Energy Report of the PAT – January 13, 2016

More on the Elohim Cleansing of the PAT

Energetic Update

Georgi Stankov

Yesterday we made another huge shift and this shift will continue in the coming days. This is the result of our massive cleansing of the personalities of all new walk-ins. The transliminal souls are now harnessing their new physical vessels and are picking up in their energetic mission. They have begun to help us heave this holographic reality to upper 4D and 5D with full force.

Yesterday evening the Elohim came to us and confirmed this shift. Carla will continue with the message today as they have more to say. Essentially they tell us what we already know. The ascension process is now progressing in leaps and bounds and it takes place from within. Therefore, from a human perspective it will happen gradually until the next energetic threshold is reached and then the outer reality will begin to change significantly.

It is not so much that we shall ascend, as we use to say it, because we have ascended long time ago. It is rather that we will bring the 5th dimension into this reality. This is what we are doing for a very long time but now we have entered a most critical phase where we are supported by the huge energetic tsunami of the newly incarnated transliminal souls.

I personally feel very strongly for the first time in my long career as a light warrior the solidarity of these souls and know that we are not alone anymore, separated from our friends behind the enemy lines. This sense of solidarity will increase in the coming days and this will bring about a radical change in the energetic quality of life on this earth.

The Elohim also announced some spectacular and joyful surprises in the near future. We should stay open and flexible to any change and embrace it in the Now. Not that we do not know this and live accordingly, they only want to assure us that we have achieved a tremendous success already and now only need to reap the fruits of our long and very tedious light work on behalf of humanity and All-That-Is. Everything is perfect now and beyond our wildest expectations. That’s all for the moment.


Dear George,

When I read the title of the latest message from the Elohim I felt the thrill of being given an answer to the deeply felt question I’d been asking. The past week and more [especially the past two days] have been so challenging and I’d begun to feel quite discouraged. The question kept arising in my mind as to why, at this point, with so much clearing already completed, and even with the added clearing needed to assist the transliminals, there would still be this grueling continuation of nasty symptoms for the PAT. It seemed to me that this must surely be one of the last “contingency plans” to be implemented and thus be nearing completion.

This was in my mind as I went to bed last night and still there when I awoke. My emotional state then was very bleak and depressed, but as I got up I felt very determined to get a clear answer. The sense I soon began to get was that of it being utterly unnecessary for this painful physical and emotional distress to continue. As I sat with this awareness it became quite comforting and I felt a resurgence of energy to continue [as if I would or could do anything else, but you know what I mean.] It was only later that I finally checked your post and found the wonderful confirmation of what I’d already been given.  HOLY COW !!! How cool is that ???!!! And, it so beautifully fits that after so much dross has passed through we would be in need of some divine intervention in order to clear our fields in final preparation for the ascension/ release from this last holographic world. Just a little more of this time/space thing will bring the needed healing and final clearing before the whole thing fades away forever. I am certain of it.

With love and gratitude,

Dear Pam,

I fully concur with your assessment that this last grueling cleansing episode since the Christmas portal on Dec 25th was the last “contingency plan”. This decision was made by the PAT on Dec 20th during this auspicious council of the 12, where we agreed to subjugate ourselves one more time to this massive cleansing at the expense of our health as to accelerate the ascension process one final time.

The consideration leading to this pivotal decision was that we as incumbent Logos Gods demanded from the Source that more than 22-25% of all empty human shells should be incarnated with transliminal souls in one fell-swoop during the last portal as to raise significantly the light quotient on this uppermost mother planet. But in order for them to come in such big numbers we had to promise them that we would help them immediately cleanse the dark imprints of the previous soul fragments in these personalities.

It is not acceptable that these highly refined, highly evolved souls will dwell in compromised human vessels for a long time as they will only jeopardize their incarnated soul fragments which may be susceptible to creating karma by being forced to follow the dark inclinations of these humans as they still determine their mindset and behaviour.

