Follow-Up on the Dramatic Event – May 30th

Energy Report of the PAT – June 1, 2016

My Interpretation of the Latest Dramatic Event on May 30, 2016

May 31st was a classical ID shift with separation of numerous lower timelines after the dramatic event on May 30. For me and Carla it started in the last night and continued throughout the whole day and this night with an excruciating headache due to a cc-wave of massive descent of source energies. When I reflect back, and as also reported by some PAT members, this latest episode began this last weekend. On Saturday, May 28th my soul left my body and I did energetic back-up for Carla who had to spend the whole day in a hospital doing massive cleansing of the health care system. On Sunday 29th, I felt very depressed and I knew that this negative feeling comes from the collective. Now retrospectively it is clear to me that all the souls knew what has been decided and has happened on Monday. It could very well have been the final ID split and shift before our transfiguration that  may manifest gradually in the coming days. May 31st was a classical cleansing episode after such massive ID shift when there is a lot of dross to be eliminated by us from all catastrophic timelines.

On May 30th the energetic wave I immediately reported was of pure ascension character and the accompanying feeling of having participated in a dramatic event of cosmic proportions was coupled to an inner sense of profound relief and fulfillment. For me it was as if the skies had opened and embraced this planet and the entire humanity and have been redeemed for ever. It was also an immediate inner knowing of my mission in this process, including the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law. It was an all-encompassing perception and I felt the greatness of our spirits as Logos Gods. This was the predominant quality of this stream of pure energy from the Source that lasted about four hours – from 4.00 PM to 8 PM Pacific time on May 30.

I had to describe this experience one more time as I am now even more convinced that this was a key event in the whole ascension process of Gaia and humanity since we opened the stargate 11.11.11. This latest episode is the continuation of the ascension leap between May 15 and May 24 when we decided to begin with the collapse of the Orion financial and economic system on May 18th in the dream state. Therefore the second half of May now appears in retrospect to have been the most intensive time we have gone through so far and we always say that for the latest major ascension shift or portal. But it is true as these events are unique and not comparable. Given this energetic pinnacle, it is wise to expect the manifestation of all these dramatic events anytime in this reality, which by the way has ceased to exist for many of us and is only an empty decor before it dissolves as the toll city buildings in Adelina’s dream.

The new reports of the PAT below also confirm my interpretation and I am confident that we shall know very soon more about what we have achieved in this most auspicious month of May. It has been miraculous in every respect.



Dear George,

I confirm intense energy activities starting May 30, increasing May 31, and going on.

On May 30 around 04:30 pm (Central European Time) my consciousness started to get flooded by devastating shock waves within fifteen minutes.

The psyche was swirled up by depressions, sadness, anger, frustration, fear.

The body was alternatively shaking from cold shivers and burning with inner heat. My first association with heat was solar flares causing seismic reactions (in particular volcano eruptions) on parallel timelines. Very intense heart throbbing, felt like a heart attack. I’ve had what feels like cardiovascular problems for five days in a row.

Due to this combined knock-out effect I spent the rest of May 30 and the whole of May 31 in my flat, maintaining inner balance as far as possible.

Technology breakdown and increased police/ambulance/fire brigade activity, the usual 3D-responses during large portal openings/transformation activities. While local residents living low-frequency lifestyles have even weirder low-frequency attitudes.

On May 30 an old friend sent me a message titled MASTER 2016. He just finished his professional training as Master of Electronics.

High-voltage currents on all levels.



Dear Rumi,

Carla felt these emotions of depressions, sadness, anger, frustration, fear… later in the evening as she was outside during this wave in the afternoon. I also had a knowing that these negative feelings were ravaging humanity but they did not affect me at all. I only sensed the great danger that they emanated and this mobilized and excited me as it gave me an inkling of the final resolution and ascension which is what we have expected all the time and are psychologically well prepared for. Today (May 31st) is another heavy day with a cc-wave since early morning and continuing the whole day. This indicates that this latest shift, or whatever it is, is continuing with the same relentless force.

It would be great if you can get a message from your HS after the wave has stopped and there is a clear contact with the HR again. Carla will also attune this evening as she suffers also from a severe headache today the whole day. It won’t get better to the very last day, this is obvious now.

