Many a Slip between a Cup and a Lip

Brad Barber, December 4, 2015

Brad and I continue with our close observation and analysis of the impending financial crisis which will determine the pace of the ascension process and our transfiguration. By doing this we deliberately neglect the war preparations of the western cabal in the Middle East after the Ukraine conflict has been frozen for the moment. Although most of the attention of the MSM is dedicated to this war mongering, it is our deep conviction that the resolution will take place in the financial sector first. The collapse of the Orion monetary system will paralyse the western world and will prevent the outburst of WW3 which could very easily happen under the current highly chaotic conditions on the political world stage, where the ruling cabal in the West behave more and more evidently like mad dogs. I know that some of you may be bored or overwhelmed by our ongoing financial analysis, but I firmly believe that with it we now actively shape the ascension scenario in a very powerful manner and that it is not wise to leave this field entirely to agnostic critical experts, who, while proclaiming and explaining the imminent collapse, as here and here, have no clue about the transcendental energetic dynamics behind all these events. This is the unique advantage of Brad’s and my financial elaborations. 



Dear George,

Nice work on catching the downgrades of the banks.  I saw that on only one site before the California shooting news overwhelmed the feeds. Now today, with the ridiculous drama of what has been spoken by Draghi over future ECB policy, there hasn’t been a word about it.  I could speak on this Euro/Dollar subject and verbal torture of humanity for days, but it’s not worthwhile.  The game being played between trashing Europe and the Euro and pretending the Dollar is worth something while the actual US economy implodes has reached a point of such stupidity that I am losing a devastating amount of brain capacity with each moment.  Fortunately, I bypassed my brain as an information storage concept a few years back.

It’s good to know Mario Draghi, Ben Bernanke, and Stanley Fischer (2nd in command at the Fed formally from the Bank of Israel), all took or taught classes together at MIT in the 1970’s (with the university of Chicago one of the two birthplaces of the fraudulent economic doctrine of monetarism that gave unlimited power to central banks and was instrumental for the current global financial crisis. Note, George).

The confirmations of the Pale Rider and immediate creation are impressive.  There is no turning back.  Out of nowhere yesterday, my daughter asked me what my least favorite word was.  I said I had no idea.  She said, “I know what mine is, It’s Death.”

The number of holes in the dam are finally too many. There is a major bankruptcy in Spain that I can’t find an article on because they delay proceedings for four months and the biggest corporate bankruptcy in Mexico in twenty years.  All of these banks are sitting on bonds that can’t be repaid and won’t mark them to their true value which is near worthless.  The whole thing is unpayable:


This is a wonderful article on the bond situation that is blowing up in the CCC market.  Dave traded bonds in the 80’s and 90’s and is now one of the best real estate and metals guys available.  He is announcing the Pale Rider with his own title today and I don’t think we need to say much more for confirmation of the energy.

As he mentions, the head of the COMEX metals group just retired conveniently yesterday as paper to actual ounces hits 329:1 today.  It was 295 or so just two days ago.

The moves I’m witnessing in the currency and bond markets as I am typing this are out of control.  Everyone is piled onto the same side of the ship hoping central banks can keep the prop job alive.  The stampede out of the Dollar into the Euro on a smaller than expected QE extension and rate cut is showing how the whole junior high school is stuffed into the same classroom.  3 and 4% moves in currencies are not good.

I just heard a couple quotes from traders and big money guys I’ve been looking for:

“This is so stupid.”  and “I’ve been trading 30 years and this is so dumb.”  Yes.  Yes it is.  It just wasn’t stupid yet the last four years because you didn’t realize it was already broken and you kept getting paid like a good little stormtrooper.  Even a politician had the balls to finally say something.–-Former-Congressman-Ron-Paul

The banks and investment firms are finally being allowed to be downgraded publicly because they are preparing to burn them down.  They were kept alive long enough to pass the five year statute of limitations from all the criminal activity from the ’08 bailouts which has fully entangled all government agencies into the mess.  Now it’s time to burn down the restaurants as the fraud has gone global.  Over the last three years, all Western governments have changed bankruptcy laws to make deposits in any financial institution part of the assets of the institution rather than being what used to be a segregated asset.  The “bail -in” concept has been fully legitimized in preparation for this and any asset being held in a Too Big to Fail bank is about to be confiscated.  They already did a test run of this with MF Global and Obama’s good buddy Jon Corzine.  The Cyprus confiscations are another nice template.  All documentation can be found by reading FDIC and other related governmental sites.

All the news is currently attempting to confuse everyone. The Chinese numbers conflict each other every night while US and Europe pretend they aren’t the same fraud.  Every talking head says everything is great as we’re getting shelled all day and night.  Japan is a fifth recession in five years basket case.  The computers have everything jumbled so the Dollar goes up and gold goes down just because the Euro is being annihilated by its caretakers.  It’s reversing hard today because Draghi didn’t do enough to promise to annihilate more and everyone is gambling that he would do more.  Can you say stupid?  Now the whole world waits for Janet Yellen on the 16th to say if they’ll raise interest rates.  We can’t even raise rates 1/4% without sending the world into convulsions and people still take this seriously?

Here, why don’t you teach me your Elliot Wave technique. How about value investing?  Why don’t you tell me what cycle we just violated?  Did the Gann cycle just trigger?  No, it’s all bullshit and it is sucking the life out of every single human being on this planet.  Half, if not all, of everyone’s day is going to serve this shit.  The karmic cycle at least played out to the benefit of who had the fastest ship to outrun information and profit off of it, but now there is nothing left.  It is scripted, planned, and profited off of before it is even known and announced.  If you disagree, then I’m sure some terror comin’ yo way!!!!!!!!

