The Final Transmutation and Merging With the 5D and Higher Dimensions Has Commenced Full Force

Georgi Stankov, March 14, 2017

After the Wesak-Full Moon portal that began around May 5th and is still ongoing today with unabated intensity I decided to give you this interim energy report for a number of reasons.

During the whole last week or so the energies from the source were particularly heavy and oppressive. The compression of our physical bodies was beyond human comprehension, the low vibrating energies of anguish and naked fears coming from the collective were unbearable with their overwhelming physical presence in our fields and our emotional barometer fell so low at times that it reached the bottom of the scale of total despair. I felt like Prometheus bound chained on a remote rock in this petrifying dungeon-reality while the voracious eagles were merciless devouring my expanded heart each day anew. This is the price one has to pay for bestowing humanity with the sacred fire of ascension.

Today I feel for the first time that we have emerged out of this birthing channel where life and death are “like twins that never meet”. The amplitude between the abyss of despair and divine bliss is incommensurable in these last days on this planet and it is nothing for people with faint hearts. That we know already.

Since this afternoon I have an inner knowing that we are finally on the way to our transfiguration and merging with the 5D. This I can say from the intensity of my body vibrations that exceeds anything I have experienced in the last 18 years since I entered the last most intensive phase of the LBP. The high-pitched tone around my head is deafening and the last vestiges of human self-awareness  have been stripped off my fields.

The omnipotence of my expanded fields is omnipresent and dissolves the boundaries of this physicality. With it the triumphant notion of being a mighty creator of my personal and global reality surges high and carries me away from this planet. I know that the final shift to 5D is now underway and the ultimate phase transition can happen any moment from now on. I have delegated my entire destiny to my HS and only perform in a robotic manner the few chores that guarantee my bare survival in this reality. Nothing makes any sense and even my human emotions have been wiped out under the relentless tornado of these source energies, which no human body has experienced so far. That I know for sure and the proof will be rendered soon. But even that is no news.

Anyway, today I read the latest message from Sue and while reading it I was channelled by my HS that confirmed what the Arcturians are telling Sue. Here is the excerpt that makes this message so important as the rest is the same ole stuff that Sue channels all the time.

“In your third dimensional past, many of you chose to experience your own forms of personal ascension, which is the process transmuting your third dimensional form into a Fourth-Dimensional, Astral body form—and then into your Fifth-Dimensional. Lightbody form. As a rehearsal for the grand service that you are to give within this NOW, we wish to assist with the Planetary Ascension of beloved, Mother Gaia. Therefore, because of the grandness of this task, unified personal ascensions are beginning, so that all those in the third/fourth dimensions will reconnect with all those in the fifth dimension who are assisting Gaia from the fifth dimension.”

I can only hope that Sue is aware of the significance of this news, but, even if not, it does not matter – ascension will come for those who are ready either in a conscious or unconscious manner as human consciousness is currently being also obliterated and substituted with … what ? … nobody knows yet as our human mind cannot envision how it is to exist in “no time” – in the simultaneity of All-That-Is.

Driving To My New Life–Sue Lie and The Arcturians

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