The Ultimate Financial Crash – After Black Friday Comes Black Monday… and Then All the Black Days of the Week

The Carnage Has Just Commenced

by Georgi Stankov, August 24, 2015

Do not get mired by the chaos of news that now reach you from the MSM channels and news outlets. Keep the main message in mind:

The Ultimate Financial Crash of the Orion Monetary System and economics has commenced and there will be no stopping till the total destruction of the matrix is accomplished. 

I will not bother you today with much details although they matter for the proper evaluation of the actual carnage on all stock markets worldwide, on a day when the Dow Jones Index plunged more than 1000 points only to be saved by rigged electronic trading for a few hours at still very low levels – till the next massive drop.

This black Monday began with the Chinese indexes plummeting more than 8% and reaching the lowest value for this year. The same holds true for NIKKEI, Japan  (4.61%), Hang Seng (5,13%), ASX 200 (Australia) (4.09%), then in Europe – FTSE 100 (4.67%), DAX (4.70%), etc. The financial news are imbued with utter panic and the scared journalists and experts only talk of panic, retreat, defeat and the like. Check the news for yourselves. The battlefields on the stock exchanges seem to be worse than in the real wars in Ukraine, Middle East and Yemen. Carnage and pillage everywhere.

Remember, this time there will be no respite for the criminal banksters and their dark puppet masters from the Orion-Reptilian elite as there is no longer any safe haven where to hide:

– The central banks are bankrupt after infinite quantitive easing (QE) with zero interest rates for more than six years without any effect on the ailing western economies that are in the Greatest Depression of all times since 2008. The central banks are out of the game for ever and the last escape resort for all financial rats is now closed.

– The western economies are in the Greatest Depression of all times with roughly 10% slump in consumption and this is reflected on the stock markets. The latest proof is the Shanghai freight container index that collapsed 60%. It is the most reliable marker for the level of international trade especially between Asia and Europe, which must have plummeted to similar lows due to the slump in consumption and demand worldwide.

– The biggest slump in commodities prices is another important factor that proves the Greatest Depression of all times and has been hidden so far from the masses by rigged statistics on low inflation. The real inflation is now double-digit and this is the begin of the end of the dollar as world currency. Very soon the Americans will carry a basket of dollars to buy an egg on the market as the Germans did in the Great Depression in the 30s. They will not even enjoy this luxury as there are no banknotes in circulation anymore in the USA due to the acute cash crunch. And what are all the plastic credit cards good for when all the banks are shutdown and all bank accounts frozen?

– The emerging markets are in a free fall and so do all mutual and hedge funds that have invested heavily in junk bonds in these countries after the US bonds bubble only offered near zero interest rates. There is already a run on the funds by scared investors but the funds cannot sell off their stakes and cannot get enough cash to pay their clients. It is now hectically discussed behind closed doors to close these funds as to avoid a much bigger run on the banks and their total shutdown due to the already existing credit and cash crunch as broadly discussed on this website. We will witness this run on the banks in the coming days when the losses on the stock markets increase and also the bond bubble has fully burst. Get some cash to survive the coming days before we ascend.

– At the same time all countries in the West are fully indebted, with a debt ratio of 250% to 350% to GDP and are practically in a state of default. There is no way that they can pile another huge chunk of debt to save the bankrupt financial system one more time with costly bailouts at the expense of the taxpayers as they did many times since 2008 and impoverished the people more than at any time since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The key word is “austerity policies” that have eroded the democratic legitimacy of all the rogue western governments and plunged their economies in the Greatest Depression of all times.

– The left parties and blocks in Europe that oppose the current austerity policies are on the march and are about to topple down the current right-wing governments in most European countries. Hence the national governments have absolutely no possibility to help the embattled Orion banks and big corporations one more time and relieve their financial misery with a new set of austerity measures, while they are bleeding on the stock markets and make huge losses due to the biggest slump in consumption as observed in the plummeting retail sale statistics. We now live in the Greatest Depression of all time and the “chickens come finally home to roost”.

All economic and financial parameters and variables point now south and build the perfect mixture for the last irreversible crash of the Orion matrix. We have entered the most exciting phase in the history of mankind, for which we have been waiting for so many years – I personally since 1997 when I first proved in an impeccable scientific manner why this economic system is doomed to die – and now we must be hilarious to finally reap the fruits of our long-lasting, hard light work to bring humanity to this culmination point in its evolution.

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