The Wheel of Light and Life

Otfried Weise, April 24,2019

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In their article ”Message From The Crystalline Beings of Light: The Five Flames of Ascended Creation – The Wheel of Light and Life!”, Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov wrote about ”The Wheel of Light and Life” (WLL) on February 19, 2019 as follows:

A Grand Portal is now open! This is a multi-dimensional portal that carries a special purpose to distribute sacred crystalline energies coming from the embedded Infinity portal that is in perfect alignment with the Source. Within this energy of the Infinite lies each of the crystalline ray energies that form the foundation of the New Earth, an expanded version of a Fifth Dimensional reality. 

The centre of the portal as seen by you as a doorway, is created from Source energy and is the white Christ Consciousness light coupled with the Ascension light.  This radiant light represents the purity of creation itself and it honours unification into wholeness, the full embrace of the Ascended I AM Presence; All of these achievements are held within the energy of devotion and profound gratitude.

Around this centre doorway of crystalline white light is an entry point for each of the new sacred rays as they are refractions of the purified white light; their attributes pervade all energetic systems of every expression of form and thus are the guiding energies behind all of Creation and Manifestation in the ascended realms:”

Then follows a description of the five different rays.

These Five Rays form a sacred foundation of the New World arising from the land of Europe.”

The five colored rays form a vortex through the movement of the wheel, which can be visualized and installed in the landscape to work in a certain place, i. e. this place is purified and vitalized. A small group around Carla and Georgi has started to install such wheels/vortices in Europe.

”Other light-bearers are also free and honoured as they engage their alchemical powers to create their own multi-dimensional portals of the new Five Rays and are encouraged to do so by any source of water found nearby, be it a lake, stream, river, sea or ocean.  It is enough to hold firmly within your fields the intention to create this portal and use any vocal invocation to command the light to manifest the Wheel of Light and Life!”

The following explains the meaning of the Wheel of Light and Life as we understand it.

Wheel and vortex are symbols that in All-THAT-IS everything is constantly in motion. While the individual spokes on a wagon wheel can still be distinguished in the resting position, the energies involved in the form of the five different colors merge in the movement and in the vortex, so that only one mixed color can be seen depending on the speed – the entire spectrum produces the white light, which appears here as brilliant Christ-light.

Light generally stands for the beginning of the visible creation: ”Let there be light” … Light – perceived by humans as photons from the narrow spectrum of visible light – is, so to speak, the manifestation of primary Source energy. Photons are subject to constant change from source energy into matter and back. According to Stankov’s Universal Law, photons have the same properties as matter, which conventional physics does not yet recognize; it believes in the false dogma that photons have no mass. Thus physicists are unable to understand and explain the constant creation of matter from photons and vice verse.

The photon is energy and matter at the same time. It is recycled in infinite microscopic quantum generators that build the edifice of 3D space-time. They operate as a black hole and white hole at the same time – as a black hole when the photon disappears in it and as a white hole when it appears in a new three-dimensional creation. This energetic exchange embodies the Divine Creation of everything that carries form and resembles matter, whereas there are infinite degrees of matter in terms of density and structure of which earth matter is just a tiny example. Hence this basic energy exchange also symbolizes the rhythmic ”becoming and passing away” in nature as well as in the psyche of man or in the life of people etc.. The function of the new Wheel of Light and Life should be interpreted in a similar way but this time at the macroscopic level.

This primal energy or primary energy of the Source is what we call the Christed Light or Christ Energy. The manifestation of this energy in our tangible world occurs as

  • frequency, oscillation, vibration
  • elasticity, adaptability
  • ceaseless, permanent motion – panta rei, everything flows – as Heraklit put it.

The clouds in the sky are a symbol for that. There is a book title from Osho: My Way: The Way of the White Cloud: Questions and Answers to the Spiritual Search; and another from Lama Anagarika Govinda: The Way of the White Clouds: Experiences of a Buddhist Pilgrim in Tibet.

The clouds are in constant motion and simultaneous transformation; they permanently adapt to the wind, temperature and humidity. They are not afraid of transience. They only change form. They act according to the first law of thermodynamics: The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy is constant as All-That-Is is a closed system.  Energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed.

The validity of this law could not be explained by conventional physics as this science does not regard Nature = All=That-Is as the primary term of human consciousness, from which all other physical terms and concepts can be derived in an axiomatic manner as this is done in the new theory of the Universal Law. Currently, the first thermodynamic law of energy conservation is formulated for closed systems, e.g. Carnot cycle, which is a false abstraction of the physicist’s mind and has no real meaning – all systems of All-That-Is are open and exchange energy.

That is why present-day physics has totally failed as it cannot explain the constant creation we observe and are part of it. It regards nature as dead physical matter. This is very important to observe at this place in order to understand the role of the newly anchored Wheels of Light and Life which operate as local generators of constant divine creation, so to say, a miniature replica of the Source as the Primary Creator and tend to expand and merge until the entire planet becomes one unified field of ubiquitous creation. This is how the new 5D earth and higher dimensional reality is currently created on the earth and very few people notice it.

