Ascension Dreams and Dream Information

by Shirley Garmon and Georgi Stankov, April 17, 2015

Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla: I would like to share a dream that I had last night 4-15-15.

Dream: I am at the university in a classroom full of students. The professor starts calling students by name to come to his desk and receive their test papers back. As the students go up to receive their papers, the professor is making sarcastic comments because most of the students failed. I keep listening for my name to be called but it is not, so, I get up to leave this class and go on to the next. As I’m walking toward the door, the professor calls my name, and I turn and walk toward his desk. I stand there with a very stern look on my face ready for him to make some negative, sarcastic comment but he does not. He stares at my paper, looks at me very surprisingly, and writes 5/5.  He then looks at me again and states: Creation…. the art of successful manifestation. He gives the paper to me, and I walk out the door. As I’m walking, I hear the students in the background say, “wow, she received 5/5”! They are awed at the grade that I received. I continue to walk out the door and go to the next class. Once I arrive at the next class, I sit down and pull out the test paper to review it thoroughly. I instantly noticed, or rather, I should say, what caught my attention, greatly, was the word: creation—the art of successful manifestation or bringing into being a new concept or idea, mastered successfully. I wake up.

This was the dream. Again, in my opinion, indicative of Imminent Ascension/graduation, through having achieved the ability to successfully create with our minds, and perhaps, this is, the last piece, of the puzzle, before being able to successfully ascend.  Anyway, just wanted to share this dream.

With Love & Light,



Dear Shirley,

you are an incredible clairvoyant dreamer. And you raise a key question with which I am also pregnant these days. Shall we first transfigure /ascend and then begin to create immediately or will it be the other way round? I am now evaluating both alternatives with respect to the new theory of the Universal Law. Shall we first ascend and then appear in front of humanity and introduce the Universal Law, which leads to union with the “I Am Presence” or will we begin with this mission, while still in human bodies and before the final transfiguration? These are the only two possible alternatives now and I have not made up my mind yet.

With your clear dreams it will be of great help for me if you can shed some light on this key issue.

Here, I would like to share a very vivid dream I had two days ago. I was in a conference together with Putin and Merkel, but only listened to their conversation and did not actively participate. Both politicians were very comfortable with each other, jovial and exchanged political gossips. Putin was sharing insider information with Merkel, which he knew she would enjoy and value and she nodded each time in confirmation of its validity. (I was somewhat surprised that both spoke in English, although Putin speaks perfect German and both are poor in English. From this I deduced that we are on a higher 4D timeline where one can speak many languages telepathically without learning them.)

While observing this conversation, I was rather surprised as to how friendly and harmonious their relationship was. I remembered that they had a lengthy two-hour private conversation in Australia last year at the G20 meeting and Merkel was very angry at Putin after that. At this moment I received information from my HS: “We are giving you this vision to know that Merkel has consented soul transfer and this is the new walk-in soul of Merkel, who is a soul mate of Putin and he is a walk-in since long time. Expect that the two countries will soon come very close together and Germany will leave the USA sphere of influence and possibly NATO. This is the end of the Empire.”

Then I continued listening to their conversation. Everything was so vivid and real, also because after the dream I immediately woke up and remembered every detail. Putin was telling Merkel about his impressions from the new Italian government, which he had just visited in Rome. Obviously there was a change in the Italian government which we know is not elected. Putin was particularly mocking at the new Italian foreign minister who believed to be a new Count Ciano (Count Ciano was the foreign minister of Mussolini and at the end he disagreed with him and participated in a coup d’etat that failed with the help of the Germans and he was executed.).  Putin said to Merkel; “And guess what, this new Italian foreign minister want to belong to the nobility and has bought a castle in Jachenau.” Merkel asked ” Where is Jachenau?” Then I intervened for the first time in the conversation and explained: “Jachenau is a small place in the Alps not far away from Bad Toelz”, knowing that Merkel has visited this place. “OK, I get it now” responded Merkel and at this moment I realized that we were on a new 4D world and the whole political situation had dramatically changed. I also reflected that these places, Bad Toelz and Jachenau, are within the confines of the city of light Raetia.

It was at this point that woke up. Since then I am following closely what is happening at the political and diplomatic scene between Germany and Russia. If the two countries come together, this will be the end of the US hegemony in Europe and the world over. But I do not see it happening in this timeline as we are running out of time. As there will be a certain continuation in the political events in the new 4D worlds, I assume that I have been given a vision that projects these developments onto these new worlds.

