The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Young Jazz Musician

by Luz, Jazzowy Kocioł, Poland, June 19, 2015

Hope you find some time for this rant, guys – especially since we are on vacation. Kinda. First things first. I am a musician, a jazz musician. I play the piano, guitar (I used to play classical guitar long ago in school), bass and drums. I am twenty-six years old Polish guy. I like to write songs, but almost nobody wants to listen. I mean that my music is slightly out of the  vibration of the Hive Mind.

When I found your interpretation of body changes, Mr. Stankov along with other health-wise PAT members, I was astounded. That was the story of my life, or of the LBP. I don’t remember a day that was not painful to my soul and gradually the process started to deteriorate my physical health. It is very interesting, since a lot of the symptoms are purely psychosomatic. I mean – through the pain I discovered the power of human Mind.

It all went full pace during my journey to finally find out what happened to my father. He was isolated from me, as an alcoholic, but – what I later found out – a genius being. I was told he was in Germany, while he was living circa 100 km from my place. I’ve never got a chance to speak with him, because my mother abruptly found for me another ‘daddy’ (sic!). I was three then. My father died 5 years ago. He stopped drinking and there were a lot of pharmaceutical drugs with which he substituted drinking. Drugs against depression. There is no pill for the lack of Love. The last book he read was ‘Eros, Kosmos, Logos’ by Ken Wilber. Some inspiring concepts.

Poland is a nation even more beaten and downgraded than Spain, Italy or Greece. The plan was to isolate Russia from Germany, to create a buffer and literally – another State of the US. Cultural invasion commenced. The Germans got it straight – they called it “Kulturkampf”.  Kill the Polish spirit. Now it’s like a Hive Mind and a Snakes’ Nest everywhere. That’s because right here in Poland we got an excruciating spirit climate. I mean, there are no people here, just a bunch of goddamn robots.

I used to study political sciences (dumm = stupid) and Polish literature and I quit both because of lack of any opportunities. There is no point in going to school anymore, Schade! Everything I know I have learned from the Books and from the Internet. My whole life I used to study music, for real, but also every kind of art whatsoever. Movies, books, poetry, stories – mostly stories. Because there is a story in every melody.

You know for sure that jazz musicians (especially Coltrane, T. Sphere Monk, but also great visionaries like Bill Evans or Krzysztof Komeda) were highly evolved spiritual beings. Some people idolize Coltrane (Baptists somewhere in N. America) and think about his death like it was an Ascension of some kind. It was! He wrote LOVE SUPREME, a great conceptual piece of music, played live only once. Check it out, if you don’t know it.

At some point in time I started to think very blue about life, I mean, I used to live in constant depression. It is that simple – just look at the abyss of stupidity of the so called ‘humans’. Eventually, all my family and all friends, even the ones I used to play with, abandoned me. My mother still wants to put me in a psychiatric ward, because of the revelation of the Apocalypse. Because it is it, guys, the Evolution, the Great Shift. Sort of: “From now on only up and don’t look back”.

I want to tell you about the shift, about the Ascension of 2012, because I got through it and in consequence was dragged back to my ‘family home’ or a nest, particularly a snake nest, by force from a German forest near the Baltic sea. My family and friends wanted to put me in a closed facility, they thought I am fooling around, babbling about WTF and didn’t realize that I am an extraordinary being, I mean, I am a Genius Spirit. You are also.

WHAT DO THESE GUYS KNOW? Psychiatrists, TV soul doctors, pre-paid philosophers, pundits, talking heads. We could change it all, we can. I mean, give them for free all the answers. The body is exchanging at the molecular level! For FUCK SAKE, IT IS THERE, JUST REACH OUT AND GRAB IT. But sadly they don’t want it and the pain of stupidity was excruciating at that moment. They just want to live the life their Protestant German juncker-militarist grandparents wanted to.

On the  21st of March 2012 I experienced a Shift of an extraordinary kind – for almost 13 hours I disappeared, and the day (around 07:00 am) turned into night (around 19:30 pm). Nobody noticed anything. I went to Breslau, or Wroclaw (Lower Silesia) on the main Square and started to ask everybody. Precession? New Ice Age? Alien Abduction? I went to my favourite music/piano bar and stopped their party and asked publicly. Nobody responded, and after a while they started laughing at me! The psychiatrist, my ‘mother’ dragged me to, said I SHOULDN’T MEDITATE and that IT IS NORMAL IN A STATE OF PSYCHOSIS. I MEAN, WTF?

I think that psychiatrists are the worst scum on this uppermost Mother Planet, they literally poisoned a lot of my friends. They don’t respond normally, this is very painful for me, i.e. when your friend you used to play with is behaving like a poorly constructed machine. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

After the Shift I started travelling around Poland without money. I used my ID card to get credit tickets. I made some 1000s of fiat fiduciary shit European currency of debt. I was in all major cities, but stopped finally in a forest near the German border. I used to live in a shack and watch the wildlife. The most beautiful days of my life, winter/spring. I explored the German villages. Pretty scary s***, the way they use to live. I can’t live in a city though, the magnetic field is just too heavy. I wonder how you have managed the intangible field of the old cursed city of Munich, Mr. Stankov.

I know – it is a little bit chaotic, but it’s late, or early – pick one SVP. I can speak German, some French, a little bit Russian, but my primary langauge is Polish. You don’t know Polish I presume, that’s a pity, cause during my days as a student I wrote a kinda prophecy of this crazy shit that happened during the last few years.

Now I have finally met a friend, a girl, who is maybe the last living soul in the surrounding area. I got some friends; all of them are round 55-60 years old. The youngsters just don’t get anything. We stopped by my friend from the old Band days – cause I used to have a rock band which people liked, but jealously hated when I turned my back. It is so sad. But there is hope. You know, no mail would put the things in place, because our beings are Fractal.

I mean, I’ve really started enjoying EVERYTHING. When I read your books (still not all of them though, it is a s***load of info) I always love to learn, despite they DON’T WANT US TO LEARN. They want us to obey. I’ve learned a lot when I started to steal from them. I mean, the corporations. I’ve got a revelation from a kid (my ex-girl little brother) – he told me from out of nowhere that from now on he will be a friend only with the Thieves. Never mind, a different story. Aliens everywhere.

Right now I am exploring the waves, I mean telepathy-empathy and the general field of a human being. The impact of thinking about someone distant. The language is just a dummy, the true extension is the energy of the interaction. It is fascinating. Still all artificial languages are not enough. The Gnosis is the language, but it is the Outer Space. The Silence within. Because it is really silent, just listening to the harmony of its own… something. The Ocean.

I really wish we could meet, I mean, it would be great if we could meet on our road trip in August. It would be superb if I could congratulate you and meet Carla, cause she is truly powerful. I don’t know if you are still in Munich, or somewhere in North America, maybe we will succeed. I just want to play you something with this girl, which is a Channeller from her very first years. Yup, she saw Arcturians around her bed. Crazy s*** isn’t it? Sorry for the ebonics, that’s how we roll. Remember what Dostoevsky said about children. Hopefully, we will find them all and teach them, HOW TO ROLL.


Licht und Liebe (Love and Light)


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