That is why if we say “A”, we must also say “B”, to quote a German saying. While we decided to ask the Source to send us so many transliminal souls as to finish with the ascension process because we, the PAT, can no longer cope with our small numbers in heaving this planet to 4D and 5D and also can no longer prolong our suffering of lonely desperate light warriors in the front line, we automatically agreed to participate in one final gruesome cleansing push to eradicate the most deeply ingrained negative traits of these humans (roughly 49%) at the expense of our health.

This trend was well-known in the HR and that is why the Elohim came to us yesterday to tell us that we must now accept a healing for ourselves as to recover our bodies, fields and merkaba as otherwise we may jeopardize our personal ascension. Sacrifice is good as long it does not kill you. The HR and the Elohim wanted to prevent precisely this tendency in us as light warriors as they know that when we start with a battle we forget to stop. This major trait of the light warrior has been widely discussed in the past and also recently one more time.

Ultimately this is an optimisation process, where a win-win situation must be achieved – the transliminal souls are saved and do not need to dwell too long in these still quite dark human vessels and we have accomplished our final obligation as the planetary ascension team and incumbent cleansers of humanity and now we must move forward.

However, we must be cautious and do not expect immediate relief as this is not how energy flows. We may still experience negative episodes but altogether the intensity of the waves and the severity of our symptoms will begin to diminish, while our bodies are being healed in preparation for the final ID shift.

With love and light

Thanks so much for this very well expressed response to my email. Yes, it may be a little longer, but I believe we will soon begin to experience a “lightening of the load”…pun intended.


Dear Georgi,

I confirm that the Elohim came to me last night and did a tremendous cleansing/healing work on my body. It is the most amazing experience for me. Hope to hear from other PAT member’s story as well.


Hi George,

I sure hope it’s true that we’ll get healing now – I felt so horrible all weekend I could barely function, and was saying aloud that I just simply cannot live like this much longer, I’m in agony all the time!  I just keep having pains and pressure boomeranging around my back, side, knees, head, jaw, and I feel like if my insides get squeezed any more tightly I will just explode!    Thank you George and Carla and thank you Elohim!



Dear George,

I have been totally depleted these days, the energies are running very very high, I have a constant vertigo and last week I had to take 3 days off from work because of that. As I am writing you this right now, I have no doubt that the end is near. Last week on Monday my HS told me several times: “You are ready.”

The cleansing that Yasmin Gowdet talks about is on full force for me fromSunday. I have constant mood swings, today I am more balanced but the physical symptoms are wild.

Sending you and Carla love and light.


Teodora Kavroshilova

Hello Georgi,

Just real quick, the eagle picture! The eyes, aches, and the Elohim arriving to help cleanse. I too have had horrible eye issues as has my husband.

I’m hopeful and so ready for help in releasing emotional and all the tension in my back and head, very over loaded the past three days or more, such a loss of time.

The main thing is the picture!  For the last few days we’ve had an eagle too!  My husband has some photos of the eagle on his phone, I’ll get one and send it. We thought it might be an eagle. It looks just like the picture Carla took!  Rare to have in our area. We have a falcon and red hawks, even an osprey every now and again, how exciting to have a bald eagle.

So they don’t have the white head until they get older? We thought maybe it was a female. It’s so big and awesome to watch fly. Thank you for posting the picture.

Love light and laughter!

Dear Jodie,

when the bald eagle is young he is dark and gets white first with 5 years. This one is according to our estimate about one year to one year and a half old. On this beach, where we regularly go walking, there are big trees and always bald eagles in the winter. They then disappear during the summer. This particular bald eagle is a real exception as he stays on a concrete post on the beach and allows everybody to approach him, while he enjoys the scene. He is there almost everyday as we saw him already twice. He may be a new 5D breed, who knows, as the beach is exactly where our Infinity portal is. From there one can see very clearly also Mt Baker.

With love and light

Dear George & Carla,

Thank you for eagle image. Very stately and steady. As was George’s response to Yasmin.It is an important series of sentences.

