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channeled by Anita Kuttner-Kroll, March 27, 2015

Dearest sister, be warmly greeted. An important issue for many of you is now the further transformation of your physical body into a light body. These processes can and would now run very ecstatically, joyfully and in a pleasurable manner. As you expand your entire being and, above all, as you expand deliberately your physical body, you enter a new vastness of Being, which was not there yet. You can now actually enter in this way new worlds that were not previously accessible to you. In this way, the complete transformation of your still partly physical body can be done very gently into a light body (This statement does not concern the light warriors of the first and last hour as they have in the last year fully built their light body and have already ascended. Note, George).

You can now explore the new, ecstatic connections of your physical body with your light body. It is now possible for you to dissolve and expand more and more your physical boundaries in a very conscious manner. As a result, new skills at various levels will be awakened in you. Your body awakes thereby to an entirely new life. Enjoy all your bodily sensations, when you allow these new experiences. It opens up completely new possibilities of body experience for you which are difficult to express in words.

Just imagine how you expand the structures of your body. If you do this, you will soon feel the response of your body that shows you with a new feeling of inner space and ease that your efforts are crowned with success. Expand especially your heart to your fifth-dimensional heart that is already there.

Similarly, you can travel mentally through your body and expand all the internal organs and all your body structures.

Try it out simply! All this doing is very beneficial to all your complaints. If you have pain somewhere, then you should concentrate on that part of the body and expand it. You will feel an immediate relief. You can thus actually discover a completely new easiness in yourself and all difficulties will simply fade away. You need not do anything extra but to expand inwardly over and over again. Try this a couple of times at rest, then you can install it in your daily routine. Experiment with it and enjoy it. Exercise together with other people and share your experiences. In this way you will perceive your senses in a completely new way. With this very simple exercise you can transform, heal and experience your entire body in a whole new way. Let yourself be guided by your heart and invent every day new pleasurable ways of Being.


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