This is my contribution to our dream conversation. I try to hold pace with  your dreamwork but it is not so easy, you are such a great dreamer.

With love and light



Ascension Question by Dr. Stankov:

“Shall we first transfigure/ascend and then begin to create immediately or will it be the other way round? I am now evaluating both alternatives with respect to the new theory of the Universal Law. Shall we first ascend and then appear in front of humanity and introduce the Universal Law, which leads to union with the “I Am Presence” or will we begin with this mission, while still in human bodies and before the final transfiguration? These are the only two possible alternatives now and I have not made up my mind yet.” 

I have, always, had, for the most part, prophetic dreams. They prepare me for what is to come, whether, it is for good or ill. Some people communicate with their higher selves through meditation  but I’ve always communicated with my higher self through my dreams/visions. At times, I’ve had dreams that play themselves out exactly as I’ve dreamed the night before. My dreams are, pretty much, for lack of a better word, “dead on.” And, others are not visions, but simply dreams which do not seem to be very relevant or they are issues which are being worked out during dreamtime; however, in this time of potential Ascension, I believe my dreams, now, to be very relevant, indeed.

To answer your question, above, as best, as, possible:  

Per my continual dreams of Ascension, there are potential steps of this process which must be followed to the letter, and/or played out before Ascension/graduation will take place. Through the continual, bodily, changes, we are enduring, indeed, steadily, being transfigured now, so that part of the process is happening daily which indicates transfiguration first. Second, the art of successful creation, which I believe to be the next step before potential ascension which would be third, or so, my dreams, seem to indicate.

As to whether we actually show up in front of humanity, as the new creator Gods, introducing the Universal Law, I cannot comment, as I have never dreamt of it that way, and my dreams usually lead me to the correct path to follow in regard to what is happening presently in re: Ascension. No one can be absolutely certain of this process as Ascension has never happened before for “Mother Earth” or its inhabitants. This mission, to Ascend is the great event of the galaxy! Now that you have actively asked me this question, it is in my conscious, as well as subconscious mind, and perhaps, now, through the dream/vision state, this answer will come, and I will, definitely, share it.

For me, personally, the mission began the day the Creator activated my pineal gland (third eye) in that my brain felt as if millions of volts of electricity was pummeling through it. After that, my body began to split itself into and the Creator’s great, white, light (the pillow of light) traveled from my head directly down the center of my body all the way to my feet. On this day, my mission actively, became a reality and began in 2002, although, my true mission began the day I volunteered to leave heaven and come to “Mother Earth” to help raise the frequency of the planet; to act as a conduit and/or vessel to hold the Creator’s light until humanity was ready to raise its frequency, in that it could hold the Creator’s light itself. Yes, these are, indeed, the great events of life!

If I get a definitive answer in the dream state, of course, I will share it now that it is a conscious thought within me.

Love & Light,



Dear Shirley,

thank you very much for this excellent elaboration and I am sure that you will receive some pivotal information in the nights to come. I did indeed want to anchor this question in your consciousness, knowing that you will receive the proper answer.

The schedule you suggested – first transfiguration, then beginning with immediate creation and then final ascension – has actually already taken place as we transfigured our bodies in the summer 2013 as reported on this website and since the summer of last year we are already engaged in active direct creation at the mind-level. This is important to stress as we are creating all the time since the beginning of our incarnation at the soul level, but consciously only recently with the introduction of the seven sacred flames.

Ascension is indeed a magical, unique event and I have the impression since many years that we are constantly improvising and seeking new solutions to the ascension problem, which arose due to the fact that most light warriors and workers, who came here to awaken and participate in this process, preferred to slumber and indulge in this 3D illusion. In a certain way, this website is also a chronicle of the failure of the starseeds to rise to their soul obligations.

Since last year we know that we have overcome all obstacles and that the ascension is a full success. This became clear at the time (May 2014) when we were informed that the light warriors of the first and the last hour have been advanced to Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy – a mission beyond the most daring expectations we cherished before our current incarnation. This was an ad hoc decision as all other decisions we made along the meandering pathway to ascension bringing us back home.

I will publish our email exchange as it highlights one more time what we have achieved and why we have every reason to be proud of us. This was my prevailing feeling yesterday evening. Today I am hit by a cc-wave with acute headache and eye bulb pain, in addition to LBP-related broncho-pneumonitis and coughing and can barely think.

With love and light


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