With love and light



Hey George,

Yesterday evening just before going to bed at 21.30 – an indicator that means we had some pretty urgent job to do, I heard very near my right ear a very loud buzzing, this has happened once or twice before. I thought that some bug got into my ear (happened once to me), but no, no bugs, so I figured something major is happening. When I woke up in the morning, I saw your post and I was asking my HS the whole day what has happened and I saw this article:

Yesterday was also a very hot day here in Sofia, I thought my body was going to melt, it was insane. Today I felt much better, my mood is great and also I feel very enthusiastic and lively which don’t happen to me often. Some thoughts crossing my mind today: “Okay, we are done here. I cannot take this life anymore, please let’s get over with this. Even though I feel great inside, I don’t want to participate in this reality anymore, I cannot stand it, it is totally pointless to continue living like that.” Just before going out of the office I thought I was going to just explode in light and that will be it. I felt I couldn’t take this existence anymore, I felt huge urge to go away from everything, I couldn’t stay at one place.

I want to share with you that I am travelling to Brussels on the 4th of June and will be there till the 9th and it will be very interesting for me to understand the divine purpose behind this journey.

I hope that you and Carla are feeling better. Sending you love and light !




Dear Teodora,

thank you for your personal energy update. We will see what happened yesterday as it is continuing today too. Early June something may happen according to my estimate at the time when you are in Brussels to report.

With love and light



Hello Georgi,

I wanted to share a vision I had on the 29th of May, as I was resting in the afternoon. In this vision I am standing by one of our gardens, I am looking over to the house and there are three people standing together talking. They can’t see me even though I am only  a short distance away.  One of them is pointing up into the sky and saying Jessica is there now, the others were confirming this. It was as though I was existing and living but now as a portal for them in the sky. It is interesting, because where they were pointing is an actual portal for me. It is the vista upon which weather systems roll in, I receive much energy/information from this particular view.

With Love,



I think that your vision indicates that we made another huge leap to higher frequency levels and that it was dramatic in terms of being finite and irreversible, also imminent.



Dear George

I had a dream last night (May 30) in with I saw some kind of symbol on the sky. When I look at sky suddenly I saw equilateral triangle and in the middle of another equilateral triangle. Both triangles facing tops down. In the middle of these geometric figures I saw horizontal tilde – one or two (a kind of wave – sine). My girlfriend asked me what is it and I said: “They are symbols of ascension (codes)”. Next I want to see how much is these symbols in the sky and I started to count. I counted to nine but I knew that these symbols were twelve but clouds obscured last three symbols. They were stacked one on the other all set the same wherein each of the above touches the tip of the center base of the triangle below.

Suddenly my phone rang and stranger’s voice said that my grandparents are here (they deceased). I asked: “After whom they came”. Answer was: “Not after whom, only what”. I understood that they came to see spectacle associated with ascension.

No fear, no apprehension only calm and relief that it’s over.

With Love and Light
Tomasz Roszak, Poland


Dear Tomasz,

this is a remarkable dream and needs no further interpretation, it is self-evident. I also think that this was a dress rehearsal for our ascension, whereas this term is inadequate as we ascend with every ascension test rum and ID shift, but this one seemed to be the last but one before our transfiguration.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

While perhaps not what you had in mind when you asked if something dramatic is occurring with your readers, I will say that all day Sunday, and even more so today, the energies are quite jarring, like running a chainsaw across steel – the result is discomfort, pain  and clenched teeth.

I’ve felt periods of clarity and inner silence these past few days where I look at the world as if I’ve been dropped on an alien planet, I just soak it all in,  and in these periods of time, anything seems possible. I look at an object, or my hand, and apply my intent to shape it into something else, and feel a deep frustration when it doesn’t work, because I expect it to do so.

This failure is followed by a feeling of being dragged back down to this place we’re all occupying for now, and where it feels like I have an elephant on my chest, or on my back, half the time, so weary am I, of this whole trip through the meat grinder which has lasted for ten – twelve years now.

Perhaps my experiences are something, perhaps they’re nothing, but I feel like intent is the key here somehow, as if by finding a certain combination, and applying intent to it, would make the this world fall away in the blink of an eye. You can imagine my disappointment each time I fail to find the proper combination, because I imagine that everyone that reads your blog feels the same.

