Breaking News: The Hyperboreans Confirm – The PAT Created the New 5D Platform for Individual Ascension in the Night of June 4th

by Georgi Stankov, June 5, 2015

Last night, June the 4th, one month after we began with our conscious bilocations through the “completion of the energetic re-structuring that facilitates the coupling of the human body to the new upper dimensions within the new worlds, the foundational requirement for this new ability known as bi-location” , as the Elohim told us and as demonstrated by our young crystalline PAT member Jennifer, we achieved another epic victory on our way to final ascension:

With combined efforts we created a new 5D platform, which is a complete new timeline of Gaia 5 and is settled in the first level of the 5th dimension. The latter consists of 12 such levels. Hence we can call this new timeline 5D1. As this timeline already contains the New Lemuria, which we cleansed and reclaimed from its past timeline of destruction a week ago  I will call this new ascension platform:

5D1 New Lemuria

Let me now continue in a chronological manner and explain to you what happened and how it unfolded.

The whole night of June the 4th, I dreamed that I am doing a very important energetic work in a very abstract manner. I saw myself pushing huge amounts of energy upwards and Carla was trying to keep the balance and to stabilize my efforts which were highly dynamic. The whole energetic situation was supported by the PAT and the higher realms.

And now comes the most important part of my vision as I have never experienced a similar thing before. During this effort, which I repeated infinite times throughout the whole night, I experienced a deep sense that we have achieved a great breakthrough – the biggest and most decisive in our lives. My HS told me that this is the final success for which I have been working throughout all my life and even throughout all my previous incarnations and that I have been very near to it in the past but something was always amiss to accomplish what I have done this night. Now we all have achieved this penultimate goal prior to our final ascension and this is our graduation with excellency.

At the same time I experienced an immensely deep sense of satisfaction, gratification,  joy and relief. This emotional sensation was not part of my dream as I was awake for the most part of the night. I was rather immersed into the most blissful, high vibrating harmonious energies I have experienced so far, as if my body was bathing in a wellness bath and this bliss was physically palpable and was felt by my body and not through my psyche or mental body.

This experience was so delightful that I could not leave the bed and continued basking in these energies and pleasant feelings. At the same time I was very eager to tell Carla what I have experienced in the night and whether she had felt something similar, but I could not leave this energetic state of bliss and of course I did not want to awake Carla. Even after I went to the washroom and came back to the bed, this energetic state continued enveloping me and heaved me to these higher dimensions. I experienced this last monumental effort again and again, while hearing all the time the inner voice of joy and endless satisfaction. It was a feeling of profound liberation I only once experienced when I succeeded to flee over the Iron Curtain in 1975 and was on my way on the ferry to Stockholm in the Baltic sea leaving Finland behind. The energies in which I basked the whole night were definitely pure 5D and even higher and I felt as if we have blown the doors wide open to the higher realms in an ultimate and irrevocable manner. This blissful sensation accompanied me the whole night.

As soon as Carla woke up, I told her about my experience and my conviction that we have achieved a major success this night. She remembered also that we did a huge energetic work in the night and that she was holding a big grey energetic structure and trying to balance it. We talked about this in the morning and also after lunch when we sat on the balcony to enjoy the warm sun.

I told Carla: “I hope strongly that the Elohim or the Agarthans would come and tell us more about what happened this night as it was huge.” Just at that moment Carla established contact to an unknown, very high vibrating source. It was not the Elohim, who are very loving, and not the Agarthans, who are very diplomatic and appear in a very human-like manner. This was a highly intellectual source, who connected Carla telepathically and conveyed the information in a very sophisticated scientific language, as a matter of fact. I had all of a sudden the inkling that these are the Hyperboreans, a highly evolved humanoid civilisation which now dwells between the 7th and the 9th dimensions, also described by myself as the “causal worlds”, and are the original creators of the Inner Earth of Agartha. They had approached us once in the past.

Carla immediately got the confirmation that we are talking to the Hyperboreans and then a vivid discussion unfolded. I will summarize below what we discussed and will publish later on the message which Carla received from them when our discussion finished.

What the Hyperboreans essentially told us is that we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, have created a new 5D platform in the night of June the 4th, from where we shall ascend very soon individually. This platform is placed at the first level of the 5th dimension, which consists of 12 levels as we have already discussed in the past. They confirmed one more time that there is a huge energetic leap between the upper 4D and the 5D that is not easy to overcome. The whole energetic structure of all our bodies must be profoundly changed and accustomed to the highly refined energies of the 5th dimension. The transition from 5D to higher dimensions is much more easier once we have arrived at 5D.