The wheel of light and life is, so to speak, the essence of human life. We do not need to be afraid, nothing gets lost, nothing can happen to us, we are only in eternal movement as well as transformation. And now there are no more limits to our planet – as will be shown below.

Let us look at the flowing, shape-shifting movement of flocks of birds, fish and insects. One rightly speaks here of swarm intelligence – i. e. an inherent, ruling intelligence, information – light/life – controls this breathtaking as well as dynamic, aesthetic, even artistically truly beautiful movement. All the animals involved are suffused with it – they dance with the wheel of light in their symphony of life. Beauty is a basic characteristic of All-THAT-Is. It is an impersonal beauty that has its origin in the harmony that Pythagoras so excellently described and made the basis of his teachings. This movement can be described mathematically and yet – or precisely because of this – it is simply beautiful, aesthetic and heartfelt, if one is opened to it.

Similar movements can be found in a completely different order of magnitude in the auroras, the northern lights. Here the intelligence/information is shown in the enchanting, colored light curtains, which are also in constant motion – like the wheel of light as life.

Light is life, is energy, is information – here again the Principle of Last Equivalence of all words for the Primary Term of human consciousness is shown, which is also the basis of the Universal Law as its mathematical presentation.

Everything lives, everything is intelligent, everything is conscious. We therefore no longer write light and life, but light as life.

Let us also look at it in the following way:

Light could be envisioned as the male energy that destroys, cleanses and initiates. It corresponds to the fire element, that just now cleansed Notre Dame Cathedral from the old, dark, wicked energies of the cabal PTW which include the Roman catholic church, so that the ley line which goes through that old place of worship is empowered again. Remember that the location of this church once accommodated an ISIS temple and that this ley line is dedicated to the constellation of VIRGO, as Georgi mentioned in an e-mail.

Read also:

Life is represented by the female energy, which has been repressed by the PTW from the beginning. That is why shortly after the Wheel of Light and Light was anchored on this planet the Mother Mary Portal of feminine energies was also introduced on this planet as the crystalline Blue/pink light holding the Mother Mary Principle is part of the Wheel of Light and Life.

As the old 3D-system vanishes also the abusive male energies diminish until harmony of both energies is reached. The paradigm of unity consciousness removes this eon old polarity. The divine feminine is given back its rightful place and with it the respect and care for all sentient beings as well as for the whole creation and Gaia as conscious being. The wheel of light as life is a perfect symbol of unity consciousness.

The WLL is basically a code that is installed in places which

  • represent special nodes in the energy flow of the earth (e.g. also ley lines)
  • have solidified and should therefore be brought back into flow
  • tend to become ”dirty” with deposits of old, stale energies, so that repetitive cleaning by light warriors is no longer necessary in the future.
  • The WLL is conscious, intelligent energy that operates autonomously to raise the frequencies of Gaia and humanity to 5D and higher dimensions.

According to Carla, the WLL brings light as life to the isolated planet Earth. To understand this, we need to go a little further:

Carla Thompson writes:

“It has been brought to our attention that there is a net or a membrane, for lack of a better description, that surrounds the earth at the etheric level. This net is made up of thought forms or patterns of thoughts that have been created by each one of us in human form. For the most part these thought forms are negative, disjointed chaotic thoughts and disassociated habitual patterns of thinking that are often fueled by fear-based emotions including judgment, scorn, hearsay, gossip, unqualified judgments, unkind and unreflective thoughts, debased and primitive thoughts, thoughts that occur over and over without qualification as to what they actually mean, savagely unkind and shallow in thinking. These thoughts are, for the most part, polluting the upper atmosphere, in a continuous blanket around the planet, like an inversion of smog above a large city. The power of emotion consolidates the thoughts into an immovable creation and that is why it has been so successful in its disconnection of humanity from higher guidance, and having access to the greater infinite reality beyond the net.”

In an e-mail Carla explains:

”Two days ago, in the early morning, around 3 a. m., I was awake and aware of Amora’s presence. I was attuning to the Wheel of Light and Life at the time, and she came to tell me that this was “The Answer”, to the quarantined planet Earth, quarantined from the rest of the Universe/Multiverse. Amora shared with me that there is a collection of “Fallen Expressions” like planet Earth, where there has been a disconnection or separation from the “Many Mansions in the Sky” that represent God’s many creations. I don’t really know how to describe these things, I am only using the language that has been given to us through Bible translations from the original ancient Aramaic.

My understanding is that this reality, called Planet Earth, has been isolated from the rest of the Universe ENERGETICALLY, and that these Wheels of Light and Life bring NEW Light and NEW Life to this current expression. It is a Miracle and it was a divine dispensation for humanity, and that is why there was so much Love and Reverence for me/us on the day I channeled in that information.”

After installation, the WLLs act as infinity portals that successively remove the quarantine of planet Earth, the barrier grid described above and connect it with the multiverse.

”An infinity portal means that when the door and wheel is activated, the door in the centre immediately accesses the Infinite energy of the Whole of Gods Creation. With this creation, All of these energies within these Rays are instantly pulled into this reality and distributed out.”

The wheel of light as life has become the final device of freedom from the eons of slavery in the 3D-matrix on planet earth for all people who are prepared and willing to ascend to the higher realms at this moment in time.

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