How To Create the New Paradigm Shift – A Brand New Evidence

Georgi Stankov, July 6, 2015

The Greek crisis and the Greek lecture on true democracy for the EU technocrats and Orion-Reptilian clones in Brussels and the European capitals unleashed an avalanche of articles that unanimously support the main economic, and less so, gnostic ideas which have been advocated on this website for years. I have listed the most prominent examples from the MSM below as a clear evidence for our active creation of this reality in the current End Time of Ascension. None of this is coincidential and everything is the result of our light work. Please, never forget that.

For instance, today we have another massive descent of source energies with the obligatory cc-wave with severe headache that has caused another huge ID shift, the repercussions of which we shall observe in the coming days. I was retrieved at 10.30 am for almost two hours and was barely able to publish my first article. I simply dropped “dead”, while the stream of source energy almost paralysed my body. During this time I was in Europe and did a huge cleansing work associated with the Greek crisis.

The ruling dark cabal in the EU are now in a total disarray as they realized for the first time how vulnerable they are. I was very closely connected to their mental and emotional fields in a telepathic manner from the fulcrum of my HS. The Greek referendum opened the eyes of the dark cabal and they came to the acknowledgement that there is no time left for them to start with their final heinous moves to install the NWO. They are so desperate now as they begin to realize that they have lost their war against humanity. The Greek vote and the victory of democracy have triggered huge angst in the dark ones as they now know that they no longer control the events and the people. It also demonstrated to the European citizens that even 2 500 years later they still have not learnt the lessons of true Greek democracy, which already is a huge demonstration where the major deficits of this Orion society lie. This is indeed a huge leap in consciousness, the beginning of the long-awaited paradigm shift.

I felt the utter desperation of the cabal today, a kind of desperado madness to go forward with their old tactic of blackmailing humanity and push this criminal practice to an even higher level of atrocities as they are running out of alternatives in their dystopian view of the world. They have no desire or will for any rational arrangements with Greece and all the other indebted countries in the EU under the acronym of PIIGS.

I bilocated in Central Europe and in Germany, where I activated my turnstile mechanism, with which I am able to cleanse huge amounts of human dross. My multidimensional energetic field is like a huge sponge that sucks in all these low-frequency, sluggish energies from the whole Old Continent through my infinity portal in the city of light Raetia and sends them to the Source for recycling. This is also our fuel for the ascension.

Obviously, I am now able to do my work in Europe irrespectively of where I am physically located. This is in anticipation of our imminent ascension when we, the PAT, shall practically hold Gaia with its numerous timelines in our hands and will be responsible for the stability of the new 4D holographic models of human incarnation.

Each one of you must now fully appreciate how majestic we truly are, that is to say, how enormous and powerful our multidimensional fields are and what incredible creationary work of cosmic proportions we are now accomplishing, while still residing in human bodies and suffering under severe headaches, numerous joint pains and other symptoms. This just as a matter of fact, because this is the only fact that truly matters now.

And here are the latest articles that reinforce the new paradigm shift that now happens in front of our eyes. We all have to learn to ride on the crest of this huge cosmic wave of change because we are the change!

Our NO Is A Majestic, Big YES To A Democratic, Rational Europe! (Varoufakis)



Yanis Varoufakis: Why Bold, Brash Greek Finance Minister Had To Go (Guardian)
Discussing Syriza’s Stunning Victory On The BBC (Steve Keen)


Defiant Greeks Reject EU Demands As Syriza Readies IOU Currency (AEP)
Yanis Varoufakis: Greece’s ‘Erratic Marxist’ (AFP)
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Greece Votes No — Now What? (Peter Spiegel)
Why The Yes Campaign Failed In Greece (Wolfgang Münchau)
UN Debt Expert Says Greece Can’t Take More Austerity (Reuters)
Europe Wins (Paul Krugman)
Ending Greece’s Bleeding (Paul Krugman)
Thomas Piketty: “Germany Has Never Repaid.” (Medium)

Angela’s Ashes: How Merkel Failed Greece and Europe


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