A Way Shower indeed shows the way through the shallows, the debris, the accumulated toxicity. Unattached to the navigation, but clear about its composition all the same. This is not theoretical but happening NOW and sometimes it is important for others to experience and understand the authenticity of not going gently through the muck and mire. We show the way to that symphonic, sacred, solar LIGHT.


Hi George,

I was very interested to read your post with the channeled message from Yasmin/The Elohim in it.

Yesterday I felt like I was getting a bladder infection (which hasn’t happened to me since I was 17 years old!), and it seems that this correlates with what you were experiencing with enhanced diuresis. Definitely a new symptom for me!

Today I woke up experiencing a lot of anger, and my eyes and burning and stinging like crazy. As the morning progresses, it seems to be deep sadness that’s the name of the game.

This message from the Elohim (and your and Yasmin’s comments) were so very timely. Good to know there’s some deep cleansing going on. Thank you!


Hi Georgi,

Nic from Montreal here.

Did the collapse of linear time began recently???

Lately I’ve been feeling a significant increase in awareness of the present moment, and a kind of increasing disconnection with my perception of the past and the future through the mind.

Somehow, since January arrived, I’ve felt drawn, and almost forced, to perceive reality through my intuition and keep my attention here in the present moment, not projecting myself in the future in any way using the mind to think of 3-D things like worrying about how I am going to pay the rent in X number of months, etc.

I also felt clearly that from now on, I don’t need to look back, EVER, like if the past was gone, forever…

I feel like all there is now, is the NOW, the HERE and the NOW, and that accessing the past and/or the future through the mind, is not accessible anymore, or if it is, it is getting increasingly difficult to access it.

All this seems to have begun with the arrival of 2016.

Maybe it was the Christmas full moon energies or something like that…

I’ve never felt this kind of shift before. It’s like the energies force me to keep my attention here, now, in the present moment, without using the mind to think about the “how”, the “when” and the “why” of 3-D things, but rather to process things at the intuitive level, like asking myself: Does this feel right, here, now, in the present moment? if so, OK, do it and don’t worry about it on the mind level but remain in the present moment.

This seems to be the result of my December Onslaught, that drove me almost crazy (!) In December, I intensely felt what I have called, “The Squeezing of the Mental Lemon”, and “The Peeling of the Emotional Onion”… My mind felt squeezed like a lemon, and emotionally, I felt like a ton of old emotional garbage was coming up and I was forced to process it, layer by layer…

So this lasted for a while throughout December, however, I did not feel the heavy cleansing symptoms reported by the “Front Line PATsters” who seem to have done the heavy lifting / cleansing for the Dec 25th full moon portal. Again, I seem to be further in the back of the front line, doing a different kind of energy work, with lemons and onions…

I’ve seen online, others reporting feeling similar things too for December, like the squeezing of the mind and “the peeling of the emotional onion”, then feeling way more focused and connected with the present moment since January.

I spoke to a couple of people too, among which Amanda who also reported similar experiences.

So all in all, I feel like a temporal shift of perception has somehow occurred. It feels like the collapsing of linear time as begun: Less and less perception of the future and the past, through the mind, but increasing perception of the present moment, through intuition.

What’s your take on it Georgi? Any other PATsters feeling the same?

By the way, I have a clock, a watch, and a calendar for sale….and as a bonus, you get the onions and the lemons for free…


PS: My new theory:

View post on


Dear Nic,

thank you very much for your very expressionistic description of the collapse of linear time. I must admit that this happened to me long time ago and I do not feel this qualitative change in the inner perception as you describe it for yourself lately. However, the energies are such that they do not allow indeed for the mind to spin around and built future projections or indulge in past painful memories as the intensity of the energies that flows through my body are overwhelming and all-consuming.