For this purpose we have created this new intermediary timeline. This was done by the PAT from this uppermost 4D mother planet and by the Hyperboreans from the 7th and higher dimensions, so that these new creations could be interlaced into one functional timeline. This was made possible after we cleansed and reclaimed Lemuria on May 24th. In fact, the new 5D1 timeline will be the New Lemuria. But as the Hyperboreans told us, we should not expect the same structures as they have been given to a few enlightened human beings in the past, including Carla during her transfiguration on August 13th 2013, when she visited Telos and saw the temples there. In fact this 5D1 New Lemuria is very much a clean slate and we can create whatever we want and imagine there. But it also contains the pristine nature of Lemuria as it was supposed to be in an ideal form and is already the most beautiful and delightful place to visit.

After we created the energetic structures of bilocation and ID travels at the beginning of May and then three weeks later reclaimed Lemuria, we could finally create this ascension platform. This is an astounding achievement in a very short period of time when regarded retrospectively. The Hyperboreans told us that all ascending humanity will have to move first through 5D1 New Lemuria before ascending to higher dimensions. And it may take a lot of time as ascension to this timeline will be entirely individual. However they said:

The light warriors of the first and last hour will be the FIRST to go to New Lemuria. We only need a few more days till this timeline is energetically fully stabilized before the ascension can begin.”

This ascension will be gradual for each one of us. According to the Hyperboreans, our higher light bodies will be first anchored in 5D1, one at a time. We have 18 bodies or fields, which include among others the causal body which has the highest vibrations, the ethereal body around the physical body, then the mental body, emotional body and finally the physical body. They will ascend in this order, one at a time, and the physical body which has the lowest vibration will be the last one to move to 5D1 New Lemuria and turn into crystalline light body. From what we gathered telepathically, we have already began anchoring our higher light bodies on this timeline as this was part of its creation.

From 5D1 New Lemuria, we can very easily visit all lower old and new 4D earths and become the new Leaders and Guardians of humanity as Ascended masters. And of course we can visit Agartha and many other higher dimensional timelines and worlds through bilocation.

To this I would like to mention that early last month Carla had sessions with two very gifted psychics and they unanimously told her that very soon we shall move to a new place. We were insecure as to whether we shall make a physical move or ascend and decided to keep both options open in our minds. Last week after we came back from Victoria, we visited a potential place where we could eventually move. On our way to this place, we saw all of a sudden a rainbow, although there was no rain and the weather was not conducive to the occurrence of such a rainbow. It was placed exactly in the direction where the house was we wanted to visit.

Before that we discussed this issue and came to the conclusion that if the HR wanted us to move one more time at the end of our incarnation, which as everybody knows is a tedious affair, they would give us a sign. And here we saw this beautuful rainbow in front of us when we drove on the street. When we reached the house, we felt the beauty and the bliss of the 5D and knew that we are within a Lemurian portal, which we had brought back from the Vancouver island. The next day, on Wednesday May 27th, the Elohim came to Carla and gave her the following short message:

“Your new residence is a Lemurian connection – a portal to Lemuria! You will feel strengthened and refreshed in this sacred place. You felt the energies the other day. This is what you can expect. This portal shall facilitate bilocation and consciousness expansion.

From this and some further miraculous events that recently happened to us, we came to the conclusion that this move will, most probably, not be a physical one but an ID move to higher dimensions. This happened before the creation of 5D1 New Lemuria on June 4th.

Now the pieces of the ascension puzzle fit together all of a sudden. One must observe that we had a logical chain of pivotal events which are complementing the whole picture and are meticulously preparing our ascension in the coming days and weeks. Considering the speed with which these preparations have taken place in the past 2 – 3 months and in particular since May 2nd when Jennifer bilocated, it is prudent to expect some very dramatic events this summer, beginning in July. As you can surmise, there is much more to this prediction but I would like to keep this information for myself for the moment being until I gain more confidence in its correctness.

Finally, I believe that every PAT member and true light warrior of the first and the last hour should be really proud of oneself and I congratulate you all for this magnificent  achievement last night – the creation of our new paradise, the 5D1 New Lemuria.

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