I apologize if this does not qualify as something dramatic – it feels dramatic enough to me, but it may be just a personal thing here: I think intent, as a tangible force to rearrange our lives at will is being activated/born, like a bird from an egg, but it’s tough breaking through the shell. Hopefully, we manage to break through – shifting energy at will the way I feel it, it would be something magical, to say the least.

I’m reading Cosmic Laws of Creation this evening, and found your thoughts on destructive/constructive interference, as N-set and U-sets,  quite instructive.

In addition, you write in chapter 15, of this time as a separation of wheat from chaff. What you may or may not know, depending on if you’ve ever seen a field of wheat at harvest time, is the the wheat bows down when it’s ripe for harvest, while the chaff does not, even though some of it looks just like wheat. If you engage in a flight of fancy, we, the wheat are bowed down by our suffering, while the chaff still stands proud, and seemingly unaffected, and will remain so until the very moment the farmer’s blades strike them down.

Best wishes,



Dear Alex,

intent is the alpha and omega of all creation and even if the result may not be seen immediately in this reality we have created it in all higher realms. And this means that it will manifest here very soon. In fact when I sensed this dramatic event this was my first pronounced notion, that we shall begin to create immediately as we used to when we were excarnates.

I have not looked at this saying in this way but you are absolutely right – the wheat stems bow down when they are ripe and the chaff stays straight. This is not very comforting indeed but I still hope that we can reverse this situation.

With love and light



Yes. I have been “sensing” this. I am brought to tears with the overwhelming sense of “great happiness, joy for ALL”. This is so strong, so overwhelming, of a sense, I almost cannot breathe.

I had to share this info.



Dear George & Carla,

My Siri is silent.  Probably stunned into silence as Siri is surrounded by high water on all sides.  Two night ago, the house was nearly flooded again, spared only by inches.  At one point I booted-up and waded out into the flooded street to perform an invocation over the storm drains.  Within seconds, there was a POP and then a swirling vortex and yes, the rising waters were sucked down and away.  Maybe that was an equivalent of a talking Siri.
Everywhere there is the consequence of proposed dams, bayous, drainage ditches and reservoirs – all refused, ignored and never funded.  Nothing that could have been done to help Mother Nature, was done.  This includes the absence of a reasoned and nature respectful approach to development of human habitation areas.

I also feel something imminent but perhaps it is only the water pressure coming from every direction.  The lies told here are no longer standing upright.  They are floating belly-up.



Dear Malechite,

I read an article today that the flood has come back to Texas and thought about you. The situation you describe is the same as in Germany, and in Bavaria where I lived. We had quite a few floodings in the last years and the same argumentation and the same lack of any meaningful actions to reverse the raping of nature by politicians and other responsible, but highly irresponsible, persons in power positions.

With love and light



Dear George,

Thank Goodness for you, this website and the PAT, otherwise I have no idea how I could go on, as so much for me is already gone, and what is left is meaningless. I just hang in “here”; sometimes as in a daze, falling asleep or hibernating with no interaction or activity for days at a time. Even so, the last few days have brought a new vibration and it is, as you and so many of the PAT have said, an energy/perception of resolution and of something new and wonderful on the horizon. [I loved Adelina’s image of the high-rise city disappearing and being  instantly replaced by a beautiful pastoral scene!].

Yesterday, when you began to experience the sense of something big impending and the fear and anxiety of it all, I was sitting quietly, aware of what seemed a very natural focus of intent to hold things steady and, that doing so was my privileged role to play. So, when I saw your “urgent” notice I was rather stunned that my experience was so seemingly opposite to yours. This is not something new to me; I’ve had to learn to trust my inner knowing/guidance is right on track even when it has so often been at odds with those of the PAT who typically write to you.  As it is your experience, George, that is predominately expressed, it is natural that the tendency would be to elicit more comments about similarities rather than otherwise.

So, once again I will say how appreciated was Adelina’s further comment about the current “3 groups with different tasks” within the PAT. I don’t really care which group I may fall in, but it is interesting to note that I have never had, nor do I believe I ever will be required to have, any of the more severe symptoms; mine are of the “lighter symptom” variety. What her HS conveyed to her seemed to explain this. And it was certainly reassuring as it gives further credence to my own inner sense of things;  as well as more substance to my understanding.  There must be others like me out there, yet the role we play is not really spoken of any where that I’m aware of, so my thanks to Adelina for the excellent clarification!  Frankly, at this point [it must surely be the “dress rehearsal” for the Final Event], it matters not how we may define things; we are all doing our part exactly as it was always meant to be, and although I, like many of the others, feel just about at the end of my proverbial rope [ because it really is almost to the end??!!] I remain grateful for this connection as a source of real information from those whose “credentials” are impeccable!