I myself stopped experiencing fears about two years ago and only get the collective fears from time to time but they are not mine. But when I was in the midst of the worst cleansing of human dross and very much alone on a broad frontline between 2000 – 2013 the collective fears felt very personal and unbearable during most of the time. “Gott sei dank” (thanks god), as the Germans say, this time is behind me and I am very thankful for that.

In my  case, the physical symptoms are prevailing and in the last several days I have burning eyes all the time, split head, flu-like symptoms with plugged nose and very much the feeling as if I am in fever although the last time I had fever was in 1999 when I entered the LBP and had 40 Grad Celsius for a week. After that my left brain portal fully opened.

The nights are also very strenuous and the energy intensity such that my body is very stiff upon awakening and I need at least half an hour and a hot shower before I can move it and be functional during the day.

But I do agree that the linear time is now being wrapped up and substituted by the rapid change of energy qualities in the Now.

With love and light


Dear Carla and dear Georgi,

I hope you’re doing well and coping with what is being present around us. The last few days have been particularly challenging and exhausting here– especially when being around others and / or outside.

There were stormy winds hitting the islands with huge waves  flooding all the beaches and lots of plastic waste washed ashore. Boats in the fishing harbor pulling furiously on their ropes like wild horses going mad; the energies felt altogether as if a horde of chaotic, insane fearful particles had been unleashed and I had problems detaching from it to focus on the beauty of nature.

I felt very reluctant to go outside at all; when I did, I would return home exhausted and drained. So I decided to open a vortex offshore and  commanded all those swirling particles into it and away from the surface of earth, to go to whatever place would be destined for them. The following day after I had done that, was bright and clear, also without chemtrails in the skies.

Less than ever do I feel „part of this world“.   At times, I observe the „outside struggle“ from inside my own bubble of energy, with the impression of: How unreal this all is, really.

I feel that let-goes and forgiveness mainly in old family affairs still open my heart more and more and deepen the level of love, but I’m doing it from a freewill choice now, no more „I must“ (…be the good one).

Awareness of thought forms present upon awakening in the morning, growing discernment as to what is „mine“ and what are projections from others, regular clearing of my energy field still feels appropriate. I keep as little contact with other people as maybe never before; interestingly enough, those that I used to teach over the past months to create some additional income, all went abroad for many weeks!

Being born and raised in Germany (I left 20 years ago and have been living and working in many other European countries ever since, presently in Spain), one of my main issues has been setting strong boundaries ;-) and to fully step into my divine sovereignty. All male family members (father, grandfather, great-grandfather …) have been in the civil service (Staatsbeamte) so there has been quite some challenge there for me in developing a self-determined path into freedom, which has been possible only after full detachment.

Now I’m able to honour myself deeply for what I went through – and achieved. And I also have deep compassion for those on their way,  their doubts, fears, struggles, because I’ve been there, too, once.

It must all unfold as it does, so let’s get prepared also on a very practical level, follow the inputs with regard to our ongoing well-being – as long as our service lasts!

With much love and many blessings to all of you
looking forward to reading your reports-

from the Mediterranean island,

Lieber Georg,

die von Dir und Carla beschrieben Symptome der letzten 10 – 15 Tage sind exakt dieselben, welche bei uns in dieser Zeit aufgetreten sind. Es waren wieder äußerst grenzwertige  Belastungen für unsere Körper und Sinne.

Sollte es wirklich so sein, dass uns diese andauernde und zermürbende Kollektivreinigung langsam abgenommen wird? Ich glaube, da würden einige Freudensprünge machen!

Eine wesentliche Erleichterung seit gestern ist ebenfalls spürbar. Auch dieses kann ich bestätigen!

Ihr habt ja die toxische Suppe besonders im deutschsprachigen Raum zuletzt ausführlich diskutiert. Die Zähflüssigkeit ist hier, besonders hier im Dreiländereck, wirklich kaum zu beschreiben. In der dicksten Suppe verbirgt sich in der Regel jedoch auch das höchste Potential.

Bin auf die Entwicklungen sehr gespannt.

