Further Evidence for the Coming WW3: Putin Signs “September War” Order Authorizing Nuclear Attack On NATO Forces

Georgi Stankov, August 19, 2015


The report below was published after I posted my latest article on the outbreak of a clandestine war between the USA and China, which in fact also involves Russia. While many of the previous reports of this source were rather construed and were not proven to be correct by subsequent events, this one is based entirely on credible information published in the MSM in East and West and makes a lot of sense with respect to the latest political and military developments.

This is what I wrote only yesterday to Sorcha Faal, which is, in hindsight, a remarkable synchronicity as it never crossed my mind before to write to this person:

First Contact

Dear Sorcha Faal,

I am following your reports for several years now and have published some of them on my website


which is widely read worldwide. But to be honest, there are also some reports that are construed and do not resonate with me and my higher self, to which I have an open and unlimited contact as you can learn from reading the more than 2000 publications and many books on my website.

While you are doing an excellent work on exposing the lies of the cabal and presenting the truth behind the facade, there are many aspects in your presentations that do not comply with the truth upon scrutiny. I do not exactly know why and attribute this at this moment to the lack of full gnostic knowledge as to what is currently happening on this planet. 

Now that you are offering information exchange courses to people who want to learn more, I think that it is inevitable that you also expand your awareness and straighten your line of argumentation by acknowledging the bigger picture and expanding your horizon. That is why I invite you to visit my website and learn more about the impending big events from an impeccable gnostic and scientific point of view, in case you have to report on them or teach other people in the coming months as it has been already announced on your website.

I do not expect you to write to me as I will know very soon if you have visited my website and have considered the knowledge contained in it based on how you will report in the future.

This is a most benevolent advise.

With love and light

Dr. med. Georgi Stankov, MD”

A new nuclear WW3 is in the making, there is no doubt about it, and it could be unleashed any moment, unless we prevent it with our ascension and by virtue of triggering the MPR. Reading the latest news on the Internet, it is not difficult to come to this conclusion and we have expected it to happen as a plausible scenario in the End Time since we opened this website. Now it is one second to midnight.

The more heightened our awareness is to the imminent danger of a nuclear war, the better we can act as Creator Gods and prevent this dire outcome. The best scenario for us and humanity will be a sudden implosion of the financial Ponzi system in the West and a total shutdown of all banks and financial institutions that will paralyse all social activities for long enough time before the people revolt and oust the dark cabal from power. When it comes to money, the masses know no friends and no self-proclaimed leaders. This is human nature in its worst animalistic action, but it will help in the current situation to trigger the Big Change.

The Hamlet’s question is now: ” To be War or not to be?” It depends entirely on us. However, there must be a very serious attempt for a nuclear war from the Western dark cabal first that will badly fail. All WMD are now inactivated by us as Logos Gods, who hold this uppermost mother planet in our hands, and the forces of light that now surround us in the trillions as you all can sense them daily and some of you write to me about these sensations. Just as we are daily confronted with the worst aspects of the forces of darkness, while still combating them on lower timelines as fierce light warriors. This is what Barbara from Canada wrote to me yesterday:

Dear George,

First, thank you for your PAT Energy Report, today, 8/18/8. It has helped me understand the literal ups-and-downs of the ascension process and the N-set, U-set explanation was particularly helpful.

Since the 8/8/8 I have been to hell and back, and I will try to keep this short, but I wanted to report it in the hope that it will help other PAT members. I will preface this by saying that during the whole ordeal, I was not frightened, but I was very, very confused and could not think properly, while at the same time dealing with gastric pain that had me bent over in order to walk.

I got sucked in, like a vortex, via certain occult websites that for some reason I chose to visit, into the darkest experience I have ever encountered. I visited the timelines below this one we are in and they are hell to put it bluntly. Thankfully, my dreams at night were somewhat explanatory and helpful in that I realized I was clearing dross while I was awake in ‘everyday’ life, a change from clearing dross during sleep, and it may have been that I was retrieving Soul Fragments of my own though I cannot confirm that.

The things I saw I will not describe, but if anyone has seen the movie,Alien, which for the most part I watched years ago with my hands over my eyes, those lower timelines contain such horror.