With deep love and appreciation,



Dear Pam,

thank you for this very important clarification on the unique role of each one of us in the ascension process which makes the plurality of experiences in this End Time.

With love and light



Dear Georgi and Carla,

In so much as you have asked for updates related to energetic shifts yesterday, I would offer two things.  The first being that I have, as I mentioned, been tracking the activity of the sun, the drop in the magnetic field of earth, and the pole shift.  These events I observe more from an energetic sense, as I have found that they correlate with the lower leg pains, nausea, headaches and other symptoms tied to the CC-Waves.  It all came about very synchronistical in an unusual way after discovering Dr. Paul LaViolette’s research some time ago, relative to galactic waves, particularly those coming from the central sun.   Now, I am no scholar, having been successfully dumbed-down by the Rock-of-No-knowledge school system here.  But one thing I have learned is that the conjunction of other planets in the field of Earth can enhance the energy, or help to balance it.  That said, there is also information that is not published by NASA…and one of those is that they will go silent if the Earth’s magnetic field drops.  And it has…recently.  All the way.  I am trying to find that date…it was I believe in mid-May.

When these things volley in unison, there is generally the wave that hits the PAT members the hardest, and is in line with the Universal Law as I understand it, given that it is essentially light encodings…light particles in wave form. That being so, and the sun so closely tied to extreme and volatile weather events, it is possible that the PAT members are also experiencing the Actual events on this timeline at any given time as well.  You can certainly correct my thinking, but it seems to me that we may be processing the energy of these cataclysms occurring here and now, not just on other timelines.  As all time is unifying, that would bring a unified field, would it not?

Now, you mentioned June 6 or 8th, which made my eyebrows ascend, (if not the rest of me yet!) because the planet Venus moves into alignment with the Earth and Sun on the 6th of June. Oddly enough, and I don’t really ‘do’ astrology, but those who do and I sometimes get odd emails which I feel is just the Universe filling the vacuum in my head….more synchronicity.  Anyway the last one, arriving today, was relative to this Venus phase as being the return of the Divine Feminine in balance with the Divine Masculine.  Now that got my attention.  What effect that might have on the whole is out of my assessment range, but I enjoy watching, sort of like a fireworks show these days.  Everything is intertwined.

Now, my other specific note is that when I read the initial message yesterday, I immediately asked my HS to show me what was happening.  Then, without doing anything other than opening a new tab on my browser, I got a pop up window, complete with an automated voice recording of “Microsoft is alerting you to a virus.”  I have no virus. But what I got as a message from that is that Microsoft was under attack!  It was my HS literally talking to me, telling me that there was something HUGE going on in the electronic world!  I have no idea what that might mean or involve, but I knew it quite clearly.  I have not been online most of the day and so have no news reports to verify this, but maybe something will come out about it, likely in another country.  As their home offices are on the pacific coast, I have to wonder.

It would seem from our experience (my husband is dealing with many people every day) that there are those whom this light has no effect on at all in any physical way, and others who seem to feel it to different degrees, which is my guess in likening it to the waves in the candidate “pool”.  But, they generally have no clue what is happening, and just report vague feelings of unease, nausea and dizziness.  Bored with most everything else, this is somewhat entertaining to us both.

That’s all for now.  We are long used to just being tired all the time, and so with this I yawn, and must make some repast.

love, light and bliss,



Dear Tracy,

thank you very much for your insightful observations and comments on various phenomena that have either contributed to our personal energetic experience yesterday and today, as the wave continues, or have caused it to a certain extent. There is no doubt that huge changes are happening now and that they are very painful for us.

