Personal Reflections

by Georgi Stankov, March 2, 2015

All events which now break into this crumbling 3D holographic reality are of multidimensional nature and create a plethora of facts on infinite levels. It is the savvy of the ascended master to know this and act accordingly.

When this website was shut down, this at first glance seemingly unpleasant event triggered a series of major effects, most of which we shall know only after ascension. What Carla and I were getting all the time, beginning with the first shutdown on February 9th, was that “this site has fulfilled its function“.

This statement should be evaluated in the context of the bigger picture – this reality is irreversibly coming to an end. One does not need to be a prophet to see this. I have been talking about the need of this reality to end up with a total collapse for years now. This is not a self-fulfilling prophecy, as narrow human minds would usually label it, but the core of all creation. You create what you think. And if you are an ascended master you create Big on behalf of the whole of humanity.

The greatest virtue of any true and responsible creator is to immediately detach from his creation and allow it to unfold on its own. The reason for this is that all energy is intelligent and any creation reflects the omniscience of the Source as an U-set. Applied to this world, we must now fully comprehend that we have created the current unfolding scenario and that we have reached the point in time when we must let go of it.

In 2013, at the height of the Syrian crisis, we, the light warriors of the PAT, actively engaged in mitigating this conflict and it was resolved in a peaceful manner (whatever this means as there is still a bloody war ongoing in this very dark region known as the Middle East), when Assad decided to follow the wise advise of Russia and get rid of his chemical weapons of mass destruction under the supervision of the UN. The Empire of Evil was deprived of its devastating war in the Middle East as a precursor to install the NWO.

It turned towards Ukraine to punish Russia and started another war in the centre of Europe. From a higher vantage point of view, one can claim that our success to avert a major war in the Middle East was instrumental in triggering another bloody war in Ukraine. As long as darkness prevails on this planet and the holographic model is shedding off huge amounts of dark negative thought and behavioral patterns, there is no way to avoid such wars.

This is an ongoing disaster on this planet that is caused by the total separation of most human beings from the unity of the Source. Hence they seek a resolution to their problems in perennial wars and battles with each other, while driven by the primordially flawed idea that life is a scarcity and one has to lead a pitiless battle for a better life or naked survival.

However, all wars are of a dialectical nature. When they affect a large number of humans and the suffering becomes unbearable, people turn away with repugnance from such brutal experiences and cherish the idea of pacifism for some time. This is what Europe experienced after WW2 in the 50s and 60s and until the early 70s. Then there was a generation change and the young postwar generation that entered life had no direct personal experience with or memory of the dreadful reality of a major war.

They begin to play again with the fire in their total separation from the Source and soon triggered new global conflagrations. This is what we essentially experience since 1990 in Europe. For the sake of clarity, I exclude the USA and other parts of the world, such as many countries in Asia as Korea and Vietnam, which did not directly participate in WW2 but then plunged into proxy wars during the height of the Cold War era and were more devastated than many countries that fully participated in WW2.

War exerts a strange fascination on the human mind, and even an ascended master is not completely immune from such a negative influence. We are first and foremost light warriors of the first and the last hour and our nature is to combat darkness. That is why we have incarnated on the earth at this auspicious time. At the same time the greatest virtue of a true warrior is to know when the point in time has arrived when he has to lay down his lightsabre and leave the battlefield.

For me this moment arrived when my website was shut down. I knew that we have fully won this final act in the End Time scenario and that this website has fulfilled its function. It has focused the attention of the most fierce light warriors and incumbent Logos Gods on this earth on the major political, economic  and military-strategic developments in the last few years, which have profoundly shaped the destiny of mankind. By doing so, we actively influenced the final outcome for the best.

After we won the Syrian conflict and prevented the Empire of Evil to unleash another  all-out war in the Middle East as a prelude to the NWO, we now decisively contributed with our powerful pillars of light , which are in fact our lightsabres, to the resounding victory of the Novorussian patriots against the troops of the Nazi junta in Kiev. In fact this victory was over the dark Western cabal in their attempt to destroy Russia, being the only bulwark against their desperate plan, and install the NWO in the End Time. Now this has been prevented once and for all by us as Logos Gods and Light Warriors, who stand behind the battle of the Novorussian people against the surge of the Zionist-Neonazi Beast.

