The Panic of the US Elite in front of the Coming Insurrection of the Masses

Georgi Stankov, March 7, 2016

The ruling US cabal are in utter panic and are beginning to lacerate each other. And the wild card in this circus is the “honest” ape Donald Trump. Although I do not share most of the opinions of Judge Jeanine below, I am very delighted to see how the emotional tide has turned against the US elite and is about to sweep these despicable dark ones into the abyss of their failed wet dream of the NWO. The current popular mindset of the American people is very similar to the one in Eastern Europe and in particular in Eastern Germany shortly before the Berlin wall and the Iron Curtain fell. Not that I invest much hope in the ripeness and the level of awakening of the American people, but in the current Greatest Depression of all time that was deliberately instigated by the ruling cabal to turn the US middle class and the underprivileged into paupers in order to install the NWO, it will be utter madness to continue believing the notorious liars in Washington DC.

To me such emotionally outrageous tirades in the MSM, especially in Fox news, show that we have almost reached the threshold of inner awakening of the masses when their utter desperation with the failed ruling elite and the destruction of the civil society will lead to a deadly insurgence against the cabal. Amidst financial crash, shutdown of the banks and rapid global impoverishment in the Greatest Depression of all time, which no rigged statistics can hide any more as most of the American people are already bankrupt, we can finally appear as Ascended Masters to harness this insurrection of the masses and introduce the new Astral currency.

In this revolutionary situation we will not be feared any more by the masses as evil aliens as the ruling cabal have always intended to present us in the End Time, but will be unanimously and emphatically celebrated as the Savoirs of humanity. This is the emotional threshold I have been awaiting for since many years and we know now with certainty that we have almost climbed this Mount Everest of global Ascension before we can be released from the shackles of the earth gravitation and become unlimited multidimensional beings. It is happening now, in front of our eyes and also increasingly in the MSM, and this is the new energetic quality of this month:

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