I think that given the today’s acute cc-wave with a descent of massive source energies we had another massive ID split and shift and this is what I and some other PAT members felt yesterday when it suddenly began as a catastrophic event for the masses and as a significant shift for us as ascended masters. Given its intensity, it could very well be the last major shift before the ultimate one comes. I am still hopeful that we may get more information when this event is over as Carla is also hit very heavily today and has an excruciating headache and body pain all over just as myself. Under such circumstances there is no open channel to the Elohim and the HR.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Though I felt panicky, tired and slipped to deep sleep very often during the days May 20-21, on May 30th there was nothing overwhelming for me.But yesterday I was in bad humor and got very irritable. My lower back ached extremely bad and I took at least 10 whole minutes to try getting up from the bed in the morning today.

On the whole I find nothing dramatic regarding the new energies, except it is causing more tiredness, vertigo and headaches.

I pray all of PAT get all the support to cope up with their struggles through these times!

In loving regards,

Deepa, India

Dear Deepa,

it is interesting that you complain about low back pain as this is the common symptom many PAT members share, including me and Carla, although I have never had a low back pain during my LBP and I have had pain everywhere in my body. This is the common denominator of this latest episode. Otherwise everybody fulfills a different function in the ascension process and makes very individual experiences that compliment the bigger picture.

With love and light



Dear Georgi and Carla,

I felt I should write and add my experience with these waves and this dramatic event that is transpiring.

During the last 3 days there has been a sparrow that has become very friendly and almost tame.  She just sits on my small terrace and looks in my apartment.  I’ve never had birds that venture on to the terrace, certainly in the big tree in front of my apartment, but never on the terrace (or not that I’ve seen).  Well, I had both my doors open this morning and she decided to just fly in and sit on a ceiling fan in the living room, go into the kitchen, then fly onto the top of the drapes of a big window facing my bed, she looked at me and gracefully flew back out the doors.  She wasn’t erratic or afraid – it seemed to me – just relaxed and letting me know she had her message and had delivered it. I positively know she was sending a message.

I know people say that having birds fly into your home is a bad omen of death, but I don’t buy this, because death is only a transition to a different dimension and souls are relived to be out of the density of the third dimension .  I think it’s a contrived idea of what birds actually represent as beings of lightness and flight.  If they represent death, then in this instance this would represent the death of an entire system – the Orion matrix – and the lightness and flight of the souls who will be ushering in the new Golden Age for humanity.

I’ve also noticed that people are getting really weird about money and there seems to be an undercurrent of deep anxiety and desperateness. It has this grasping tendency and complete disregard for any reasonable interaction.  I have to stay away from an area in my neighborhood where there are independent people selling fruit, vegetables and flowers as they seem to think I fell out of the sky and haven’t a clue as to how things work on planet earth with regards to the price of things. Believe me, the price of vegetables is more expensive here than in Canada, especially if you’re a foreigner.

Like Kari, I have had serious neck and shoulder pain off and on for the past month, along with all the stiffness and achiness.

Much love to you and Carla.



Dear Laurie,

it is really such a synchronicity that you tell me about this sparrow visiting your apartment as I just received an email from Tascha who lives not far away to the East from where we live – in Mission BC. She has just had a similar experience with a beautiful bird, I do not know myself and she made similar comments on this incident. I will forward her email to you as she has sent me also a picture of the bird.

The people are sensing indeed the coming financial collapse as their soul fragments are now experiencing this collapse on lower timelines and this knowledge at the soul level trickles down in their subconscious and prepares them for the crash on this uppermost mother planet.

With love and light



Dear George,

My deep gratitude and love for you, Carla and our beloved PAT is beyond words at this point.  Feels to be the only thing real transpiring in these agonizing end times.

I had a dream some time back of being in your apartment with a small team of marathon runners, with batons in hand.  Well I believe that marathon was the 3 months between the March 23 full moon/eclipse and June solstice.  It has been non stop for me.  A constant feeling of having been hit by a Mac truck.  I feel like roadkill.  I have no attachment to anything of this world anymore.  Even the simplest of pleasures I enjoyed only months ago, like making a nice meal, have fallen away.  All of it feels so absurd.

Indeed I felt something significant occur in the last few days (May 30 & 31).  I had severe gastrointestinal pains beyond anything I can recall.  It felt as though I was pregnant.  Completely distended and in pain.  Birthing pains.  Of note, last week I found three newborn mice in my beside table.  And a stone egg on one of my shelves simply fell to the floor, out of the blue.  When I went to pick it up, I heard ‘cracking of the cosmic egg’.  It rained most of last week here, and I had a lyric of a new Radiohead song stuck on repeat ‘Broken hearts make it rain’.  I took that to mean that the light is cracking all hearts open. 