Immediately after this fact became evident to all experts and the vast majority of humanity, our website was shut down. Please, don’t tell me that this was a coincidence as this concept does not exist in All-That-Is. It is one of the many human delusions. We have entered this earth in physical vessels for the sole reason of destroying this reality and substituting it with a new, brighter and more cheerful one. This means in the first place to be able to fight to the very last minute until we have won the all-out war and then display the flexibility of a true warrior by dropping the lightsabre.

A warrior who continues to fight after he has won the war, is only perpetuating the evil he wants to exterminate. In other words, a true warrior can only be defeated by himself when he is unable to lay down his lightsabre and see the bigger picture behind his fierce battle. Our goal has always been the elimination of all wars on this uppermost mother planet, so that it can transition to the new Golden Galaxy and merge with the already existing new 4D worlds, where there are no wars and no money. We have already created these worlds according to our highest visions and in the full knowledge what we dislike in this 3D reality.

We are the ones who must first lay down their lightsabres, so that the rest of humanity can also lay down their deadly weapons and begin to experience a real peace. The symbolic importance of the shutdown of the website was, among many other multidimensional effects, to achieve exactly this U-turn, first in myself and then in all of you.

We have won the final battle and now we can lay down the lightsabres. This does not mean that you should not use them to protect yourselves in case you are personally attacked, but you no longer need to swing them on behalf of humanity. You have brought humanity to this unprecedented peak of light as this species has never experienced before and now it is the sole responsibility of all humans to make the last few decisive steps on their own in order to enter the new world of light.

We must now fully detach from this world with all its dramas and peripeteia and concentrate entirely on our ascension. This is what we were told by our HS in these last days of enforced silence, while the energetic waves reached another unprecedented peak. If we are the forerunners of humanity on the way to ascension, we must also be the first ones to accept a collapse in our lives and simply detach from it in a dispassionate manner.

However, some of you felt the shutdown of this website to be a terrible and an undeserved blow of capricious Fortuna on the PAT, while in reality it was the most clear sign that this whole holographic model is now coming to an end. What is wrong with the fact that this collapse must first begin with us?

After all we shall be the first ones to leave this crumbling reality and move to a higher dimension. Why defy and decry any change? Are we so adamant to preserve this 3D reality at any price? These were the thoughts I exchanged with my HS during these last days and they by no means contradict my decision to change the server and better protect this website.

It is not about what we are doing here in this illusory holographic model, but what we think and how our attitude is towards the coming change. I have always made the experience that as soon as I let go of a goal or a desire it has been immediately fulfilled, in most cases much to my detriment as many of my wishes in the past were not to the highest good of All-That-Is and myself. And I am sure that you can report many a similar experience. The moment I gave up on my website, which was the last challenge prior to my ascension, I received unexpectedly the best possible help from Sherina and Piotr.

This divine rescue is also of a highly symbolic character – insecurity and vulnerability must be now substituted with security and confidence in our mental fields. Some of you have written to me how the shutdown has been a great challenge for you, until you realized the power of your inner unwavering faith and what strength you have gained from this insight, especially when the site opened again. We all make very similar experiences in these last days and they all have one single purpose  – to help us fully detach from this reality and recognize unconditionally the total autarky of our existence as Creator Gods.

We create entirely our reality, whether we accept this fact or not. As ascension is an inner process and we are the only ones who carry the portals of ascension, not only for us, but also for millions of other human beings, there is no external power that can influence this process. Away from all turbulences of this waning reality, we can always retreat into our inner sacred space of utter tranquility as soon as we align with our higher selves and see this world from the higher vantage point of view of an ascended master, who you all truly are.

Concretely, I made the decision to turn my attention away from the daily political events, as they have lost their meaning. The plot has come to an end and the last few skirmishes are mere shadow fights which this psychotic reality displays in its mortal throes.

This is however no longer our world. This decision of course does not exclude a timely analysis when a pivotal event occurs. But altogether I will no longer comment on political, economic and other breaking news and events, as this is only a waste of energy and the perpetuation of this closing nightmare, which humanity has collectively dreamed since eons of time.

It is time to say farewell to this reality and observe its collapse with the dispassionate indifference of Olympic Gods.




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