The Elohim: The Nexus Point of Creation

Carla Thompson, April 4, 2016

While I was receiving yesterday’s message from the Elohim about how it is advantageous to contract and seal our fields to decrease their permeability and permittivity to surrounding negative energies that are flying about with this latest very chaotic portal, I received a very clear visual which I will describe now.  While it was a part of that message I felt that all of this information together would have made the message too long, so here it is now.

There were two cones, one pointing upwards and the other pointing downwards and where their tips were touching there was an area where they overlapped one another.  Each cone was like an energetic vortex, rotating in opposite directions of the other and demonstrating the flow of energy as the process of evolution versus devolution.

 The top cone was a tri-colour of blue, gold and violet-pink, and had its tip pointed downwards where it intersected with the tip of the bottom cone, a cone in a dark orange-red colour.  The top cone had energy that moved in ever-expanding concentric clockwise circles so that it got ever wider the higher up it went.  The energy flowed up and expanded outward representing the expanding realities of the fifth dimension and above.

The bottom cone had energy moving in a counter-clockwise direction also beginning from the top point but moving downwards and expanding outwards more and more as the energy moved to the base of the cone, symbolizing a falling frequency, or an expansion into a contracted reality, the third dimension. Initially I saw a sand-timer and this is correct in terms of its shape but as the Elohim explained, this is not an accurate representation for the purposes of this discussion because from a human perspective one would sense the gravitation of the energy as moving only in one direction, into the Hell of the Third Dimension!

There is a nexus point where these two cones meet and where there is an overlapping with one another.   This is the point where there is a shared experience of the common reality around us. The Elohim explained this nexus point to be the actual point of creation.  Within the shared experience we see that those of third dimensional attachment driven by deep-seated fears tend to create more experiences of perceived contraction and limitation because of their fears. Those who have released fear while experiencing the same reality actually create at a much more elevated level as they hold a higher frequency overall, usually by being more positive than those who remain in attachment to the third dimensional expression.

So while all of us meet at this intersection point, and share the same reality, we don’t all create alike.  As we remain attached to past events and outcomes we drag ourselves into old memories and habits which further expand our negative experiences and therefore, our creation. This activity will always promote more negative experiences and further movement downward into attachment and pain.  On the other hand, those who have chosen to be positive in every moment, no matter what, will keep their frequency elevated and create at a more refined level, a level founded in acceptance and peace. These individuals are generally happy and move up into higher expressions of reality since they experience an ease to their life.

The Elohim: The Nexus Point is the point of creation. As individuals create their own realities they move up or downward according to their experiences and their resonant frequency.  Those who remain attached to the reality of the third dimension, create more third dimensional realities. Those who are embracing systems that reflect the fifth dimension, the expanded dimension, create more expanded dimensional realities based on unity. 

This juncture point is a shared reality, for now, in this important moment of the ascension.  It is shared by both those of visionary power to see and create great new worlds of beauty and perfection, and by those who only hold the narrowest viewpoints conceivable, ones of scarcity and limitation.  

And each shall “see” what they need to “see” for their evolution. All realities created at the Nexus Point do intercept but what is most important for you to know is that this point is an opportunity for each of you to create the highest vision for yourselves by choosing the positive over the negative, in human friendships, in thought, and in action.  The more one aligns with the positive, the more positive creations will unfold. 

And as each of these energies arises, they compound each other exponentially since creationary light responds instantly to this alignment with the God-Source.  

Positivity is your most aligned inner power, for with it you can expand into infinite creations, creations worthy of the divine humans that you all are.”

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