The Upward Battle of the UV Indigo Auracle with the Scientific Hydra

UV Indigo Auracle, August 28, 2018


Georgi Stankov

I am very happy to present you this video of our PAT member, Therese, UV Indigo Auracle with whom I am in contact since many years and whose very intense and powerful personal poem “Declaration of Independence” I published in 2016


I have not heard much of her as of lately as everybody is now following his/her own pathway and as a true master copes in solitude with the existential challenges. Only today I came coincidentally across her latest video which moved me deeply for a number of reasons:

1. I had no idea how much she was personally engaged in understanding the theory of the Universal Law.

2. I was very impressed by her deep sincerity with which she shared her personal journey of searching, struggling and finding the ultimate truth of all existence as presented by the General Theory of the Universal Law which is, or rather should be, paradigmatic for every true seeker. But as we know most of the light workers are no seekers of the truth, but rather petty performers on the Internet stage craving for personal recognition at any price. This is now becoming more evident with each day under the barrage of the new energies of unvarnished truth and the image which the New Age amateurs ensemble is presenting is anything but flattering.

3. Then I look at the number of visitors on this video and it tells me everything about the insurmountable psychological, intellectual and mental barriers that prevent the propagation of the Universal Law under the current toxic and extremely limited conditions of human consciousness in this crumbling 3D matrix.

4. I have always known that Therese is a truth seeker, even at the expense of a painful inner strife, which is, by the way, the only true pathway to truth, and the least appreciated mode of human behaviour in the current very debased human society. Anyway, I was deeply moved by Therese’s sincerity and impetuous quest for true knowledge, which is so characteristic for all indigos and awakened starseeds (as there are many more unawakened ones on this planet) and I wished that this noble behaviour would soon become the “maxim of all collective behaviour”, to quote loosely a famous saying of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. We are not there yet, but we are approaching our goal with giant steps. As the Elohim told us, it takes time to create the new scientists who can understand the new theory of the Universal Law and that is exactly what we are doing now as Logos Gods.

Herewith, I would like to grasp this opportunity and assure UV Indigo Auracle that we are on the cusp of a major breakthrough of the Universal Law and that she will very soon have the stage set for her to reach the masses of uneducated people and scientists and teach them how to approach the new Theory of the Universal Law with open heart and mind as this is what is now missing most. Then the intellectual Aha-experience will come on its own. Therefore do not despond Therese, you are at the final stretch and are almost touching the finish line.

I welcome UV Indigo Auracle and all other indigos and crystalline children to come to us when we manifest the cities of light and begin with their true mission for which they have incarnated on this planet and have been eagerly waiting for so long.

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