Liebe Grüße

Dearest Georgi,

I just awoke to read your latest posts. I had resigned myself to not write given the strong waves hitting me but just had to comment on the last 2 posts.

From “Economic Collapse Happening Now”

How has this financial collapse been put off so long? Kirby says, “I have been known as a conspiracy theorist, a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist for the last ten years of my life because I said the markets are rigged. Now, a former Fed President has come out and said ‘yes, we rigged the markets.’  So, how are you left? Of course, they have rigged the markets, and the sad thing is the rigging is going to get more extreme because these people are acting and operating like cornered rats. Cornered rats are very, very dangerous animals and can inflict a lot of damage. . .

No one in my household will listen if I say anything about the economic collapse. I’ve been talking about it for years but because it has not materialized they think I’m a crackpot. And because they are unaware of the Fed President’s most recent statement, they have no idea of what is coming. So I “gently” put this statement before them to obtain a reaction from them.

From “David Bowie – the Bankster Behind the Dark Magic Musician”

Therefore it is a sign of perfect coordination of the HR that this dark entity David Bowie left this uppermost mother planet exactly when the financial crash, to which he as a bankster-musician had significantly contributed, is about to break loose.”

Immediately upon hearing of Bowie’s death, the first words out of my mouth were that he was so dark that he had to be snatched out of here at this time given the current energetic situation and I’m glad he’s gone! My comments didn’t go over well.  Too many see “genius” in his work.

Most enjoyable posts. Your site, or the PAT’s site, is one of the last reasons I still use the Internet.

Peace, love, joy and abundance to ALL,

Dear George,

This article on Bowie is so timely, amazing synchronicity at work! I just finished to see the movie « The Big Short » which was released in Dec 2015 and basically confirms everything you say about the economic collapse, plus explains in detail the working of the bonds system and fraudulent banking system.

It is very rejoicing to see that many people including film producers are still here to wake up the masses, but in the meantime it saddens me to see so many post on facebook from popular new age alternative websites that I only follow to evaluate the degree of awakening, posting loads of articles of how great this guy was and how we lost a dear human soul. As I told you, I knew nothing about this guy but it took me roughly 15 seconds while watching an interview posted on fb that this person was very dark, so thank you for shedding light on this very dark personality, which fits amazingly in the movie I just watched, that is about to come reality very very soon!

Much love,
Gaspard, France

Dear Gaspard,

the movie ‘The Big Short” is good as it comes in time to confirm what we have been saying for so long. It is though too simplistic in its plot as it does not deal with the underlying scam of the rating agencies and the big banks that created the fraudulent subprime mortgage market in the first place. Nonetheless this film will contribute decisively to the financial crash and that is why it is not a coincidence that it was launched at this particular time although the story is almost 8 years old.


Dear George,

Indeed it must be such a complex fraudulent system that it can’t be fully exposed to the masses. I also hope this will be a catalyst for our ascension!


HI George;

I have been an avid reader of your site for a bit now and it is at the top of my morning read list.

As I found your site I also found Martin Armstrong’s site and he is second to your site for early morning reading. This poor guy was at one time jailed because he would not disclose his process to the banker courts. Now back on the street he is at the top of information regarding changes to the man made mechanisms of our world and how society works or is forced to work by. Anyways, have a look and decide for yourself.

Sincerely  Keith
Retired in Canada

Dear Keith,

thank you very much for contacting me and the PAT and I am happy to hear that you like the articles on our website.

I know Martin Armstrong well and appreciate him. I published sometime ago an article about him and his economic cycle predictions:

This same article I republished in “Before Its News” and it climbed the hit lists with more than 25 000 readers within less than a week. But his predictions did not come true as the cycles he believes to exist do not exist in reality.

While his approach to the economy is correct, he suffers from the same agnostic weltanschauung that he shares with all other critical experts and thinkers in the west. This I have strongly admonished as the major hindrance to true understanding of this reality in a state of rapid dissipation in the current End Time.

With love and light

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