Imminent Ascension

Jessica and Georgi Stankov, February 10, 2016

Hello Georgi and Carla,

I hope that everything is going well for you both. Although I am aware you are very busy, and not updating your website or responding to emails, I felt I really had to share this with you. I also wonder if you may have a short response as this experience was so dynamic, and seems to indicate imminent ascension. I apologize for bothering you during this time.

On Sunday February 7th, I was resting in my room on my bed. About an hour in, while I was sleeping but not dreaming, I had the sensation of being pulled right out of space/time. That is the only way I can describe it. I thought right at that moment ‘This is it! This is ascension!” I was pulled right into a vortex and begin travelling thru at a great speed. It was similar to being in a twisting and turning water slide, except that there was no real structure and no water.

As the experience began, I had the sensation of someone touching my feet and legs which felt real and I assumed was my husband. It was distracting because at that point I began swaying and moving with every bend and curve of the vortex, to such an extreme that there were points where I would have fallen off the bed. As it turned out, the person who had been touching my legs was now holding me in an embrace from behind so that I would be safe and not fall off the bed or otherwise hurt myself.

As I was travelling in the vortex, there was sort of a pause while someone came behind me and moved their hand up and down my spine and then made two points on either side. It was a bit uncomfortable but it felt like a hand and not a procedure of any kind. It was more surprising and curious. Travelling through the vortex took about 5 minutes in ‘real’ time, and then suddenly the texture of the reality changed to very ‘wrinkly’ and I could hear voices talking, as I came to the end of the vortex I saw that I was looking down at a women’s legs as though giving birth, at which point a male voice said “1977, Niagara Falls” (which is the year I was born and very near where I was apparently born).

I remember while travelling the vortex, being asked if I was ready to go, to which I said YES, but I asked about my husband and children. The sense that I got from the experience was that it was a ‘precursor or test run’ and that everything was moving forward and going as planned. There was definitely an intelligence, design and purpose. When the experience was over I was certain that everything would be different, ascension different. I also discovered upon opening my eyes that I was laying straight in my bed and no one was with me.

With Love,



Dear Jessica,

this is an amazing experience. I had two similar events on Feb 2nd and 3rd in a row in the afternoon when I was taken away in a vortex and the energy intensity was exorbitant. After the first ascension test run I got an excruciating headache and several infections in my body, stomach pain etc. but after the second my physical state improved significantly. Carla went through the same ascension test runs on Feb 6th and 7th. During the second test run I got the clear information in a lucid, clear state of the mind that ascension is happening now in February, during our move, and not later on. Which confirms your experience and perception. There is indeed a lot of urgency in the air and we are lifting every moment in the now.

Today, February 9th there is another huge ID shift and the financial markets are now broken in an irrevocable manner, which points to imminent ascension as the financial collapse is now very close.

I will be short now as we are in the middle of the move.

With love and light


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