A few days ago I began to be bitten physically during the night by insects that I could not see and they left terrible welts that weep and stay open for a long time. Needless to say, I thoroughly cleaned my bedroom, etc, etc, and last night I managed to catch one of those insects before it could solidly bite me and though it was small, I managed to dissect it with tweezers while I looked at it under a magnifying glass. It was NOT organic.

Again, I will say that during none of these experiences was I frightened, and they have given me the insight I probably needed as to the actual extent of the battle we are in.

This morning (August 18th) when I went on the computer, I had to fix the time shown and when I did, the correct time was 8:18:18 on 8/18/8. I feel the worst is over and the end result of these experiences is, I can only think of having to show me such horrifying visions is an indication that we are very close now to heaving Gaia into a timeline where we are free in the love and light of the All That Is.

Thank you for listening and Godspeed to us all.

Love, Barbara


Dear Barbara,

this is a very interesting report as it coalesces very well with what Betty from Mexico has sent me today (August 18th). I will forward her email to you and you could as well share your experiences with her as she was very upset….

With love and light



Dearest Georgi:

Last night (August 18th) I must have gone to an even lower timeline in my dream state. There was an extremely disturbing scene and so real, I’m having a hard time to write.

A woman I knew wanted to harm me was performing some surgical procedure on me and I allowed it as if she had control over me at some level. I was sitting on a dentist sort of chair and she was withdrawing something from my eyes there was an excess of with a metal contraption, I was terrified that she could make me blind but didn’t move. Then she injected something that made me numb and couldn’t talk properly, finally I managed to say that was ok, no more and she gathered her equipment and left. There were observers, like doctors and students commenting on the horrible things she had done to me.

Georgi, I was so peaceful and joyful all day yesterday, how is that possible? Can these entities still delay my ascension ? The dream was sooo real, my heart was in agony when I woke up!

You know? I’m in the middle of a 3 day celebration for the virgin in town, lots of religious events day and night and I have been very discerning as to what I choose to “see”. Yesterday I skipped all the events, rodeo, cock fights and mass and stayed home writing feeling powerful that I can choose. There was a band, humpa kind playing all night for the virgin while I was having a nightmare!

The previous night I participated in a folk dance which was beautiful and today I’ll do only a couple of thing where i feel comfortable… Maybe there are loose demons and dark entities around this religious fiesta and even though I chose to stay in my sanctuary, they found me.

Does that mean they still have power over me or they are just being displaced?
I’m sorry to share such depressing experience, it’s such a contrast to what I’ve been writing that is not only surreal but scary.

With lots of Love,


Dear Betty,

I think that your fears about this nightmare are superfluous. First of all what we experience does not need to relay to us personally and in most cases it really does not. But we can imagine any situation and experience it personally as to make it real. It is then the human mind that makes these personal associations and interpretations. 

For instance this night I dreamt that I was in Nazi Germany and it was a very dark and sinister atmosphere and I picked up two books from a half destroyed library and one happened to be a Nazi manual and I was wondering why I have taken this book and so on. I do not remember the details, but the dream was very depressing due to the Nazi time.

What we now do is cleansing past timelines and you must have processed some kind of procedures on women which may have really been done in the past and that this dream was associated with Mary virgin celebrations which are in August, at least in the Orthodox church, and represent a highlight in the calendar. I remember that in my small town on the Black Sea coast where we spent the summer holiday in my grandmother’s house, there was a church under the name of Mother Mary and peasants came from all over to sleep in the Church on August 25th when it was her official holiday. They believed that by doing so, they will be healed. In Bavaria which is catholic it is August 15th and is also a holiday with great celebrations and mass processions. I think that during this time huge healings are taking place and you must have participated in them and your mind has sent you these scenes. But we never truly participate in any of our dreams as we do not need to do this – it is only our human mind that translates our activities in human dramas.

Hence calm down and forget this dream simply as it has no relevance for you and this life.

With love and light


As you must have noticed already, I use these disquisitions and discussions based on our personal experiences as light warriors of the first and the last hours and incumbent Logos Gods to underline the bigger multidimensional picture of the final phase of the ascension process which now nobody, who is a true seer and ascended master in physical body, would deny. But the ascension process does not constitute only of us and our personal experiences, as in this case we would have transcended our physical bodies long time ago. We have decided to stay here to the very last moment to support all the other old souls, who were until now mired in their agnostic perceptions, to finally awaken, so that we can collectively move to New Lemuria and they to the new 4D worlds.

