Desperate Times, Prescient Measures

Blessed Are the Forgetful Who Have no Concern For Safety

Travis Brown, June 18, 2016

Dear George,

I have just read your first paragraph of “Pulse…Commenced Today” and want to write before continuing.

When the 1st and 2nd chakras shifted in the collective, I had a huge influx for days, clarifying and charging those levels. That bandwidth had been the only impediment in my system to having supercharged light coursing through my fields. Then, since that opening for the masses, I have been gone, and in the flow. Major prana overhaul. I am breathed, through and through.

I’ve been good about allowing telepathy with the collective, not giving it much credence, and recognizing that when it gets personal, it’s just emphasis and effectiveness of energetic transmutation. It was the 14th (electromagnetic storm) that I felt really strange all day, and then the 15th or 16th that wiped me out, in every way.

Today the 17th is an aggressive saturation of higher frequencies through the uppermost timeline. Today I have felt as if high, all day-blissed-out, present with the body, and not existing in the world I saw around me. I met in 3 groups of 3 people today, for information-gathering conversations related to my work, and with each I was thinking, “What the F is this person saying to me?” So I just aimed to maintain my highest energetic state unwaveringly, regardless, and let my words come on their own. I did not have much sense of what I was saying either, but in response their energy would shift in a way that did make sense, and we’d continue onward. One could call it zero control, but my energetic intention was quite strong, and seemed to keep everything aligned. The interactions were pleasant, beneficial, and productive, though I have little recollection of what happened.

I had moments driving where I would feel like I had just jumped back into the moment of driving, but in the previous second was elsewhere, and had forgotten I was in a car completely. This is not too unusual, but definitely today the 17th the steady high energy compounded the effect. “Blessed are the forgetful” (who have no concern for safety). I am trusting completely this 5D autopilot. Last night, in a recurring dream, I am sleeping in the passenger seat of a car, attending intermittently to driving, on curved freeway overpasses and such. Yet everything is totally fine and I don’t need to see or even really need to be paying attention at all in order to drive the car. I am subsumed into a higher-order navigation.

We are nearing coherence through the levels. The compounded amplitude of these converging superimposing waves is a visceral trigger for me. I am breathing from head to toe and am plugged into high-frequency flow. It reminds me of the quickly tiered plateaus of an ascension test run, yet stretched out in days and assimilated solidly, like building a temple with stones. In other words, it is not a heart-in-the throat thrill of riding over the crest of a sine wave too fast, like an ecstatic ascension test run that nearly breaches the quantum gap. But instead, a building and layering on what is firmly established. The central nervous system acclimates and integrates, and yet we feel ‘used to’ it, so we may not realize how tuned and prepped we are.

We know there is a multi-dimensional simultaneous Coinciding: through the dimensions, through the facets of society, through our bodies’ cells, through our consciousness’ experience or identity of ‘self’. Every realm or mode of perspective shows the parallels, be it finance or politics, or superconductivity. Everything we have envisioned will coalesce – all the timelines, everything.

We have, over the many months, experienced the bracketing and separating of the frequency spectra – the groups in which peoples’ consciousness resides – into timelines and alternative worlds. All the while we of course have been waiting for “Well, when and how does it manifest Here, for Us?”

My sense is we now merge deeply in the expanding awareness of what it actually IS to exist in 3D, or to have 3D bodies at all, and the experience of what it is to BE- to EXIST- quickly becomes completely different. Meaning, how we understand our ‘selves’ within creation transitions to the “I Am” consciousness more fully. And then we are not tracking time in the same way or what ‘ascension’ means, though it is swiftly overtaking us. For gnostics, the Event seems to arise from the experience or quality of consciousness itself shifting. “I Am” is First Cause. The Event arises spontaneously, unanimously, simultaneously in our awareness, and it produces its physically manifested effects for the multiple timelines, seemingly as a function of our Event of consciousness, in their perfect correlation.

There is no intrinsic substance to this apparent timeline. It is unfounded. It is a product of the overriding quality or timbre of consciousness as a weighted-average of the embodied collective, and its momentum of collective intent. It is our shared dream, unique to each yet copacetic.

I think that the veil is as simple and easy to cross as a unanimous, simultaneous PAT re-member-ing. (‘Member’ from Latin “membrum” meaning limb, or Sanskrit “mamsum” meaning flesh. It is conscious awareness shifting the physical body, a re-embodying.) Like receiving an energetic key, no further test run necessary. So which comes first: the source pulse, or our awareness of the source pulse? Or is it that our awareness IS the source pulse?


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