Uh oh!  This just came out as I was typing.  You mean the Fed was cheating?  NOOOO WAAAAAYYYY!!!  Go fuck yourself.

Since they are aware of the Pale Rider’s presence, they are now being generous to let women die in greater numbers for the military.  Every Ponzi scheme loves more and more types as the coffers run dry.  Now you know why Hillary Clinton, Oprah, and Janet Yellen have been allowed to succeed.  Go die people since you have equal rights.  No, we’re all equal opportunity slaves at this point.

I was going to make a movie that was a modern day extension of Monty Python’s The Holy Grail.  This time however, the Holy Grail was found and infinite life was attained.  The comedy began after infinite life was attained because the planet was exactly like it is now.  A full-blown Ponzi scheme train wreck.  Can you imagine working until the age of 678 at Taco Bell and barely covering the bills?  The nanobots in your bloodstream would make sure that each burrito was folded meticulously the same so that your emotions and inefficiencies as a human wouldn’t interrupt profits.

The best part of infinite life was going to be the Amazon Mike Tyson drone that billed you $49.95 a month.  It would show up at your doorstep every morning and ring the doorbell.  When you opened the door up, the boxing glove arm of the drone would smash you in the face just to start your day off right.  Brought to you by Citibank and Coca-Cola of course.

I read a comment from a hedge fund manager that was another I was looking for.  As the shooting in California took place, she tweeted, “Dear God, please make this stop.”  This is exactly what the NWO is scripting.  Make the Earth so damn miserable that everyone begs for it to stop.  Please take charge of my life completely and make the pain go away.  All the pills are designed to block the energy and prevent the pain.  The karmic generating terrorism and chaos plan is fully underway.  I can’t help anyone that can’t see it now.

I did notice that she didn’t mention anything when people died anywhere else in the world.  Please make it stop in my own country.  Interesting that everything she makes money off of is destroying the world.  I know your portfolio is making some nice gains off of the ramp in banks since ’11.  Did you read this article?

She is obviously not cognizant of the fact that not one brain cell is properly functioning.

The next step can only be as Dr. Stankov mentioned:

““It’s an unfortunate truth that, when people are worried about the future, they often put their faith in politicians to somehow make everything better. Politicians, of course, are famous for promising panaceas for whatever is troubling voters, and they even invent new troubles to worry about, presenting themselves as the only ones who can solve these woes.Not surprising then, that, over time, any nation may slowly deteriorate into a population of nebbishes who turn to their government to do their thinking for them and take responsibility for their futures.”

When the last hope of the masses in their criminal regimes is consumed, then comes the time of our appearance as Ascended Masters and Saviors of this debased humanity. And this point in time is very close now. The imminent collapse of the gold market is the pacemaker as you present it perfectly in your latest financial review.

It is also as I said in my article.  Darth must take the helmet off.  There is no need left to think and it doesn’t want anyone to try it.  I heard my father say it today and it should finally now be obvious to the masses.  What we are doing sucks.  That’s what I’ve been waiting for and I’ve been deprogramming him every day for seven straight years as we work together.

If he were to find that Holy Grail of a carrot that has been dangled in front of his face his whole life in relation to this Ponzi scheme that he can finally see, I’m guessing he’d spill it on the way to drinking from it and not even care.

Two years ago my father used to get angry at me as I defended Russia as well as continually called the Federal Reserve a criminal organization.  Yesterday, he got tears as I read him Gaddafi’s speech about what he was facing from before he was killed by the fraud.  Incredible.  You can really tell a Westerner who has their heart chakra open if they can take the time to accept this into their lives and what it means, truly.  It’s not common.

One of my biggest learning experiences was watching one of my favorite performers, James Brown, out of control crowd in Boston just after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot.  The crowd wanted to burn the world down and probably should have.

The interviews with the white politicians showed how the fraud staged the last phase of this debt expansion lockdown of humanity.  It only takes paying off about 15 to 20 people and then getting the rest of humanity to want to be those people.  Since the Harmonic Convergence, the fraud doesn’t fight the power of the light, it just concentrated on diluting it by creating dumber human beings.  By judging who gets paid these days, they did a great job.

I just blotted out the sun with that one.

There isn’t a dollar amount that can buy the stairway to heaven the Pale Rider just drug into town. I told my daughter that Death isn’t such a bad word.  It’s the main thing a karmic generating being is designed to do.  If it gets any dumber, Death will be your best friend.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear George,

I hope all is well.  The latest Elohim post is absolutely perfect.

Here’s some unbelievable follow through to the latest discussions and what I sent you yesterday.  Wow!!!

Mario Draghi getting busted verbally abusing markets and admitting it with an old MIT Bank of England buddy Mervyn King.  He was listed specifically in the article I used from 2012.  Had no idea Draghi had a speech in New York today.

Huge week for gold miners on Pale Rider follow through.  People have no idea what they metaphorically represent in this situation.  Some of the leaders up 9-10% today alone.

Great discussion on how the fraud is chasing the Holy Grail (with printed cash no less).  Trillions of dollars trying to buy a stairway to heaven.  My movie would have been so good.  HS just laughing.

I had no idea Jon Corzine was showing his face last night when I wrote that article:

Jim Sinclair posted a Gann chart after I made fun of now useless investment techniques:


There’s much more but I’m off to listen to some Beethoven at the symphony.  I’m outta hya!!!!

With love and light,

Brad Barber

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