For this purpose we need to look carefully for reliable facts and trends in the daily news that reinforce our anticipated ascension scenario, which we now create as major protagonists and directors of this 3d holographic drama. Therefore, it is cogent that we must report from time to time about alternative versions of the ongoing events coming from less enlightened human entities, who represent the average trend of awakening of humanity and gives us a precise measurement when the threshold of ascension will be reached.

This is the only intellectual and gnostic endeavour we can now accomplish and let me assure you that all these efforts to establish clarity are augmented and multiplied in their force infinite times by our HS and affect in a profound manner the collective mindset of this humanity. This is exactly what the Elohim told me a few hours ago when I discussed this issue with Carla in conjunction with my previous article and they entered the discussion all of a sudden and made this crucial comment.

The clearer we now see the unfolding collapse of the Orion matrix in all its facets, the more effective we are in shaping it in the best possible way, which also has a beneficial effect on our ascension. Hence, do not hesitate to participate more actively in this ongoing analysis of the actual political, economic and financial situation as to detect the first signs of the incoming ultimate resolution through confrontation – ascension for us and destruction and descent for all young unripe souls who have not qualified for further soul evolution and must continue on lower timelines with their dreadful incarnation cycle.


Latest Report 

Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers, August 19, 2015


The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that President Putin has signed a “September War” order authorizing atomic weapon first strikes on NATO forces as fears grow within the Kremlin that the Obama regime is about to unleash a massive attack in Ukraine against both separate forces and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

President Putin signed this grave war order in Crimea early today during his security meeting with top Federation military leaders, this report says, and publically noted the Kremlin’s concerns by stating:

It is evident that the threat on the part of external forces to destabilize in this or that way the situation on the peninsula remains: either to play a nationalistic card or, using these or those mistakes, blunders, inefficient actions of the authorities, to direct the citizens’ just concern to a destructive alley.  Some capital cities speak openly on this subject, speaking of the necessity to conduct subversive activities; relevant structures are being formed, personnel for acts of sabotage, radical propaganda is recruited and trained.”

Upon President Putin’s signing of this war order, this report says, over 9,000 troops and 3,000 combat vehicles of the Federations Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile system batteries began their immediate 800 kilometers (497 miles) redeployment to the Astrakhan Oblast where they will begin operating within the Southern Military District.


Observe very carefully how earnest the faces of the Russian leaders Putin and Medvedev are at this secret meeting. This is more telling than all the facts and details how precarious the world situation truly is in these final days of humanity (George)

Raising the Kremlin’s fears of war even more, this report continues, is the 65,000-strong army Ukraine has amassed on the front lines near Donetsk which MoD experts warn will attack simultaneously with planned Western terror attacks in Crimea in a “misguided attempt” to force the Federation to defend only the latter, instead of the former.

As preparatory artillery barrages from US-led Ukrainian forces have already struck fear within the European Union (EU) of this coming wars outbreak, this report notes, crisis talks between Germany and France are now being scheduled, which President Putin will not attend, though he may attend a later one.

Federation preparations, however, this report states, are “much more severe” as at least 50,000 highly trained troops are prepared to immediately intervene in Ukraine once war starts, and the massive buildup of the 20th Army along the Western front continues at an accelerated pace.

This MoD report further notes that President Putin’s order extends to 15 October the massive air defense drills now ongoing in Ashuluk, which is about 500 kilometers (310 miles) from the Federation’s border with eastern Ukraine should they be needed to fight in this war too.

And with tens-of-thousands of Western troops pouring into Spain for Exercise Trident Juncture 2015, which NATO calls the “most ambitious” in its “modern history, MoD experts in this report say, the expected last week of September beginning of this unprecedented war provocation is what will “trigger” the beginning of war in Ukraine.

With outgoing US Army chief of staff, General Ray Odierno, stating this past week that Russia is the top military threat to the United States, this report says, it is curious as to why this would be so as America already spends more for militarism and war making than all other countries in the world combined.

As the US has conducted a number of secret military drills over the summer, the results of which left American defense officials and military forces worried that their county is not prepared for a sustained war against Russia, MoD analysts in this report further note, the Obama regime is set to begin it anyway as they gear up for the onrushing economic apocalypse facing them next month.

And to how catastrophic this September economic apocalypse is going to be, the American dissident website InfoWars.com has, also, warned this week that outright panic” has now overtaken those who know what is coming.

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