeno, but an energetic transformation that involves every person who has currently incarnated on earth.

This transformation involves, as I will show in more detail later on, both the physical body as well as the psyche and the mind, which can be interpreted as independent energy systems, and requires a logical and clearly structured thinking. This process at the individual level is assessed with the term “Light Body Process, LBP”.

From this elaboration it follows that the present book can not have the goal of providing additional esoteric knowledge, but to support the evolutionary transformation of the reader through the development of clear thinking and consistent knowledge on this crucial topic.

2. Space and Time in the Light of the Universal Law

Before I go on to the actual topic, I must clarify in advance the two fundamental concepts of human consciousness – space and time. These terms are not only fundamental to science (physics), but also to any Human Gnosis; until now they have not been properly understood by any school or religion – be they of eastern or western style.

First, it is important to note that energy, All-That-Is, consists of only two dimensions – Space and Time – and that they are formed by human consciousness in an abstract way. All-That-Is is a unity, but it can be infinitely divided – hence the formation of many categorical systems, including all esoteric teachings.

It should be said in this connection that all physical concepts, such as charge, mass, weight, power, etc., with which one can describe the physical world as part of All-That-Is, are abstract mathematical definitions, that go back to the two Primary Terms, space and time (as space-time, as they cannot be really separated but only in an abstract manner in the human mind). Currently these variables are mistakenly regarded as properties of the external physical world. Hence the enormous simplification of thinking achieved with the new theory of the Universal Law.

All esoteric concepts and ideas depart from the Primary Term of space-time, without clarifying it in a definitive way. One does not even discern any effort in this regard. This fact discredits the many valuable esoteric messages and makes them contestable to scientific arguments. I will therefore trace all the important esoteric concepts back to their origin – space and time – and will summarize them in a logical, axiomatic categorical system of modern Scientific Gnosis.

Before we begin with the discussion, we should clarify the conventional concept of “time” because it is the primary source of innumerable misunderstandings. What we mean by time, both in everyday life as well as in science, is the comparison of frequencies, the repetition of similar events, such as seconds, waves, etc.

The definition by comparison is the only operative principle of human thinking. This fundamental fact was discovered for the first time in full by myself. I call it the “the principle of circular argument”. For example, all physical quantities, such as mass, charge, force, etc.  and their SI units are introduced by employing  the principle of circular argument. They all consist of only two dimensions – space and time; read here:

The definition of time as a physical quantity follows the principle of circular argument and shows us that time = frequency (comparison) is: time = f. The everyday applied “conventional time” in physics as “t” is, however, reciprocal time or reciprocal frequency:

t = 1/ f

 [conventional time] = 1 / [time] = 1 / [frequency]

This definition is extremely important and should be internalized by everyone. If we now consider All-That-Is as space-time, we can write the primary equation according to the principle of last equivalence as follows:

Energy (E) = space-time = [space] [time] = 1

 It follows:

[space] = 1 / [time]


[space] = [conventional time]

We conclude:

Space is inversely proportional to time.

Space is equivalent (identical) to conventional time.

We can illustrate this fundamental finding by numerous examples, e.g. the smaller the space, the greater the energy, because E ≈ f = 1/s: molecules versus atomic nucleus, nuclear energy versus gravitation, black holes versus red giants etc.; the longer the distance, the more conventional time (t) it takes to traverse it. There are no exceptions to this rule – primary property of space-time.

The equality of space and conventional time can be illustrated with the following example from everyday life. Let us assume that the Munich metropolitan route No. 6 between E. and G. is 50 km long. The train takes 1 hour and 40 minutes (100 minutes), to traverse the route. We assume that the trains drive in 5-minute-intervals. At the same time (simultaneously) there are 20 trains on the track at an interval of 5 minutes. As they travel with the same average speed, the distance between the trains remains constant at 2500 m. The stationary observer (commuter) on the station perceives the distance between the trains as a period of 5 minutes. His perspective does not allow him to perceive the distance between the trains.

When the same observer is in a helicopter, he overlooks the whole track. He can now perceive the space between the trains as a distance of 2500 meters. He can not perceive directly the time interval between the trains, but can only determine it by complicated calculations.

We conclude: Depending on where the location of the observer is, the “distance between the events” is perceived either as conventional time t or space (distance s = 1d-space). This duality of perception is a result of the limited perspective of the observer. Were he in a position to observe the trains simultaneously from both observation sites, then he would have perceived space and conventional time as one and the same physical quantity. This capability of simultaneous, direct cognition possesses only the soul, as I will discuss in detail later on.

When we compare the two identical quantities according to the principle of the vicious circle, which is, by the way, the only principle used in conventional physics today to define physical quantities, by writing the quotient s/t, we obtain within mathematics a new, secondary physical quantity of motion v = s/t, which is called “speed” (velocity).

The velocity is thus an abstract mathematical entity, with which one measures the movement as the universal, observable manifestation of energy (conversion) in All-That-Is. This mathematical quotient for velocity was first introduced by Galileo Galilei, the founder of modern physics. Before that humans did not know what velocity is and could not measure it.

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We conclude: The limited perception of the species “man” leads to the conceptual separation of the two identical terms, space and conventional time, and the formation of other, more abstract physical quantities in mathematics. In reality, there is only energy, the amount of which depends only on the magnitude of time (frequency) E ≈ f. “Space” and “conventional time” are thus artificial constructions (hallucinations) of the limited human perception. From this limited cognition comes forth the idea of ​​the sequential flow of events: A look at the world as a causal chain on the principle of cause and effect. In reality, all the events occur simultaneously.

This knowledge – Gnosis – is of crucial importance when I will discuss the inter-relationship between the three-dimensional space-time (3D space-time) and the astral worlds (the worlds of the soul). It shows us that space is only a subjective conception of the human species.

In an overarching sense, there is only time (frequency) f, whose reciprocal value is interpreted as “space” or “conventional time”. This fundamental knowledge facilitates our understanding of the many esoteric channelings, namely, that space is an illusion and that the sequence of events happens simultaneously in the astral worlds (see telepathy, direct knowledge below). I will draw on this knowledge when I will explain the simultaneity of all incarnations of the soul – of the past and the future. This also explains the limitations of human perception, which leads to the currently predominant false beliefs, all of which deny the existence of the astral worlds as the primary source of human life.

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