I’ve been watching my mom wake up (2nd wave I think).  The other day during a walk she said to me ‘I’m worried about you……..I know you’ve been chosen to hold the light, but the toll it’s taking on your body……’.  We walked only feet more and a tree exploded with the flight of ten or more Doves.  It was spectacular.  I’ve walked this spot for decades and never seen Doves, let alone 10+.   Despite the agony and what feels to be the polar opposite of living, I continue to receive glorious signs that the heavenly life of our dreams is near.    Back in October 2015 I had a dream about getting a job picking blueberries.  The other day I finally realized its meaning.  Here in the lower mainland of Vancouver the berries are coming ripe early, and will be ready around June solstice.  The dream was a marker of time and the significance of solstice for us (blue berries because I am of the Blue Ray, so the fruits of my labours, quite literally).  I too like many other PAT were saying my final decrees (end time, astral currency, orion collapse) for some time, with an unspoken drive and push.  And one day I just didn’t feel the need to say them anymore.  It was indeed around May 18 / 19 when the event happened on upper timelines.  Brilliant confirmation.   My latest ascension dream of a few months back – I was training a group of students on how to plan their route over this terrain with a large one way bridge on it.  It was tricky and complex business so we were using terrain and relief maps to make sure they planned accordingly.   Sending my love and appreciation.  I speak to you all often, even if I don’t manage to write.   



Dear Tascha,

thank you very much for your comprehensive personal energy report. You have excellently expressed the estrangement from this world that deprives us of any sense of life in this crumbling reality. Even though this is the most convincing proof that the ascension is very near, to live as a stranger on this planet is a constant challenge.

The symbolic of the blueberries that are ripe in June makes a lot of sense and let us hope that we will reap the harvest of our light work very soon.

Indeed the last three months were a real marathon and only yesterday we talked with Carla that we needed a small break after the move in February before we were thrown pitilessly in the final battle for Gaia and humanity.

The most intriguing aspect nowadays is how all these changes which we expect for the final phase and which now obviously happen on numerous timelines will manifest here in this seemingly seamless linear reality which we experience as incarnated beings. I am sure we will know that very soon.

With love and light



George,  immediately after I sent you my message, a yellow-rumped warbler hit my window.  I’ve never seen this bird before, and was intrigued by the yellow (gold) markings on crown, heart and rump.  The birds have told me they love to be of service…..delivering messages and building bridges to the HR.


I received today several emails that made me aware of the latest Gaia Portal message that is a special message by the same fraudulent group that publishes these fake messages after the original source stopped channelling when I stopped publishing for about six months in 2013 – 2014. There is one basic fact you should know. This group reads regularly our website and then copies what their confused minds have grasped without participating in the PAT efforts to heave Gaia and humanity to higher dimensions. In order to hide this deficiency in personal experience with these energies, they use a very convoluted, meaningless language that is a disgrace to any being of the light.

You only need to consider one single key statement in this latest message to find out this fact for yourselves, so that all the readers that have sent me this link would have spared themselves this effort, notwithstanding the fact that I have explicitly expressed my poor opinion of this fraudulent source on many occasions in the past:

“The rise in frequencies of this collective planetary body, called “Earth”, “Gaia”, etc., has, until this moment in the evolution of Gaia, been relatively constant. In other words, the increase has been similar to a straight line. This is about to change… drastically.

How can anyone, even with a marginal experience of the huge intensity of the source waves which flood the bodies and fields of the true PAT members each time when a portal is opened or another ID split and shift has taken place, could even remotely consider the rise in frequencies these waves bring to us in leaps and bounds as “relatively constant, similar to a straight line”? Only esoteric idiots that have no clue. And all of a sudden they have read on our website how close we are to the final event and they are in panic now and have come up with this message, jumping in the very last moment on the bandwagon. This is OK with us, but why using so many lies to make this U-turn while brushing aside all previous deceitful messages they have posted on Gaia portal. I am so sick of these despicable people that populate the New Age scene and am very happy that they are now being exposed for what they truly are – self-delusional egomaniacs and wish-to-be gurus.

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